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Mobile-friendly Website Templates
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23 Top Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Website Templates 2021

With cutting-edge mobile-friendly website templates, you do not have to worry about your page’s performance.

We went on a wild journey to collect only the most valuable products that help you build outstanding websites. All these templates were put together with mobile users in mind. They smoothly and fluently adjust to any screen resolution in an instant.

This calls for a first-class user experience and happy visitors. Besides, many of those visitors are also your potential clients which may fully commit if what they see if what they need.

On mobile, seconds, heck, milliseconds matter! If they do not get the answer immediately, they will leave early and you might just lose another possible customer. But that is something you do not have to struggle with anymore.

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Your sites will, from now on, offer insane responsiveness because the mobile-friendly website templates are here to take care of it.

The templates use the latest web technologies what makes them not only quickly adjustable to any screen resolution but simple and efficient to customize, too.

Be always prepared with professionally designed and developed responsive website templates. You can effortlessly overcome even the toughest challenges and set up the most advanced websites.

Best mobile-friendly WordPress themes


In this day and age, it is more than obvious that you would want to have your page responsive and flexible. With Divi, a mobile-friendly website template, you do not need to worry about device compatibility. Your page will instantly acclimatize to smartphones, tablets and the largest desktop computers. What’s cool about Divi is the responsive editing features. Meaning, you can fine-tune and alter your smartphone, tablet and desktop website individually so it fits the screen perfectly.

Moreover, Divi comes with a horde of over eight hundred predefined designs for your convenience. In addition to that, there are over one hundred complete website packs for you to realize your ideal website quickly. Last but not least, Divi is for everyone, as well as for every website. You could be a beginner or a pro and you could be in need of a blog, portfolio, resume, eCommerce page, you name it, Divi works with all and more.

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Jevelin is a multi-concept solution for crafting the niftiest and most sophisticated websites. This mobile-friendly website template is packed with outstanding features and components. In other words, if you are in need of a quick website fix, just go with Jevelin, and all the rest becomes history. This marvelous web design follows all the latest trends and regulations, keeping your page operate smoothly and safely all the time.

In the kit, you will find thirty and counting demos, all stunning and very appealing to the eye. You can utilize Jevelin for one– and multi-page website without a hassle. Of course, with the use of WPBakery drag and drop page builder, you can also customize and modify the default look of Jevelin to your needs and requirements. A ton is possible when you gain access to a versatile and easy to use solution for websites, like Jevelin.

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uptime mobile-friendly website template
Uptime is an all-around mobile-friendly website template for everything business-related. For instance, you can create a page for coworking, online courses, SaaS applications, events, cryptocurrency, portfolios and all sorts of other cracking pages. Uptime also comes coupled with the amazing Elementor page builder, allowing you to edit the design without touching the code. Simply drag and drop, edit and improve the layout that you dig to your taste. With Uptime, crafting a page will feel more like playing a video game. It sure will be a lot of fun.

Import the sample that sparks your interest with a single click and start establishing your page right away. For everyone new to space, Uptime also comes with video tutorials, documentation and an outstanding team of experts who are always down to assist you. Feel free to localize or globalize Uptime, too, by translating it to any languages you want.

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ArchitectUI – Angular 11 & Bootstrap

Do you need a admin template for your extraordinary forthcoming application? Drop everything and look no further, you just came to the exact right location. This was some highly rewarding scrolling, wasn’t it? Enough of me blabbering, let’s finally get to the point. Sometimes, we need to get you ready to introduce you to the actual product because it is just so ridiculously amazing. Giving it straight away, it might cause too much of emotion.

ArchitectUI is the template of choice for your administrators and dashboards. It is based on Bootstrap Framework what makes it a mobile-friendly website template with uncomplicated customization. ArchitectUI has miscellaneous convenient sample layouts to speed up your workflow and have the final product ready ASAP. On top of that, you get three different menus, six forms, three chart libraries and a starter kit for developers.

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saasland wordpress starter theme
With so many people surfing the internet through mobile devices, it is essential to build a website compatible with mobile devices. Saasland is a mobile-friendly website template that is suitable for startups and upcoming businesses. This tool resolute the platform on handheld devices and ensures a fantastic user experience. In the kit, Saasland offers you to choose from over thirty different demos and more than 250 elements.

Startups need to get into the market and increase profit potential with the number of visitors to the website. The compatible and SEO optimized Saasland helps to drive traffic to the platform and keep users happy. This site canvas is easy to navigate, regardless of the device and platforms potential users and clients prefer.

Other treats of Saasland include support desk, chat plugin, over ninety PSD files, ten header styles and Elementor page builder. Keep it at the highest degree, even if you have zero experience with building websites. Saasland promises a striking outcome for your business growth.

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webify mobile-friendly wordpress theme
With webify, you can build a website for any business, profession or hobby with no experience of coding. All you have to do is import all your content and start using this mobile-friendly website template. With over fifty ready-to-use demos, you have a wide variety of options to select from and make your websites unique. In short, the template covers all niches with beautifully designed demos that attract and keep your visitors engaged.

For your information, with upcoming updates, you can expect ever more variations to drop for your convenience.

Your website must be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, and the Webify does that perfectly. Webify provides a fast experience as users surf through the platform quickly and consume all they need to digest. Some more specialties of Webify include tons of practical inner pages, modular system, a lot of header and footer styles, over two hundred shortcodes and parallax effects.

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johannes mobile-friendly website template
Customize your blogs with the latest design that Joahannes brings to the table. This mobile-friendly website template ensures that anyone on any device has the best experience on your website. Whether they are commuting to work or enjoying your content at home, regardless of the device and platform they use, Johannes ensures stability at all times.

Johannes is SEO-ready, easy to monetize, and you can simply add your material to the demo, enrich it with your signature style, and you are ready to go. With the available customization functions, you can build your websites to your taste with the desired elements you want on the page.

Johannes can be useful for all niches and news, as well as experienced website developers and utter beginners. For blogging, it provides the best personal experiences, making sure that readers come back for more. Start growing a loyal community with Johannes now.

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molla wordpress theme
To start your online store like a champ, all you need is Molla. This tool come with a broad horizon of different concepts. It covers anything from furniture, fashion, electronic, book, tools and sport eCommerce websites, to name a few. For your information, Molla has more than thirty demos at your disposal.

It is an entirely mobile-friendly theme with the Elementor page builder for easy production. Additionally, Molla is optimized for fast loading speed and SEO. If you need a full-blown solution that includes everything a web store requires, Molla is the way to go.

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zermatt wordpress theme
Zermatt is modern, innovative and impactful WordPress theme for agencies and creative ventures. You can utilize it for portfolios, art galleries, frelancers, digital studios and the list goes on. On top of that, it’s also possible to modify and improve the default configurations. Zermatt will never ask you for coding and design knowledge. We can call it very user-friendly if you will.

Some other impressive features are heaps of shortcodes and widgets that call for quick integration. Zermatt also includes social media integration, different portfolio layouts, one-click demo data import and a user-friendly admin panel. You are all set to shine online with something extraordinary, thanks to Zermatt.

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networker wordpress theme
Networker is an original and very engaging news WordPress theme that suits anything technical-related best. But do not feel limited, as you can go entirely against the norm with Networker, too. One cool feature worth mentioning right from the get-go is the dark mode switch that Networker rocks by default. That’s not something you see every day in a theme.

Networker makes sure that everyone experiences a quick and speedy installation and setup. You have it all at your fingertips; you just need to undergo some clicking. Nope, you will not need to do any code writing with Networker. Along with pushing news of any topic, you can also expand your website with an eCommerce section with WooCommerce.

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Best mobile-friendly website templates


indofact mobile friendly website template
For industry, factory, engineering and even construction, Indofact is the free mobile-friendly website template to rock. It is a niche-specific layout with multiple options to give you unlimited possibilities. No need to be holding yourself back when Indofact is powerful enough to suit even the pickiest users. That said, if you would like to modify it, by all means, do it at free will. However, there is a good chance that you will like one of Indofact’s several demos out of the box anyway.

Five and counting stunning home page demos, all sorts of different internal pages and a horde of valuable features await every Indofact user. Speaking of assets, Indofact sports a pixel perfect coding, is optimized for fast loading speed, comes with a working contact form and based on the well-liked Bootstrap Framework. And if you need any additional support, make sure you reach out to the dedicated support team and they will be happy to help.

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Cloudy 7

cloudy 7 mobile friendly website template
For web hosting services, Cloudy 7 is one of the finest mobile-friendly website templates you can get today. It is an up-to-the-minute, polished and high performing tool that will save you plenty of time and energy. Instead of doing all the magic yourself, it is Cloudy 7 that will do the trick for you. With predesigned content and all the included features, you can craft a fantastic internet presence quickly and efficiently. But do check live preview page first and see all the amazingness Cloudy 7 brings to the table yourself.

In total, you get over sixty HTML and CSS pages, four index demos and more than 25 custom shortcodes. While this, on its own, is already a ton of stuff, Cloudy 7 also has other features prepared and integrated for you. Massive slider, typewriter effect, mega menu, custom blog pages and a cool live chat feature, you see, Cloudy 7 is very serious when it comes to delivering the necessary components and then some.

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pofo mobile friendly website template
Pofo is a massive responsive template for creative websites of nearly any type. Agency, corporate, portfolio, small and medium business and blog pages, you can do them all effortlessly with Pofo. For the most part, predefined demos are already available for you to start building right off the bat. In the Pofo template package, you will find loads of content that will benefit you greatly. There are a whopping 210 HTML pages, more than 150 handy elements and eye-catching portfolio and stunning headers.

Pofo is a serious deal when it comes to the best mobile-friendly website templates. The best part is, it is so flexible and adaptable, you can create three entirely different websites with it. Add a touch of your artistic mind to it and you unlock even more options.

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stack mobile friendly website template
If the previous, Pofo, was immense, Stack is a real behemoth of templates. Seriously, sit tight because Stack’s capabilities and ready-to-use material will blow you away. It is like no other. However, each responsive website template you find in this list is unique in its own way. But let’s get back to Stack and see what makes it so special.

First things first, Stack is not only a template, it also comes with a page builder to make it even simpler for you. Newbies, you are welcome. Moreover, there are over 140 predefined layouts of which thirty are carefully crafted home pages. Stack is a multipurpose website template with more than 240 modular interface blocks, powered by Bootstrap Framework and easy to modify.

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webster mobile friendly website template
With a multi-functional and mobile-friendly website template like Webster, you are equipped with all the necessary and then some. You feel comfortable building a wide range of sites for businesses of all sorts. We will not even go into too much details here because the numbers might cause giddiness. You better take the extra time and see all the amazingness yourself while checking out the pre-made content.

However, it is a must to say that Webster template has a lot of home, log in and signup, about and blog pages. Mix together what is at your service and have the ideal website live in no time. And if you are a freelancer, you can use Webster for a vast array of sites in different industries. Coin market, too!

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the saas mobile friendly website template
Having a high-end technology website template at hand, you can quickly and effectively put together app, SaaS and software websites. One of such tools is TheSaaS template. It is a Bootstrap Framework item what makes it mobile friendly and easy to edit and maintain. In addition, TheSaaS has available sample landing page software lookalikes of which some are Slack, Skype, Zendesk and GitHub. Very clever!

In TheSaaS bundle, you will find both normal and minified CSS files, over sixty HTML pages and fifty and counting components. If you are a beginner with barely any programming skills, just use what is up for grabs and you are good to go. Do not forget to look into the in-depth documentation and find all the answers to your questions.

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kotlis mobile friendly website template
Impress clients and customers in an instant with the Kotlis template. This mobile friendly website template is ideal for any designer, freelancer, photographer and personal portfolio. Kotlis comes with a clean and open-minded design that is easy to use and customize. In the kit, Kotlis includes seven homes, six portfolio pages, as well as an option to pick a dark or a light look. To create a strong and lasting impression on all your visitors, Kotlis is one of the best solutions for you.

This all-out template is indeed responsive so you could easily view it on any device and browser. Other goodies of Kotlis are working contact and subscription forms, Instagram and Twitter feeds, video backgrounds, Isotope plugin and news section. With Kotlis, you can have everything you need in a website.

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buycoin mobile friendly website template
Amongst all the mobile-friendly website templates, you could expect that some will be bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related. I mean, since we follow the hype, of course we will add them to the collection.

Whoever is in the industry or plans on joining the coin market with a new big thing, help yourself out with BuyCoin template. A contemporary HTML template that you will love from top to bottom, from header to footer. But first, you need to choose one of three landing page demos. One sports a background slider, the other parallax background and the last one is for those who like to keep things simple with a static image. For your information, more samples will drop in the future.

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sigma mobile friendly website template
As a mobile or web app owner, you undoubtedly need a compelling web presence sorted out. If a website is still something you did not build yet or you think your current one is poor in quality and performance, you should examine Sigma. With mobile, messenger, web and desktop app front pages, you can get down to business immediately. While that already give Sigma a big plus, it gets extra points for taking care of pricing, about, privacy and other pages. That is correct, all these index and inner pages are at your disposal. What makes Sigma even cooler are the included free vector mockups which you can edit at free will. Now that is just phenomenal!

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cloudhub mobile friendly website template
When you plan on launching a new online project, set up a page using mobile-friendly website templates. If a page is not responsive in the modern age we are living, you can forget about witnessing any decent results. Especially if we speak about apps, software and any other services you offer that solely rely on the web on mobile audience.

For a hosting website, Cloudhub web hosting website template is here to take any challenge. You will have a blast using this exclusive template, Cloudhub, with custom server vector icons. You might not even need to do much regarding the web design other than filling it with your content and information. Nine layouts are there, each sporting a light and optimized code for incredible performance. Combined with the features and your own adjustments, the options are endless.

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listeo mobile friendly website template
With the ultimate directory website template, Listeo, you can build listing pages easily. The exclusivity of Listeo are the additional admin panel and the integration with Google Maps API. Now, you can display all the listings on the map. That said, use Listeo for restaurants, hotels, bars, concert venues, etc. In the package, you will also find a date and time picker, an invoice template, four front pages and well over two thousand premium icons.

Create outstanding slideshows with Revolution Slider and let users enjoy browsing your directory website from their mobile devices. The comfy off-canvas mobile navigation calls for even higher user experience. You can also foresee a fully working booking widget, so that is something you do not have to take care of yourself, too.

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utouch mobile friendly website template
Just as fun as it is checking and experiencing Utouch’s design, so is bringing into being a website with it. In general, Utouch is an app startup website template but in reality, you can use it for loads more types of sites. It is just a matter of tweaking it a bit and you can shortly have an entirely different look. But more or less, it is just a matter of changing the content to tailor the tool to your needs.

Utouch has 34 HTML pages with a convenient and well assembled code for smooth website development. In the package, you will find a cool set of SVG icons, sliders, galleries, a sticky header with four different hover effects and a drop-down menu. A great deal of uniqueness going on on Utouch’s template that is for sure.

More info / Download Demo


cleanmate mobile friendly website template
CleanMate is a retina ready and mobile-friendly website template for handymen, maids, cleaning companies and gardeners. Without any difficulties, you can also reshape CleanMate and use it for car wash, renovation services and window cleaning businesses.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with constructing a website for your business. CleanMate’s modern and professional design will solve many users’ needs and requirements. You will find Revolution Slider and fantastic online cost calculator. The letter allows your clients to calculate the exact cost of your services. Get them familiar beforehand for a smoother transaction. Different page templates for projects, team members, services and blog are built into the template for you to select what you need and leave all the rest out. As for the contact page, not only does it have Google Maps but a working contact form, too.

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