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The Best WordPress Plugins to Optimize Images 2020

Images are an integral part of most websites. No doubt, a striking image helps to attract viewers and hold their attention. Does this mean that you should go ahead and add as many images as you can? Sadly, that’s not the right way to go about it. Images should not only be relevant but also be optimized for the web. If you’re using WordPress, you’ll be glad to know that there are a number of WordPress plugins to optimize images before you upload them to your website.

It’s a fact that crisp, high-resolution images make a website visually appealing. However, it’s also true that these high-resolution images increase the size of the image files. If your site is huge on images, this can slow down your website a great deal. Large file sizes are bad for the website loading speed. In turn, slow websites can affect your site’s SEO negatively. So, you see why it’s important to compress the images and reduce the file size before uploading them to your website. The themes on this list can help you improve website speed, and for plugins to optimize images, read on.

Compression of images can result in the loss of data related to the images. This is generally referred to as lossy compression. However, it’s also possible to compress images with minimal loss of data. WordPress has a number of plugins to help with image optimization, including image compression. These plugins help improve site speed and, hence, improve SEO as well.

Free Plugins

WP Smush

WP Smush is a fast and user-friendly plugin that compresses JPEG, GIF, and PNG images on its own servers. It strips meta data from JPEG files, but in case you want to preserve EXIF data, that’s possible, too.

WordPress Plugins To Optimize Images - WP Smush

You can set up the plugin to optimize all your new images automatically as you upload them to your site. Optimize the images individually by clicking on them in the Media Library. Then, select the Smush option in the Attachment Details window. Once you select the height and the width for the image, you can resize it by scaling it down. What’s helpful is that the original images remain untouched. Only the version of the image that WordPress uploads is resized.

The free plugin offers lossless optimization techniques and an option to optimize in bulk up to 50 files at a time. Existing files can also be compressed, and this is where bulk optimization can prove to be handy. WP Smush can pick any image file from any directory for compression and is compatible with most WordPress media library management plugins. The WP Smush Stats sections show details of file changes during compression. When it comes to multisites, you can go with global settings or configure the plugin for each site individually.

A premium version allows a greater number of compressions at a time and offers a lossy compression technique that greatly reduces file sizes.

More info / Download

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer uses lossless compression to optimize your JPG, PNG, or GIF images automatically even as you upload them to your site. It can also optimize images in existing posts and pages. It optionally converts images to a file format that displays the smallest size of the images. If you wish, you can opt for lossy compression for an even bigger reduction in file sizes.

EWWW Image Optimzation

If you have a huge number of images in your media library, it can optimize the entire lot in one go. The one main advantage of EWWW Image Optimizer is that it handles all the compression within your own server without resorting to any external third-party service. Hence, the optimization happens much faster. For this to work, you need to set up the plugin correctly in your local WordPress folder. Some users may find this difficult, and to overcome this difficulty, users can opt to optimize the images in the cloud. All communications are secured with SSL encryption, and your original images are backed up for free for 30 days.

More info / Download


Imsanity automatically handles huge images by finding a size that is larger than necessary for typical website use but still manages to fit in the browser. You can set the height, width, and quality for the image. When any contributor uploads an image that’s larger than these dimensions, it’ll automatically be resized.


To free up some disk space, this plugin can resize all previously uploaded images as well. This plugin will help if your blog has many contributors who are not too keen on resizing each image. With this plugin, you can also opt to convert BMP files to JPG before resizing. The plugin can skip resizing certain files by renaming the files as well.

Setting it up is easy; simply install and activate. The plugin relies on the native WordPress image scaling functions.

More info / Download Image Optimizer supports both lossless and intelligent lossy compression. It can compress JPG, PNG, and GIF files, including GIF animated files. It optimizes both new image uploads as well as existing uploads. You’ll need to sign up for a free account and obtain an API that can be used on any number of websites.

Besides the images that you upload, it optimizes the generated thumbnails as well. You can set the maximum height and width of the images to prevent users from uploading huge images. You can also optimize images individually or by the bulk after specifying the maximum number of optimizations to happen at a time. While resizing, it’s possible to enhance the images using advanced techniques. The optimization happens on Kraken’s servers and is subsequently returned to your WordPress.

The default setting in the Kraken Image Optimizer is an “intelligent lossy” technique that compresses images a great deal without compromising too much on quality. However, on the settings page, it also allows you to manually switch to lossless compression. Besides, you can set a specific value for your JPG images and specify a maximum resolution for your images. You can choose to retain or discard the EXIF data.

After entering your API credentials, you can adjust your preferences in the settings page and save them. Thereafter, you can start optimizing images in the media library. This plugin lays emphasis on finding the right balance between the file size and the image quality.

The pro version allows gathering the images from any URL, crunching them up, and returning them to you in a ZIP archive. All background images are optimized as well.

More info / Download Image Optimizer

resmushit image optimizer is a spectacular image optimization plugin that you will have a breeze using it. It is indeed a free tool that you can install and activate right away. If you would like to lighten up your website, one of the way of doing it is by optimizing your visual content. With, you can compress images according to your needs and save yourself a ton of space. You can use the default settings or play around with different image qualities to see what works best and how deep in optimization you can go.

What’s more, you can quickly optimize in bulk or setup the tool to automatically optimize on upload. And you can also exclude some of the images if necessary to make sure they do not lose on quality. Besides, allows you to optimize images that are up to 5 MB in size completely free of charge.

More info / Download


robin image optimizer
If you have a ton of pictures decorating your website or blog, there might be a chance they are affecting the performance. One of the ways to make your page fast again is by using an image optimization plugin. One of such tools is Robin. Needless to say, it is quick and straightforward to use, without any limitations on the quantity and quality of images. You can optimize as many as you want, as well as reduce the quality to the exact percentage you fancy. Feel free to test it out first and see how much you can lower the size without affecting the quality too much.

Robin unlocks a whole specter of possibilities when it comes to optimizing pictures. You can set it on automatic optimization; you can also practice manual mass optimization, as well as pick from three types of compression modes. Bear in mind, Robin also features image backup function which saves the original quality.

More info / Download

Image Optimizer by 10web

image optimizer wd
Optimizing and compressing images becomes child’s play when you utilize the powerful Image Optimizer by 10web plugin. The free solution works with JPEG, PNG and GIF files flawlessly. However, if you decide to upgrade to the pro version, you can also fully optimize PDF files. But if the free tool works for you, use it for as long as you want. When working on boosting your website’s performance, consider optimizing all your images and you can make a significant difference in your load time. And, all you need is a plugin and let it do the magic.

Image Optimizer by 10web offers different compression methods which save you a ton of time and effort. They are conservative and balanced modes. You can also optimize in bulk and let the tool do its job automatically once you upload new content. Last but not least, it delivers compression reports so you know how much space you saved.

More info / Download

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

From a neat interface, ShortPixel Image Optimizer enables you to choose between lossy and lossless compression. Once you install the plugin and tweak the settings, all JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDF images will be automatically optimized, but if you wish, you can disable the automatic optimization. The conversion of JPEG, PNG, and GIF to WebP is also possible. As the plugin is compatible with WP Retina 2x, you can compress retina images as well.

Short Pixel Image Optimizer

The plugin also optimizes the image thumbnails created by WordPress during the uploading process. The glossy JPEG compression feature is sure to delight photographers. You can choose to retain or discard the EXIF data.

A bulk optimization tool helps to compress all existing images with a single click. Besides compressing images that reside in the media library, the plugin also compresses images from galleries, like NextGEN or those added via FTP. It automatically saves a backup of every image you upload to a new folder.

To complete the setup process, you’ll need to submit your email ID and obtain an API key. A free signup entitles you to 100 image compressions per month, not counting images that suffer less than 5% reduction. For compressions beyond this limit, you can purchase the credit of additional tasks or earn them by referring new users. Credits are charged only for successful optimizations. A single signup can be used for an entire multisite network without having to obtain the API key for each individual site. You can purchase additional credits for $4.99 for 5,000 images.

More info / Download

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Tiny PNG and Tiny JPG are free online services for reducing images sizes. Compress JPEG & PNG helps to integrate your WordPress with these services. Like the other plugins, it automatically resizes images while uploading, as well as resizes existing images either individually or in bulk. You can adjust the height and the width of the images, preserve metadata, and pick the sizes you want to compress—thumbnail, medium, or full size. The compression of animated PNGs is also possible.

Compress JPEG and PNG

The processing of images happens in the Tiny JPG or Tiny PNG servers. These services analyze your image, determine the best possible mode to compress, and then effect the compression. They reduce the file size by as much as 40%–60% for JPG images and 50%–80% for PNG images, with minimal loss in image quality.

A free API key entitles you to 100 images a month. For additional images, you’ll need to pay a small fee. If you configure the API key in your wp-config.php file, there’ll be no need to obtain multiple API keys in a multisite. If necessary, the bulk optimization option can be used to optimize all the images in your media library.

More info / Download

WP Retina 2x

WP Retina 2x creates image files for high DPI devices. The images are generated automatically and displayed on retina devices. It’s unique in that it generates retina images even for full-size images. The advantage of using this plugin is that you can use images of a specific size that looks good on a page without being true to size.

WP Retina 2x

If you’re using standard themes, you can go with the default settings. The plugin generates the images in many ways, is fast, and does not create any database files. The main purpose of this plugin is to convert your images into Retina-ready images. However, to optimize them further, you’ll need optimization plugins, like EWWW, which are compatible with this plugin.

There’s a premium version available as well, which supports full-size Retina-ready images, lazy loading, and several other options.

More info / Download


Imagify is an online service that helps to speed up websites by optimizing the images automatically. The Imagify plugin for WordPress automatically optimizes the images in the media library to the compression levels that you choose. The authors promise that there’ll hardly be any loss in image quality.


The plugin optimizes all your images, including thumbnails and Retina-ready images, as it is compatible with WP Retina 2X. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce and NextGEN Gallery. The bulk optimizing feature enables the optimization of all your images with a single click. You’ll not have to resize your images before uploading them as the plugin can handle resizing as well. Three levels of compression are possible, with varying levels of loss in image quality. The normal compression uses a lossless method, so there’s no loss in quality. The Aggressive and Ultra modes compress images a great deal, but there’ll be a reduction in the quality of the images.

By default, the plugin removes EXIF data, but you can choose to retain them. As all the images are backed up, you can always revert to the original images whenever you want. Up to 250 images per month can be optimized for free, with an additional 25 MB on registration. Beyond that, you’ll have to opt for the premium pricing plans.

More info / Download

SEO Image Optimizer

seo image optimizer plugin
Even to this day, many still forget about image optimization. And I am not speaking about resizing them and compressing them. What about SEO? Yes, if you structure your images with the right titles and tags, they can rank better than your article in search. Image search can be extremely powerful, still, it does depend on the industry. However, what if I tell you there is a simple approach to adding SEO optimized images to your website? Now I got your attention.

With SEO Image Optimizer, an image optimization plugin for WordPress, you can get the job done with ease. And it does not only focus on naming each image correctly, but you can also use SEO Image Optimizer for resizing and compressing. A multi-practical tool, if you will, that does all the heavy work for you image-wise.

More info / Download


wp optimize plugin
WP-Optimize is a full solution when it comes to optimizing your website for better overall performance. After all, you do want your page to load as fast as possible, especially for the modern mobile user. With WP-Optimize, you can now clean, compress and cache your website in just a few clicks. Even if you are someone who is not tech-savvy, you will still succeed at it. You will not face any complicated tasks along the way.

Along with caching your page and cleaning your database, WP-Optimize also offers you to optimize your images. It provides you bulk compression, restores originals, auto-compress feature and EXIF data-keeping. You can even compress images that are up to 64MB. WP-Optimize’s superb “multi-pass lossy compression algorithm” compresses each picture as much as possible while still keeping resolution at an all-time high.

More info / Download

WP Compress

wp compress plugin
Compressing images has never been simpler with the use of WP Compress. This free image optimization WordPress plugin gets the ball rolling immediately. Once you set it up, you do not even need to do anything else, as WP Compress keeps optimizing your content in the background, day in and day out. Instead of slowing down your website with too many large images, you can now optimize them all with the help from WP Compress.

With WP Compress, you can optimize a single image or in bulk. Moreover, with the autopilot mode, the plugin does the job for you on an on-going basis, not requiring you to take any actions. Meaning, once you upload new content, WP Compress will go an optimize it right away. The tool even includes reports, monthly quotas and centralized management portal.

More info / Download


The free version of Optimus rather limits usage by imposing a 100 KB file size cap on the images that you can process. By default, the images are automatically compressed up to 70% as you upload them, and the compression achieved is displayed as a percentage within the media library. The optimization happens in the Optimus server, which returns the compressed image to you. All extra information saved while processing images that’s not necessary for display is removed. You can choose to retain the author, the copyright, and the EXIF data and to settle for correspondingly lower compression.


The settings are quite simple, and so it’s a good choice for those who do not want to fine-tune the images too much. Even the files sizes that WordPress generates are optimized. The plugin supports conversion to the new WebP format, WooCommerce, multisites, and bulk optimization.

The premium plans  allow the compression of larger file sizes and come with many more features.

More info / Download

Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer uses the titles of your images to automatically rename them for better SEO. It also automatically updates all the references to these images—their links in posts, pages, custom post types, and metadata.

Media File Renamer

You’ll see the new names in display in the Media Manager, and using a button, you can rename the file straight away. From a small dashboard, you can also choose to rename all your files in bulk. If you’re up to it, you can use the plugin’s filters to choose a way in which the files are renamed. A lock option will prevent further changes in file names.

File names are important for SEO, and appropriate keywords can improve search engine results. The pro version allows manual renaming and a few additional features. This plugin is to be used with care as changing file names improperly can result in broken links and even total mayhem.

More info / Download

Resize Image After Upload

Besides automatically resizing JEPG, PNG, and GIF images during uploading, Resize Image After Upload can optimize the existing files on your website. It can force the recompression of uploaded JPEGs and convert PNGs to JPEGs. After installing the plugin, you’ll need to edit the height and the width of images in the settings page.

Resize Image After Upload

Note that the plugin will not resize the images after the upload. The recompression will result in discarding the original uploaded file, including the EXIF data.

More info / Download

Premium Plugins

If it’s a premium plugin that you need, you can take a closer look at these three plugins:


lana image optimizer for wordpress
Manually optimizing each picture before uploading it to your WordPress website takes time. Thanks to image optimization plugins, you can achieve fantastic results by doing the job inside your admin dashboard. To be more precise, in the media section of your admin.

Get your hands on Lana, a super convenient add-on that smushes your images almost instantly. This way, you will save yourself a bunch of storage space which will boost your loading speed and ensure an even better experience. Fast websites are especially important when it comes to mobile users.

To get the gist of it, you can first check out the live demo and see how Lana operates. It also comes with in-depth documentation in case you need additional support, but Lana is pretty straightforward anyway. There is always room for improvement and optimizing images is surely one of the methods that will positively impact your page.

More info / Download


emage image hover effects
If you would like to spice up the experience of your website, blog, online portfolio, you name it, Emage is the way to go. With a whopping collection of 150 options, you can add the most stunning hover effects, enticing your visitors even more. Bear in mind, Emage only works with the amazing and super convenient Elementor drag and drop page builder. Once you activate it, using Emage will be a piece of cake. Nothing hard and nothing a newbie cannot do. With Emage, everyone will see fantastic results in a split of a second.

Other features of Emage are color customization, nine alignment options, buttons, as well as titles and descriptions. You can modify hover effects however you see them fit your style and theme best. With Emage, you will attain outstanding results that will keep your guests engaged.

More info / Download
  • Hakros can compress images by up to 95%. You can compress images in bulk and choose to retain the original version. However, though highly rated, the volume of sales is rather low.
  • Prestashop Presta Speed is chiefly for optimizing images on a Prestashop website. Besides images, it also optimizes databases and improves configuration to increase the speed of access at both the front- and back-end.

To Wrap Up

Image optimization is only one part of website optimization. There’s a lot more you can do to speed up your website. A speedy website is essential for a high ranking on search engine results.

If we’ve missed any quality plugin, do share it with us in the Comments section.


Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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