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20 Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes For Any Website 2020

Work on several different projects simultaneously with any of these powerful free multipurpose WordPress themes. Every challenge is welcome, so take charge now and enjoy the impactful outcome.

WordPress has been the preferred choice for many entrepreneurs and business owners ever since the CMS launched in 2003. Ever since the commodity of having a website has spread so much that it is now tough to imagine a business that doesn’t have a site or web identity in place. And for such businesses, we have no shortage of free multipurpose WordPress themes!

The main reason why WordPress themes have become in great demand in recent years – and the trend is not yet slowing down anytime soon. To cater to that, we made this extensive collection of free multipurpose WordPress themes that will be helpful for those website owners who have not managed to find a similar niche-styled theme.

The collection of themes below features a multitude of themes that will work great for multipurpose websites and more. Be sure to let us know which theme is your favorite and let us know what theme you liked best!

Best free multipurpose WordPress themes

Shapely (Most Popular)

Shapely is one of the most excellent free multipurpose WordPress themes you can currently find on the market. It is packed with amazing features and functions which you can take to your benefit regardless of your project. Indeed, Shapely is versatile and very adaptive, perfect for building an assortment of different one-page websites. While some may want to speed up the process and use Shapely out of the box, all the others are welcome to adjust and modify it accordingly.

You can add all sorts of goodies, like testimonials, parallax effect, portfolio, call-to-action buttons and more. Shapely is indeed mobile- and retina-friendly, optimized for search engines and compatible with modern web browsers. And if you ever need any additional support and assistance, our team of experts is available to guide you. Comfortably launch a stunning and attention-grabbing page with Shapely and march toward success.

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Illdy (Trending)

Illdy is a flexible and extendable free multipurpose WordPress theme with a single-page layout. It is a fantastic solution for when you find yourself in need of crafting an online portfolio, landing page, business site or other creative web spaces. Illdy is powered by Bootstrap Framework what gives you a guarantee that the final product will be mobile-ready and 100% responsive. You can also customize the default layout with the live customizer section of your WordPress admin.

There is no need to have any prior experience, heck, you also do not need to know how to code; anyone can use Illdy effortlessly. The tool is compatible with all the popular plugins, optimized for speed and search engines, comes with support and all set up for translation. Although a free theme, Illdy is very premium-like, making sure you shine on the web.

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Antreas is a charming and professional free WordPress business website theme. It’s the perfect way to take your business online, today, without any coding. Built for users of any experience level, Antreas makes business website design effortless. Handy shortcodes and tools simplify needs like testimonials, staff introduction or pricing tables. The powerful WP Customizer lets you take charge of sections, shortcodes and widgets. Mix and match your elements to suit your brand and niche. Handsome multimedia management makes video, image and stream content easy to handle. Engage your audience in a modern, dynamic way with sleek animations and effects. Add widgets you like or need without breaking a sweat, and transform your pages. Build brand identity through custom blog post styles and create a following. Grow your market share and expand into new segments in the digital marketplace. Get Antreas for free, today!

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free multipurpose WordPress themes

Looking for a WP Theme which has every feature you could need to make an online sweet looker for your business? Well, what you are looking for does exist, and Parallel proves it! Featuring custom banner, sliders, multiple different layouts for each section and social media integration, you will want to play with the editor all day. Fully integrated with Bootstrap/Contact Form 7, etc. as well. Can be used for any business, anywhere, offering compatibility across all devices and platforms. Another interesting pick in our collection of free multipurpose WordPress themes that will suit your multipurpose website very well.

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hello free multipurpose wordpress theme
Hello is a simple but versatile free multipurpose WordPress theme compatible with the Elementor drag and drop page builder. All this tells you is that, yes, you will have the creative freedom you deserve to build the website for your project. There are tons of options and possibilities to make the outcome exactly to your liking, even for someone who does not know any programming language. That said, do not let your imagination limit you; with Hello, you can take things to the extremes.

Some other specialties of Hello are fast and lightweight structure, 100% mobile-readiness, RTL compatibility and support for WooCommerce. Hello is also developer-friendly and open source, so you can easily take things to the next level with Hello. For more features and functions, you can easily integrate any of the popular plugins to Hello and expand its possibilities immediately.

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Colibri WP

colibri free multipurpose wordpress theme
Colibri is a powerful solution for your project or business. Instead of undergoing the tedious task of establishing a website from scratch, you can make it happen with Colibri. It is a free multipurpose WordPress theme with tons of goodies that you can take to your total advantage. Also, thanks to the drag and drop technique, you do all the editing and modifying visually – no coding is necessary.

Additional highlights of Colibri include five headers, 35 content blocks, 25 drag and drop components and many other superb customization features. As a free tool, Colibri is more premium-like than anything else. Now it’s up to you to take charge and start on the web with an impactful website. Also, Colibri takes care of all the technicalities for you. You can set things up quickly, with little to no effort.

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zakra free multipurpose wordpress theme
Zakra does not fool around when it comes to building websites. This remarkably flexible and extensible free WordPress theme works great for multiple intentions. Let’s face it, there are already ten and counting starter sites available, which you can take full control of. Keep in mind, they plan to release even more samples for your convenience. Knowing this, it is possible to utilize Zakra for different projects, even if each caters to a different industry. Agency, church, education, plumber, travel and many other websites are possible with Zakra.

Moreover, Zakra also works with the Elementor page builder to simplify building websites even further. Additionally, it is compatible with search engines, mobile devices, retina screens and all the major WordPress plugins. Start with confidence regardless of your experience since Zakra is for anyone and everyone.

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onepress free multipurpose wordpress theme
As the name implies, OnePress is a practical solution when it comes to building single page websites. This free multipurpose WordPress theme rocks a simple and minimalist appearance, making it fit different objectives as is. Of course, you can quickly expand OnePress’s possibilities with customization tweaks and extensions/plugins. Agency, freelancer, online portfolio, landing page and many other type of websites are welcome, thanks to the mobility of OnePress.

Multiple content blocks, parallax effect, great theme customizations, search engine optimized, localization and custom widgets, these and many more features are available for you to play with. By the way, as a free theme, OnePress goes one step further and offers you free support, too. It is no secret why this tool is one of the most popular free one page WordPress themes out there.

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Township Lite

free multipurpose WordPress themes

Social media integration, blog layouts, call to action and featured posts are just but a small sample of the plethora of features you can find in the Township LiteWP theme. It makes it easy to do SEO, as RTL support and is suitable for a lifestyle blog. Fully compatible with all the latest WP plugins, get started on making your new website within minutes in it is sleek and easy-to-use page editor! Best used with lifestyle websites (e.g., food, photography, fitness, etc.). A great pick among free multipurpose WordPress themes in today’s roundup.

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free multipurpose WordPress themes

Unicons is boasting a modern, responsive layout, powerful editing options, and retina ready functionality, and this theme will provide your website with what you need to move forward. Are you running an online business or blog? No matter, Unicons is here for both. No coding necessary, you just have to have a good eye for quality and motor skills to move your fingers when prompted. Enjoy!

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Arya Multipurpose

arya multipurpose free wordpress theme
Due to its multi-purpose approach, Arya is a fantastic free WordPress theme for agencies, freelancers, businesses, consulting firms and more. It is safe to say that Arya will definitely match your meticulous taste. Bear in mind, Arya even comes with five different demos which you can put into play out of the box. There is even a beauty-related sample part of the Arya’s bundle of amazingness.

Thanks to the drag and drop page building process, it will be a breeze modifying the look of Arya. Make it your way, adjust the web design and stand out from the masses with a spectacular page. And you do not need to spend a single penny to make it happen? That is 100% correct. Arya is also compatible with Gutenberg and WooCommerce and includes fifteen custom-made widgets.

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Multipurpose Startup

multipurpose startup free wordpress theme
As a startup, you need to make sure that you have your online space fully sorted out. A website is one of the best marketing mediums to take your business to new heights. With Multipurpose Startup, a free WordPress theme, you can speed up the process and quickly establish your killer online presence. Let it do the job and push your products and services worldwide. Multipurpose Startup also has a modern and professional look, which you will have no problem matching to your branding regulations.

Without a doubt, Multipurpose Startup also ensures fast loading speed, great search engine optimization, retina screen friendliness and compatibility with 3rd-party plugins. With Multipurpose Startup, you are in complete control of your web space. Meaning, you can confidently manage and maintain your startup website even if without prior experience.

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Radix Multipurpose

radix multipurpose free wordpress theme
Radix is a free multipurpose WordPress theme based on the well-liked Bootstrap Framework. It is one of the best tools for corporate and consulting businesses, but it works great with other purposes, too. After all, it does have “multipurpose” in the name for a reason. On top of that, Radix also sports a clean and contemporary layout which appeals to a broad audience. In other words, everyone that visits your page will surely be intrigued by the professional and sophisticated approach your website has.

Some of the features include sticky header, animations, slider, functional contact form, categorized portfolio and pricing plans. With Radix, you will appear on the internet like a champ from the get-go. Make it yours by introducing your branding and creative touch and let your page win you over more business deals without a hassle.

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bhaga free multipurpose wordpress theme
If you are looking for a free multipurpose WordPress theme with a colorful design, Bhaga is the way to go. This outstanding and eye-catchy tool is great for an assortment of different ideas, businesses and projects. Little do you know, soon after you install the theme and start using it, you are already prepared for the launch. Yes, working and creating a page with Bhaga is that swift and straightforward – anyone can do it naturally.

While Bhaga puts an emphasis on businesses and agencies first thing, it is also compatible with other ventures you have going on on your end. Excellent customization features allow you to modify Bhaga however you fancy (header and footer, too). Bhaga is also translatable and in tune with Elementor page builder and WooCommerce plugin. And when you are ready to scale, you can always upgrade to the premium version.

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sirat free multipurpose wordpress theme
Businesses of different industries are welcome to employ Sirat, a free multipurpose WordPress theme. The web design is adaptive and flexible, not limiting you in any way, shape or form. Of course, it is a free tool, meaning, it comes with more basic features compared to the premium alternative. However, if you are just getting your feet wet, the free version fits the purpose perfectly. You do not even need to use it exactly as is; instead, feel free to adjust the layout to fit your preference.

Sirat comes with a slider that spices up the overall page experience. What’s more, Sirat also contains optimized code, in-depth documentation and follows all the latest web and tech trends. Unless it is two minutes to midnight (do you even listen to Iron Maiden?), you have more than enough time to get online as of today.

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yamuna free multipurpose wordpress theme
Yamuna will surely spice up your website with its vivid and vibrant web design. This free multipurpose WordPress theme is for everyone who is into colors. In other words, if you would like to differentiate yourself from the masses, you better do it with Yamuna. It is perfect for businesses, blogs, online portfolios and even online stores – in short, Yamuna is for everyone who is on the hunt for something different.

Fantastic customization functions give you enough options to edit the default layout of Yamuna appropriately. There is also no need to edit the code if you would like to perform different tweaks and correction. Yamuna does not require any programming knowledge what makes the whole process of establishing your dream page very newbie-friendly. For your information, it is compatible with Elementor website builder what unlocks visual coding.

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free multipurpose WordPress themes

Croccante is a perfectly responsive theme with WooCommerce integration and custom API tools. This theme is looking to take your business to the next level, letting you utilize its endless customization options and a modern/sleek UI. Useful in all situations, Croccante enables you to use its nature for seamless integration and elements like sidebars, social buttons, etc. to bring your business to a new high point!

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free multipurpose WordPress themes

If you are running a blog, a shop or just a general type of business, Excellent is for you.  Command easy edits and utilize the different tools to get a working and good looking website within minutes. Featuring full compatibility across all platforms, browsers, and devices along with custom plugins, you will not want to miss trying this one out. Also offering lots of SEO options, integration with plugins which will allow you to edit each part of the page exactly as you want it. Using tools such as full-width sliders, multiple layouts, and home pages.

With a wide variety of customization options and support for all the latest WP plugins, it will surely help you create the site of your dreams. It is a clean, minimalist solution to your business that’s easy to the eye that will increase returning customers! Excellent is an excellent example of how beautiful and flexible free multipurpose WordPress themes should look like.

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free multipurpose WordPress themes

You lose some, and then you get Winsome! Your all-purpose responsive one page WordPress theme that no one’s picked up on yet. Useful in any scenario, make your website look like anything you want with the easy UI editor. Winsome, another pick in our round-up of free multipurpose WordPress themes, will work great on websites ranging from corporate to personal to portfolios.

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VW Fitness

free multipurpose WordPress themes

Easily customize any part of your web page with this innovative WordPress template. Ideally used for pretty much anyone as well as featuring a responsive slider section along with grid view, CTA buttons and custom widgets. Editing has never been any more comfortable, and it never required so little tech knowledge. Utilize it to your heart’s content. Get that SEO going with the advanced code this theme provides. It will skyrocket your website to the front pages! Make your websites interactive, so your visitors always have something to do. Perfect for pretty much any niche you are trying to do business out of, VW Fitness gives a professional look to any user that works it. Can’t wait to see how stunning your website is, link it in the comments below, and don’t forget to rate!

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What’s your pick out of these free multipurpose WordPress themes?

We now conclude our collection of free multipurpose WordPress themes. In our roundup, we have a look at over 20 WordPress themes that will work great on multipurpose websites.  Hence, if you need more such awesome themes, check out the other free WordPress themes roundups on our site.

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