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29 Responsive & Free HTML Website Templates 2018

29 Responsive & Free HTML Website Templates 2018

To find the best free HTML website templates, you would probably need to spend countless hours searching the web. You might be born under the lucky star, however, for all the rest, we did all the hard work for you. There are numerous high quality templates out there so you can imagine how difficult it was choosing only the top performing ones.

Let the free part not fool you. Sure, the level of possibilities will not be as high as with all those multipurpose HTML website templates. Still, you are able to achieve high levels of success with free templates just as well.

If you are new to the web design game, it is wise to test the waters with free tools first. This way, you get a better understanding how everything works without the need to code and design from scratch. Plus, there could not be a better way to learn the gist of HTML and everything that comes with it.

For the ones with a little more experience, our collection of free HTML website templates can and will expand your creative mind. Use these to customize them further and create original layouts.

Showcase your new fantastic app, awesome product, create an inviting online resume or start a journal, you can do it all in next to no time. Sounds like good times, right?

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Creative Agency

Creative Agency is, like the name describes it, a free creative HTML website template for building agency sites of all sorts. But you must know that the template is flexible enough to use it for landing page-like pages of any business. If you dig the design, by all means, put it to use for your local studio and have your online presence all sorted out. Give it a shot, after all, it comes free of charge. Not only that, it will take you a little amount of time to build a fully functional website with Creative Agency.

Full-screen image, logo in header and footer, minimal portfolio, hover effects, you see, CA is packed with features. Stats section, pricing tables, testimonials and Meet The Team area are all part of Creative Agency template. Last but clearly not least, Creative Agency also takes care of the contact form. A working one is integrated into the tool for you to use it out of the box. And on top of that, take to your advantage blog and implement content marketing to scale your business to new heights.
While you might find CA HTML template quite advanced, the layout is keeping things simple and in order.

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Our free HTML website templates collection continues with BBS. Another fantastic product which does not really feel like it would be a free one. Perfect for small and local businesses which do not own a website yet. Or they do, but the current one feels outdated and is not even responsive, so an upgrade is necessary. Whatever the case for you, BBS has all the required elements and sections to cover all chapters of your business. To be frank, you will also not have a problem building a personal page with BBS. You can comfortably adjust it, so it meets your needs precisely.

Customizable, responsive and looking as professional as possible, BBS is a high-quality website making product. There is not too much and not too little stuff going on. More or less, just the right amount of features that will have everyone instantly familiar with your project and what you are the expert of. Isn’t that something you would want to achieve with your website? Inform them, intrigue them and let new business deals coming in at a fast pace. With a strategically designed website, all is possible. The only problem you might face with is the fact whether or not you will handle all the new clients? But that is a good problem, right?

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Some free HTML website templates are boxed, some full screen and some even offer both variations. Not to mention, there are those for engineering one- and those for multi-page websites. Combine layouts with numerous features and you have unlimited options. As an icing on the cake, all templates are free, so you can even use them to test the waters first and see which suits you best.

Datarc is the best fit if you are in search of a full-screen landing page template. Even if you are several finished and launched websites deep but haven’t done a one-page site yet, do your first one with Datarc. The end product will be crème de la crème of web design. And even if you build one hundred more websites with Datarc template, you will always reach the same levels of quality.

Inside Datarc template, many amazing components are hiding. You will find a full-width portfolio, team section and pricing tables. Moreover, testimonials slider, contact form, Instafeed and an entire blog. In the footer, Datarc also has a newsletter subscription box. Sure enough, all these goodies are sufficient to provide for creating a website to perfection.

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Ca App Landing

Minimalists, you are presented with a clean and contemporary mobile app HTML website template. It goes by the name Ca App Landing, and it does exactly what it says. It is a landing page website building tool for both Android and iOS application developers. On the other hand, you can also use CA for SaaS and other technology LP style pages. The choice is yours.

Ca App Landing is a full-screen template with great contrast both regarding colors and features. Increasing app awareness, downloads and sales are smooth with a website constructed using Ca App Landing. Tell all about your product, why it is special, what others are saying about it, display screenshots and introduce team members. Ca App Landing also comes with pricing tables, contact form and social media icons. Because, an app should not be missing its presence on social media, too. SM platforms can do a ton regarding promotion and scale your business through the roof.

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Not only will you find a ton of inspiration from our best free HTML website templates, but you will also build fantastic websites with them. Glint is an awesome template which any in the creative space will find useful. Agencies, freelancers, photographers, all can craft websites for their projects. It is a flexible item built with clean code what makes it easy to customize to your likings. Make the most out of it.

Any page that uses Glint as the foundation will be fully responsive and retina ready. Adapting to mobile devices will be flawless for everyone to have a fantastic user experience. Animated stats, sections appearing seamlessly on scroll, sophisticated portfolio and contact form, Glint has it all ready for you to put it to use. It is all perfectly organized what will improve your business’ or project’s professionalism. Have a cracking online appearance and attract more potential new customers.

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Once the live preview of Dinomuz template opens up for you, it almost feels like you would be experiencing the sunset. Is that a good thing? You bet! Dinomuz is an HTML template for all the creatives out there and then some. To some extent, the template is quite basic but when you start going deeper into it, you see how many cool features it has. Dinomuz sure does know hot to make the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity.

Highlight your services and display your projects with an interactive slider (swiping). Tell the world the story how it all began and use it to persuade visitors with your supreme honesty. Dinomuz’s subscription box is so appealing to the eye, everyone will want to hit it with their emails. But it is due to the overall journey through your creative awesomeness what will be the most enticing.

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Go Crepe

Saying that a website template is delicious would be absurd, but Go Crepe sure does come close to it. At least the name part of it. Who does not think about the yummy treat when reading Go Crepe? I sure am! If nothing else, you can, at least, feed your creativity hungry eyes with it.

Go Crepe is a free HTML website template for small and local businesses, various agencies, mobile apps and more. If the design fits your needs, anyone can use it to construct a website for their projects. Bright in colors and rich in features, Go Crepe will not disappoint you. It starts with a nice slider which helps you further promote your business and latest projects to intrigue everyone passing by. The template is split down into different sections which you can use to describe features and services in-depth. Add your works to the portfolio slider and capture emails with the subscription box.

Download  Preview


MobApp is a landing page HTML website template for applications and software. Spread the word out with an outstanding one-page website and drive in more traffic. Call-to-action buttons are placed all around the template with the first one starting in the menu bar. And the main menu is a sticky one, so the download button is always at the tip of their fingers. No matter which chapter of your page visitors are checking out, they can click the download in an instant.

Bright colors, large images, focus on content and features along with a slider gallery, MobApp template has all you need to promote your software or app. Pricing tables, social icons and contact, MobApp does not miss a thing. To built company trust, incorporate testimonials and let others do the promotion for you. Change the images and texts and you are ready to hit the web with a superb page.

Download  Preview



Clean, simple and straightforward free HTML website template, here is, short and sweet, Dup. Small businesses, agencies and professional individuals, you can all start structuring websites for your projects. Download Dup template, adjust it to your demands and have a fresh website up and running almost instantly. There is no need for doing it all from scratch, hiring an expensive designer and struggling to do it all by yourself. With a proper tool (which is gratis!), you can reach expert levels surely and efficiently.

Dup’s comprehensiveness is key to your online success. You are about to create a real attention grabber. Everyone who comes to your page will enjoy looking at your great work. All this will interest him or her to do business with you. With the Instafeed, you can also inform everyone that you are a social company. Plus, embed a video and interact with your guest through different media.

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Many aim to stand out in their industry but achieving that might not be the simplest task. However, if you truly want to do it with a one-of-a-kind website, then you should consider installing Boxus. While words might not describe the template in the best fashion, you can experience its uniqueness with the live preview. Advertise your portfolio, services and overall company in a way to impress everyone and get them ready to work with you.

The originality and colorfulness are key features of Boxus but there are many more that will benefit you. What you will find the most fascinating about Boxus HTML template is the way how it adapts and highlights each section. It adds a distinctive touch to the overall web design and makes it looks absolutely phenomenal. If you like a playful and creative template, Boxus is the one product for you.

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The majority of the free HTML website templates you find on this list are suitable for building a wide range of sites. But most commonly, you can use them for both business and freelance sites. But that could mean a whole bunch of things.

Bobsled will fit startups, local businesses, creative professionals and many more in between. Not only does it speed up the creation of the website, your company, studio or personal work will shine bright like a diamond. Showcase your extraordinary works, services and don’t feel shy putting your story into words. The latter might be the one last thing visitors need to get from you to turn into loyal clients. It’s worth putting the extra effort into it.

Additionally, Bobsled template also comes with an entirely working contact form and newsletter subscription box. Use Bobsled as is and change only visuals and texts and add your contact details.

Download  Preview



A website can also be called an online laboratory which allows you to test and try a ton of things. But building a website and managing and maintaining it is its own experiment. It could even be a neverending one, but that depends on your short- or long-term plans you have with it. Whatever the situation, to kick it off in style, Labs is the free HTML website template that can make it all work for you.

Labs template features a breathtaking full-width slider, beautiful boxes for your key services, supports videos and allows you to display testimonials. Explain what you do in great detail, bring in front your team and share your contact details and let those interested in working with you to get in touch without leaving your page. Besides, if the majority in your industry use black and white site design, Labs’ colorful and vivid approach will make you go against the grain. Doing it differently can be mega rewarding.

Download  Preview


Impact is another remarkable free HTML website template which you can use for literally anything. It supports constructing both one- and multi-page websites, launching a blog section and comes with a categorized portfolio. Needless to say, Impact is a multi-purpose website template for putting together gorgeous websites. And that, you will accomplish quickly and effortlessly.

Impact is powered by Bootstrap Framework what makes it flexible and responsible. In other words, all your pages will be mobile friendly. Full-screen home page header or full-screen slider, testimonials, animated pricing tables and Google Maps integration, Impact does not joke when it comes to features.

With Impact, you will make a strong impact on all your site visitors. Create a compelling experience that will turn visitors into trustworthy customers. That’s why starting a blog might come surprisingly helpful. You can go on a more personal level with your guests, plus, you can use it for content marketing. There is really so much you can do with Impact template.

More info / Download Demo


elevate free HTML website template
When you are in search to find a solution to promote your product or service online, Elevate is a template which will help you out. This free HTML website template is responsive and retina ready what ensures you to offer a great UX with your page. No matter the device people browse your page from, all the details will look crisp clean, and the layout instantly adapt to the screen size. You do not want to be lacking functionality and fast loading speeds.

Elevate is a one-page template perfectly suitable for building landing pages in every niche. Promoting a physical or a digital product has never been easier. Even different services, you can push and bring in front of a wider audience and make it look eye friendly. The code is organized what makes it easy to customize and change different elements of the template to meet your requirements.

Built using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, you know Elevate free HTML website template is flexible and simple to use. Some other features of the tool are cool animations which appear on the scroll, a ton of icons, MailChimp integration and browser compatibility. While it might be free, Elevate is a landing page template full of premium features.

More info / Download Demo


dazzle free HTML website template
For startups or those launching a new digital product, Dazzle is a top-notch template which takes care of your online presence. Whether it is a special software or a fresh mobile app, they can both be showcased with an expert-looking website you will craft using Dazzle. Sometimes, you do not really need to spend a dime but still be able to reach the level of premium products. Or maybe you would just like to test the waters and see how things turn out. No matter what is your case, let a feature-rich template do its thing for you.

With a creative landing page, you will not have a problem hooking up visitors. They will be intrigued not only by your amazing software or mobile application you are promoting but your website design, too. Dazzle is a functional and very practical product for building pages in a short amount of time. While you can use it as is, feel free to customize the template and make it look even more original. This fully adaptable web design goes beyond expectations. Make it serve your needs and help you achieve the desired goals. A smart website template which does not cause any issues when making refinements.

More info / Download Demo


kreo free HTML website template
The bold dark layout of Kreo free website template grabs attention instantly. However, you do not need to stick with it if you are more of a light layout person. Either way, the template takes care of freelancers, creative professionals, agencies and even small businesses. It is that much that Kreo covers with its features and stunning web design. Once you finish putting together your preferred website, you will be impressed by your creation. And so will be all the guests who stumble across your page.

Key features of Kreo template are mobile friendliness, retina display readiness and elegant and modern design. Moreover, it sports cool CSS animations and comes with a functional Ajax contact form.

Expose your latest work and projects, get visitors familiar with your services and introduce yourself and your team. Add other needed elements to persuade the one visiting your website and turn him or her into a customer. Let the pictures and the quality of your work entice new customers. Nothing feels better than getting an email that starts with, “We love your work!” Unleash your creative mind and start hammering out an outstanding web page for your online project. You will quickly have a page that you longed for ready.

More info / Download Demo


lhander free HTML website template
When you need a minimal and simple template, yet fully functional, Lhander is the product you should consider. With this one-page template, you can construct beautiful landing pages promoting your incredible products and services. You can use it for all types of purposes, however, it will best work with freshly launched applications. But no need to be limited only to one industry. Physical products will also be represented as professional as they should be.

Following the modern web practices, Lhander free HTML website template fits retina screens and adjusts to any screen size. The code of the product is clean, meaning, you can modify it easily. Even for someone who is new to web design and bringing websites to life, you will have it all under control.

Numerous web font icons, built using HTML5 and CSS3 along with Flexslider and back to top button, Lhander is a product which meets many product owners’ needs. Equipped with all the basics and then some, if you fancy the look of Lhander then give it a go. It is helpful for those only starting out, too. Install it and let your creative mind do its duty when it comes to modification. The end result will be first-class.

More info / Download Demo


woo free HTML website template
Tested on all the major browsers and different devices for its workability, Woo template helps you stunningly showcase your product. In other words, the item is 100% responsive and compatible with all the major browsers. All this calls for a great user experience you ensure your guests to have. Let it be from a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop and even a large desktop, your website can be viewable from any gadget. It readjusts in a split of a second (even quicker!) to the screen size a visitor uses for browsing.

Your digital or physical products and services will be displayed attractively. Not to mention, in a very persuading way for those interested to be hooked immediately. For a template which you do not need to invest a dime, you are treated with a high-quality product. Your landing page will help you drive in more leads and increase the sales. By the way, you can also use Woo free one-page template to presell your product. To impress everyone who pays your page a visit, the template supports video format, too. Instead of using only images and text, the video presentation may have an even bigger impact.

More info / Download Demo


ceevee free HTML website template
When you need to step up your job search, use Ceevee and craft an eye-catching online resume. For freelancers or for job seekers, this can be a fantastic way to introduce yourself and easily grab attention. Stand out from the crowd with a personal website which is at the same time your CV. With an innovative approach, employers and potential clients will notice your professionalism. Create something memorable, so you will come to their mind immediately when their time comes to decide who to employ or who to do business with.

Tell more about yourself, share your education, work experience and skills, all in a strategic order. Moreover, use Ceevee free HTML website template as a portfolio to offer an overview of your works. It is almost too easy to create something exceptional with Ceevee. The template is flexible and easy to customize so you can expand its repertoire and use it for small businesses and agencies. But its main focus is online CV. The template is tailored for personal websites used for the best online presentation.

Be the first one who they see created an actual page and used it as a resume. If you are not in some sort of a creative/digital niche, it will be even more admirable for you to not send a CV rather a link to a website.

More info / Download Demo


transitive free HTML website template
Transitive is a neat template which you can use to construct a website for your online project. It is a very clean and minimal free HTML website template with businesses in mind. However, you can undoubtedly use it for a personal website, too. With a full-width video support above the fold, you can grab the attention of any visitor right off the bat. Whenever there is something moving in the background, even if blurred, interest increases. If nothing else, it is excellent for a little extra entertainment and to increase the time guests stay on your page. Little do they know, the next moment they realize, they are browsing and checking your content. Needless to say, from unique visitors they turn into loyal fans and customers.

With Transitive HTML5 template, your page will features full responsiveness to work flawlessly on any device. Increase your potential with an amazing web presence. The possibilities are almost endless when you bring your business to the internet with a valuable page. Get a wider audience familiar with what you excel at using Transitive template. It also comes with a working contact form, so you do not have to worry about forming one. Once they are down to do business with you, they can get in touch with you easily.



snapshot free HTML website template
There are just so many free HTML website templates out there but we made sure to pick one of the best ones. Depending on your needs, you can take these to your advantage and build superb sites. Many niches are covered, still, with a little customization, you can transform the layout the way you fancy. One of the templates that was exclusively built for photographers is Snapshot, but in general, you can use it as a portfolio.

A quick introduction above the fold is followed by an awesome gallery which you can add filters to. Get visitors to quickly find what they are looking for or let them freely browse your content. By clicking on the photo, a popup appears with a caption. Your high-resolution images will turn guests from visitors to clients quickly. Showcase your extraordinary work and grow your business to its full potential. For those keen to work with you, they can get in touch with you via the contact form. Additionally, they can learn more by visiting your social media profiles (social icons included).

A free HTML gallery template with a functional lightbox, Snapshot, takes care of the technical part while you take care of all the rest. Give yourself a chance to bring something special to the market and become an inspiration.


Road Trip

road trip free HTML website template
Unique might be the middle name of Road Trip free HTML website template. Once you see the live demo, you will know exactly why so. The template is perfect to use for presentational purposes. Let it be you took an adventurous road trip, a hike, a business trip, you name it, Road Trip template will do its magical thing. No need to focus only on trips and such, you can use it to represent a product or other superb goodies.

Road Trip is a modern and elegant template with big photos and fancy scrolling effects. The ideal combination for the viewer to enjoy your website to the fullest. Without any distractions and a memorable experience, you will get those visitors coming back for more. Put your journey into words and imagery and updated your website regularly. With compelling articles, you amuse guests and inspire them to live and enjoy their lives. Become a person who others admire and look up to. Thanks to the Road Trip template, you will have a blast putting together the dream website. Modify and improve it if needed and start attracting new visitors. Major social media icons are covered, and so is the Contact Me form.



urban free HTML website template
Urban is a template with a very minimal look that you can use for all kinds of business purposes. It is clean and quite basic, yet it features all the necessities to put together a website quickly. Like all the rest on this list of top free HTML templates, Urban is also 100% responsive. Browsing from a smartphone or a desktop computer, Urban adjusts to all screen sizes with ease. Fast loading speeds and finely tuned layout ensure outstanding user experience. Since there is space only for the needed on Urban, your page will be distraction-free. Include only the valuable information and leave all the rest for the business meetings.

With a big foto above the fold, you can blow old and new visitors away with a terrific design. Refresh the current website or put up a new one. Either way, you will not need to build anything from scratch. The Urban template is ready to use. You can start updating it right after you finish with the installation process. The website you build for your project at a rapid pace will be grabbing the attention of the online world soon. Give it a shot and see how far you can get with a free template. Trust us, you will realize more than expected.



massively free HTML website template
With a name for a product like that, you can expect massive things. Word “massive” can have a certain number of meanings in web design. With Massively template, we stick to sizable elements, big pictures and large and bold fonts. Massively is a free and responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template dedicated to all the creative individuals and even small agencies. Those starting a personal blog can use Massively template just as well. As a matter of fact, the tool can be a perfect fit for lifestyle and travel bloggers, as well as food and even fashion journalist. No need to limit yourself and ensure the creative freedom and adjust Massively to your likings. The most advantage will get those who like image-centered layouts since they won’t need to do much customizing.

Along with the parallax background, Massively template also sorts you out with a working contact form. And right there at the bottom, you can also share your information and link website with social media accounts. Give everyone access to stay up to date with what is going on over at your end by following you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Social media is also a cool way to get on an even more personal level with both clients and fans.



photographer free HTML website template
Photographer is a rudimentary template which gives you all the fundamentals to fabricate a photography focused website. Still, since its modest layout, you can use the template for other kinds of niches, easily. We always try and mix things out to give you as many options as possible. It is our intention to feed every taste, those who like things innovative and super creative, as well those who love the basic stuff. The latter is covered with Photographer free HTML website template.

On top, you have a menu which takes guests to different sections of your site. Individual parts were crafted for services, news, gallery and more. If a particular segment is not tailored to your needs, customize it so it meets your expectations. Also, feel free to expand the menu with new sections for a comfy navigation. Several shortcodes are ready to help you upgrade and refresh the look of Photographer template. For a customer to start communicating with you to get the business done, they can hit you up with an email or you can even share your phone number and put the focus on it with an exclusive icon. Photographer supports Google Maps for everyone to find you without difficulty.



story free HTML website template
To fulfill your one-page website creation requirements, Story template is one to take into consideration. It is beautiful and it is minimal. Centered on the images and text, you can showcase your beautiful works across your whole website to amaze those who come across your page. Like you will see from the live preview, the full-width layout of Story is very appealing to the eye. It holds the same level of attention throughout the whole scrolling experience, from top to bottom.

Story is a modular template which you can tweak and modify how you like it and add a personal touch to it. With the top banner element, you can introduce visitors to your site with a short statement, phrase or whatever best describes you and whatever you plant to feature on your website. Followed, you can add several spotlight elements in a row. The name speaks for itself, these are for highlighting exclusive works, a special feature or whatever else you believe needs that extra shine. Available is also the gallery element of which you can customize size and style and have it act like a lightbox. There is also an Items section which is a grid of neatly assembled items of all kinds.
Rearrange elements how you like it or have your site structured like Story comes by default.



dimension free HTML website template
Dimension is a free HTML website template built on HTML5 and CSS3 what makes it highly customizable. Its innovative layout is super responsive and comes packed with all the necessities you need for a one-of-a-kind web design. The front page supports a full screen image with a quick introduction to your page. Different segments appear as distinctive popups which you close by pressing the “X” or anywhere outside the popup. It is a clean and very miniature in design, perfectly suitable for professional individuals and small agencies and businesses. You will create an unforgettable experience no matter the device people browse from.

Sometimes, it is best to go against the grain. The standards the industry dictates might work for the majority. However, if you want to shake things up a little bit, take a different path. It might not feel right in the first place, but when you put all the pieces together and hit the online space with it, something remarkable will happen. Just stick with it and see how far lovely website template, Dimension, will take you. As a freelancer, you make future clients aware of you. And then, when they will need the work done, you will be the one who they will get in touch with first.



beryllium free HTML website template
Built with Bootstrap for flexibility, Beryllium is a free architect HTML website template. For professional individuals or creative agencies, you can use this multi-page template for architecture, planning, portfolio and corporate businesses to name a few. Basically, everyone who would like to showcase their work online, Beryllium template can be the one realizing it for you. With its clean and pleasing design, you go straight to the point bringing in front of the people your works and finished projects. The big slider above the fold gets the guests quickly familiar with your work. Moreover, another slider is available to display your latest or those which you are most proud of projects.

As a freelancer or an agency, happy clients’ testimonials are worth including on your website. These might help you with marketing yourself and building customer trust. People will see that you are serious. Not only serious but a real deal what will make them rush contacting you since they also want to get a piece of your creative work. For contacting, Beryllium template has a working form and even integrated Google Maps with a custom marker. Start building a fantastic website to promote your services and grow your business.



launcher free HTML website template
As a startup, you might want to start promoting your products, services and announce the launch of your fresh website in advance. To start collecting emails to grows your subscribers’ list, a simple coming soon page will do the trick for you. Launcher is a free HTML website template which will help you announce the big launch. With a countdown timer, a quick few words about what they can expect and an email opt-in, you can begin growing your business before it even launches. Plus, social media icons will get them connect with you and see what is going on over at your end.

Start building hype early and see first sales, conversion or any other business deals start coming in upon the big launch. No matter how long ahead the launch will be, with strategic email marketing, you can pre-sell subscribers and make them hungry for more. The will be eagerly waiting for whatever you will bringing to the world to drop. Even if it will be just a site redesign, a coming soon page is almost a must. You can use Launcher HTML5 template also as an under construction page and benefit from fetching the needed email addresses. Get people informed and start doing business before the D day.



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