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15 Best Mobile-Ready Cheap Website Templates 2018

15 Best Mobile-Ready Cheap Website Templates 2018

When and if you would like to step things up, you better do things the right way with our best collection of cheap website templates. With a small investment, you can have a fully functional page ready to hit the online streets in a breeze. Notice, although these tools cost you very little, that does not mean they are poor in performance.

What’s the real story?

All the templates you find below are of the highest-quality, practicing all the latest trends and regulations, making sure to deliver an always smooth and fulfilling experience. No matter what device and browsers they use to visit your page, the template of choice adapts in an instant. You can even test it in advance by visit live preview pages before you fully commit.

Another thing you should also be aware of is the versatility of cheap website templates we selected for you. Regardless of your business or project, there is an almost 100% guarantee you will find the right website canvas to spread your word. Spark their interest and get them hungry for more.

Warning: this collection will get updated on a regular basis. Not to mention, some of the prices may change as there are not set rules owners need to follow on the market. That said, they can freely decide how to price their products and even change them a few times daily.

Stay tuned and bookmark this page for new goodies to hit your way!


nigo cheap website template
Nigo is a versatile and cheap website template with multiple concepts. In other words, it is is a multi-functional tool which you can utilize for a broad range of projects and businesses. Speaking of which, use Nigo for startup, personal, application, coming soon or many other styles of pages. One of the key features of Nigo is the one-page layout it rocks. Offer your visitors to learn all about from one location without the need to jump back and forth, visiting other internal pages of your website.

Some of the very many assets of Nigo are ten home demos, a total of twenty HTML pages, text animation, Revolution Slider and countdown time. It is very beginner-friendly and simple to use for all levels of users to get the most out of it. If you are starting something fresh or reshaping your current web space, do it in style with Nigo.

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sciome cheap website template
To stand out from the masses and boost your potential, you need Sciome. This cheap website template is perfect for creating online resumes and portfolios regardless of the niche you operate in. With the available five predesigned samples, you can quickly start your web space and have it up and running sooner rather than later. In addition to that, Sciome also delivers a full blog section which you can employ for content marketing, as well as to go on a more personal level with your audience.

Sciome is a Bootstrap Framework-based templates what guarantees flexibility and responsiveness. Of course, Sciome is also no stranger to cross-browser compatibility and outstanding performance. Whether they come from a desktop or a handheld device, Sciome makes sure to always deliver the same superb experience. Waste no time and get yourself known with Sciome.

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zric cheap website template
For those of you who are in the fitness industry, looking to create a solid web presence to scale your business, do things with Zric. It is a cheap website template with a wide range of functionalities that will suit your needs right. Whether a gym, a personal trainer, or offering any other activities, Zric is perfect to advertise your services online. The tool comes with three different demos which all are fully customizable and ready to adjust to your brand.

Zric is a Bootstrap based template what ensures flexibility and mobile-readiness. On top of that, Zric is also compatible with all modern web browsers, well documented and simple to use and employ. Some other goodies of Zric are form with validation, owl slider, blog and retina readiness. In one package, you get all that you require for your fitness and gym business. Get your name out there and grow your clientele.

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kage cheap website template
If you are looking for a cheap website template that covers portfolio and agency pages, Kage is probably the one you should look into. It is a stunning tool, full of amazing goodies that will take your online presence to a whole new chapter. It comes with seven predefined color skins and additional seven gradient background colors to choose from. Of course, you can set your custom style, too, and make it follow your branding to the very last detail.

Moreover, Kage is based on the well-liked Bootstrap Portfolio what gives it flexibility and extendability. Moreover, the code is clean and tidy, what makes working with Kage a straightforward process everyone can undergo. On top of that, Kage is also search engine optimized and compatible with all modern web browsers. Get your name out there, attract new clients and grow your project to a new degree.

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lora cheap website template
When in search to create a personal website that will help you stand out from the crowd, LORA is the cheap website template that will get things rolling. It is a creative vCard tool which you can use for online resumes, CVs and portfolios easily. LORA quickly readjusts and adapts to your idea and realizes it without hassle. It is based on the powerful Bootstrap Framework what ensures full flexibility and mobile readiness of your final product. Yes, your page will appear beautifully on mobile devices, as well as desktop computers.

At the time of writing this, LORA has five ready-to-use demos and more coming your way with future updates. It has a web design that is enhanced with CSS3 animations and comes with a fully functional contact form. If you would like to add a video background and testimonials slider, you can do that, too.

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forapp cheap website template
Forapp is a clean, modern and very easy to use cheap website template which you can apply for all sorts of app landing page intentions. If you are about to release a fresh mobile or web application and do not know how to best promote it, a website is a banging marketing tool you should not miss. In fact, before you do any other promotional campaigns, make sure you have a solid online presence up first and foremost. If you lack that, you are not on the right path to success.

Out of the box, Forapp comes with several different demos and multiple enticing color schemes. The layout is, of course, 100% mobile-ready, as well as compatible with all modern web browsers. Included in the kit is an AJAX contact form, quick image swapping, Google web fonts and even 404 and coming soon pages.

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Xpert Blog

xpert blog cheap website template
If blogging is something you would like to start, it is Xpert Blog that you should look into. This cheap website template is perfect for all bloggers, generic and niche specific. That said, you can write about any topic, or can aim more toward fashion, lifestyle, food, DIY, travel, you name it, Xpert Blog adjusts to all niches immediately. Before you make any moves, remember that Xpert Blog knows no limits, so go as creative as you would like with the template.

Xpert Blog has loads of impressive features that you and your readers will adore dearly. From a masonry and grid layouts to static sidebar, lightbox, full-width Instagram feed, drop-down menu and social media icons. There is also a newsletter widget and a contact page with a simple form and Google Maps. Start your blogging journey now with Xpert Blog and become the expert yourself.

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hycure cheap website template
If you are in the medical or health niche, then HYCURE is the design for you. It is a cheap website template best suitable for hospital, dentist, surgeon, fitness, clinic and other similar pages. Choose from three splendid index pages to lay down the foundation for your website look. With simple customization features and newbie-friendly process, you can easily make HYCURE fit your business. And you can also do your thing and turn it into something entirely different if that is the challenge you have.

In a very short space of time, you can craft professional websites like pros do, using HYCURE. It is loaded with valuable assets, like Bootstrap Framework, filterable portfolio, testimonials slider, animated statistics and newsletter subscription box. Of curse, you can also intentionally convert HYCURE into other formats aka CMS or use it with an entirely custom framework.

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hortech cheap website template
Make your business successful with the new and improved Hortech site canvas. With such a powerful cheap website template, you can hammer out a wide specter of different pages. It is a single-page website template with multi-purpose and parallax features. All of a sudden, creating uniqueness does not feel that strange anymore. And even if you are completely new to the process of establishing websites. Thanks to Hortech, you can achieve insane results quickly and effortlessly.

Choose from over twelve first page designs imbued with lots of jQuery and CSS animations. Moreover, Hortech is fully commented and also comes with a proper documentation to make any improvements with comfort. With its expert, contemporary and elegant look, Hortech works great with businesses and creative agencies. A few of the other features Hortech brings to the table are a working contact form, four color presets, full-screen banner, nice hover effects and accordions for frequently asked questions.

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aoc cheap website template
AOC is a cheap website template with a one-page layout. You can use it for creative agencies and business startups comfortably. But truly, it is your imagination that will tell you what you can do with AOC, as it is customizable and extendable. It is a Bootstrap template what calls for full responsiveness to work on all devices butter smoothly. In this day and age, it is crucial to have a mobile-ready website to feed modern web users and keep them satisfied.

In the bundle, AOC comes with three stylish and clean-looking homes which are all retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. Flexible layout options, separate color file, image pop-up, one-of-a-kind headers and hover effect are all the additional features of the nifty AOC. You can also start a blog and offer folks to get in touch with you using the integrated and functional contact form.

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medicplus cheap website template
The medical industry is surely competitive. Be a cut among the rest by choosing the Medicsplus template. It might be a cheap website template but it has all the features you need for your medical platform or portfolio. It is built on the latest Bootstrap Framework with a fully responsive and mobile-ready twelve column grid. This lets you examine your website seamlessly on any device, from smartphones and tablets to desktops. Moreover, Medicsplus has a W3C valid code and follows all the latest practices.

Medicsplus is a high-quality template with easy to use and customize material, so you do not need to worry a thing even if you have no advanced knowledge of design. Once you gain access to Medicsplus, a spacious horizon of features and assets opens in front of you. Make it your own, adjust it and have a unique and remarkable medical website up and ready to go live in a breeze.

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showkase cheap website template
When it comes to Showkase, your web design will be simple and tidy, no crap included. In fact, it is going to be more creative and innovative than anything else. This cheap website template focuses on minimalism, yet ensuring that you still get a professional and stunning look. Showkase has eleven home page styles, four header designs and seven portfolio options with UI and UX examples to choose from. It exudes elegance and harmony which appeal to the eye of any customer.

Capitalize your website by using this template’s numerous traits it has available and ready to use. Showkase has an ultra-fast loading performance for an always exceptional experience skimming through your page. Make your establishment more visible with the Google Maps features and allow them to get in touch with you using the practical contact form. All these features, and more, could put your website on top without complexity.

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viinamaen cheap website template
Exclusive for the beer pub’s website is cheap website template, Viinamaen. Before we continue, it is good to know that you can use Viinamaen with other similar business, as well, like cafes, restaurants and even other food and drinks businesses. No need to limit yourself to the default thing only, if you dig the Viinamaen design so much. Make it your own, customize it and enjoy the uniqueness and amazingness it has to offer you.

Viinamaen has a one-of-a-kind concept that will easily distinguish yourself and your business from the masses. Stand out from the crowd and attract even more potential customer with help from Viinamaen. Tell them more about what you excel at, share your food and drinks menu and showcase the exact location of your pub using the integrated Google Maps. It is also very straightforward to work with Viinamaen so make sure you do not shy away from the idea of editing and customizing the code. It sure is not hard.

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profyl cheap website template
When it comes to boosting your online presence, Profyl is king. This cheap website template works as a personal vCard and online resume tool for your personal page needs. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing Profyl and make it follow your branding to the T. Profyl has three mesmerizing layouts and six preset color schemes that can fit any profession. Speaking of which, Profyl is ready for doctors, barbers, models and photographers to name a few. You can also enrich Profyl with your signature style and get this rolling on the web your way.

Profyl’s inner pages are complete with details such as services, about me, contact and blogs. Moreover, you will discover unique hover effects, social media buttons, Google Maps and a functional contact form. Of course, there is still way more that you can get your hands on once you unbox Profyl.

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appino cheap website template
Awaken your creative spirit with a versatile, practical and cutting edge cheap website template, APPINO. As the name suggests, APPINO is an ideal page skin for mobile app landing pages. What’s more, it also effortlessly adapts to other applications, like web and desktop applications and even SaaS. APPINO contains a smashing design, unified with functionality. Moreover, the tool is 100% responsive, retina-ready and easily customizable, based on Twitter’s Bootstrap Framework.

You can swiftly add your flavor to APPINO and get original with it however you see it fit your product or service best. APPINO has 21 home pages, three ready-to-use template options, ten inner sections and a clean and tidy code to ease the hassles of editing. Do not worry about being left behind with updates either, as the developers automatically add them to your package regularly. Avoid the wait, check APPINO’s live preview and get your name out there and help those in need of your app.

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If you insist, you can still check out our supreme collection of free website templates and see how much you can accomplish without spending a dime. However, once you do decide to enhance and boost your web space, the templates you find above are your best best.


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