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5 Best Free Bootstrap Calendars 2019

If you’re looking for high-quality, beautiful Bootstrap calendars, you have landed to the right blog post. This post gives you a list of the best free Bootstrap calendars and describes them in short. You can download them by clicking the ‘Download’ button and can easily integrate them into your web applications.

Bootstrap is an awesome framework for creating designs. Frameworks are developed so that the developers can quickly design and build things. So using a framework, you can speed up your work.

Bootstrap is a great framework that does not just speed up your design work, it also lets you create stunning designs. What you can accomplish using Bootstrap will take a great amount of time if you design with only CSS.

Now let’s talk about the best free Bootstrap calendars.

Bootstrap calendar by Luiz Araujo

This Bootstrap calendar by Luiz Araujo is a pretty advanced calendar template that you can use on your web application. This can be used for scheduling. If you want to let your users record events with specific dates, you can integrate this template into your site. But you may need to work on this template to improve the functionality and to change the design so that it looks similar to your website’s design.

This calendar offers four views, and they are ‘Year’, ‘Month’, ‘Week’, and ‘Daye’. Four different tabs have been used for these views. The Year tab shows all the months in a year. The user can view the previous year and the next year by clicking the arrow buttons.

Similarly, the Month, Week, and the Day tabs display dates and times appropriately. And you can go to the previous and the next month/week/day by clicking the arrow buttons.

More info / Download

Bootstrap Year Calendar by Hind Jai

Bootstrap Year Calendar developed by Hind Jai shows all the dates and months in a particular year. So this will allow your web app users to see all the months from January to December. For each month, all the dates and the names of the days from Sunday to Saturday are shown.

The year is shown at the top, and the user can go to the previous year by clicking the arrow icon on the left side and can go to the next year by clicking the arrow icon on the right side.

If you think that this kind of calendar where all the months and dates of a year is shown will work best for you, you can download this Bootstrap template. But if you’re looking for calendars that will show only the dates of one particular month, you can use the other ones mentioned in this blog post.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap Calendar by Chris Brosky

This is a calendar designed with Bootstrap, made by Chris Brosky, a CodePen user. If you’re building a web app that will have a calendar, this Bootstrap template is a great fit for you. This calendar template will not just show dates to your web app users, it will also allow them to record events. In other words, this will be a good tool for your users for scheduling. They can schedule tasks effortlessly.

The user can add an event on a particular day, at a particular time. By clicking on a date or time, you can add an event.

The calendar has three views, separated into three tabs, and they are Day, Week, and Month. Under the Day tab, the hours are shown vertically. The added events can be seen in all the views — day, week, and month view.

More info / Download Demo

Calendar template by Oleksandr H.

This is a simple calendar template developed by Oleksandr H., a CodePen user. Although this calendar does not have many features, it’s a good template. You can use it to show dates to your users in your web app. So if you want to display a calendar on your website, this template would be a great fit for you.

The current date is highlighted. So the user can instantly know the current date by taking a look at the highlighted area. There are ‘Prev’ and ‘Next’ buttons that will let your users view the previous and the next month’s calendar.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap calendar by Simeria Sergiu Ionut

This Bootstrap calendar developed by Simeria Sergiu Lonut is a nice calendar template that you can integrate into your website in order to show dates and time to your website users. The current month of the current year is shown by default but your user can see the previous month and the next month by clicking the arrow icons. The current date is highlighted. The user can know the current date as soon as he/she opens up the calendar because the current date is highlighted.

This calendar looks good but if you want, you can tweak the design.

More info / Download Demo

This blog post talked about the best free Bootstrap calendars. Although you can easily design such calendars if you have the right skills, you can use them to save some time. Download the calendar template that you liked the most, make some changes in the code if necessary, and integrate it into your website today!

Md Akhtar Hossain

Md Akhtar Hossain is an experienced freelance tech writer, passionate web developer, and an aspiring entrepreneur. You can reach him at [email protected]

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