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bootstrap calendars
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20 Best Free Bootstrap Calendars (in 2023)

We went through a long testing phase and used available calendars BUT decided to make our free Bootstrap calendars instead.

This allowed us to go the extra mile and create truly remarkable free calendar snippets.

After using them ourselves, we are now sharing all 20 WITH YOU.

We cover all sorts of calendar styles with these:

  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Events
  • Date ranges (with date pickers)

Avoid visiting multiple resources to find the ideal Bootstrap calendar for your application or website.

They ARE ALL HERE. Waiting for you to put them to good use.

Ultimate Free Bootstrap Calendars

1. Bootstrap Calendar V01

calendar 01

Let’s begin with a clean, simplistic, and highly versatile free Bootstrap calendar widget. It showcases month and year at the top with clickable arrows for the next or previous month.

Below are the weekdays, starting with Sunday and going to Saturday.

Moreover, you will see the current day HIGHLIGHTED with a round blue mark.

Lastly, the days your user selects turn gray, which you can pre-test by visiting the live demo preview.

More info / Download Demo

2. Calendar V02

calendar 02

This unique template helps you embed a neat calendar into your application with a SPECIAL section on the left for the day you pick.

By default, it displays the current date, but it will change if you select a different day of the month.

With the left and right pointers, you switch between months.

Also, you will notice the reset button, which you can activate to make the selection go back to default.

More info / Download Demo

3. Calendar V03

calendar 03

If you would like to offer your users to view two months instead of one on a calendar, this is the free template you should opt for.

Remember, it’s a Bootstrap snippet, so you know the readjustment to different screen sizes will be smooth. In other words, it’s in a horizontal position on the desktop and vertical on mobile, maintaining great performance.

Today’s date is purple, which you can EDIT however you want. You can also pick a set period, which turns gray when on.

More info / Download Demo

4. Calendar V04

calendar 04

Calendar V04 is a fantastic solution to combine a calendar with different events.

It features a split-screen design that works equally awesome on mobile as it does on desktop.

The left side is for the daily calendar with the year at the top, followed by months, weekdays, and exact dates.

The template features a CONVENIENT section on the right side for pushing events and sharing other useful details and whatnot.

More info / Download Demo

5. Calendar V05

calendar 05

If you are particularly searching for a free grid calendar template based on Bootstrap, voila, this one will do you well. The first column is for years, the second for months and the third for days.

The template highlights the current day, which is right in the middle.

Even though it comes with different purple tones, you can brand the calendar with your color scheme.

This way, it will smoothly INTEGRATE into your website application, keeping the nice flow intact.

More info / Download Demo

6. Calendar V06

calendar 06

Some like it basic and some like it with special effects. If the latter appeals to you, this is the Bootstrap calendar that sorts you out with a cool animation.

Not only does the calendar shift and change color, but the background color also changes.

Other than that, it highlights the current day but does not allow you to select custom periods. If you want to SPICE THINGS UP, do it with Calendar V06.

More info / Download Demo

7. Bootstrap Calendar V07 by Colorlib

calendar 07

A calendar can consist of just the date or feature an image and other special effects. This is a great example of a calendar with an image, rocking a split-screen layout.

You will find an image background with the date you select from the right side calendar on the left side.

The image area also displays month and year.

Another cool feature of this free Bootstrap snippet is the shortcut/default button that TAKES YOU BACK to today.

More info / Download Demo

8. Calendar V08

calendar 08

A modern and easy-to-use free Bootstrap calendar template features more than the year, months, weekdays and dates.

At the bottom is an additional banner with planned events for a specific date.

Moreover, the widget also has an integrated “add event” button that opens a new feature for adding events.

You can specify the name of the event and the number of people attending. And to top it all up, Calendar V08 works smoothly across all popular devices.

More info / Download Demo

9. Calendar V09

calendar 09

Calendar V09 is more of a datepicker snippet than anything else. It showcases month, day, year and current time. The user can configure it to the last detail with that in mind.

In fact, to the very last second.

Along with the main datepicker functionality, you will find a time icon and a chevron to change the seconds.

Also, users can delete their settings or hit the X ICON to close the widget.

More info / Download Demo

10. Calendar V10

calendar 10

If you would like to feature on your application or website, what is today’s date? This is the free Bootstrap calendar to go with.

Instead of creating it yourself from the ground up, Calendar V10 rocks it all for smooth inclusion.

It displays the weekday at the top, the month and day in the middle and the year at the bottom. The design is also very clean and integrates with different branding regulations effectively.

But if you would like to alter it (color-wise), by all means, make it happen.

More info / Download Demo

11. Calendar V11

calendar 11

You can offer your users to pick their ideal date for whatever intention you have with Calendar V11. It is a neat datepicker that appears as a pop-up, keeping the presence on your application or website minimalist.

It comes with a shortcut for today’s date, but anyone can pick any date. In addition, there’s also a clear function that deletes everything and a close button.

The tool COMFORTABLY caters to different themes and branding out of the box, so you are welcome to use it as is.

More info / Download Demo

12. Calendar V12

calendar 12

Instead of building your datepicker to include in your application, you are welcome to use ours.

Calendar V12 is free of charge, uses only the LATEST technologies, and guarantees excellent performance.

It works great on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, ensuring great UX.

Due to its cleanness, you can embed the “pick a date” bar almost anywhere. But once you click on it, a drop-down date picker appears, offering quick selection (and deselection).

More info / Download Demo

13. Calendar V13

calendar 13

Calendar V13 is a neat date range picker with an option to choose “from” and “to” dates. They both open a date picker in a drop-down style that only pops up on click.

It allows switching between months, choosing today’s date with a single click or clearing the selection.

Moreover, it features a mobile-friendly structure with GREAT execution. While on desktop, date pickers are one beside the other, on mobile, they are one on top of the other.

See the live demo preview and go from there.

More info / Download Demo

14. Calendar V14

calendar 14

You can now integrate a modern free datepicker widget into your project without sweat.

Calendar V14 has a user-friendly structure and code, offering BEGINNERS and EXPERTS to get the most out of it.

Furthermore, the minimalist look works well out of the box, but you can fine-tune it further. The current date or the date you select gets highlighted with a round button so no one can miss it.

You can alter the color if you want so that it suits your regulations to a tee.

More info / Download Demo

15. Bootstrap Calendar V15 by Colorlib

calendar 15

Here is another great alternative for everyone looking to add date range pickers to their apps or websites.

The design is similar to the one above, just that this free snippet features two calendars for selecting from and to dates.

The Bootstrap datepicker is straightforward and allows for a QUICK EMBED into your project. It works by default, but if you are interested in light configurations, you can do that, too.

But first, test it out yourself by hitting the demo preview.

More info / Download Demo

16. Calendar V16

calendar 16

This free minimal inline calendar based on Bootstrap can easily work for anything. By default, it showcases today’s date but anyone can pick any date they want if necessary.

Calendar V16 is an excellent widget that can decorate your application and boost its functionality.

The layout also follows all the latest web trends to make the EXPERIENCE equally amazing on desktop and mobile.

One cool benefit of Calendar V16 is that you don’t need to configure anything, as it works great, accommodating different themes and styles by default.

More info / Download Demo

17. Bootstrap Calendar V17 by Aigars Silkalns

calendar 17

If you dig the previous Bootstrap calendar but feel more features would be necessary, check Calendar V17. It is a similar inline calendar with a result bar at the top.

When you select the date from the datepicker, the full date appears in the bar (month/day/year). This is the ONLY template functionality without the clear/delete option that would take you back to the default appearance.

However, we have many other neat solutions that you can win the game with.

More info / Download Demo

18. Calendar V18

calendar 18

When you combine an inline calendar with results and date range in a single template, you get Calendar V18.

A Bootstrap widget that works across different devices and platforms for user satisfaction. By employing Calendar V18 out of the box, you will witness an excellent result once it is integrated into your project.

Note: It works great for online bookings.

Still, if you’d like, for instance, to change the coloring, make it happen, so it fits your needs and wishes accordingly.

Moreover, if the check-in exceeds the check-out dates, it DOES NOT function anymore.

More info / Download Demo

19. Calendar V19

calendar 19

Calendar V19 is your best bet if you consider adding an event calendar to your website or app. It features a modern and minimal design, ensuring a distraction-free viewing experience.

You can add different events for different dates, even include multiple. For the latter, the calendar creates a pop-up that displays all the events for that particular date/date range.

There’s also a button that DIRECTS you to today’s date and left and right arrows for switching between months.

Last but not least, it adapts to different devices fantastically for great flow.

More info / Download Demo

20. Calendar V20

calendar 20

With many events in a calendar, it can get crowded and unpleasant to view the happenings consistently.

If so, Calendar V20 is the full-screen alternative to the previous Bootstrap template you can download with a single click.

Moreover, there are multiple different views that this calendar works with, month, week, day, and even a list view.

You can skip between months and select the current date with the “today” button. Create a HIGHLY functional event calendar now with Calendar V20.

More info / Download Demo
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  1. For the bootstrap calendar can i know how to highlight a specific date on the calendar? thanks

    1. Clement,

      You can do that using a combination of JavaScript and CSS. Create a JavaScript for the selection logic you want to use, then apply HTML class for that item and style it using CSS.
      You can check any previews to see how we have done it ourselves.

  2. Thanks so much for these examples, they are very helpful! I used the V02 example and was pleasantly surprised with how much “just worked” when porting it to Bootstrap 5. I just had to bring over everything from “.elegant-calendar{…” onwards from the style.css file and I was off to the races.

    Thanks again!

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