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4 Easy-to-use WordPress News Plugins 2023

The top 4 responsive and easy-to-use WordPress News Plugins are what you truly need if you run a news site to improve its functionalities. Well, I have good news for you. You don’t have to search for them individually. Finally, we researched and curated each one of them. It will help with your website concerns.

These plugins will help you minimize the time and resources you need to edit your website. Thankfully, you don’t need a developer or learn coding skills to put your own news designs. Each item that we found might have the style you are looking for.

How to find the best plugin for your news website.

The things we have found are bug-free and compatible with the latest WordPress versions. Since we tested them all, you don’t have to worry about its performance. Having a news plugin on your news website will add to its credibility and helps you to earn more visitors and readers.

Just continue reading, and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Best WordPress Plugins for News Sites

1. WP News and Scrolling Widgets

WP News and Scrolling Widgets Preview

What you will love about this WordPress News Plugin is its easy use. It doesn’t have a complicated button and menu. You can edit and manage it on the settings page without hassle. Surely, it helps you to improve your online presence.

Remember, a visual presence is essential to each website. In this case, the first impression always last. Improving your news section invites more audiences. While this may be true, this plugin has news archives, scrolling news widget, and thumbnails. You have the option to enable or disable this on your CMS website.

More Features

What’s more, it supports the Gutenberg shortcode block and some added filters to improve the appearance of your website. With this plugin’s latest features, you can manage the settings and change the language into German, French, and Polish.

Moreover, you’ll find new widget options such as Select News Categories, Show News Categories, and Show News Categories. The List and Grid views are now available. Furthermore, there was also a new category of wise news sports. These new functionalities would help you to manage your page hassle-free. However, if you want to get the full features of this plugin, you might want to opt for the premium version.

What are the features of the Premium Version?

  • Multiple languages
  • Allows your news post to connect into your social media account via the JetPack support.
  • Display your news post using the drag and drop functionality in depending on the order you want.
  • Customize and news pages or news websites.
  • Latest grid slider feature
  • The added ‘Read More Link’ for your news post.

More advanced features:

  • 7 various kinds of latest news widgets.
  • Support from WPBakery Page Builder
  • Support from Gutenberg Block
  • News ticker
  • 8 different designs for News List View
  • News Slider/Carousel Layout with its 45 designs
  • News Grid Layout with tits 50 designs
  • New 120+ incredible layouts.

Installation Process

Installation is super easy. Go to your settings page, click the Plugins menu, and hover to the ‘Add New’ section. You can either upload WordPress News plugins or search directly from your dashboard. Type WP News and Scrolling Widgets, which will appear on that page. Click the ‘Install Now’ button and ‘Activate’ it afterward.

Now that you have activated it, you’ll see a News section. Click on it, and that’s where you can add a new news item. It allows you to edit and customize your post, any way you want. You can also check your page’s layout and style on the Pro News Design.

More info / Download

2. Simple News

Simple News WordPress News Plugin Preview Screenshot

If you are pro simplicity, then this one might catch your attention. This plugin’s simple details make it easier to manage and customize. Your news post order would depend on its released date. It has a widget section showing you the overall defined number of your latest news. More than that, you can filter your result based on post ID and category ID.

The main feature is that installing this plugin is hassle-free. You can download the plugin directly from the WordPress website, and upload it on your Plugin setting menu, or you can instantly download it from your site’s dashboard.

How to Install This WordPress News Plugin

At the settings page, just go to the Plugin Menu and hover to the ‘Add New’ Section. You either upload your downloaded plugin or search ‘Simple News’ at the search box section. Once it shows up, download and activate it afterward.

You’ll now see the setting menu for ‘Simple News’, where you can modify and customize your news page design. You can change the photo’s image size and unset the plugin CSS if you like.

Some of the shortcodes used are:

  • [news]
  • [news col=3]
  • [news cat=1,2]
  • [news cat=1]
  • [news number=3 order=asc]
  • [news order=desc]
  • [news number=2]

The real purpose of this WordPress News Plugin is to be simple without a much-complicated setting, but there would be probably new features in the future that will benefit you.

More info / Download

3. News & Blog Designer Pack for WordPress

News and Blog Designer Pack Preview section

Make your news website professional by managing your news section using this News & Blog Designer Pack plugin. It comes with several designs and layouts to improve the visual appearance of your page. Overall, it has 6 shortcodes with 2 designs for every layout, post ticker, two widgets, and 7 layouts.

This plugin is ideal for:

  • Post Ticker
  • Post Grid Box
  • Post Masonry
  • Post List
  • Post Slider
  • Post Carousel
  • Post Grid

On the other hand, this News & Blog Designer Pack comes with 7 available shortcodes.

For example:

  • [bdp_ticker] – show your news post on a ticker
  • [bdp_post_gridbox] – news post in a grid box layout
  • [bdp_post_carousel] – recent news post in carousel view
  • [bdp_post_slider] – recent news post in slider view
  • [bdp_masonry] – masonry layouts
  • [bdp_post_list] – list view
  • [bdp_post] – grid view

Moreover, this WordPress News Plugin also uses parameters for all users.

  • show_comments=”true” – Show Comments
  • show_tags=”true” – Show Tags
  • orderby=”post_date” – Sort your retrieved post based on the post date
  • order=”DESC” – It designates the ascending or descending order of your post.
  • show_read_more=”true” – display the read more button of the post
  • media_size=”large” – You can set the media size into medium, large, and full
  • content_words_limit=”40″ – Limit the word limit for each post
  • content_words_limit=”40″ – Choose whether post the content or not
  • show_date=”false” – Display your post’s date or not. The values are true or false.
  • show_category=”false” – Display your post category or not.
  • show_author=”false” – Display your post author or not. Choose between the values of true or false.
  • design=”design-1″ – choose your post’s design
  • category=”category_ID” – Show the posts based on the category ID
  • limit=”10″ – Show five posts on your website and pagination. You can choose the limit from 1-10.

Design Your News Layout Using the Shortcode Parameters

As soon as you install and activate this, you’ll see more of its available parameters that you can use. With this blog designer pack, you can create a blog faster and easier. You don’t need to learn complicated codes to finish your news blog layouts. This one can do the work for you. It has 6 blog templates that would go well with your news niche.

It is possible to design your layout depending on your preferences to meet the needs of your readers and audiences using this plugin. Modifying and customizing your settings are possible with the shortcode parameters. New bloggers or news writers can start their website without hiring a developer or attending a developer’s class.

More info / Download

4. Vertical News Scroller

Vertical News Scroller Preview

If you need a vertical news layout, then this is one of the ideal WordPress News Plugins for you. Also, it allows you to post limitless news posts. At the setting menu, you can customize the layout and page as you want. It is up to you to edit, delete, or add new posts. Moreover, you can display News Title with a caption or the News Title alone.

Here are the main features of this free plugin:

  • Responsive and easy-to-use admin layout section
  • Customize your own font and settings from CSS
  • High-quality customer’s support
  • Easy installation and activation
  • No need to learn coding skills
  • Edit and manage your news
  • Manage the news height and width
  • Manage the news scrolling speed
  • Show particular news posts to users
  • Unlimited News posting

Admittedly, these features are good to go. However, you might want to opt for a premium version where you can get a lot of functionalities to help with your website’s concerns.

So, here are the features of the Vertical News Scroller plugin:

  • It allows for multiple news categories.
  • You can choose from the two types of news style – the classic (Marquee) and modern (Jquery Scroller)
  • You can print the shortcodes anywhere in WordPress.
  • It supports the Thumbnail Image.
  • It updates the mass news order.

More features

  • You can customize the title and description’s color.
  • Set the text’s font size and description.
  • You don’t have to add ‘Edit News’ manually. You can set the post automatically on the setting menu page.
  • Edit your post or page, and you can also check the checkbox to add it to the news section.
  • Allows to open news link in the same window
  • Responsive and easy-to-use admin layout section

The good news is that this plugin is free. You can enjoy it anytime you want.

More info / Download

Which of These WordPress News Plugins Would you choose?

You don’t need to learn a coding skill or pay tons of money to developers to do the job for you. All of the items above are responsive and easy to use. At the same time, you can install and activate them instantly. So, which one would you choose? Each one of them has its purpose.

Let’s see a quick preview of these 5 WordPress News plugins:

The Worldwide Breaking News Headline is for news websites that want to get a preview of the latest news from other broadcast pages with their latest headlines and top news. On the one hand, Simple News is perfect for those who want to create a list of news stories simply and quickly.

WP News and Scrolling Widgets have more advanced features to customize your news layout. It has several settings and options to choose from to make your designs. Truthfully, it is easy to set up and you need to follow the installation directions. 

Plugins with more advanced features:

News & Blog Designer Pack for WordPress will be for you if you want to customize your news layout depending on the shortcode parameters. At the settings page, you can see more of its available parameters to use on your website.

Finally, this Vertical News Scroller is ideal for you if you want to post unlimited news. The installation and the setup instructions are super comfortable. You can set it up in a few minutes.

Each plugin has its purpose. You can use one of those to improve your site’s appearance and entice more readers to increase more traffic.

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