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6 Best WordPress Custom Fields Plugins 2024

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine running a successful business without going beyond its brick-and-mortar location. We’re not saying that it can’t be done. Of course, it’s still possible with many entrepreneurs running their businesses offline, and they’re still thriving.

The point is, many business owners have been gaining ground through modern technology. They expand their borders by creating a business address on the worldwide web. And the best way to do so is by building a highly customized website. That is according to the needs of a particular market and the business owner. One of the solutions for this is utilizing the best WordPress custom fields plugin for your website.

But first, what are the advantages of having a highly customized website? And how do custom fields fulfill those benefits? Lastly, what are the best WordPress plugins for creating custom fields? We’ll answer all these questions in this article.

The Benefits of a Highly Customized Website

Whether you’re running an eCommerce or monetizing your blog as a side hustle or full-time business, we cannot stress enough the reminder to avoid the pitfall of your website becoming a member of the copycat republic. After all, how can you stand out if you’re mimicking everyone else who targets the same market and audience as yours?

Aside from unique content, you also need to present these pieces of information, especially in a package that best represents your personality and the philosophy and principles of your business that all make up the cornerstone for building your brand.

The package we’re talking about is your home in the online world—your website. When it’s highly customized to solve the needs of your target market, it becomes a unique package, not just its content. That’s one of the essential steps in making your brand strong.

This will reel your target market better because your website exudes the personality you want your brand to portray. And this can effectively communicate a clear message. It shows that your brand was specially developed for the market it promises to serve. As a result, your website will offer a user experience that’s very personal to your audience.

What are WordPress Custom Fields Plugins?

Custom fields increase the functionality of your website. Custom fields allow you to include additional metadata to your posts, custom post types, and pages. These can also make your content highly organized in a way you desire it to be. Ultimately, it allows you to develop a highly customized WordPress site as the website owner. That is according to your needs and, most importantly, for your visitors and loyal fanbase.

Custom fields increase a user’s efficiency in managing the website’s content. For example, you can quickly update important site data or easily make post adjustments when needed with the right custom fields.

Good thing, there’s a hassle-free way of creating custom field templates for your website. You can also add them to your posts, custom post types, pages, and virtually anywhere on your WordPress site. It is possible by installing the right custom fields plugin for WordPress. Another way is through fully using its tools, features, and functionalities.

The Best Custom Fields Plugins for WordPress Sites

We’ve rounded up some of the top custom field plugins for WordPress sites that offer the most ideal features to make any website as highly customized as possible. Regular updates are made for these plugins. Thus, users can be confident that developers are actively finding solutions to resolve issues as they come up. In addition, regular updates are made to provide better service for users who have installed the plugin on their websites.

If you’re looking for the best custom fields plugins, below are some examples.

1. Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields settings page

With over a million installations worldwide, Advanced Custom Fields by Elliot Condon is the most popular among the top WordPress custom fields plugins. What can it do for your site that it has gained the trust of more than a million site owners around the globe?

First, the plugin is highly customizable with over 30 built-in field type templates. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the plugin allows website owners to come up with additional fields all over their WordPress site. These include their posts, taxonomy terms, users, media, comments, and custom options pages. They can also edit these whenever needed.

All these can be done with just a few clicks. Even users with zero background on web design can easily utilize the features and functionalities of the plugin. However, it doesn’t limit users to utilize built-in templates alone. Designed for developers, the plugin is true to its name, providing advanced functions. That allows users to quickly build new custom field templates using simple codes.

What premium features will you love in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin? If you can’t find the feature you need in the free version, you can upgrade to the pro version. That comes with more custom field templates, functionalities, features and page building tools. Some favorites include The Repeater Field, The Flexible Content Field, ACF Blocks, Options Pages, etc.

These premium features enable users to conveniently customize the functions, content, and features of every bit of their pages on their WordPress site. For example, The Repeater Field allows you to create a set of sub fields you can repeat without limit. And if you’re experiencing some hassles managing your collection of images on the site, you can utilize The Gallery Field option to add, edit and sort multiple images.

More info / Download

2. Meta Box – WordPress Custom Fields Framework

Meta Box online generator

Defined as a lightweight toolkit with professional and convenient features and functionalities. This lets you customize your WordPress site in the most granular way possible, there’s no doubt how Meta Box has captured the interest of over half a million site owners worldwide. It is the ideal plugin for creating custom fields on WordPress arms users. Moreover, it comes with the tools they need to create unlimited custom meta boxes and fields.

The plugin has over 40 field types for organizing data and details anywhere on your website. Whether you want to customize your posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies settings pages, and more, you can utilize the built-in field types such as text, images, file upload and checkboxes. With Meta Box, entering specific details and organizing data on your site will be a breeze.

While it comes with many handy tools and features for adding and creating custom field types and meta boxes, it only consumes a relatively small amount of data on your site. Thus, don’t worry about your site suffering from turtle-like page loading speeds and other hiccups.

Don’t worry if you consider yourself a non-developer and coding isn’t your thing. Meta Box offers a more visual system for creating custom fields. You can utilize its useful extensions, including the MB Custom Post Type, Meta Box – Beaver Themer Integrator, and Meta Box Builder. Also, since it’s designed mostly for developers, they can just conveniently copy and paste some code to fully customize the websites they’re building.

The plugin has detailed guides that will walk you through the entire process to make it even easier. You can quickly get started by following the instructions, tips, and tricks.

More info / Download

3. Easy Post Type and Fields

Easy post types and fields plugin for WordPress

Easy Post Types and Fields makes it easy to add custom post types to any WordPress website. You can also use it to create custom fields and taxonomies – either for your own custom post types, or any other WordPress post type.

It is a powerful and versatile tool for structuring and organizing content more flexibly and customizable to create a more interactive and engaging website.

This plugin offers a range of field types, including text, image, and file uploads which you can add to any WordPress post types and WooCommerce products. It can also be easily used with Barn2’s Post Table Pro plugin to display data on the front end of your website. It lists them in an interactive table with column sorting, instant AJAX keyword search, and filter dropdowns. 

More info / Download

4. Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields setup page

The Pods’ tagline, “Grow beyond posts and pages”. And this is exactly the principle where this custom fields plugin for WordPress was built around. True to their word, your site can grow beyond posts and pages by using the plugin. You can finally build a highly customized site that best fulfills your goals and vision to benefit your target readers.

In a nutshell, it is a toolbox for managing all your custom content needs. With its useful tools and features, you can create various content types such as custom post types, custom taxonomies and advanced content types. Some tools allow you to extend and customize your content in media form.

Pods allows you to add custom fields to any content type or settings page. That said, you can show these fields anywhere on your WordPress site. You can also create new content types and settings pages that look and function like regular posts and pages in their exclusive sections on the website.

This plugin doesn’t only enable you to customize newly built pages, but existing content types as well. You can add custom fields to existing posts, taxonomies and users. Pods also offers tools that you can use to easily create and manage fields for your media uploads. This feature lets you include additional information to any image or media file for better organization and optimization.

Another useful way you can utilize the custom fields feature is to add necessary fields to the comment section of your site to let the comments function as reviews or serve any other purpose.

More info / Download

5. Custom Field Suite

Custom Field Suite setup page

Another no fuss, easy to learn, and utilize free WordPress custom fields plugin is the Custom Field Suite. It is a lightweight plugin that won’t overload your site. Yet, it comes with 14 basic useful field types. These include text, text area, date, color, true/false, select, file upload, relationship, term, user, WYSIWG, loop (repeatable fields), hyperlink and tab (group of fields).

While the developers admitted that they do not provide support for this free plugin, the Custom Field Suite’s functions are very simple and straightforward. And if the 14 field types already provide what you need to customize your site pages, this plugin is worth the try.

How does this work anyway? First, open and browse the “Field Groups” admin menu. Next, create a Field Group that includes one or more custom fields. Then, you can indicate where the Field Group should appear using the Placement Rules box. Using the simple codes on the get method in your template files, you can enable the display of your custom fields.

The developers may not plan to add more field types to the existing 14, but they regularly update the plugin and resolve the issues. And so, you may also find this simple and intuitive plugin useful for customizing your WordPress site pages.

More info / Download

6. Custom Post Types and Custom Fields Creator – WCK

Custom Post Types and Custom Fields Creator – WCK Post Type Creator

Considered one of the notable and top WordPress plugins for creating custom fields, the WordPress Creation Kit comes with three essential tools that website owners can utilize to create and maintain custom post types, taxonomies, metaboxes and custom fields for your posts, pages or custom post types.

The three essential tools for the WordPress Creation Kit include the Custom Fields Creator, Custom Post Type Creator, and the Taxonomy Creator. These tools are great, but what can you use each?

First, let’s talk about the Custom Fields Creator. This tool provides an UI for adding meta boxes with custom fields for your posts, pages and custom post types. It utilizes standard custom fields to store data.

Next, the Custom Post Type Creator, as the name suggests, allows website owners to create custom post types. And last, the Taxonomy Creator enables users to create and edit custom taxonomies for the website without coding.

The plugin allows you to easily duplicate the custom fields you’ve created whenever needed with the features that support Repeater Fields and Repeater Groups. Thus, you can easily customize every bit of your post or page.

More info / Download

You need to make your website unique to stand out in a sea of millions of websites aiming to serve the same audience as yours. This means it should exude your brand voice and personality in the best possible way and provide the best user experience to your site visitors. You can build a highly customized website for your target market’s needs. The right custom fields plugin is one of the tools that will help you achieve that. Install it and take advantage of its features now.

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