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14 Best Responsive Paid WordPress Gallery Plugins 2017

14 Best Responsive Paid WordPress Gallery Plugins 2017

To bring your photo content to an entirely new level, paid WordPress gallery plugins are the right way to go. So far, you were using a free gallery plugin for WordPress but you feel it is time to upgrade. In most of the cases, if you are satisfied with the free tool you were using so far, you can simply upgrade to the premium version. For others, we hunt through the web to find a collection of the best options for you.

There are many gallery plugins available, however, you do not have to go through all of them. Find some of the most popular below and enhance your website with a sensational photo gallery. And, of course, save plenty of time you would otherwise spend on finding the ideal plugin for your site. Notice: along with all the photo gallery creators, you will also find a video gallery plugin. But many support all media anyway. Sort all your compelling clips and short movies in a precise order.

All these paid WordPress gallery plugins come perfect for wedding websites, personal portfolio pages and food blogs to name a few.

WordPress allows you to get as creative as you want with your content and publish just about any type of it. But there is a catch. WP, by default, does not come with as many features as you would like. Moreover, what is available normally lacks functionality. That said, you need to install a plugin for the specific task you would like to realize. And when it comes to galleries, the WordPress default gallery might not be enough for you anymore. You will greatly benefit by installing any of the paid WordPress gallery plugins we prepared for you.

Essential Grid

essential grid wordpress gallery plugin
Are you someone versatile, who is using different formats of content on their website? If you need to step up your representational game, Essential Grid plugin is a multi-purpose grid building tool for your WordPress website. All types of grids created with the plugin are fully responsive and retina ready. Whatever device users are using for browsing your website, they will always enjoy flipping through your content. To really see what is possible with Essential Grid, there are over thirty skins available for you to check.

Along with creating outstanding image galleries, you can also use Essential Grid plugin for portfolios, price tables, WooCommerce shops and videos. In short, all is possible with this flexible and extensible product. With the visual skin builder, you can improve the existing ones or create new skins from scratch. Later on, you can import or export your creations (grids and skins) to use them with different themes and even a new WordPress installation.

There are literally no limits with Essential Grid. Make your products appear in a nice slider or your service prices in a lovely table. But that is just the tiniest percent of what you can do with Essential Grid.

More info / Download Demo

Justified Image Grid

justified image grid wp gallery plugin
Showcase all your amazing image material with a dedicated grid plugin that goes by the name Justified Image Grid. From portraits, wedding photography, architecture, portfolios, travel and all the rest, Justified Image Grid helps you build a gallery for every project with ease. Your masterpieces will get a totally new meaning when displaying them professionally. Every gallery put together with Justified Image Grid is very enjoyable to browse through. It is a flow your visitors do not want to end once they find themselves hooked by your fantastic visual creations.

Justified Image Grid builds a horizontal image grid which feels natural, and familiar, to the eye. Your photographers keep the original ratio and appear in grid exactly how you wanted in the first place. To add a distinct look to it, Justified Image Grid allows you to incorporate different effects and make it even more eye-catching. Use softening, desaturation, black and white and different lightbox options. For your responsive galleries, you can also use content from Facebook and Flickr. No need to upload twice. If you already used the same content on, let’s say Facebook, link it to your website with Justified Image Grid. Let it be from 3rd parties or new media library uploads, use Justified Image Grid for putting together expert galleries without any prior knowledge.

More info / Download Demo

Media Grid

media grid responsive wp gallery plugin
Do you need one solution for all your media, photo, image and video? Media Grid, hence the name, is the paid WordPress gallery plugin which will take care of all your needs. You will start hammering out incredible galleries based on the masonry style. After the one-click installation, you can move straight to picking one from ten presets to speed up your workflow. Or you can entirely customize the look and personalize it. Media Grid’s advanced features will allow you to do that without breaking a single drop of sweat.

For building your desired grid, the visual builder makes the process fun and entertaining. You only need to add content, specify size and sort them in the exact order you would like them to appear on your page. Exactly how you structure it in the visual grid builder, it will become visible on your blog or website. Use dynamic grid mode to create as big grids as you would like and sort items by randomization and/or pagination. Media Grid also allows you to use your existing posts which will be managed as grids.

More info / Download Demo

Video Gallery

video gallery wordpress plugin
While in most of the cases, when someone speaks about a gallery, he or she means a photo gallery. But gallery can also be a video one. If that’s what you are looking for, Video Gallery plugin is the tool for you. It comes with ten skins (more to come?) and a skin generator for you to build your own versions easily. Compatibility with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and self-hosted (mp4) content is smooth as butter. “Can I use an entire YouTube playlist or Vimeo channel with Video Gallery?” Of course. Having multiple galleries in one is not a problem at all. You can even mix things up, using YouTube, Vimeo and your videos within one gallery. Sounds interesting, right?

Every gallery you form with Video Gallery is responsive, retina and touch ready. The plugin also generates HTML5 videos for visitors using Apple devices. To track how your videos are doing, integrated analytics provide all the necessary statistics. Learn which is the best performing one and which does not get any views at all.

If you are starting from scratch and don’t have a website built yet, look into our best WordPress video themes for embedded and self-hosted videos.

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Go Portfolio

go portfolio wordpress responsive portfolio
When you complete a few projects either for your clients or for personal skill-building needs, you should not miss displaying them on your website. With Go Portfolio, you can add a portfolio in an existing post or forge a custom post for your creative work. One, three or fifteen portfolios, assemble as many as you would like. No matter the amount you introduce to your website, you are able to manage them all with one tool. But Go Portfolio goes beyond that.

Upon installation of Go Portfolio paid WordPress gallery plugin, you will witness an extensive amount of features that the admin panel comes with. Go Portfolio fluently blends into your existing website, custom and classic blog posts. You can use different thumbnail and lightbox types, make it images, videos or audios. In general, Go Portfolio is a responsive grid system with modifiable horizontal and vertical spaces. The limits are close to zero with Go Portfolio plugin. Use it for creating whichever type of portfolio you would like and make your website reach an entirely new level of expertness.

Do you need to build a portfolio to impress visitors and potential clients with your incredible work? You might find the ideal solution in our collection of the top-notch portfolio website templates.

More info / Download Demo

Final Tiles

final tiles wordpress gallery plugin
Final Tiles is a paid WordPress gallery plugin with two layouts, masonry and, hence the name, final tiles. The former’s images are of the same size while the latter supports mixed photo sizes. Meaning, you can use it to mix landscape photographies with portraits and any other sizes. Along with pictures, Final Tiles also accepts video embeds which you can blend with images. Meaning, creating a unique experience for guests will not be a problem for you. There are also seven lightboxes included and social sharing buttons for visitors to share each photo separately. No need for them to share the whole album.

There is no need to feel limited to specific grid measurements with Final Tiles. With the customizable grid, you can set squares, rows and columns to meet your needs to a T. Moreover, customizable ratio and filters, search engine friendly and 100% responsive are just some of the key characteristics of Final Tiles plugin. For constructing recognizable photo galleries and portfolios which everyone will love coming back to, you are looking at the right WordPress gallery plugin. Become an inspiration by displaying your visual content (or someone else’s) beautifully and professionally.

More info / Download Demo


photomosaic wordpress gallery plugin
By using PhotoMosaic plugin for creating galleries, you will experience an extra section that gets added to WordPress’ native gallery system. Select it and use it to skip using the boring old WordPress default gallery and go straight to building a stunning masonry photo gallery. Freshen up your blog with something new and amaze and surprise your readers. From now on, you have an extra option to showcase your outstanding media in the best possible way. And you surely will take it to your advantage, won’t you?

PhotoMosaic can use new photos from the media library and images already attached to your blog posts or pages. To edit your galleries crafted with PhotoMosaic, the plugin options page is where all the magic happens. You can customize columns and width, link images to different URLs and make them open in a divine lightbox. PhotoMosaic galleries support lazy load, are fully responsive and follow all the latest search engine optimization practices. The plugin also comes with code areas for custom CSS and supports CSS3 animations. There sure is beauty in simplicity and PhotoMosaic WordPress gallery plugin is well aware of that.

More info / Download Demo

Social Gallery

social gallery wordpress plugin
To make browsing your images a real social experience, you should examine Social Gallery. It is a plugin with a lightbox that you will find similar to the Facebook’s look. Bring about a familiar design and people will have a feeling like they have visited your website several times already. This may make them stay for longer and revisit you in the future to see what you and your website are up to. Making a layout familiar with what the bigger sites are using can be a great strategy to turn a unique guest into a loyal reader.

Social Gallery premium WordPress gallery plugin is compatible with Essential Grid, NextGen Gallery and Justified Image Grid plugins. Working with your current gallery and stepping it up a few notches saves time and effort with Social Gallery. Add cool animations and transitions and create an unforgettable experience. Bear in mind, although Social Gallery comes with a Facebook-like style out of the box, you can freely customize it however you want. Individualize it or use your company branding and make it something special. With Social Gallery, you will not have a problem getting people to engage, like, share and comment on your images. Next time you visit your website, there is going to be a lot going on.

More info / Download Demo

Global Gallery

global gallery wordpress plugin
Global Gallery is a WordPress plugin which will help you display your images with mobile-ready galleries. Globally or just for the desired page or blog posts on your website. Combine the newly designed galleries with your website naturally and let users enjoy study the pics from any device. Included are three gallery layouts, ten lightboxes, a slider and a carousel. With the three different layouts, it will feel like you actually have three different tools for galleries installed. But there is only one which is powerful enough to rock different looks.

You do not have to use only your freshly uploaded images to the media gallery. Global Gallery supports a range of image sources, like Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest amongst many others. If you feel like protecting your images, Global Gallery comes with the watermarking feature. You will definitely become a fan of the plugin once you start using all of its assets. Not only that, it comes with an awesome support and automatic updates direct from WordPress. Be it for your own website or for your client’s, creating the much needed image galleries will be quick and efficient with Global Gallery.

More info / Download Demo

Unite Gallery

unite gallery wordpress plugin
Video and photo WordPress galleries are all sorted with the Unite Gallery plugin. You get ten gallery types and a special video gallery theme for designing responsive and mobile friendly galleries. Indeed, it is possible to use both photos and videos in a single gallery to make it more dynamic. As far as the videos go, Unite Gallery plays YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and HTML5 types of videos. In total, you can benefit from over 120 options which you can use to tailor each gallery you make exactly how you fancy. For video galleries, choose between three skins but you can also do custom. No need to be restricted to only the one available. Use your creativity and turn it into something truly inspiring.

More info / Download Demo

Viba Portfolio

viba portfolio wordpress gallery plugin
Images, videos and audios, you can create galleries for all three with a simple to use and highly efficient plugin, Viba Portfolio. With the amount of material you get with this paid WordPress gallery plugin goes beyond expectation. In other words, you might not need to do any adjustments at all. Pick the preferred skin and use it as is. Speaking of skins, there are sixty at your service to quickly put together the gallery you are after. This also makes it newbie friendly, for everyone to be able to use it. No if, not buts, no maybes.

Along with the whopping amount of skins, Viba Portfolio also treats you with three pagination, three filter and three ajax types. Mix it how you like it and start creating galleries which everyone will love. Four gallery types, grid and carousel layout, plus, advanced styling options all come with Viba Portfolio. For videos, you can use YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted. Moreover, for audios, include SoundCloud or go with the self-hosted ones. Changing sizes of images is simple and so will be adding links to content. Have complete control over your image, audio and video galleries with Viba Portfolio plugin.

More info / Download Demo

Smart Grid Gallery

smart grid gallery wordpress plugin
Use the native WordPress gallery shortcode and turn it into a Smart Grid Gallery effortlessly. There is no need to spend too much time and effort putting together a responsive and touch friendly gallery. With Smart Grid Gallery, everything is possible. Creating image and video galleries will be a breeze. No need to be hiring someone to do it for you. It is you and only you who can handle it all from the WordPress admin. And you do not even need to be an experienced developer or designer. Smart Grid Gallery is as user friendly as it can get.

Infinite scroll, load more, twelve hover effects, three lightboxes and shortcode generator are all included in one fantastic tool. Designing galleries using your photographies from media library or YouTube or Vimeo videos will be a fun experience. Each and every single time. Of course, the gallery you craft is mobile and touch ready, too. No matter the device the user is on, the user experience will always be of the highest standards. Build lively photo and video grid galleries with which you will attract even more visitors.

More info / Download Demo

Awesome Gallery

awesome gallery wordpress plugin
If there is awesome in the name of a tool, then it must really be cool, right? Awesome Gallery premium WordPress gallery building plugin is exactly what it says. Awesome. Pick horizontal or vertical flow or go with the classic grid layout, whatever you prefer most. Or use a different option for each new gallery you put together. Awesome Gallery can capture images from a range of different resources. You can use your own or pull the desired content from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and 500px albums. The plugin also works with WooCommerce and RSS feeds. The possibilities are endless.

With available ten style presets, you can start building your first gallery right off the bat. However, choose your favorite color and benefit from tons of other options to further customize the look. Plus, Awesome Gallery supports custom CSS. You can even use several different galleries on one page and they will still work like a dream.

While each of your galleries that will appear on your website will look of expert level, you do not have to be a pro. Still, by following the step-by-step instructions, everyone can become a “pro.” Tip: if you are using caching plugins, it is advisable to disable them when building galleries.

More info / Download Demo

Gallery Factory

gallery factory wordpress gallery plugin
Gallery Factory plugin is exceptionally good at handling the largest image galleries which include hundreds if not thousands of photographies. If you are a webmaster who has huge volumes of media that needs to be sorted out with a gallery, this is one of the best possible paid WordPress gallery plugins you can go with. Best for beginners and advanced users. Constructing and managing immense collections of images using WordPress in combination with GF has never been easier. Do not get intimidated if a client says you need to build them a gallery out of 1,300 pictures. Forging a modern gallery will be duck soup for anyone using Gallery Factory plugin.

An entirely new world forms inside of the WordPress admin dashboard when installing and activating GF plugin. It separates pictures from your default media library what makes it easier to group them into albums and folders. No matter how large your image collection is, you will have it organized at all times.

With the ultimate layout editor, you can craft remarkable galleries, easy to browse through. Set the size and placement of thumbnails individually and let masonry layout keep the original image ratio intact. Besides, available are also three lightboxes but you can integrate other premium ones, too. There is no number of images too big enough for Gallery Factory plugin.

More info / Download Demo


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    You can also try one more amazing plugin called Portfolio Designer. This is a great way to add beautifull image gallery to your WordPress website. This plugin comes with Grid Layout, Masonary Layout, Slider Layout and Justify Layout etc. to build a portfolio.It can help you to create new custom post types or use your existing blog posts or custom post type posts.

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