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3 Best WooCommerce File Upload Plugins 2022

Uploading files on your WooCommerce page could be challenging if you don’t have the right WooCommerce file upload plugins on your checkout or product page. It doesn’t end there. You can also use this if you have customers who want to receive a custom item for your shop.

The truth is you can find several similar plugins in the online market. Some developer teams even give it for free. However, not everything you see online is trustworthy. That is why we collected several items from credible websites.

Moreover, if you have this type of plugin, you have full control over whether to accept files. It also increases the satisfaction of your customer. In other circumstances, if you don’t have the right file upload for your website, it causes unwanted viruses and other online frauds. To avoid this, you need to look for the right one that will perform its task but will not compromise your site’s security.

So, here are 3 best WooCommerce file upload plugins you can choose from.

Best WooCommerce Plugins For File Upload During Checkout

1. WooCommerce Upload Files

Responsive WooCommerce File Upload Plugins

This is the perfect one if you search for a premium WooCommerce File Upload plugin with complete features. You can also upload any file size and type on your WooCommerce website. The sections you can include those file uploads are the order detail, thank you, checkout, and cart section page.

That only means that you can use it anywhere to help your clients reach their contentment when purchasing a product from your shop. Its premium features are truly unique, and it will bring more advantages on your part.

You surely need a lot of space to save and upload your files. This plugin truly understands that fact, integrating with Dropbox support. You can save your files on your Dropbox account through this function, especially if your computer files are full.

Almost everyone who uploaded this plugin loves the feature wherein it allows the unlimited upload of files regardless of size. If you manage a large WooCommerce website, it will help you.

Moreover, it comes with email notifications and attachments. This featured your work when a client uploaded a file on a certain page. It will notify your email instantly.

Main Features:

  • Dropbox and Amazon S3 support
  • Upload unlimited files with no size restriction (you can set limits if you want)
  • Automated price calculator based on number of files uploaded
  • Work on WooCommerce product page, cart, and checkout.
  • Per product configuration
  • Document, audio, and video previews after upload
  • Drag and drop upload

Price: $28

More info / Download

2. WooCommerce Drop Uploader – Drag&Drop File Uploader Addon

Minimalist WooCommerce File Upload Plugins

Instead of manually uploading files, you can upload multiple files. Another way to do it is through a drag-and-drop function of this plugin. You can use it to set field requirements. It also has a file type and files size validation. You can do several actions to make a powerful file upload add-on.

You may move WooCommerce Drop Uploader on your product and order page on your WooCommerce store. It allows your visitors, clients, or customers to upload files to give specific details on their prospective purchases. This could be helpful if you run a WooCommerce shop specializing in customized items.

With its unlimited file size, you can add multiple files without worrying about space. If you run out of space, you can always go with Dropbox. Through this platform, you can receive uploaded files directly on your folder.

This file upload plugin can upload a big file because of the chunked upload method. Regardless of the server settings you use, you can always upload big-sized files in a short period.

On the settings page, you can manage everything, including the ‘Set Drop Uploader’ as a requirement. It will prevent your website from spam and harmful files.

Main Plugin Features

  • Dropbox integration for file storage
  • Works in the cart, product page, and checkout
  • Drag and drop upload
  • Ability to translate the plugin into any language
  • Choose different file formats to support and restrict others for security reasons

Price: $21

More info / Download

3. Easy Upload Files During Checkout

User-friendly WooCommerce File Upload Plugins

The title itself tells that this plugin is for the WooCommerce website. Using this, you can upload files upon checkout in the most convenient way. You can enjoy its free but pro-like features. However, you might still

need to opt for the premium feature to enjoy its benefits and functionalities. Nonetheless, the free version would still work if you only need the basic ones.

At the cart and checkout page, you can include the upload button. This is not exclusively for the WooCommerce website. It will give more freedom not only to you but also to your customers and potential clients. It is also compatible with your WordPress page. So, if you need to use it, feel free to do so.

Of course, having this type of plugin will not compromise security. You can secure the link or the files by only allowing upload by registered individuals.

Main Plugin Features

  • The plugin is completely free
  • Set allowed and required image dimensions
  • Ability to specify file type
  • Ability to set upload field as required
  • Elementor support

Price: Free

More info / Download

Using these WooCommerce File Upload Plugins can increase the curiosity of your clients. It will also add to their satisfaction. Reviewing each plugin, we learned that they are safe and convenient to use. So, don’t feel bothered. See how your website boosts its traffic and even the revenues.

Which WooCommerce File Upload Plugin Is The Best For You?

The best plugin is WooCommerce Upload Files by vanquish. It is the most popular plugin used by over 6,000 websites. It allows a checkout within the product page, cart, or even checkout and you can fully customize it to your brand and liking. It offers unmatched flexibility for a very reasonable price.

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