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WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugins
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5 Best WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugins 2023

When you start your WooCommerce website, you need to see what strategy works best for your clients. For example, some people prefer to bid or name their prices on your online products. It will also help you invite more customers and let them share it with others. Another use of the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin is when you accept donations or raise a fund. Of course, you have complete control of each item’s minimum and maximum price. Starting with different pricing can also help you see the best price for your product. 

Best WooCommerce Plugins For Open Pricing

Now, we have found these plugins for your convenience.

1. WooCommerce Product Options

Name your price plugin for WooCommerce

Barn2’s WooCommerce Product Options plugin comes with a ‘Customer Defined Price’ field which allows you to use it as a ‘Name Your Price’ plugin. It allows customers to enter a custom price for a product when purchasing a WooCommerce store. This field can be added to any product in the store, and can be set to be required or optional for customers to fill out.

This can be useful for stores that want to give customers more flexibility in how much they pay for a product, or for stores that offer a wide range of prices based on the customer’s needs or preferences. For example, a store that sells custom artwork might allow customers to name their price for a piece, or a store that sells consulting services might use the Name Your Price field to allow customers to choose the amount they want to pay for a consultation.

Using WooCommerce Product Options is much more flexible than single-purpose Name Your Price plugins because it comes with many other product options. For example, you can add checkboxes, text fields, file upload fields, clickable image buttons, and more. This means that you get incredible value for money. These features can help store owners create a more personalized and engaging customer shopping experience.

Price: $79

More info / Download

2. Name Your Price

SImple WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugins

It could be ideal if you search for a simple and affordable plugin that will work best for your website. You can use this for a new selling approach or accepting donations and funds. You can do with this plugin to suggest a minimum price or let the client name their prices. When you come up with a mutual agreement, you have new sales.

It’s still up to you to accept the price, especially if it’s too low according to the suggested amount. You can also collect the data your customers are willing to pay. It allows you to see the current market and adjust your pricing according to the standard prices.

Moreover, you can sell product bundles and let them name their prices. It’s on you whether to sell the items on the bundle or offer item prices based on the number of pieces per package. You can also provide a discount for your loyal customers by using this plugin. 

Another feature of this plugin is selling the subscription payment date option. It enables your client to negotiate with when to pay for their purchases. You can set a billing period and add a percentage for each late payment.

Active Installations: 10,000+

Price: $49.00 Billed annually. No free version.

More info / Download

3. WooCommerce Pay Your Price

Functional WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugins

Here’s another extension plugin that keeps visitors and clients searching for more items on your website. According to some interviews, having this plugin allows them to get more sales than the fixed-pricing option. Another benefit of having this plugin is using it for donation purposes. If you are raising funds, people can suggest their prices.

This plugin works so smoothly. You can set the minimum and maximum price for each item to avoid bargaining on your product. In contrast, it doesn’t also keep visitors away from overpricing. They can see the “Pay Your Price” product. In that way, they can suggest their price right away.

This plugin allows you to test how the market works for a particular item. You can look at each item’s recommended rate as you set your minimum and maximum price. Then, you can easily input the price ranges. The good thing is it works in Variable and Simple products. You can also use it with a Simple Subscription.

One of its great features is WPML compatibility. It lets other people from different countries view your products and understand each passage. Moreover, this plugin feature automatically converts the default currency to the client’s currency.

Active Installations: 1,500+

Price: $29 one-time payment

More info / Download

4. WooCommerce Name Your Price (Open Product Pricing)

Responsive WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugins

This plugin can easily understand the current market based on customers’ suggested prices. Thankfully, this WooCommerce Name Your Price has full features and functionalities to save your business from loss of revenue. 

You can use it for alternative pricing techniques for simple products or chosen items. Another advantage of using this one is letting people see that it is open for bargaining. That could also be helpful if you have items in your store that is already ready for dispatch. Instead of throwing them away, some people might want to purchase them from you.

Of course, it is in your hands if you want to enable or disable this feature. You can also offer custom prices to your clients and see if you agree on the amount. As soon as more people suggest their prices, you can see the complete data and see which will stand out. Then, you can sell your item instantly.

Moreover, you can customize error messages and add them to cart button. It will allow you to put the text to entice more people to click and pay for their purchases.

Active Installations: 100+

Price: $21 (one time payment)

More info / Download

5. Product Open Pricing (Name Your Price) for WooCommerce

Minimalist WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugins

If you want a different strategy to keep your clients returning for more, do not forget this plugin on your WooCommerce website. You can set the price using this one into Standard, Minimum, and Maximum. You can edit it on the admin page and see how it will positively affect your profit. 

This plugin allows you to customize your frontend template and set your input style and pattern. Also, it is an excellent strategy to show the original price. It will let them see how much they saved on the Name Your Price feature.

Whether you enable or disable the price on your shop and category pages. When you collect the data, you will see which will work best. You can also enable or disable the step ticker and quantity selector. You will have plenty of options to keep you motivated to improve your shop sections.

You can comfortably edit it out on the plugin’s Settings page regarding user messages. If you want to see more of its features, you might want to go for the pro version of this one. With that version, you can create open pricing for unlimited and multiple items simultaneously.

Active Installations: 8,000+

Price: Free version is available. Pro version is $39.99 and comes with max/min pricing and default pricing options.

More info / Download

These WooCommerce Name Your Price will make your WooCommerce grow into something big. It also invites more customers to your website and boosts your revenues instantly. As you collect the data from your visitors and clients, you will see the standard prices on each item. Hence, you can create new ways of strategies and pricing to make people come back for more. Keep selling, and you can reach your goal soon!

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