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5 WooCommerce Composite Products for Upselling

If you are thinking one of the plugins you need to add on your online business website, a WooCommerce Composite Product should be one of them. Finally, you can customize products out of the products you already have in your shop. So, if you have multiple inventory-managed products, using this one is the most ideal for selling your items.

Moreover, this type of plugin allows your customers to click on multiple related products. So, for example, you are selling a DSLR camera. You can include Camera Body, Lens, or Memory Card on the product’s section. It is an excellent strategy to maximize your income online. Furthermore, you can sell them in a bundle and create a promotion.

Through this process, you entice more people to buy your product and buy other items related to the first one they purchased. Not just that, it is also more convenient for others to go to one shop rather than scrolling through different stores. So, putting a composite product plugin on your website would be a good move for you and your business.

Best WooCommerce Composite Products To Maximize Cart Value 2020

So, here – we’re going to show you the five different WooCommerce Composite Products that you can download or purchase.

Composite Products

Simple WooCommerce Composite Products

If you are searching for the advanced composite product plugin for your website, this could be the ideal one for you. It brings robust experience to you and to your clients. Also, it comes with different usage. You can trust its customizable flows and layouts where you can create your own product kit for your items. Moreover, it is possible to make product groupings to create bundles of related products.

More than that, you can group similar products on one page. It would be easier for your customers to scroll through your stores, finding a similar product to one category.

What people love about this plugin is that it comes with multiple product options and several components. That’s why it would be hassle-free for you to make your product packages in just a few clicks. There’s more than that. This plugin provides Force Sells, Chained Products, and Grouped Products.

Since this plugin receives a lot more ways to improve, they adapted new changes. The developers decided to add more collection of snippets and mini-extensions. These could help the Composite Product Manager works faster and more reliable. With its easy-to-use action and filter, you can customize your product’s page any way you want.

More info / Download

WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce

Minimalist WooCommerce Composite Products

Here’s another plugin you are looking for with a lot of features and functionalities perfect for your WooCommerce website. With this Composite Product, you can increase your revenues and skyrocket your sales. Furthermore, it would make better visibility on your customers and potential client’s end. With its available features, you can cross-sell related to your products.

We’ll tell you more about its features. It has drag-and-drop buttons to keep your order components in the right places. Also, it comes with a responsive AJAX search by letting your users type the keywords. One of its functionalities that you can use is the setting of discount prices based on percentage.

Of course, one of its essential features is that you can set the product component to make related products in a group. But you have the option to enable or disable that function. In terms of the null selection option, you can customize the text based on your preference.

Once the customer clicks on the product bundles, the plugin auto-calculate the items and sends to them the possible prices. And since it comes with WPML integration, it would be easier to build your multi-lingual shop across the world. As a result, you’ll gain a better profit.

More info / Download

Product Bundles

Responsive WooCommerce Composite Products

If you are planning to sell several products at once, using this type of WooCommerce Composite Product is one way to reach your goal. It allows you to create bundles of products and bulk discount packages. With this type of marketing strategy, people love to hear or see the words “discount” or “promo.” That’s why it would be a great move to integrate this plugin on your WooCommerce shop.

It comes with broad ranges of items made possible through shipping, pricing, and product grouping features. One of its main functionalities is the product packages. This is what we’ve talked about promos or discounts. When you create bundles of products, you will sell more. Which means, you can restock faster than before.

You have full control over the minimum numbers of boxes or packages they can put in their cart. They can also choose from the multiple layout options to present it more exquisitely to your customs. What’s more, you can also present assembled products. If you are selling materials with different parts, you can sell them separately. You can manage everything, starting from the add-to-cart to email templates. Perhaps, everything your customers need is here.

More info / Download

WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

Easy-To-Use WooCommerce Composite Products

When you have this Frequently Bought Together for your WooCommerce website, it would be easier for your customers to know what would be the perfect product for their initial purchases. Therefore, it increases your sales and improves your profit. That’s one of the reasons why you need to include this on your WordPress site.

It comes with the Ajax advanced search allowing your visitors, customers, and potential clients to look for the exact title and phrases for the items they want to buy. You can also customize the position of each product list. That means you can organize and put the product in its correct category. They can put multiple products on their cart. Don’t worry, you still have the control of the minimum and maximum items they can put on their cart or checkout page.

If customers want to buy more than one item, this plugin allows them to customize the quantity of the products of their choice. Moreover, you can sell from different countries with their WPML compatibility. Also, the fact that this WPC is free, it’s totally a bang for a buck.

With its basic features, you can have the essential buttons and sections to your WooCommerce or product page. Nonetheless, you can go for the premium version if you are looking for more functionalities.

More info / Download

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

Functional WooCommerce Composite Products

This product bundle is the right way to handle your products. This is also perfect if you are planning to sell more items that work best with others. You will not only sell more, but you can also receive better profits and revenues. As you put more product bundles, you can put a discount or sales. In that way, more visitors, customers, and clients can move to have more purchases from your site.

You can freely rearrange the products by using its drag-and-drop functionality. Also, it automatically calculates the exact amount for item bundles and individual products. As for the admin, you can control the design or template of your store’s page.

It also comes with the WPML integration making your page available in different languages, attracting more customers from different parts of the world.

More info / Download

Now that we’ve presented these five WooCommerce Composite Products, you can choose the one the suits your WooCommerce page best. Make more ways to increase your profit. Just wait and see.

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