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15 Paid WordPress Affiliate Plugins For Business Growth 2017

15 Paid WordPress Affiliate Plugins For Business Growth 2017

Instead of looking around the web all on your own, find the most refined paid WordPress affiliate plugins all in one place. Even if you did some prior browsing before you came here, you might found yourself lost. No biggie, we have you covered. We managed to gather quite a few great solutions for your business growth. Still, it is great to know which would fit your website and business best. After all, you can apply a referral program to almost any project, whether that is selling physical products, digital downloads or offering services. Or you are a marketer who is in to start earning commissions for each sale or leade you generate.

There is just about anyone who wants to push their products and services that can take affiliate marketing to their advantage. There are many ways to get it happen. You can signup with an online marketplace like ClickBank, or you can do it on your own. To be frank, if you would like to earn the most, avoid “another middle-man” and start your own referral program. You will soon find out how easy and efficient it is setting up a paid WordPress affiliate plugin. It all happens within your WordPress admin.

No matter if you are just starting out or an established business, implementing performance marketing into your business would be a wise decision to make. It does not even have to be expensive since there are quite some free WordPress affiliate plugins available. However, when things get serious, you should upgrade with a paid option. New possibilities open for your business to surpass the initial revenue goal sooner rather than later.

Get familiar with paid WordPress affiliate plugins and see which would work best for you. We tried to cover as many of your needs as possible. Saying that, there might just be that ideal tool you were looking for in the collection below.


affiliatewp plugin
To enhance the potential of your business, AffiliateWP is the one plugin which will surely make it happen for you. Even if you are satisfied with where you are at with your project at the moment, why are you plateauing? Since you came to this level, you know deep down that you can achieve way more. As mentioned earlier, the referral program is one incredible way to grow your business day after day. The more affiliates you recruit, the bigger the possibilities. But to kick it off, only one marketer can mean a big change in your revenue.

Installing AffiliateWP is quick, the tracking precise and real-time reporting very helpful. See how well your affiliates perform, the visits, the earnings, the new affiliate registrations and more. There is no set amount of marketers that can sign up for your program and promote your products. The more, the better.

Offer affiliates a wide selection of promotional material and text links which they can have access to at any time. Save them time and work so they can start pushing your site right away. You can approve new affiliates manually or enable the automatic affiliate account creation feature. There are many add-ons available which make AffiliateWP very flexible. They allow the plugin to meet the requirements of a range of business owners and help them to reach new successes.

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WordPress Automatic Plugin

wordpress automatic plugin
When picking paid WordPress affiliates plugins, our aim was to cover both businesses and bloggers aka affiliates. For complete automatization of your blog, WordPress Automatic Plugin, hence the name, blogs for you on autopilot. You set up a few parameters, and the plugin does all the work for you. It can post for you articles, videos, texts, tweets, reddits, you name it, and the plugin will realize it. There is also a module called Single Scraper that comes with the plugin which scrapes just parts of the website. This can be weather forecasts, horoscope and similar. You just add the URL, select the section you would like to have on your page and let WordPress Automatic Plugin run.

You can auto post products from Amazon, ClickBank, Envato and Walmart. What WordPress Automatic Plugin can do for you regarding Amazon is it searches for products relating to your keywords, posts them and even adds your affiliate links to them. Again, it is all on auto-pilot. And if you are using WooCommerce on your WordPress website, WAP can also beautifully blend Amazon products with the eCommerce plugin for you to “sell” them on your page.

There are video tutorials available to show you how to post from different sites to your blog using WordPress Automatic Plugin. Along with that, the plugin comes with free dedicated support for fixing any issues you may come across. Are you ready to get your blog running and publishing new content without doing much work?

More info / Download Demo

Magic Affiliate

magic affiliate plugin
A simple and convenient approach to building a powerful affiliate program in minutes time. Magic Affiliate comes with all the feature a webmaster or a business owner needs to start attracting new affiliates and sign them to the program. It is also compatible with plugins like WooCommerce, Magic Members and WP e-Commerce. Increasing sales has never been easier.

Just like you do it with any other WordPress plugin, you install Magic Affiliate and activate it, and you can start editing it. It is as easy as it sounds. With the user-friendly interface, managing and maintaining your referral program will be pain free. Plus, you will not have to use a single line of code to edit with completing particular tasks. With the technical part sorted, you can start right away without spending extra on hiring a coder.

Magic Affiliate displays real-time statistics with no delays and allows whatever amount of affiliate marketers you would like to enroll. Optional sign up bonuses and recurring commissions are also possible with Magic Affiliate. And last but definitely not least, integration with shopping carts.
Start seeing massive earnings that were previously unimaginable. Boost your business to the levels of “impossible.”

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WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

woocommerce amazon affiliates wordpress plugin
For those who already saw some success with Amazon or those who are just starting out, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates pluign is a great tool for both. It features a whole bunch of modules to give you as wide specter of options for your yet-to-be lucrative WordPress website. Start from scratch building a website using WooCommerce WordPress themes or implement it into your existing page.

Instead of going through all the features, let’s look only at a few and other, we will let you discover on your own.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin comes with the recommendation module for you to quickly find similar products. For instance, are you selling fishing rods? If so, the Amazon recommendation section will display recommendations based on your keyword.

One fantastic feature of WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is the PageSpeed Optimization module. It detects which products decrease your site speed and which do not have any effect on it. There are four scores that each product gets ranked with, A, B, C and D (A being the best and D being the worst). If an Amazon product you import gets a D, it means it contains a lot of information. This could be images, variants, categories, etc. It helps you further optimize the product so your site keeps on loading exceptionally fast. Meanwhile, with A and B product you are pretty much good to go.

More info / Download Demo

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

ultimate affiliate pro wordpress plugin
If it is called ultimate, then it must be the most advanced ever possible? If you need the real explanation of ultimate, you better look deeper into the Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin. You will soon realize why the call it the big U. Or maybe that is something I just came up with. Either way, if you are a product or service owner who would like to spread the business across as many affiliates as possible, this plugin will make it happen for you. With surprising ease.

Let marketers do the promotion for you and pay them a commission for each sale they generate. And you can even set individual rewards for those who are bringing in the most deals to hype them up. It is a marketing strategy which costs very little investment up front. What is also a positive thing about affiliate programs is that you can offer separate commissions to affiliates who refer other affiliates. Or shall I say, multi-level marketing aka MLM. This way, you all win big times.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin sports numerous excellent features for your program to be of the highest standards. Where to even begin. Along with a ton of other goodies, your affiliates can earn extra with the commissions the affiliates they referred to you make. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin is translation ready, allows you to set your own currencies and supports both PayPal and Stripe as payment methods. However, this is just the tiniest amount of features UAPWP comes with.

More info / Download Demo


scrapes web scraper wordpress plugin
Do you need help with publishing new content to your WordPress site? If you would like to have it all automized so you can focus on the page growth, Scrapes can do the work for you. Hence the name, it scrapes the content from the web and publishes it for you. You can auto post from Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Envato, AliExpress and, well, any other source. In just four simple steps, you can setup Scrapes and let it do the wizardry stuff for you. You just sit back, relax and enjoy fresh content published on your website. For some of the big fishes, there are video tutorials available that will assist you with putting things together.

With Scrapes, you can scrape everything. From recipes and latest syllabus to flights, themes, plugins, products as an affiliate and more. Speaking of affiliates, join a referral program and let Scrapes posts the products and services for you along with the affiliate link for you to start earning commissions.

Three main scraping methods are available for Scrapes’ users. Single, Serial and Feed scraping. The former focuses on a single page scraping. The middle is all about automatizing scraping from different pages. As for the Feed option, scrape RSS and Atom feeds directly to your WordPress page. Of course, you can set the time and date as well. Set it and forget it.

More info / Download Demo

Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

amazon estore affiliates plugin
For your information, Amazon eStore Affiliates plugin is way more than just a plugin. You get an affiliate-friendly free theme along with other premium plugins for one payment. In other words, you are looking at a complete affiliate solution for your online project. Let the plugin import the products for you from any Amazon global location. Set the preferred keyword and how many pages to import, and that’s it. Moreover, you can also specify how often you would like to import new products. You have an overview of the importing process, are allowed to delete a product, see if there were any errors and publish or unpublish specific item.

When Amazon eStore Affiliates plugin auto imports products to your online store, you do not have to worry about duplicate content. Google won’t find out and will not penalize your page. Thanks to the Automated Amazon Content Spinner. It spins the text so you are always assured to have only unique content on your eCommerce page. There are two methods you can use to change the text. The first one is entirely automated. Upon the product import, the text will spin using the thesaurus built-in database. And the other method is the tedious, yet more secure, manual process. Choose depending on the short- or longer-term plan you may have for your business.

Have you built your affiliate page yet? If not, our exclusive collection of Amazon affiliate WordPress themes are ideal for you.

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AliExpress Dropship for Woocommerce

aliexpress dropship for woocommerce
Affiliates and those interested in starting a dropshipping business, with a solid plugin, you can import products from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store in a breeze. Avoid doing it manually and save a ton of time which you can rather spend promoting your webshop and bringing in more traffic.

When importing products, you can offer shoppers variants of the items. That could be different colors, sizes and materials so they can find exactly what they are looking for. You can have the product available just like they appear on AliExpress. This does not go only for the products. Include the same shipping options, too. Before you go live, filter the content the plugin imported for you by phrases that you can set manually. Furthermore, all the items you would like to include in your shop, you can modify as you fancy. Change title, images, descriptions, well, anything you want to make it follow your web designs style and niche in general.

Additionally, you can also import reviews from AliExpress to built trust and boost sales. Use AliExpress Dropship for Woocommerce as a dropshipper or use the Affiliate Key and become marketplace’s referral. Choose the path that works best for you and let the plugin do the dull labor for you.

More info / Download Demo

Let’s Review

lets review wordpress review plugin affiliate options
To enhance your review site with a fantastic review box, look into the Let’s Review plugin. It is a responsive solution for reviews of all types that will appear beautifully on any device. Inside the review, you can then add affiliate buttons and monetize your page. You can link out to any site you want and customize the buttons accordingly. The powerful functions of the plugin are easy to use, yet the impact on your website and readers will be outstanding.

Affiliates and review sites go very well together. People tend to search for this kind of stuff before making a purchase. Reading a few reviews first and see what others think of the product makes or brakes a purchase. And then, if you happen to be the last review they read and follow the link you include, you earn yourself a commission.

With a top-notch plugin full of fabulous features, animated and illustrated, you can make the experience a fun one. If reviews are what you excel at, introduce Let’s Review plugin into your WordPress page and witness how well it can perform for you.

Have you built your first review website yet? If not, take a peek at our list of best WordPress review themes.

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Affiliate Pro

affiliate pro affiliate management system
With a small investment and a great affiliate program, you can see your traffic, leads and sales go through the roof. All you need left to do is to find the referrers and let them do all the promotion for you. With Affiliate Pro plugin, you can expand your website with an extra option that will reward you tremendously. You know the gist of it already, affiliate sends a user through the affiliate link and gets a commission for every sale or lead he or she generates. It is a win-win-win situation. The affiliate earns a percentage of the sale, you get a new lead without doing much work and the user wins because your product or service will be of great benefit to them. A very simple process which can have a massive impact on your business.

Some of the commission variations you can set for your affiliates with Affiliate Pro. You can set it on an individual sale/transaction basis or based on the sales volume. Moreover, rewards referrers with a recurring commission or even based on the unique traffic. You can also add another option when affiliates earn themselves a commission for referring another affiliate. The opportunities are endless, act quick and profit from affiliate marketing program.

More info / Download Demo

Content Egg

content egg affiliate comparison deal sites plugin
Are you running a price comparison or any other deal-like site but need to find a solution how to monetize it? Then, indeed, you probably need a solid paid WordPress affiliate plugin called Content Egg. It is an all-in-one solution to make your lives a lot simpler. What you see all the top comparison sites are using, you can now implement into your page, too, with Content Egg. And you do not need to spend huge budgets. Heck, you do not even need to hire a coder. You can do it all on your own with a user-friendly, yet advanced, tool. Start making money online with Content Egg.

Adding products to your site with Content Egg from other affiliate systems is easy, all you need is a keyword. It helps you update prices automatically, as well, so you do not have to worry doing it manually. There are price drop alerts for products available with price history graphs. You can see how the prices vary over time or maybe they never really change.

The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce and comes with product synchronization. There is also an auto blog options that Content Egg features. Adding additional content to your posts can be done on auto pilot, you just need to edit the results. Another big time saver.

More info / Download Demo


wooaffiliates wordpress plugin
Do you want to earn big times by signing up to all the leading affiliate programs, like Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and Envato? Would you like to earn from all at the same time? If you have your WooCommerce website in order, blend in WooAffiliates plugin and you are on the right track to succeed. While launching new projects might sound intimidating, it is not always the case. With WordPress, WooCommerce and our top plugins for affiliates of all levels, it is not quite like so. As a matter of fact, it is too easy.

WooAffiliates’ fantastic Insane Import feature makes it insanely fast, importing new product to your own online marketplace. Chose which would you like to feature on your website, make it best sellers, top rated, etc., and WooAffiliates goes to work. You can also import products by using a list of ASIN codes.

To avoid content duplication, WooAffiliates sports an Automated Content Spinner for on page optimization. The original texts never get posted on your site since the text spinner module spins descriptions upon import. Knowing the plugin uses thesaurus, it also supports languages, like English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

From the advanced search, GEO targeting, reviews, product statistics and coupons, there is a massive amount of features WooAffiliates treats you with. Enjoy the growth of your online store without actually selling anything yourself.

More info / Download Demo

SUMO Affiliates

sumo affiliates woocommerce affiliate system
Creating WooCommerce affiliate system is a piece of cake with SUMO Affiliates. You can import it into any kind of WooCommerce website you are running and start benefitting from it. Spend for the promotion only when an actual sale comes in and nothing in advance. With an affiliate marketing, you can avoid paid advertising and focus only on the referrers with a your-niche-targeted audience. What could be better than that? It is a safe strategy that you will not have a hard time setting up and implementing into your business.

Thanks to powerful WordPress affiliate plugins, like SUMO Affiliates, they do the majority of work for you. Let machines do the job for you, how some of the marketers would say. And you, you solely focus on refining your products and services and the business scale.

SUMO Affiliates comes with a front-end affiliate submission form, a separate dashboard for affiliates and a referral link generator. Sometimes, a marketer wants to send traffic only to a specific product (or section of the website). By using SUMO Affiliates, you can set the validity of the cookie and restrict it based on the purchase history. Multi-level affiliate marketing is also possible and so is the plugin fully translatable. One tool to cover all your needs.

More info / Download Demo

Affiliate Manager

affiliate management system
In the era we are living, companies are applying affiliate programs to their marketing strategies more and more. It is a terrific way to expand your project over its current value. You recruit a few marketers, they send traffic towards your website and slowly and steadily the growth begins.

Affiliate Manager is a plugin which works fantastically in combination with WooCommerce. If you already use the eCommerce plugin on your site, it will be struggle-free adding another great tool to your already superior website. Creating a network of marketers promoting your goods and services is easy as pie.

Two of the key features that make Affiliate Manager a unique alternative are the fact that it is platform independent, plus, it allows you to run affiliate system for different websites. The affiliate’s dashboard displays available products, marketing material, sales and payout reports. Meanwhile, the admin has complete control over the unlimited number of affiliates, can manage currencies and, of course, payouts. Your online shop or subscription based business can experience an insane boost with Affiliate Manager.

More info / Download Demo


optinmonster affiliate email marketing
No questions asked, it is very rewarding having an engaging subscription box ready on your website. Webmasters with affiliate programs and bloggers which use referral marketing to monetize their websites, building a newsletter is almost a must for both. Just imagine how much more promotion you can do when having a big list of subscribers. Not only that, you can interact with everyone who subscribed to your newsletter and get on a more personal level with them. It allows you to built trust and turns them into loyal customers. Especially those who did not even plan to buy anything from you in the first place and left your page early. However, a beautiful popup appears on their screens which they cannot resist but enter their emails to and press the subscribe button.

One of the popup plugins for your WordPress website that will help you start building your newsletter is OptinMonster. If you have not introduced a plugin like this to your website yet, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Many need 2 or 3 additional promotions of the same product or service to finally make the purchase. Some even more! That said, even if they do not buy on their first visit, by sending them compelling newsletters, you can persuade them to purchase from you.

With OptinMonster, you have your overall lead generation process sorted. Build branded subscription boxes with easy drag and drop builder. Or you can use predefined designs and perform small tweaks and have it ready in no time. Moreover, you can also create simple yes/no forms to further increase conversions and sales. But most importantly, you get to track everything and execute split tests to see what works best.

More info / Download


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