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The Best Gallery and Portfolio Plugins for WordPress

If your business depends on showcasing your abilities or your past work, then surely you need a portfolio-based website. Generally speaking, it’s easier to convince potential customers with a display of your past accomplishments. You can let images speak for you, and as we all know, a single image can speak a thousand words. If you’re using WordPress, you’ll find that there are a great number of gallery and portfolio plugins for WordPress that can help you build amazing websites.

While there’s no hard and fast rule, generally, a single page collection of images is referred to as a gallery. A visitor can click on these images, and they will open in a lightbox. Usually, galleries have no pagination. On the other hand, a portfolio is also a collection of images, but it can have many pages. Further, clicking on an image will link to the portfolio item that you’ve created.

WordPress does come with a built-in gallery feature, but it’s short on aesthetics and functionality. Using plugins to build galleries and portfolios with WordPress is a better alternative. The plugins you choose need to be fast, cleanly coded, easy to use, and responsive.

Theme or Plugin

You should also know that it’s not always necessary to use plugins. Sometimes, your theme can help build beautiful portfolios as well. Many themes do come with built-in capability to create galleries and portfolio websites. However, before you reach out for a theme, you should be aware that switching to another theme somewhere down the line can be quite messy.

Here’s why you should choose a plugin over a theme to handle your portfolio:

  • Generally, themes are for handling the design aspects of the website, leaving plugins to handle functionality.
  • Using a theme for a portfolio or even other functions locks you to that theme. When you move to another theme, all the portfolio-related data will still be available in the database but will not be visible in the new theme. That’s not the case with plugins. You can port all content safely to a new theme without loss of data.
  • A portfolio-theme-based website curtails your freedom to change themes in the future.

A portfolio website is super important for photographers, artists, and other creative folks. That’s not to say that a portfolio website is irrelevant to others. Indeed, many websites use portfolios to display varied content. For example, a corporate can showcase its team, an online store can display products and services, and professionals like architects or NGOs can use it to show off completed projects. Essentially, anyone who has anything to showcase can use a portfolio website to display stuff that they want the world to see.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the gallery and portfolio plugins for WordPress. By and large, this list is a collection of free plugins, but a few premium plugins are included as well.

Free Portfolio Plugins for WordPress

A number of quality portfolio specific plugins are available for free download from the WordPress plugin directory. Many of them enjoy a high rating and can help you build galleries and even complete portfolios in a straightforward manner. Some of the popular plugins are.

Modula (Trending)

Modula is a new player to this game but has proven to be the best tool ever built.

More info / Download

NextGEN Gallery

With over a million downloads, NextGEN is a versatile plugin that can handle anything, from simple photos to complex requirements of professional photographers, visual artists, and other professionals. It gives you the ability to totally manage your gallery. It allows you to upload, rearrange or sort photos, and make beautiful albums by grouping galleries. You can also edit thumbnails and import meta data.

NextGen Gallery

With the free plugin, visitors can view the images in two gallery formats—slideshows and thumbnail—as well as in a compact or extended album. The size, color, style, lightbox effects, timing, and transitions can all be varied. You can manage all the settings from the Gallery Tab on your Dashboard.

The plugin works just fine with most WordPress themes. It uses JavaScript displays, so it’s responsive as well. Using native WordPress functions, it’s possible to password-protect the galleries. Besides, you can enable pagination, customize the lightbox, add text or image watermark, and add external links to images. The plugin is available in over a dozen languages. Many additional features are included in the premium plugin.

More info / Download

Envira Gallery Lite

Envira Gallery is a favorite with thousands of photographers and designers. As this plugin allows you to work in a familiar WordPress environment, creating a gallery takes only minutes. The user interface fits nicely into the WordPress admin area and is easy to use. Creating a new gallery is as easy as creating a new post. The plugin is responsive, and so your images will look good on all screen sizes. The authors claim that Envira is the fastest gallery plugin for WordPress, and that’s good news for SEO.

Envira gallery Lite

Once you upload your photos, you can create galleries with them. Then, you can go on to make albums with the galleries. Not only that. With the click of a button, you can add portfolio items anywhere on your WordPress site.

The drag-and-drop builder helps to add and reorder images. The settings can be altered to adjust the number of columns and the height of the rows, enable lazy loading, select the size, theme, and caption for lightbox, and more.

The premium plugin packs in extra features like mobile-specific settings and options to add videos and social sharing buttons. Creating a filterable gallery is also possible with the pro version as you have the choice to add tags. It also allows you to split the gallery over multiple pages and to add a gallery widget.

More info / Download

Foo Gallery

Creating a gallery using Foo Gallery is almost like creating a new post in WordPress. The plugin adds a button in the post editor, which you can click to create a gallery. Within a few minutes, you can have stunning responsive galleries that load pretty fast on your website. Besides that, you get crisp thumbnails as well.

Foo Gallery

The built-in media library helps to manage images. A next-gen importer tool helps to import galleries and images. Besides, you can drag and drop images to arrange them in any order that you want. While you can style both galleries and albums with CSS, you can also choose to go with the built-in gallery templates that are bundled with the plugin. The basic version supports a decent lightbox, but for many other features, including one to add videos, you’ll have to opt for the premium extensions.

More info / Download

GridKit Portfolio Gallery

gridkit portfolio gallery
Creating stunning portfolios for your freelancing businesses is easy as pie with GridKit Portfolio Gallery. This free WordPress plugin takes gallery creation to another level. Do you know what the best part is? You do not need to be tech-savvy to be able to make it happen. In short, anyone can craft portfolios that will be rich with your outstanding works and projects. Also, you should know that GridKit Portfolio Gallery supports both image and video content.

Core features of GridKit Portfolio Gallery are 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible layout, slider, product catalog support and grid layout style. Of course, you can always step it up with the premium version and improve your galleries further. With a sophisticated portfolio, you can boost your potential through the roof. Persuade them with your inevitable services and enviable content and win them over.

More info / Download

Portfolio Gallery

portfolio gallery
Portfolio Gallery is a free WordPress plugin that provides all the necessary material to hammer out outstanding web presentations of your visual content. Without a doubt, Portfolio Gallery makes sure that all final designs are responsive, retina screen friendly and instantly acclimatizing to any web browser. In other words, Portfolio Gallery makes sure that the experience flipping through your portfolio gallery is remarkably outstanding at all times.

Main features and functions of Portfolio Gallery are text overlay, swipe support, zoom, keyboard navigation and quick file upload. Furthermore, you can also link image to any URL you want. For instance, you can link an image to an in-depth presentation of a project where they can learn all about your process. Last but not least, modify the look of the gallery and make it follow your branding regulations to the very last detail.

More info / Download

Visual Portfolio

visual portfolio
As a web designer, photographer, artists or any other creative individual, you can now push your works with Visual Portfolio. This gallery portfolio plugin for WordPress comes with cracking features that will create a magnificent presentation of your work. You can choose between masonry, justified, tiles and carousel layouts out of the box. What’s more, with a simple shortcode, you can now add your must-see portfolio anywhere on your pages or posts.

Other goodies of Visual Portfolio are three predefined hover effects, infinite scroll, load more button, filtering and pop-up gallery to name a few. It also includes different template styles which you can configure further. Last but not least, Visual Portfolio works with both Gutenberg and WPBakery page builders fluently. Kick it off in style with Visual Portfolio and hammer out a portfolio that will take everyone’s breath away.

More info / Download

Portfolio Gallery

portfolio filter gallery
As the name suggests, you can bring into being marvelous, enticing and 100% responsive portfolio galleries with Portfolio Gallery plugin. No real need to go too in-depth with the description since the name says it all anyway. However, to keep the hype going and get yourself on board, continue reading. First thing’s first, using, managing and maintaining Portfolio Gallery is kids’ stuff. Indeed, the author made sure that the Portfolio Gallery interface is super newbie-friendly, yet powerful enough for advanced users. Also, there is a full ten minutes video tutorial available on how to use Portfolio Gallery successfully.

The features of free Portfolio Gallery are filters, lightbox, multiple columns, numbering, titles and masonry layout. You can also set spacing or keep the portfolio gallery without any spacing between images. For everyone who is interested in even more features, you can always upgrade to Portfolio Gallery premium version.

More info / Download

Photo Gallery by 10Web

photo gallery by 10web wordpress plugin
While you can use WordPress’s default feature to create a gallery, the thing is, it might not be entirely to your liking. To your luck, we have an array of plugins here for you that you can use to establish striking galleries. One of the more powerful ones is Photo Gallery by 10Web. After all, with over 300k thousand active installs, you know already that Photo Gallery by 10Web is a serious deal. And you could not be more right!

Even as a free gallery plugin, Photo Gallery by 10Web delivers an array of features and functions that you can take to your total advantage. It comes with superb customization options for you to style the beautiful gallery to match your website precisely. Other perks of Photo Gallery by 10Web are a boost in your overall page experience, improved search engine optimization and a design that will capture everyone’s attention.

More info / Download

Robo Gallery

robo gallery wordpress plugin
Making a gallery pop on your website happens in a little breeze with the use of Robo Gallery. This gallery and portfolio plugin for WordPress comes at no cost, yet it promises an outstanding outcome that sparks everyone’s interest. With little work and energy, Robo Gallery allows you to enrich your website or blog with a top-notch gallery that will turn heads. Needless to say, the design is 100% responsive and mobile-ready, ensuring flawless experience at all times.

Other features of Robo Gallery contain polaroid gallery, colors selector, fade and hover effects, font settings, Gutenberg block and an option to create multiple categories. Still, this does not come even close to all the goodies that Robo Gallery has in store for you. Investigate the plugin further and create a gallery or portfolio that will level up your online presence.

More info / Download

Ape Gallery

ape gallery wordpress plugin
Ape Gallery does not only have a catchy name, but the gallery that you will create with the plugin will definitely catch everyone’s awareness. It is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to create all sorts of galleries and portfolios to add to your pages and blogs. Its simplicity makes sure that you, regardless of your experience, get a chance to create the right design. No coding knowledge is necessary to start making moves with the powerful and convenient Ape Gallery.

The final layout will be entirely flexible so that it appears on smartphones, tablets and desktops strikingly. Some other specialties include hover effects, navigation menu, buttons, zoom and link buttons, image description, social media integration and lazy load, to name a few. With the shortcode, you can insert the gallery on any page or post of your website with ease. Enjoy the goodies and make a difference.

More info / Download

Gallery by BestWebSoft

Gallery by BestWebSoft is a straightforward plugin that lets you add as many galleries and albums as you please to your website, all with a few easy clicks. It’s a good fit for a website that publishes images regularly and for web development agencies.

Gallery by BestWebSoft

It allows you to add categories to galleries, so you can sort the galleries for viewing. You can set the default sorting order for images and galleries, and display a gallery categories widget. Go ahead and customize the border width and color, and upload any image file format. You can also add comments to galleries, descriptions to each album and images from the media library.

The paid version has several features that enhance the lightbox and increases the scope for interaction with viewers. You can add a description to the lightbox, add a button using custom URL, or even Like buttons for social media. It also allows you to switch the layout from Grid to Masonry. The plugin is multilingual and supports RTL.

More info / Download

Photo Video Gallery Master

Photo Video Gallery Master is an excellent plugin for displaying any content in the gallery format, with CSS3 hover animation. Photos, videos, links, and more can find a place in the gallery, and even in a lightbox.

Photo Video Gallery Master

Not only can you build any number of galleries with this plugin, but you can also upload multiple images at a time. The drag-and-drop feature will help to arrange the images in an order that you like. Each gallery can have its own shortcode and settings. Further, using a shortcode, you can publish the gallery on any page or post on your website.

Users can work from a friendly dashboard to build a portfolio. The paid plugin comes with some additional features.

More info / Download

Premium Portfolio Plugins for WordPress

Sometimes, you may need a specific function in your portfolio plugin, or you may need a higher level of support in building a portfolio. In such cases, it may be wise for you to opt for a premium plugin. Many of the plugins in the list above have premium versions that are, feature-wise, superior to the free versions. The three plugins that follow are available only as paid plugins and are truly rich in features. They help you build grids that can hold any piece of content, including portfolios.

Essential Grid

Essential Grid is not a pure portfolio plugin in the sense that it can handle anything that is to be placed in a grid, including portfolios. It’s a complete solution to display different content formats, including iframe content, in highly customizable grids. It includes a visual skin builder, numerous ready-made skins, and the ability to export the skins you design. It’s also possible to change the skin for specific posts. Additionally, you can animate the elements and view the changes even as you make them in the preview.

Essential Grid

The plugin helps you build a portfolio of blog posts, custom posts, WooCommerce products, or ordinary images. Specifically, you can select content by categories and tags. The completed grid can find a place anywhere on your website with a shortcode. If you lack ideas on how to use this plugin to design your portfolio website, the examples on the demo pages can provide some inspiration.

More info / Purchase

Media Grid

Media Grid has a no-fuss approach to portfolio building. It’s designed to provide grids in which to display galleries in an effective manner. The plugin includes a visual builder that allows you to build your own grid using drag and drop.

Media Grid

The lightbox in Media Grid can handle HTML and scripts to keep your portfolio pages light. A real-time search feature helps find content in larger grids. The plugin is responsive and can adapt in size from full-width images to sidebar elements. The plugin supports all media types, including audio and video. It comes with integrated support for WooCommerce and has its own pagination system. Media Grid is also optimized for search engines.

More info / Purchase

WP Media Boxes Portfolio

wp media boxes portfolio
WP Media Boxes Portfolio is a multi-purpose grid plugin for portfolios but it goes beyond that. With the tool, you will have a breeze creating blog post, product, video, team member and image grids. While it comes with multiple default looks and layouts, you can also customize and adjust WP Media Boxes Portfolio’s default settings according to your needs. Or, to keep it as simple as possible, just go with the one that best resonates with your online presence as is and have a portfolio or gallery live in a snap.

Handy filtering system, search feature, sorting, custom ratio and pop-up are just some of the features of the powerful WP Media Boxes Portfolio. You can also utilize deep linking and allow users to share your stuff on social media. Needless to say, WP Media Boxes Portfolio also makes sure that the outcome is responsive, cross-browser compatible and retina-ready.

More info / Purchase

Portfolio Designer

portfolio designer
Portfolio Designer turns you into a real deal when creating the exact online portfolio that you would like to rock on your website. It is important that you present all your work in the best possible light and Portfolio Designer will make it happen. With the endless collection of useful features, you will craft a killer portfolio effortlessly.

Right off the bat, you get to choose between four different layouts; grid, masonry, justify and slider. Portfolio Designer also comes with over fifty hover effects and gives you full control of pretty much every element. And to make any changes, you will never need to code and perform any advance stunts.

With one click, you install the demo and go from there. You can customize the default style entirely or just slightly tweak it. Bear in mind, Portfolio Designer also supports video content from 3rd-party platforms and self-hosted.

More info / Purchase


cicerone gallery portfolio plugin wordpress
Cicerone is an extension of the outstanding (free) Gmedia WordPress plugin with an option to create outstanding grids. In other words, you can build an interest-sparking portfolio with an option to set different categories for the end users to find the right content quickly. There are three different grids at your disposal, even, masonry and justified. No doubt, Cicerone is flexible and extendable, working with any device and browsing platform congruently.

Moreover, you can comfortably change colors, fonts and thumbnail sizes and play around with countless other features that Cicerone has available. You can configure Cicerone exactly how you want your end product to appear on your website. There are also loads more lightbox setting for you to truly take your gallery portfolio to a whole new degree. Look no further an implement Cicerone in combination with Gmedia WordPress plugin today.

More info / Purchase

That rounds off our list of plugins. With so many plugin options available for free, you really should not hesitate to add a gallery or portfolio to your website. We’d love to hear about your choice of plugin and your experience with it in the Comments below.


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