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Top 28 Free and Premium WordPress Slider Plugins 2020

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last two years, you’ll know of the latest design and web development trends for optimal user experience. WordPress continues to position itself as the number one choice for bloggers, writers, journalists, and brand owners who are passionate about having a solid homepage, as much as they are about having a reliable writing platform. The market and the demand for WordPress-related plugins, themes, and snippets have continued to grow with tremendous power over the last couple of years. It seems that there’s little that WordPress cannot do these days. Some developer somewhere is always coming up with the next big idea.

Content sliders, in particular, have started to appear everywhere, literally! It’s hard to visit a website nowadays without seeing a full-page slider header or a content blog that uses sliders to promote their latest content. We won’t say that it has gotten out of control, quite the opposite. Embracing this design trend has helped readers get accustomed to the content that their favorite sites are sharing. This way, the user can just pick the top content right from the header of the page. Sliders have technically been around since the age of jQuery. That’s when they really started to take off. With the evolution of HTML and CSS, the level of possibility for such sliders has increased supremely.

Our selection of free WordPress content sliders can be applied not only to content but also literally to anything that your imagination wants to do or achieve. That’s the beauty of the diversity of these roundups. We strive to cover the most basic parts but gradually include things that cover the needs of professional and legitimate media publishers who may not get away by using a strict and static implementation of a widget such as a slider. So, you’ll find plenty of dynamic examples and choices.

Let’s have a look at the best and most popular WordPress slider plugins you can install today.

Soliloquy Lite


The creator of Soliloquy does an excellent job of fulfilling the requests of plugin users. Since the inception of this slider, numerous large-scale updates have added extra functionalities. Soliloquy has sliders in the form of carousels, featured content, Lightbox, videos, captions, thumbnails, and social media sliders. These give your content the maximum exposure that it deserves. Soliloquy makes the process of adding sliders convenient for everyone. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to upload and sort through images on the fly.

If you plan to create more than a single slider, then you’re covered. Ultimately, you can create unlimited sliders and versions without having to worry about each one interfering with one another. If you are serious about your SEO strategy, then Soliloquy is an absolute must-have. Each image has its own alternate text and title. Your links can have titles. Captions can accept any type of HTML and text. Every image is preloaded, meaning that this slider is insanely fast (which helps SEO, too). Many top WordPress bloggers have dubbed this the fastest slider plugin on the market. So, that adds more leverage to your process of choosing the best slider plugin for WordPress.


Smart Slider 3


Smart Slider has gone through a number of releases and provisions over the last few years, and this version seems to be topping it all off. There are more than 100 styles to choose from, some of which are premium. They have all been categorized in their appropriate categories, so you can select from slides like boxed layouts, full-width, full-size, block layouts, layouts for landing pages, dynamic source sliders to insert dynamic content, totally minimal styles for journalists and writers, or special designs designed to appeal to a range of audiences in fields like startups and e-commerce.

The user interface has a drag-and-drop interface builder, so even the least experienced WP users can have a go at building a phenomenal slider for their WP website. Smart Slider embraces the mobile revolution and has in-built support for mobile and touch-friendly devices. So, no matter who accesses your website and from where, the slides will never lose their design potency.


Slider WD

Slider WD

Web-Dorado has nearly 30 unique plugins published in the free WP Plugin Directory. It has a total number of downloads that exceed 300,000+ active installations. Slider WD is one of its flagship plugins. It is a responsive slider that can do more than just create slides of images. Slider WD can be transformed into a custom widget. You can also use the custom functions to display the slider anywhere within your theme files. For example, use the function to call the slider within your author or category pages.

A great range of custom slider effects is available to use for free. You can upload your files on your slider using three custom options: media library, Web-Dorado custom upload, or through an image from a custom URL as provided by you. You can create filmstrips, import music media, or show your latest posts using this slider.

If you are a serious blogger or run a publishing platform, you may want to grab the pro version of this plugin. It has 25 additional effects, more than 30 layers, custom video and social media support, including social sharing buttons, and different kinds of visual effects like carousels and parallax.


Slider Slideshow


Smuzthemes has a couple of plugins published, but Slider Slideshow is their most popular one. It gives you access to a visual slider builder that will be easy to use for novices in WordPress. Use drag-and-drop to quickly navigate between the unique elements in this plugin. Other features include the ability to preview your finalized slider so you never publish something that looks off. You can overlay your slide images with custom content to enrich the experience further. The premium version covers aspects like Google Fonts and additional support for layers like text, image, video, and HTML. It includes more creative layers and modern integrations for an impressive slider.


Slider Rich Web


Content sliders are some of the most trending elements of a good web design. Whenever a website uses a slider, it helps the reader to quickly navigate through the most important content. So, selecting a slider plugin that is compatible with your theme and design is crucial. Slider Rich Web offers an immense variety of slider types to further enhance the user experience. These include basic navigational slider, content display slider, a fashion-design slider, custom circle images, carousels, and flexible dynamic sliders.

This fully responsive slider will look amazing on any device. Using the plugin interface, you can tailor your slider to meet your exact needs. The CSS3 transitions with jQuery support allow your slider to work seamlessly alongside any device, be it a tablet or a smartphone. It’s all put together so that performance isn’t lost at any point. If you still find yourself struggling with getting the slider up and running, then referencing back to the official documentation is going to give you a proper rundown of how to put this slider plugin to the test.


Image Slider by GhozyLab


GhozyLab has put in the work to publish a beautiful collection of image-related WordPress plugins. Image Slider is one of them. This is one of the best slider plugins that you can download for free. It integrates with your posts, pages, widget areas, and your sidebar instantly. The vast selection of features puts you in total control of the appearance of the slider up to the last possible bit of design. Choose from different navigation styles to enable the slider for different screen sizes. Select custom positions of the thumbnails to best integrate with your existing WP theme. Also, specify the overall dimensions of the slider to fit perfectly into your content or header areas.

Those who run a mobile website can opt to enable the responsive design. You can also turn it off if only a small percentage of your visitors use mobile. Choose from tons of easing transition effects so each of your sliders will look and feel unique.

The professional version adds more than 600+ unique effects for titles and slideshows. It also supports social media sharing, so you can have readers share your amazing content to their social networks without having to click on the posts individually.


Video Slider

Slider Video

Not all sliders are for strict text content only. Nowadays, you can customize sliders to include rich media. You can also have dynamic content directly from what exists on your blog already. The Slider Video plugin enables you to use custom YouTube videos and to display them using a slider widget. You can create a range of design varieties that allow users to browse through your mentioned videos. So, if you use a standard gallery-style sidebar, you could add an unlimited number of videos, and users could scroll through them while also watching a video. This way, you could help sustain a much bigger time spent on site rate as users watch and interact with your interesting videos.

If autoplay isn’t your thing, why not use the carousel/popup feature to show thumbnails of the videos? Upon clicking, users can read the description of the video in a modal box while having the ability to view the video directly.


Slider by Supsystic


The Supsystic team is a solid WordPress developer that cares for its users and long-term customers. Each update brings about a new and exciting way to display your content using the slider technique. Whether you want to promote your latest products or downloads, the use of the smart CSS3 and HTML5 technology has made it possible for Supsystic to create a slider that’s comfortable with video content, carousels, thumbnails, and responsive design all within a single plugin package. The carefully designed core of the plugin ensures that your search engine rankings won’t go down after adding the slider. It’s crucial to select a slider plugin that integrates with SEO standards well. Rest assured that this is one of those plugins.


Slider Ultimate

Slider Ultimate

Étoile Web Design gives you a full-page full header slider that’s going to rock the socks off your existing web design. The use of this free slider is limitless. It even expands in the region of product promotion, so you can showcase a large banner of your latest products and directly add a purchase button in any of the slides that you’re showcasing. Multiple buttons per slide are available. Slider Ultimate is friendly to video content as well. So, if all else fails, you can show a product demo video directly on your homepage.

This is one of the very few sliders that take proper WooCommerce integration into consideration. Responsive layout? Check. Ability to display using a shortcode? Check. Insert unlimited slide images per slider? Check. The list of amazing features just keeps on growing. So, check out the demo preview; you may have found the perfection free slider solution for you.


WP 1 Slider


Access Keys, the company behind this slider, has worked with thousands of clients during its run as a creative business. Putting together its accumulated experience and customer feedback, the team has come up with the WP 1 Slider plugin. This plugin is a great choice in terms of features and flexibility. It’s common to see WP developers just stitch together a few jQuery libraries into a WP plugin. Access Keys has a real and tangible experience timeline, which has helped to shape this plugin into what it is today. It has become a leading WordPress slider plugin that sets the standard for any other plugins.

Create unlimited sliders with the option to have unlimited slide images within it. Even on a single web page, you can have as many as 10 unique sliders. It doesn’t really matter because all slides have their own unique HTML structure. We’re particularly in awe of the ways that you can overlay the slides to add extra content on top of them. This way, each of your slides can become a unique part of the website themselves. It is potentially a useful plugin for e-commerce and startup websites that want to use slides to explain products and their features more conveniently.


Ultimate Responsive Image Slider


This slider has tens of thousands of active installs. The continuous updates to its functionality has helped it earn a solid reputation. It is time-tested and has a substantial community behind it. We couldn’t find any serious flaws with this selection, whether you want to display it on your sidebars and homepages, or within your content. Use a simple shortcode, and have the slider appear anywhere on your pages.

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider Pro expands upon the free version. It gives you a more refined set of features, such as unique layouts, touch support for mobile devices, ability to select an unlimited amount of colors, extra integration of carousels, and thumbnail-style sliders. Small-time bloggers and big-time media publishers will find a common ground with this plugin.



Meta Slider

MetaSlider is compatible with four unique slider plugins: Flexslider, Responsive Slider, Nivo Slider, and Coin Slider. Each brings its own benefits and features to the table. Using all four independently across your website can provide a different level of user experience.

The slideshows are optimized for best search engine performance, and each of the systems gives you an assortment of effects and layers to pick from. Another factor in the success of MetaSlider could be its web performance optimization. So, by the time your slides are up and running, your website won’t start to slow down.


Slide Anything

slide anything wordpress slider plugin
Slide Anything is a free WordPress slider plugin that allows you to, well, make slideshows of all sorts. Adding a slider to your website can create a strong and lasting impression on your visitors. Not only that, but they can have an even better experience flipping through your content to see what’s up. The final product you are about to set up with Slide Anything will be touch sensitive, responsive and cross-browser compatible. In other words, no matter what device and platform they use, the experience will be of the highest degree all the time.

What’s cool about Slide Anything is the fact that you can set how many slides you would like to display for desktop, how many for tablet and how many for smartphone users. Additionally, it supports lazy loading, infinite looping, excellent transition effects and slide link.


Slider Carousel

slider carousel wordpress slider plugin
Slider Carousel is a simple free WordPress plugin that will help you hammer out terrific slideshows. You can now spice up your overall website experience with ease. Slider Carousel supports all sorts of image files, but you can also include posts, pages and other content. It is a versatile slider plugin that also gives you an option to add titles, descriptions and link slides to other content. Besides, Slider Carousel comes with a shortcode which allows you to add the extension almost anywhere on your page you want.

You can enable or disable auto-start, specify which slide you would like the slideshow to begin with and it does not limit you on the number of slides you would like to include. Moreover, Slider Carousel is fully compatible with devices and web browsers, supports touch and also does not miss keyboard navigation. Add a carousel to your website and lift up the experience.


WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

wp responsive recent post slider free wordpress plugin
As a blogger or an online magazine owner, spice things up with WP Responsive Recent Post Slider plugin. This will help you add extra shine on all your recent posts that you can include on your page for others to enjoy. With a simple shortcode, you can now include a recent post slider or carousel so that visitors will have no trouble locating the freshest content on your website or blog.

With WP Responsive Recent Post Slider come four post slider designs and one posts carousel design. You can even display recent posts by category. You have all sorts of different options to configure, making the slider or carousel perform precisely how you want. Specify how many posts you would like to display, whether or not you would like to show date and optionally add pagination or arrows. There are still many more functions to consider adding before going live.


WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

wp logo showcase responsive slider free wordpress plugin
You can use a logo slider on your website for oh so many different reasons. For instance, you could run a non-profit organization or charity and the slider displays companies you work with aka sponsors. Similarly, you can add a logo slider to an event or conference page. Also, if you are a freelancer or an agency, a logo slider can showcase brands you have worked with. The options are endless.

Thanks to WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider, you can now set it up relatively simply, without really needing to do much work. This free WordPress slider plugin comes with an array of features that allow for easy and swift setup. You do all the work by customizing the WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider shortcode. On the download page, you will find all sorts of different options on how you can customize, style and adjust the logo slider, so it fits your online presence precisely.


Social Slider Widget

instagram slider widget free wordpress plugin
Social Slider Widget is a free WordPress slider plugin that helps you enrich your website with beautiful Instagram content. While you can use the Social Slider Widget for linking your Instagram account, you can also connect it with multiple others. Without the need for API key, you can just share the username and that is pretty much it. The same approach goes for hashtags. Once done, you can already start seeing content appear on your website. And if you would like to display multiple Instagram accounts’ feeds, you can do that, too.

With the use of a shortcode, you can now showcase Instagram feeds anywhere on your website, from posts and pages to widgets, Social Slider Widget works flawlessly. Of course, the feed on your website or blog will be 100% responsive and flexible, so everyone gets the most out of it.


GS Logo Slider

gs logo slider wordpress plugin
As a freelancer, an agency or a shop owner, you might be interested in adding a logo slider to your website. This way, you can show who you work with and which brands you carry. Of course, these options are just a few examples for what you can use the amazing GS Logo Slider. This free WordPress slider plugin creates a simple slideshow that will definitely benefit the end user. Bear in mind, you can also add a clickable feature to each logo or use it without linking the logos whatsoever.

Some of the main features of GS Logo Slider are Gutenberg, mobile and browser support, shortcode, little settings, supports any WordPress theme and easy to edit and modify. There are many more features if you go pro, but you can use the free version for as long as you want.


Master Slider—Responsive Touch Slider


Master Slider from Averta is another top contender for being an all-in-one solution for all your content slider needs. It seems to be one of the top choices for food-related blogs. It is most likely because of the way that the slider can be configured to display content. You can use a traditional slider without adding thumbnails or display thumbnails on the sidebar. For those who are passionate about showing off content, you have the choice of using the sliders with additional slide info in the form of an excerpt from your post. You can add a unique description for each slide yourself.

Master Slider operates on all modern web browsers and devices. The user interface is friendly to beginners, and the valid markup of HTML5 ensures that search engines will index your content properly. Lots of hardware-based optimizations make a slider like this a perfect choice for content-heavy websites. Despite having such beautiful content displays, your site won’t lose out on performance metrics.


Premium Sliders for WordPress

A word of advice for new WordPress bloggers—if you can’t decide on a slider that’s best for you, why not look up sites in your niche that are doing great already and see what kind of content arrangements they’re doing. With this inspiration, you could come up with your own unique twist in displaying sliders to your readers.

Below are sliders that come from the most reputable premium marketplace on the web. Many of these sliders have more than 100,000 users, and they’ve earned their status by providing an ultimate collection of features that take care of even the most demanding of tasks.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin


You may have come across the name Slider Revolution on multiple occasions. Even a single query on Google returns millions of results about this stunning WordPress slider. Brought to you by the team at ThemePunch, this is a revolutionary slider that gives you tools like front-end slider editing and takes into consideration factors like security. SR is completely secure and tested by professional security testers to prove the plugin’s viability. Create, customize, and build sliders with classic, hero, and carousel styles. Select between a range of sizes for all of your slides to best prepare them for the content pages that you plan to use them on.

A selection of content sources enables you to show content from your own images, sliders based on your WP content. A WooCommerce product slider is built-in as a demo. You can also apply post streams from the most popular social networks: Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. It doesn’t get any fancier than that! The price is equal to a couple of premium-quality cups of coffee, but we can imagine that the returns would be much higher than that.


LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin


LayerSlider embraces a modern approach to the current web design trends, and the result is a pristine slider component for showing off your best content. The really nice thing about these premium sliders is that their creators have gone the lengths to ensure that basic needs are always met. So, you never have to think twice about whether these sliders will work on mobile devices or whether they’re secure enough to use. These are the core set of features, and all you really need to focus on are the features that these plugins/sliders are able to provide individually.

Built for performance, LayerSlider gives you access to more than 200 transitional effects so that even though someone has a similar design to yours, you can always stand out by using a unique combination of transition effects. Of course, there’s also the choice of a dozen skins that you can apply to your slides globally. Find a style that matches yours, or take it to the next level and build a style of your own. The reviews speak for themselves, too. They are all positive and uplifting, which can only be a good sign for the company who’s behind the plugin.



glider wordpress slider plugin
If you would like to take your slideshow game to an entirely new degree, Glider is probably the one plugin that you need. This tool creates a 3D effect of still images what guarantees a boost in your page’s user experience. Once you see the live preview of the plugin, you will immediately understand what I am talking about. And the whole process requires very little work on your end, yet the outcome will be professional and sophisticated. There is also a friendly tutorial that will get you familiar with the tool and how to set it up.

In the Glider kit, you will find hundreds of ready-made 3D slides which you can utilize however you see them fit your needs best. Of course, you can further improve and adjust the slider until it matches your requirements precisely. Not to mention, create your own version without a hassle and make it intrigue everyone that sees it.


News Post Slider

news post slider wordpress plugin
Since we are normally seeing sliders that consist of images, there are other options available. For instance, News Post Slider is a neat WordPress plugin that turns your posts into a slideshow. For your information, this is a WPBakery page builder extension, so you will not run into any inconvenience later on.

News Post Slider rocks fifteen dope designs, supports unlimited colors and has an entirely responsive and mobile-ready layout. Indeed, you can customize it completely with little work invested. Even if you are new, News Post Slider’s documentation will do the trick.

Other goodies of News Post Slider are advanced typography options, translatable, cross-browser compatibility and professional 24/7 support. Make your blogs and online magazines even more enticing and practical with News Post Slider plugin. You will have it up and running in little to no time.


Timeline Slider

timeline slider wordpress plugin
For everyone who truly wants to make a difference, Timeline Slider is the WordPress plugin that you should not miss. Ass the name suggests, Timeline Slider creates fully customizes timeline slideshows which you can use in posts, pages or other custom post types. There is no real rule for what project you would like to use Timeline Slider. Feel free to go as creative as you want and present your content uniquely. For inspiration, you can use Timeline Slider for your travel adventures, company evolution, actor biography, you name it, the limits are none.

The design of Timeline Slider is 100% responsive and flexible, working on handheld devices and up to desktop computers. After you undergo a quick and straightforward setup, you can simply include the fresh slider with a shortcode. Make it fun and educational with Timeline Slider.


RoyalSlider—Touch Content Slider for WordPress


RoyalSlider must be among my favorite plugins for my own blogs and projects. The technicality of the user interface makes the process of developing a new slide meaningful and engaging. The timeline of settings required for each slide allows you to spend some time thinking about how to use slides to display your best content. Royal Slider focuses on performance and accessibility for all types of readers. However, the engine behind the plugin shines in all areas of performance, optimization, and customization.

Sites like TinyBuddha have been using RoyalSlider for years now, showing off the dynamic potential of how you can align content in a slider that becomes an integral part of the overall design. Remember to leave no stone unturned when going through the provided demo slides that RoyalSlider offers in its package. All of those demo previews are for you to fully optimize and customize to your own liking.


Master Slider—WordPress Responsive Touch Slider


The pro version of Master Slider gives you animation tools to create interactive slides that you won’t find anywhere else ever unless, of course, the person who has created an animated slide has also used Master Slider.

The animation engine is quite simple. You can select a range of elements or images and then specify their appearance times through a timeline so that at the end you get an interactive and animated slider that pops out content much like an animation video does. Overall, the animation interface reminds us of tools like Final Cut Pro and iMovie where you create something based on the timeline settings.

Not enough to convince you? How about the ability to add “hotspots” over your slide content? These hotspots can then act as tooltips to display vital information about the slide you’re showing off. Essentially, it becomes an invaluable asset for e-commerce digital stores that want to explain products through an interactive slide widget.


Slider Pro—Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin


The Slider Pro solution gives you an AIO (all-in-one) platform to create and modify slides that will appeal not only to bloggers but also to those who do more than just publish stories. The features we found most interesting include smooth animations built using CSS3, a set of animated layers to overlay your images with, a collection of stylish effects that make the slide stand out from the rest of the page, the possibility to scroll through all slides with infinite scrolling (so you can add as much content as you want), lazy image loading to ensure that no performance points are lost during the loading of the site (showing users pictures that they’re trying to view only), and the coverage of search engine performance, so using Slider Pro won’t affect your overall search engine rankings.


Accordion Slider—Responsive WordPress Plugin


Accordion Slider is a creative slider. As the name implies, this slider will show your content in an accordion style. This is perfectly suitable for fashion designer websites that want to promote the latest season sales.


Which slider plugin is the best?

The best choice for you is the one that can meet your feature requirements. Choose one that integrates well with your existing design, but don’t forget that many of these slider plugins do have customization options, which means that their design could be altered to reflect the color and image schemes you’re already using. It’s all about being persistent in using a single plugin and not giving up on it straight away. It certainly is a trend among WordPress bloggers to try something for five minutes and simply trash it. That shouldn’t be the case with these sliders. Although there are many varieties, we made sure to feature only those that have truly helped people to provide a better user experience to their readers.

Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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