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5 Best Free WordPress Job Board Plugins 2024

WordPress Job Board Plugins allow you to post jobs and create listings on your website. Job listings are increasingly common online, and applicants now prefer to apply through websites that direct them to reputable companies nearby. Additionally, more people are saving money by not returning to offices, only to receive false hopes.

These plugins could also be useful if you want to allow other employers to advertise on your site. In this article, you will learn about the significance of advanced job board plugins on your site and who should use them.

Benefits of WordPress Job Board Plugins

With WordPress, you can create and download various plugins based on your requirements. It offers a wide range of styles and functionalities that will enhance the appearance and credibility of your site. Additionally, it provides a platform for monetizing your blogs.

The job board operates similarly to other listing plugins and offers several advantages that can significantly benefit your website. Furthermore, it enables you and other employers to post ads on your page to recruit employees.

1. Monetize your website effectively.

Allowing companies and employers to post ads on your site can generate substantial income. Your page is reputable enough to attract professional visitors and potential employees.

Furthermore, many companies rely on online services, especially during this pandemic. Seizing this opportunity is crucial. With online hiring becoming increasingly prevalent, now is the best time to capitalize on it. Who knows, it might be the key to your blogging success.

2. Convenience

Using built-in Plugins can be more beneficial than hiring a professional developer for coding and similar tasks. Firstly, you don’t need to learn about codes and related matters. Secondly, it helps you save money.

Moreover, the developers of built-in plugins are typically responsive and available to address any setup issues you may encounter.

3. Great For Creating Listing Websites

Job board plugins could be the ideal solution for your listing website. If you are looking to create a directory listing website for employers or hiring companies, this plugin is a great option. You don’t need to invest in expensive themes or templates to create a listing website.

Alternatively, you can incorporate it into your site, even if you focus on blogging or different niches. Additionally, most of these WordPress Job Board Plugins are available as widgets, allowing you to use them in your Header, Sidebars, or Footer.

4. Expand your traffic and audience.

When visitors recognize that your website is a reliable source for job listings, you will likely experience a significant increase in traffic. Additionally, you can earn from advertisers who own the listings.

5. Utilize it for your job openings.

If you are seeking employees for your website, you can use job board plugins to find professional workers who can fulfill your requirements. Furthermore, most of these plugins offer excellent features that enable you to review applicants before accepting them.

Who Needs WordPress Job Board Plugins?

Adding plugins to your website should be done with careful consideration before you start posting job listings.

  1. You should be the first one to benefit from a job plugin, as it can help you increase your website’s earning potential. However, it’s important to remember that you must meet certain qualifications and attract enough traffic to succeed. But don’t worry, there are marketing techniques that can help you improve your traffic and attract employers to post on your page.
  2. Companies looking to hire should create a page with job listings to attract online job seekers. With many people struggling to make ends meet while staying at home, this presents a great opportunity for employers and job seekers.
  3. Freelancers are also seeking stable jobs online, so having detailed job boards on your website can attract more people to explore your opportunities. Who knows, you might find the perfect fit for a job in your company.
  4. Employers and hiring managers increasingly use online platforms to find the right employees. Online hiring is a cost-efficient and effective strategy, eliminating the need for hundreds or thousands of applicants to physically visit an office.

So, without further ado, let’s present the top five WordPress Job Board Plugins to breathe new life into your website.

Best Free WordPress Job Board Plugins

1. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board WordPress plugin preview

This one could be ideal if you are looking for a plugin without extravagant designs or menus around the page. Although it has simple navigation, all the essential features and functionalities are responsive and easy to use.

You don’t even have to ask a developer about the setup issues. Everything you need is on the settings page, giving the instructions. Since it is lightweight, it reassures you that it is more manageable. Moreover, you can even create your own or customized job board if you don’t want to use the default ones.

On the other, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating your own, the built-in templates will help you to save more time. After setting up your job board page, you can use the shortcode you’ll see from the admin interface.

It’s up to you whether you want to add more features to your listing or add notes from the Dashboard section. You can conveniently manage your job listings using the granular WordPress user interface.

Also, since job boards are a great way to monetize your website, they include a feature allowing job listers to include job types in their listings. One of the essential notes is the location. Giving location will give better ideas to employees and know where they will go after the initial screening. You can do that by using specified shortcodes. Aside from that, everything you need is here.

This plugin is compatible with all job board WordPress themes out there.

Active users: 20,000+

More info / Download

2. WP Job Openings

wp job openings WordPress plugin

Here’s another simple yet powerful plugin to manage your job boards or listings. Before developers created this plugin, they researched different listings, including their methods and features. They came up with more easy-to-use functions with a better interface. It comes with the perfect tool for the easier recruitment process.

First of all, it is easy to set up and easy to use. It is also very flexible in letting users navigate the pages with ease. Also, its designs are clean and user-friendly. They don’t need to go through the hassle of clicking on several buttons to get to the main page.

You can also accept several job listings from different companies since this plugin has unlimited job specifications and filtering options. With the filter section, users and job seekers can find the jobs they seek in a matter of time or two.

Another thing about this plugin is that you can set a user into HR Role if that person’s the one who will curate the candidates. You can set it up on the admin’s page. Moreover, it comes with custom email notification templates, allowing the users to send email notifications to the applicants. They can give the final results through these techniques.

Furthermore, it has a default form to submit applications, allowing applicants to create their cover letters and attach their files. With the email notification templates and default application, you can customize them to make a different style – make it more like your company’s brand.

Active users: 30,000+

More info / Download

3. WP Job Manager

This lightweight plugin has the features you need to manage your job listings. You can create several categories under different employers and companies. This plugin allows you to add, manage and categorize jobs according to its purpose. You can add categories based on the job description made by the users.

It has Ajax filter where job searchers can scroll through the page and click on the categories based on their dream jobs. You can add the listings on your pages using the shortcodes you can see from the admin page. It also comes with a feature wherein the job lister can preview their job posts before they go live on your website.

The job listers can tie their job postings on their website or email to let people know they are hiring. It also allows them to match their job listings based on the needs of the applicants. Moreover, with its RSS links, people can get notifications instantly when a new job post is available.

It has a login page wherein you can accept different employers. They can edit, manage, and create new active job listings on their account pages. If you know some developer skills, you can easily manage the template files, endpoints, and Custom Post Types.

Furthermore, if you need to format your jobs in different styles, you can use it with the several shortcodes included in this plugin. This plugin doesn’t have a premium version, but you can download or purchase some add-ons for your job listing website to enjoy more functions.

Active users: 100,000+

More info / Download

4. Ninja Job Board – Ultimate WordPress Job Board Plugin

Ninja Job Board – Ultimate WordPress Job Board Plugin demo page

Instead of recruiting personally and one-on-one, you can do this online. On the other hand, if you are not into creating a job listing website, you can put this job board on your page for extra income. This plugin is made especially for small and medium organizations that want to find easy ways to find professional workers online.

You can use the drag-and-drop form builder for this. Not just that, it is a self-hosted plugin by WordPress, which allows you to create several forms, such as a questionnaire. The form fields available that you or your users can put on the form are Markup HTML, Hidden Input Field, Date Field, Checkboxes, Radio Choice Field, Dropdown Select Field, Number Field, Textarea Field, Single Line Text, File Upload Field, CV Upload Field, Applicant Email, and Applicant Name.

Using job board plugins on your website rather than creating job portals via emails are hard to track and unorganized. It will take more time to scroll and find talented professionals by clicking one by one on job applications. What’s more, some are just full of crap and useless cover letters.

So, instead of using that strategy, putting your job post on the website’s listings can create a better impact. Moreover, you’ll find the most talented professional for your company with its organized procedures.

Active users: 200+

More info / Download

5. ApplyOnline – Application Form Builder and Manager

ApplyOnline – Application Form Builder and Manager demo page

This new plugin allows you to create your job boards on your website. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to create better job listings to find the best professionals in your company. You can also publish ads for jobs, admissions, and classes. Using this plugin is one of the ideal ways to create job boards without too much trouble.

First, you don’t need a developer to create your listing. Its simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to edit and manage everything according to your preferences. You can create as many ads or listings as you want. Moreover, it comes with buttons for better user navigation.

Active users: 4,000+

More info / Download

Now that you have come across this article, the next thing to do is choose one of these WordPress Job Board plugins that would monetize your website and allow job listers to post their ads to look for the most credible applicants.


In summary, the free job board WordPress plugins we’ve explored offer a range of solutions to suit various website needs. Simple Job Board is perfect for those seeking a no-frills approach, while WP Job Openings and WP Job Manager provide more robust features for a dynamic job listing experience. Ninja Job Board is ideal for small businesses looking for an easy-to-use form builder, and ApplyOnline caters to those who want a straightforward drag-and-drop interface for creating job ads. With active user counts that reflect their popularity and effectiveness, these plugins are designed to help you set up a professional job board effortlessly. Choose the one that best fits your site’s goals and watch your online job marketplace flourish. Download your chosen plugin and start connecting employers with potential candidates today.

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