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Free Wordpress Affiliate Plugins

16 Best Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins To Crush It In 2020

If you are coming up with solutions on how to monetize your website, these free WordPress affiliate plugins are a fantastic way to make it happen. While Amazon might be one of the most widely popular affiliates, there are a whole lot of other options available for every niche your blog is all about. Roughly said, almost every successful business offers a referral program for you to earn extra money. It is the passive income we all strive towards.

Notice: if Amazon is the marketplace you work with, check out our carefully selected Amazon affiliate WordPress themes.


But how does this affiliate marketing thing even works? The most simple explanation would be as follows: You promote other businesses’ products and services and get a commission for every sale or lead you to generate. Commissions could be all the way from 3% up to 50$, 60% and even higher. Promote a $100 product and get $60 in your pocket for every sale you make. What this also means is that you do not need to deal with customer service, inventory, and packaging.

And why do companies even offer an affiliate program? It makes them money without doing much work other than paying out commissions to their affiliates every other week or on a monthly basis. Bear in mind, this can be an automated process. Meaning, the company truly has very little work to do for massive returns. Still, there are other things that need to be done but this we might talk about in some other article. In short, a referral program is a proven strategy that will (probably) last forever.

Whether you are a webmaster or a product owner, let’s get a look at the free WordPress affiliate plugins. This ranges all the way from making the “ugly” affiliate links pretty to tracking and managing your affiliates. Of course, we did not forget about Amazon and book reviews and a portion of other solutions for your marketing needs.

Offer your visitors superb products which they would not be able to resist and start earning commissions today.

In case you are just starting out and need to build a website, look into our affiliate marketing WordPress themes first.

Affiliate Links Lite

affiliate links
Affiliate Links Lite is a free WordPress affiliate plugin for shortening internal and external links. In brief, if you would like your links to appear prettier, then Affiliate Links Lite is the tool that you need. It will mask the long link and help you create a short one that relates to your website. Nothing too complicated even for someone who is entirely new to affiliate marketing. You set up the links in advance and later use it wherever on your site you wish. Whether you are writing a product review, a listicle or even in footer/sidebar, keep things look at a pro-level throughout your entire online platform.

Some of the features of Affiliate Links Lite are hit count statistics, nofollow redirects, link category setup, as well as HTML and shortcode generator for link embedding. In conclusion, if you would like to avoid adding long and “ugly” links to your page, create pretty links with Affiliate Links Lite.

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woocommerce affiliate
WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce plugin for everyone in the WordPress space. There is a good chance if you run an online store that you are using WooCommerce. However, the plugin goes way beyond that, giving you a chance to use it for your affiliate offers, too. That said, if you would like to push products from other marketplaces, you can now do it successfully with help from WooCommerce. Still, regardless of your project, no doubt, WooCommerce will benefit you greatly. The free extension is super versatile and adaptive, offering you countless solutions to realize your ideas and create a fully functional website.

There are also multiple other extensions that are compatible with WooCommerce which will take your website to a whole new degree. Launch like a professional and unlock a whole new horizon of possibilities and opportunities for you with a plugin that has downloads in millions – WooCommerce.

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AffiliateWP – Show Affiliate Coupons

affiliatewp affiliate coupons
Owners of services and products, AffiliateWP is the free WordPress affiliate plugin that will help you win the online game big tames. With this tool, you can create your own affiliate program and take your business to an entirely new level. Before we continue, AffiliateWP is also compatible with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress and iTheme Exchange to name a few.

Instead of building your own system from complete scratch, you can now take to your advantage AffiliateWP and save yourself time, energy and money. The entire process of expanding your existing WordPress platform is very straightforward, perfect for both newbies and professionals. Just like all the other plugins you find on this list, AffiliateWP also has an upgraded pro version which unlocks even more functions and features.

Moreover, the Show Affiliate Coupons extension works only in combination with the main plugin, AffiliateWP. The function is pretty self-explanatory; it shows different coupons that are assigned to a particular affiliate.

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easyazon amazon affiliate
For everyone who interested in becoming an Amazon affiliate, you can get your feet wet quickly and efficiently with EasyAzon. This free affiliate WordPress plugin is one of the best and fastest way to create Amazon affiliate links from within post editor. This saves you a ton of time and effort, getting your content out there sooner rather than later. No need to do it all manually anymore, EasyAzon helps you out on the journey.

Moreover, EasyAzon supports all worldwide Amazon affiliate programs for you to be safe and secure whether you would like to create an English, German, Italian or Spanish portal. Other features of EasyAzon are nofollow tags which you can set per link or even sitewide. As a little extra gift, everyone who uses EasyAzon also gets access to a special Amazon affiliate training program that will help you get started.

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Affiliates Manager

wordpress affiliates manager
Would you like to scale things up regarding your sales or lead generation? With Affiliates Manager plugin, you can do just that. Let more people advertise your products and services and boost your revenue above and beyond. While being very cost effective, by signing up only a handful of affiliates can take your business to an entirely different level. Sometimes, only one affiliate can mean a surprising increase in your income. Who does not want more money, right?

With Affiliates Manager, recruiting new affiliates will be exceptionally easy. The registration process and the overall management will both be as smooth as butter. The free WordPress affiliate plugin works with some of the most popular eCommerce solutions, like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Simple Membership.

Tracking traffic and sales your referrals produce is uncomplicated, and there is no limit regarding the number of affiliates you have. Even if you already have 749 bringing in traffic and sales, you can easily track them all. Pick percentage or flat based payouts and have complete control over bonuses which you can manually set. Get managing affiliates sorted with Affiliates Manager.

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Auto Affiliate Links

wp auto affiliate links
Hence the name, Auto Affiliate Links plugin automatically adds affiliate links to your web content. Setting up where links should be added to your content is very flexible. Do it manually with keywords or let the plugin do the work for you and automatically extract and display links. It can do it for Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay and Envato to name a few. You have an option to add do- and no-follow tags to links, make them open in the current or new tab and even cloak links. What Auto Affiliate Links WP plugins also does for you is it gives you 100 of the most used keywords. You can then add referral links to appear only when the specific keyword is used. Additionally, you can also limit the number of links shown in each article, from 1 to 5. Make sure there is just the right amount of referral links in an article. Do not stuff posts with affiliate links, especially if there is very little text.

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With thousands and thousands of users, ThirstyAffiliates is one highly popular plugin for bloggers. Your referral marketing is complete and uncomplex with the plugin. The setup is quick and the functions very handy. But to use the full potential of ThirstyAffiliates, you would need to look into the available add-ons and open your wallets. But the basics, you can do with the free version and only upgrade when you feel the need.

For a complete control and overview over the links, you can hierarchical categorize them. Managing and maintaining your referral links will be effortless since there is only one place where you need to look into when doing any changes and updates. Can you imagine how much work it would require jumping back and forth, changing every link in 56 articles manually? Save time with ThirstyAffiliates.

What is an extra cool feature of the free affiliate plugin for WordPress is that you can add images and banners to your links. Assign preferred images to particular links and access them from within the post editor.

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Pretty Links (Lite)

pretty link shorten links wordpress plugin
If several thousands of users was huge for the previous plugin, then Pretty Links (Lite) plugin is immense. While there are other free tools to shorten your URLs, the downside is, they use their domain names. Meanwhile, with Pretty Links (Lite), you can use your domain name and look more professional. As an icing on a cake, the plugin allows you to track each and every single link you shrink. Moreover, it provides all the necessary information you need to have a better idea where the hit came from. For instance, it will tell you the location, operating system, host and which browser visitor was on.

While search engines are clever enough to know whether it is an affiliate link or not, for your own personal preferences, it is great to have things organized. Do it with clean links that provide all the tracking information you need to further optimize your affiliate marketing. Even when you have your referral links spread across different platforms, forums, emails and blogs, you will know exactly which performs best. Besides, some like clicking on organized affiliate links more than their original “ugly” version. More options to follow.

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Amazon Auto Links

amazon auto links free wordpress affiliate plugin
If you are tired of posting products to your website manually, you better look into Amazon Auto Links. Instead of you doing all the hard work yourself, this free WordPress affiliate plugin will do the trick instead of you. You pick the category and the tool will start displaying appropriate items for you to include on your page. Of course, with your affiliate ID attached to them. Moreover, you can also look for specific products and insert only those that you want.

It is a full-blown solution, especially if you deal with a ton of Amazon products that you are pushing on your website. You also do not have to worry about the outdated products, as Amazon Auto Links plugin takes care of it for you. It supports fourteen Amazon locales, as well as China and Singapore, but for the category unit only.

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Post Affiliate Pro

post affiliate pro free wordpress affiliate plugin
If you offer an affiliate program yourself, avoid the hassle with Post Affiliate Pro. This free WordPress affiliate plugin will help you manage and maintain your growing affiliate network. There is not need to do it all on your own, marketing your website and products, let affiliates help you out. By driving traffic to your website, they will help you increase sales while earning a commission.

Thanks to Post Affiliate Pro, you can now create your own network in a little breeze. Your affiliates get a custom ID, which they get to share pretty much wherever they want. With the plugin, you get to track all the sales and process commissions much simpler. Post Affiliate Pro also integrates with many other extensions for even smoother operation when in need of additional features. And if you ever want to unlock more goodies, you can always go pro.

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WP Content Pilot

wp content pilot free wordpress affiliate plugin
Would you like to automate content publishing on your website? If that is the case, WP Content Pilot is the free WordPress plugin that gets the ball rolling immediately. Instead of finding the right content manually, WP Content Pilot does it automatically. You only need to set up a few parameters and that’s it. WP Content Pilot will then go and search for the right keywords or feed links and start publishing material on your website according to your set frequency. Like that would not be enough already, WP Content Pilot also injects your affiliate link into the content.

You can set all sorts of rules that the plugin needs to follow. For instance, you can set to skip articles that have no featured image or little to no text. Moreover, it can also remove hyperlinks from posts, create custom titles and even custom post status. The options are very many!

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Easy Affiliate Links

easy affiliate links
There are various reasons why you would want to shorten and cloak your affiliate links. With a plugin like Easy Affiliate Links, you have better control over the performance of your link, plus, you readers will not know right away whether it is a referral link or not. Visitors are getting smarter and smarter and some, for whatever reason, just do not want to use your affiliate link to make the purchase. However, by using Easy Affiliate Links WordPress plugin, you do not have to cloak all of the links. Leave some uncloaked if necessary.

To access your affiliate links in the visual editor, all you have to do is to click on the insert/edit link icon. As for the text editor, a new button will appear as “easy affiliate link.” You can also assign categories to links to find the one you need for the article you are creating quicker. Easy Affiliate Links allows you to import your links in bulk from XML and, of course, track clicks each link generates.

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Simple URLs

simple urls outbound links wordpress manager
For bloggers and WordPress review site owners, having a clear view over all the outbound links is desirable. But this only comes important when you start implementing affiliate marketing into your websites. You can achieve creating custom links along with full management and tracking with Simple URLs free WordPress affiliate plugin. When installing the plugin, a new post type appears in your WordPress administrator from where you can handle all the links that need to be refined. Straightaway, you will see the clicks each link generated since the time of creation in a custom field. Hiding your links and making them look more appealing to the eye is also possible with Simple URLs.

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Amazon Link

amazon link wordpress affiliate plugin
Finally, a free WordPress affiliate plugin, Amazon Link, entirely dedicated to the online marketplace behemoth, Amazon. The fastest solution for adding a simple link to your content is by adding specific code to the page, post or text widget. With Amazon’s unique product number, you specify where you would like the text link to redirect the user.

However, to take Amazon Link to your full advantage, create Amazon’s web service account. You then add access key ID and secret access key in the plugin’s Settings page and the fun begins. Quickly add links to Amazon products in live posts and pages. You can choose between text links, thumbnails, images and even a flash widget. You can also benefit from the Amazon Search Tool integration and find products on the fly. Let the plugin then fill all the necessary data to create the template.

Some additional features of Amazon Link are localization, built-in templates and an optional multinational popup.

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affiliates wordpress plugin
Get your business grow to its extent with Affiliates. Let it be you are an owner of a membership site, an eCommerce platform or other service-like business, take the opportunity and create an affiliate system for your website. Unlock new horizons of possibilities and let others do the promotion for you. All there is left for you to do is to focus on your product and overall business growth.

Build an affiliate program with free WordPress plugin, Affiliates. To cut a long story short, the key features of the plugin are automated affiliate registrations, managing an unlimited number of affiliates and integration with any eCommerce platform. Expanding your business with a referral program has never been easier.

Real-time reports show statistics of each affiliate and how well he or she is doing. Knowing who brings in the most sales or leads allows you to reward them and encourage them to take things to another level and crush it. You can also view traffic statistics per affiliate, landing page, on a daily basis and source.

An all-in-one solution to expand your online project’s potential. Test it out and see what Affiliates can do for you and your business.

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Affiliate Coupons

affiliate coupons wordpress plugins
There are countless coupon sites on the web offering deals for just about anything that you can think of. From WordPress coupons, to Nordstrom coupons, special party supply deals and holiday deals. Of course there is also a whole bunch of free and premium coupon themes and plugins at your service to take them to your benefit.

The one that you can blend into your website is Affiliate Coupons plugin. Start promoting exclusive deals and earn yourself a passive income with referrals. Do not be amazed if your website grows beyond expectation and this passive income becomes your primary income. It can happen.

Affiliate Coupons helps you create vendors and affiliate links which you can then link to the coupons. The latter, you make within the plugin so you are in full control over the process. When you have a ton of coupons available on your site, it is wise to assign categories to coupons. This way, you will not struggle finding all the deals you have within a certain group. When you are ready, you can then display your coupons inside posts and pages with dedicated shortcodes. Before you install the plugin, you can try the demo/check preview page first and see how it looks in action.

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Are you running a successful blog which you would like to turn into a cash machine? Or you would like more sales and leads for your business? These free WordPress affiliate plugins are a solution for both. Affiliate marketers or those offering a referral program, have a complete control over clicks, sales and track of marketers themselves. There are a whole bunch of things the plugins above can do for you. You can cloak links, offer new referral marketers the simplest method how to sing up with you and all in between. Not only that, automatize the process and always be on time paying out commissions.

And if you already experienced any of these plugins or have other suggestions, we are ready to listen. By all means, feel free to share it in the comments section below.


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