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22 Best Free Mobile-Friendly Website Templates 2018

22 Best Free Mobile-Friendly Website Templates 2018

Whoever is launching a website but does not want to spend a dime doing it, these free mobile-friendly website templates are the way to go. Indeed, in the mobile-first era we are living, if a website is not responsive, your web presence, and project in general, might not have the best future ahead of it. You undoubtedly will not see the results you want. Search engines will not like your page and rank it poorly what call for barely any organic traffic. Moreover, everyone browsing from their smartphones and tablets will be clicking the back button in an instant. And that, my friends, is something you sure do not want for your website and online project.

To avoid the bad site performance and poor user experience for mobile users, pick any from the below free mobile-friendly website templates. They vary quite a lot and that is a good thing. We are not all here with the same intention to build the exact identical website. That said, you will find tools to craft law, medical, charity, music, agency and other types of websites. Use these responsive free templates to showcase your mobile application, advertise your professional services and to start writing a compelling blog. Are you ready to set the bar high?


lawfirm free mobile-friendly website template
Lawfirm, hence the name, is a free lawyer website template with a modern and slick look to it. While it was created with an emphasis on lawyers and law firms, you can also use Lawfirm for financial companies and other consulting businesses. It comes with a neat home page design and several other inner pages which you can improve to your likings.

With a full-screen slider, you will impress every visitors and make them hungry for more. Animated stats and parallax effect spice up the experience while the working contact form gets them to access you straight from your website. Have your appointments taken care of automatically, start a blog and introduce your attorneys. Just short moments later and you will have a fully functional website up and running.

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medical free mobile-friendly website template
Medical is a free mobile-friendly website template for those running a healthcare or medical business. To be more exact, Medical is best suitable for dentists, veterinarians, surgeons, physicians and other doctors and professionals. It is a super clean and straightforward medical website template that is easy to customize.

A full-width banner welcomes every new user and current client and gets them introduces to your clinic or doctor’s office. The dedicated section to list your services provides enough information to let them know whether you are the right address for what they are in need of. Further down the page, clients interested to make an appointment can use the booking form and get a prompt response from you. There is also a subscription box in the footer for everyone who would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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philosophy free mobile-friendly website template
May the name of the next free mobile-friendly website template not deceive you. Philosophy is a free blog template with a stunning grid layout. It works well with lifestyle, fashion, food, DIY, design, creative and almost any other type of blog. It is only a matter what type of content you use with Philosophy and it will instantly adapt to your niche. Yep, it is that simple.

Philosophy template has an excellent navigation with a drop-down menu, the articles load on scroll and the footer section has a nice selection of widgets. Besides the standard, it supports video, audio and gallery posts of which each allows comments. There is also a back to top button, social media icons and a newsletter subscription widget.

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charity free mobile-friendly website template
If you are building websites for non-profit organizations and charities, Charity is a beautifully designed charity website template. With a few tweaks and improvements, you can also make a website for churches and the like. Charity might be a free mobile-friendly website template, however, free does not mean poor in quality and flexibility. Charity sports both and they just happen to be of the highest standards.

What is one of the most crucial parts of every charity and non-profit website is collecting donations. In the case of Charity template, you do not have to worry about how to execute your forthcoming donation campaign. It has a working donation form integrated into the design so you do not have to build one on your own.

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eventasia free mobile-friendly website template
For single event pages or event and conference organizers, Eventasia helps you develop websites for the big meeting you are hosting. Get more people to attend the gig with an enticing website that will make the event even more attractive. It will be impossible for them to visit your page and walk away without adding the event to Google Calendar. Of course, they do not want to miss it!

Eventasia is a free event website template with all the necessary elements and sections that such a page needs. It has a countdown timer, event calendar, exclusive section for speakers and all other useful characteristics. The shortest description would be: Eventasia is the ultimate and responsive website template to help you host your remarkable events.

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medi free mobile-friendly website template
More material for those in the medical and healthcare industries. Medi+ is an entirely free mobile-friendly website template with an elegant and easy on the eye web design. It suits building websites for clinics, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, surgeons and other professionals perfectly. In a breeze, you will have an outstanding website ready either for your business or for your client’s business. What is great about Medi+ template is the fact how compliant it is. You can use the free tool for ten different clients easily. Without facing any challenges, you will make it fit every owner to the T.

If you need another idea for a medical website, Medi+ is a great item to start with or find inspiration in.

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travelasia free mobile-friendly website template
You only need to check the image above and read the name and you already know what you are in for. Travelasia is, you guessed it, a travel website template with its focal point being hotels, travel agencies and holiday resorts. But truly, you can use it with a broader specter of travel websites and even other industries that need to feature booking options on their websites.

A massive banner with text and call-to-action button, booking system and a special section for your attractive packages, Travelasia template has it all. And if the client does not find what they are looking for, he or she can use the contact form and customize their trip however they want it. Travelasia also has integrated Instagram feed, social buttons and newsletter widget.

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e-shop free mobile-friendly website template
Do you plan on building an online store but you do not know where to start? The best options for you is to start with free ecommerce website templates. Not only you need to spend no money on them, your final web design will look way more professional than you think.

If you are still in doubt, you better check free mobile-friendly website template, E-Shop. It is an advanced template that will help you create a wide variety of online stores. It is clean and minimal what helps you adjust it to your needs quickly. Big images, sliders, visible text and solid navigation, E-Shop template delivers all the needed and then some. And you do not have to worry whether shoppers browse your store from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. E-Shop’s layout is 100% responsive.

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platina free mobile-friendly website template
As a hotel or travel agency owner yourself, you, unquestionably need a website. You are simply living too much money on the table if you still have not sorted out your online appearance. Even if you are using 3rd party platforms, an official website for your boutique hotel will do you well.

Platina is the free hotel website template with a fluid layout that perfectly adjusts to any screen size. Furthermore, the template has a smooth web design to showcase your hotel, rooms and all the rest in the finest way. Start luxuriating your new visitors with your website and pre-sell them before they even start scrolling. FYI, a big banner with text slider will have them hooked straight away. They will be rushing to the Book a Room section where Platina template treats the visitor with a simple to use booking form.

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fashion free mobile-friendly website template
Fashionistas and pretty much everyone that has something to do with the fashion industry, start a project that you always wanted to launch with Fashion template. Let’s further investigate this free fashion website template and get more specific who it is for.

To kick it off, Fashion template is for fashion designers, clothing brands and even model agencies. Of course, you can, more or less, use it with any other niche website related to the apparel industry. Promote your new fashion line or get companies familiar with your talented models. Whatever you do, Fashion template will help your website and project to stand out from the crowd.

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music free mobile-friendly website template
Musicians, bands, radio stations but really, everyone who is in the music and entertainment industry, Music is the free mobile-friendly template for you. The template comes with many cool and beneficial features that will help you distinguish yourself from the masses. It all starts with the immense banner which you can use for your band photo. Choose the image wisely since it is the first thing that a visitor sees. Create a strong first impression and score yourself a new fan. That’s very likely to happen if you use Music template. With features like parallax effect, video support but for the most part, nifty web design, all is very possible. You definitely should not miss Music if you are in to bring about an attention grabbing website.

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glint free mobile-friendly website template
One thing is for sure, when you see Glint free and responsive HTML website template in action, the free part mysteriously disappears. It looks more premium than free and that is something super rewarding for you, the user. With digital agencies and freelancers in mind, Glint is an item that will create a memorable website. But most importantly, help you grow your business by promoting your services and works in an enviable way.

Glint is a retina ready layout with marvelous features. You will find animated stats, parallax background, functional contact form, on scroll animations and a cracking portfolio. On top of that, Glint’s code is well organized to make customization feel undemanding. Take action and do something remarkable today.

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CA App Landing

ca-app free mobile-friendly website template
If you are testing the waters or need an inspiration, CA App Landing free mobile-friendly website template is one to take into consideration. With this type of a landing page website template, you surely will get the most bang for your buck. However, the only thing you need to invest into setting up a website is your time and effort. No money!

CA App Landing is an ideal product to display your iOS and Android mobile application and can even work as a SaaS website. Contemporary template with some cool features and handy predefined sections. Pricing tables, app showcase, footer reveal and sticky menu, CA App Landing is packed with goodies. For as cheap as free, you can have a website up and running in the shortest space of time.

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colid free mobile-friendly website template
Built using the latest technologies, Colid is a responsive, mobile-friendly and extremely flexible template. Though its focal point are iOS, Android and Windows apps, plus SaaS, you can modify this one-page website template with ease to follow other projects, too. Colid rocks bright colors and a modernistic look which will make your product appear even prettier than it already is. Have your web presentation deployed in its entirety with an excellent free mobile-friendly website template.

Transparent menu that transforms into a sticky one, awesome services section and pricing tables will boost your clientele through the roof. You can even begin blogging and use insightful articles for content marketing. Colid might not cost anything but that does not mean features are few and far in between. There are loads!

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boxus free mobile-friendly website template
Creative individuals and agencies, Boxus is the unique free website template that you will be hard to hold back and not build a page with it. But why even distancing yourself from it? Just like Boxus, all other free mobile-friendly website templates are ready to put them to use straight away, no need to be opening your wallet.

Boxus is a jaw-dropping template with a mindblowing web design that sparks interest in just about everyone. Great idea behind the layout makes it a stand out product that everyone will be excited to browse. Tempting portfolio, blog, contact form, Google Maps and other qualities make Boxus a special template. But the best way to get a piece of Boxus is to check out the live preview.

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pemodule free mobile-friendly website template
For photographers and artist, as well as other creative minds, Pemodule is a free portfolio website template. It is one of those items that have quite a basic, yet bold, approach to web design. But it is the simpleness what makes Pemodule appealing to the eye. Of course, the colors are eye pleasers, too. With that in mind, all your works will appear stunningly and beautifully. Make visitors hungry for more and get them to return tomorrow for added visuals they cannot live without.

With a banner and a call-to-action button along the quick introduction with a slider, parallax effect and the portfolio, Pemodule keeps things very quintessential. But that is always a good thing since you do not want too many distractions on your page instead make your pictures to stick out.

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blueline free mobile-friendly website template
For small businesses and even personal pages, Blueline is the free mobile-friendly website template you might consider. There is just the right amount of stuff going on to keep the visitor around for a while. With the full-screen hero image, guests will get hit with a magnetic first impression. It is so inviting, it is impossible not to check what’s the page all about. And that is a big plus for you and your business or any type of online project.

Indeed, Blueline template was created with usability and top-notch user experience in mind. Mobile and tablet users will love your page since it will work smoothly on their device. Taking a peek at your work (Blueline supports videos) will turn visitors into clients in a snap if all will be executed correctly.

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cellon free mobile-friendly website template
CellOn is a consulting website template that helps you form a strong first impression and leave them in awe. How does the template acchieve that? It is the minimal approach CellOn has on its look. But it is the color choice what truly calls for the unique experience.

Businesses offering consultancies and coaching are just short moments away from realizing their websites. With a free and responsive website template, like CellOn is, your website will work flawlessly at all times. Quick and efficient to customize, animated statistics and the color green fill CellOn with life. If you are a cactus fan, CellOn is the one template you need.

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fancy free mobile-friendly website template
There are many reasons why Fancy template is named the way it is. It is not just because the name is cool. There is a lot more that this free mobile-friendly website template has in store for you. Of course, we need to begin with the design. It has a professional and very premium look to it that is for sure. Moreover, Fancy is perfect for agencies and small and medium businesses. What industry is the template for? Let’s just say that Fancy is for any industry. Seriously, the design is highly adaptable but it is the customization capabilities of the template what will help you adjust it to your needs.

Fancy template’s home page is carefully designed to guarantee you an impactful online appearance. Besides, it has other pages, like blog, and fully supports expanding your website with an online store.

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simples free mobile-friendly website template
Simples is a no-frills free feminine website template for the businesswomen. The colors are soft, the layout modern and clean with just the right amount of features and sections to not overwhelm the visitor. Simples can create fully working websites for photographers, yoga studios, artists, creative agencies, restaurants and almost any other type of business. It is the simplicity what helps Simples instantly acclimatize to different niches. And that is a positive thing when it comes to finding the right template that can cover various topics.

It is the full screen image with title and text plus a call-to-action button what hits the guest first thing. More killer features follow to bring into being the ultimate feminine website.

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droppler free mobile-friendly website template
To differentiate yourself from the masses, Droppler template is the answer to lots of your questions. It is one of those mobile-friendly templates with great emphasis on your content. Droppler is a full-screen website template that every creative will adore through the roof. To be more exact, bloggers of many niches, photographers, artists, designers, yes, you can all use Droppler. That is going to be one head-turning blog you are about to craft with Droppler. For more proof, feel free to first inspect the live preview. It is simple, full-width and unique, that is Droppler.

Smooth scrolling, video support, next and previous story buttons, search option and comfy navigation, Droppler is exactly what you need. Besides, you can expect a few extra toppings to help you galvanize them into action.

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edusite free mobile-friendly website template
How much are you enjoying our best free mobile-friendly website templates so far? Do you need a template for your schools, universities and everything else education-related? It might took you a little while to come so far but finally, you are here. Edusite is the free template that will take care of the creation of a valuable website. The web design of Edusite is straightforward, minimal and full-screen. If online courses is what you are dedicating your heart and soul to, Edusite is also the tool for you. There is a ton you can do with it and you will be proud of yourself with the final outcome. By the way, whoever is building an educational blog, Edusite also has a blog section that you can use as a standalone page easily.

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  1. My search for “Best DIVI mobile-first websites” returned this page

    The first article that was closest to the inquiry was on the second page (

    That page shows desktop versions – not the mobile-first versions.

    While I realize that the examples – the demos – are responsive, I need to see a page similar to the desktop versions, but with actual DIVI mobile-first websites.

    Does colorlib have anything to share that is actually mobile-first?

    1. Myles,

      I see that you have gathered some basic knowledge about mobile-first design and now have mixed everything together and made a huge mess. Not going to explains all ins and outs because there need to be a book or two written to do that 🙂
      You will be perfectly fine using Divi theme for your website. It is mobile-friendly (responsive) and work perfectly fine on any device. Mobile-first is just a cool marketing term that doesn’t mean a thing for end users. It is popularised because mobile is taking over and no one can say that website is Mac or PC-first because no one uses them anymore. However, all sites are developer on desktop computers and tested there first before moving to testing it on mobile.

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