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20 Best Free Bootstrap Wizards To Help Developer Start Projects Easily From Scratch

20 Best Free Bootstrap Wizards To Help Developer Start Projects Easily From Scratch

Wizards help you to make a sequel of interaction more user-friendly and also visually appealing for the users. You might have experienced lots of wizards when you sign up into a mobile application or during the welcome tour of an application. Another predominant place where you will see the wizards is in the forms. To encourage the user to give more information on the form, various techniques are used in the wizards. Here in this list, we have shared some of the best free Bootstrap wizards templates to give you more inspiration.

Oh! before getting into the list, all these bootstrap wizards are raw templates, which means you can’t simply download and use it on your site. You have to make your hands dirty if you wish to integrate one of these templates into your site. For developers this list of Bootstrap Wizards will come in handy in many of your projects and you also can gather more inspirations from this list. Saying that, let us get into the list of best free Bootstrap wizards collection.

Book A Room Wizard

book a room free bootstrap wizard

This wizard template is the best companion for the hotel website template. It helps you to create an interactive room booking form. The transition effects when you switch between each section is done neatly. You also get an option to add Subscribe to the newsletter as a checkbox option; it is a thought placement and also a polite move to improve your email list. With this wizard, you get segments like Account, Room Type, and Extra Details. Neat icons are used in the Room Type section, it effectively uses the given space. Overall the Book a Room Wizard is a complete package to update your template or to develop your own wizard from the scratch.

More info / Download Demo


bootzard free bootstrap wizard

Bootzard is an account registration form wizard. This form wizard also supports form validation. So if the user misses one or two fields while entering the detail, the missed field is indicated in a red box. Bootzard includes three step process to create an account. Since this template support font awesome icons, customizing the icons won’t be a big issue. As of now in the demo you have the fields to get the user name, email address, create a password and social media profile link. It is a clean looking form which uses orange color for the buttons and the icons. This multi-step form uses Bootstrap, CSS3 and jquery framework.

More info / Download Demo

Vanilla Wizard

vanilla free bootstrap wizard

Vanilla Wizard is a clean looking setup tour wizard by Kauê Buriti. Both the CSS works and the Js works are done neatly on this template. The progress bar animation and the page transition are done synchronously. The developer used HTML, CSS and Js framework to create this setup tour wizard. Since it is an intro wizard or the tour wizard, it does not include any input fields. Vanilla Wizard can be used for a welcome wizard in apps and software products. Since the raw code is present to you readily, you can customize the wizard easily to your needs.

More info / Download Demo

Simple Register Form

simple register form free bootstrap wizard

Simple register form is a modern looking register form. If you are searching for an interactive form wizard for your creative website template then is the perfect solution for you. The wizard uses blue color as the color scheme for the template, which looks professional and as well as manages to get attention. This template allows you to get one information at a time in a sequel. So make sure what are all the information you need to collect is arranged in an order. At the end, the user is greeted with the name entered in the field, which is a pleasant touch. As a whole, it is a full featured modern register form from the developer Patrick Stillhart.

More info / Download Demo

Build Your Profile

build your profile free bootstrap wizard

Build Your Profile is also from the same author of the Book a form wizard mentioned above. Same quality and the work is maintained in this form wizard also. This is a three step form wizard to create an account. Since it is a profile creation form, you get fields like name, email, address, and profession. Like in the Book a room form wizard in the second step, icons are used to depict the profile type elegantly to the user. This form template also follows the form validation, so you can easily make the required fields in the form and politely remind them if they miss a field.

More info / Download Demo

Employee Account Form Wizard

employee account form free bootstrap wizard

Employee Account form wizard is a bright colored wizard. With this wizard template, you can collect more information from the user without annoying them. This form wizard is a perfect choice for company websites and corporate website templates. It is a four step data collection form. Each stage collects multiple amounts of information from the user. You can mark the important fields with an asterisk sign and this template also supports form validation. To help the user get an idea of what are the details going to be collected, at each section titles are shown. With this form, you get both manual entry field, drop down option values and radio buttons. The developer Mahesh has done a great job with this wizard template.

More info / Download Demo


progress free bootstrap wizard

The wizard is a simple form progress wizard template. It does not include any forms or extra fields to boast its purpose. You can use this wizard to improve your existing multi-step signup forms or intro wizards. The Wizard uses blue and white gradient color as the background and correspondingly green tinted blue color gradient as the progress bar color, which looks elegant. After completing each step the previous step is marked with a small tick mark. This is a one way wizard, only supports the next command, there is no option for the previous. So if you are intended to use this code for forms, consider making some tweaks to add the previous button.

More info / Download Demo

Pure CSS Steps

pure css steps free bootstrap wizard

Pure CSS Steps wizard is mobile app signup wizard. With the trendy color gradient and the right font text weight, this wizard becomes a perfect pick for any modern mobile app or modern website template. This template does not support form validation, so when you are using this template, make sure to add form validation to it. The transition effects and other animation effects are done neatly by the developer Rafael González. At the end, you get a processing bar and tick to help the user identify the end process. The modern looking Pure CSS steps wizard uses HTML and CSS.

More info / Download Demo

List Your Place

list your place free bootstrap wizard

List your place wizard is a place submission form wizard. If you are owning a listing or directory website template this form wizard will be a value added addition to your site. It gives users an interactive feel, than just coming and submitting the places. This is a four stage form wizard, which allows the user to submit custom message at the end. Since it is a submission form, you get both manual entry fields and drop down value selecting options. Unlike the Wizard template, this template is a two way submission for, user can move back and previous easily. The use of icons for each stage of the form makes this wizard template an user friendly one. Since most of the input fields get the values from the drop down option, there is no form validation. If you need you can add the form validation by yourself.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap Vizard Vue2

vizard vue2 free bootstrap wizard

Bootstrap Vizard Vue2 is a simple form wizard. This form wizard helps you to collect only limited amount of information from the user. Primarily this template is designed for sending request from the user side. It is a three step form wizard, at the start user have to login and then have to select the required department and at the end can add message and attach file. It is just a working model, it does not support any data validation or other form check.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap Tabbed Wizard

tabbed free bootstrap wizard

Bootstrap Tabbed Wizard is a simple wizard which can be used for advanced search option or quick survey. If you have taken any Google quick survey in any of its product like Docs, you might be familiar with it. All the set of answer what you expect is given beforehand, all you have to select is the best match or the closest one. But in at the end you will be gives option to add message, in this wizard template you don’t have manual text input fields. This template tries to follow a straightforward approach with bold icons. The Developer Aristobulo Meneses uses the HTML and CSS framework to create this wizard.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap 4 Modal Wizard

modal free bootstrap wizard

Modal Wizards helps you to create a sequel or a workflow easily, mostly like click to sign up interface. The developer Nick Duskey gave you a polished version of a basic Modal Wizard. Its tabbed interface helps the user to switch between different parts of the workflow easily. But the progress bar at the bottom only increases when you complete a step. With this wizard you get progress bar, accordion, drop down value , calendar input and much more. So you have multiple form elements in this template, it is upto you to decide what are the form elements you need.

More info / Download Demo

Angular Stepper

angular stepper free bootstrap wizard

Angular Stepper is a colorful concept wizard. It does not include any specific form or purpose to serve in the demo, but you can use this as a base for your requirements. This wizard template uses vertical progress. The field expanding and shrinking animations are done neatly. In each segment you also get buttons to move between previous and next steps. The modern CSS framework make this template a good fit for latest CSS website template.

More info / Download Demo

Aiia Wizard Jquery Plugin

aiia wizardfree jquery plugin bootstrap wizard

Aiia Wizard Jquery Plugin is a formal looking wizard template. With bold texts and professional fonts, this wizard can be used to create any interactive business documentations. The present tab is highlighted with the dark blue color and each completed tab is marked with a green tick sign. User can’t jump between tabs, instead they have to click the buttons at the bottom corners. You get both previous and next buttons for easier navigation.

Swift transition effects are used when the user switches to different pages. You don’t have any interactive elements on input fields in this wizard if you need you can add by yourself. Aiia Wizard Jquery Plugin is a well coded wizard which uses HTML, CSS and JS framework.

More info / Download Demo

Easy Bootstrap Wizard

easy free bootstrap wizard

Easy Bootstrap Wizard is also a conceptual working design. It does not serve any particular purpose directly, but can be used with other sequential input and workflows. By making small tweaks to the code you can add this to your forms, intro notes, and documentation. For better user experience each tabs heading is shown. The current tab is indicated in the dark blue colors and the completed tabs are marked as green color. You can also change the color scheme as per your website template’s color scheme. Easy Bootstrap Wizard is a flexible template, which uses HTML, CSS and JS script.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap Wizard Step Form

step form free bootstrap wizard

Bootstrap Wizard Step Form, again it is a conceptual design. This Wizard uses icons to elegantly indicate each step in the process. The user cannot switch between tabs, but on hovering the name of the stage will be shown to the user. There are three buttons available in the process previous, next and skip. This wizard template uses HTML, CSS, and JS framework, so you can easily blend with your existing HTML website template.

More info / Download Demo

Step by Step Wizard

step by step free bootstrap wizard

If you are searching for a wizard template for the touch interface, then this is the one for you. It is the only wizard in the list that is developed solely by keeping touch devices in the mind. This is a five step wizard working model. It has not developed around any core idea. So it is up to you to decide where to implement this wizard. The developer Omar has developed it as a full screen wizard, so remember to scale it for your mobile app. This professionally coded wizard uses HTML, CSS and JS script.

More info / Download Demo

Material Design Wizard Selector

material design wizard selector free bootstrap wizard

Material Design Wizard Selector is just like the Wizard template listed above. This template uses trendy color gradients for the progress bar. Each step is indicated numerically within a circle, on completing a step the entire color of the circle changes to the blue tinted green color. This is a two-way wizard so that the user can move to back and previous steps easily. Again it is a conceptual model with a vague approach, so your imagination is boundless here. You can combine this wizard with any of your web elements. The developer Lemonxah has developed this wizard as a four step wizard, but you can customize this since the code is provided directly.

More info / Download

Bootstrap Wizard

twitter free bootstrap wizard

Bootstrap Wizard is the open source generic framework, so you get access to the original code easily. If you are a developer, then you can develop your project from scratch with this framework. But for general users, am sorry you won’t find this very useful. With this wizard, you get a progress bar, tabs, previous button & next button. By default, it is a seven-step wizard. You can use this any of your web elements or forms, to create an interactive element. This Wizard uses HTML, CSS and JS framework.

More info / Download

Smart Wizard Plugin

smart free bootstrap wizard

Smart Wizard Plugin is a generic wizard plugin, just like the Bootstrap wizard. This template helps you to create an interactive online documentation. But with this template, you get options like finish and cancel along with the previous & next buttons. Again without completing the page in the documentation, you cannot switch to the previous page in the sequel. This is a generic plugin, so for developers, this template will be very useful and come in handy to develop web elements from the ground easily.

More info / Download Demo

What’s Your Favorite?

These are some of the best free bootstrap wizards templates, you can use for your development projects. We have managed to collect the wizards with good code quality so you won’t be having any trouble on developing or integrating it with your existing projects. You can also take inspiration from this bootstrap wizards list and can create your own wizards.

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