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Crowd Vox Review: Business Directory and Review Website Builder

Crowd Vox has been created to help you build an online directory or reviews website. Crowd Vox is a script that’s installed on your web space. Once the script has run, you’ll have a fresh new website to use as you wish.

Crowd Vox is packed with features to help you build a professional reviews and directory website. To make things easier, it’s an all-in-one package, rather than being a plugin or theme for a platform like WordPress.

In this Crowd Vox review, we’ll explore the features and functionality on offer in more depth to help you decide if this is the right reviews or directory website builder for your project.

Why Create a Directory and Reviews Website?

Crowd Vox Demo Site

In this Crowd Vox review, we’ll be looking at what you can do with this directory and review website script. But why might you want such a script and why build this type of website in the first place?

I’m sure some of you have your own answers to those questions. If you do, feel free to skip ahead to the rest of this Crowd Vox review. However, if you’re not sure why someone might want to use a script to create a reviews or directory website, there are many reasons. The main one, though, is that using a script like Crowd Vox greatly simplifies the process of creating the review or directory website. It also gives you access to a wealth of powerful features.

Crowd Vox Dashboard Report

As Crowd Vox is a feature-rich PHP system that you can run on your own web space, it makes it relatively easy to launch a professional online directory website. Then, once your site is up and running, you can start monetizing your platform and generating an income online. Alternatively, you could use your new source of traffic for other purposes. This could include lead generation or email marketing to grow your business.

If you want to create a directory or reviews website, you have a few options. Coding it by hand is one approach. Assembling a selection of pre-built tools, such as WordPress, a suitable theme, and a number of plugins is another option. Alternatively, you could just use an all-in-one script like Crowd Vox that provides you with everything you need.

By the end of this review, you will know whether Crowd Vox is the best option for your project, or whether you should look elsewhere for an alternative solution.

Crowd Vox Features

Crowd Vox Review Directions

Essentially Crowd Vox is a website builder. The type of website it allows you to build is best described as an online listings or directory website. Your directory could include business listings, events, deals, reviews, or pretty much anything else you can think off.

These listings could be local, such as all the businesses in a certain area. Alternatively, they could be a directory of all the best web hosts on the internet. Crowd Vox has many great features which we’re about to explore that will help you create a powerful online directory.

Finally, Crowd Vox features and functionality are all wrapped up in a stylish and modern design. This helps ensure your directory not only provides your visitors with everything they need but also looks great.

Crowd Vox Example Websites

To give you a better idea of what this directory and reviews website script can do, let’s look at some websites powered by Crowd Vox. This should give you a good idea of the features and functionality available to your if you choose Crowd Vox, as well as some ideas on how your directory site could work.

Crowd Vox Business Directory Website

Crowd Vox Online Directory Homepage

It’s fair to say that one of the most common uses for Crowd Vox is to create an online business directory website. This is the type of website you’ve probably seen when searching for a restaurant or other local businesses in Google. Like Yelp, your Crowd Vox-powered business directory will contain multiple listings, each featuring photos, a description, links, user reviews, and all the other information you’d expect to see on a professional listings website.

Crowd Vox Listings

The business directory layout includes many navigational aids to help your visitors find the listings they’re looking for. Through the search boxes, your visitors can find listings based on the type of business they seek as well as the location they are interested in.

Crowd Vox Search Map

As well as the search tool, your visitors can filter and browse the listings via the sidebar and other menus. Once they’ve found a listing that interests them, they can click through to view the full details of the entry.

Crowd Vox Listing Example

The Crowd Vox business directory mode also makes it easy for users to sign up and start interacting with your website. This could be for the purposes of leaving a review or alternatively, submitting their listing. As we’ll soon see in this Crowd Vox review, there are many interactive features you can use on your website with this script.

Crowd Vox Gadget Reviews Website

Crowd Vox Gadget Site

As Crowd Vox is also a reviews site script, it’s just as capable of making a professional reviews website as it is an online business directory. The Crowd Vox gadget reviews demo is looking a little outdated now. Thankfully, the script has been updated and the above business directory example is a much better representation of what this tool can now do.

Crowd Vox Gadget Site 02

However, if you do check out this review site demo, you’ll be able to get a good idea of the type of site you can build with Crowd Vox.

Customization Options

Crowd Vox Customization Options

Your Crowd Vox website can be easily customized through the design settings. Switching color schemes, setting the background pattern or color, as well as changing the fonts, and layout modes is all very straightforward.

Crowd Vox Themes

In addition to the visual customization controls, there are many other settings and configuration options that govern how your site will function. Some examples include allowing comments, enabling photo uploads, choosing how many listings to display on a page, accepting reviews, and a whole lot more.

Crowd Vox Deal Settings

As well as having the ability to change the appearance and functionality of your site through the settings, the Crowd Vox team is available to help you with any other customization work. Should you need any bespoke customization work carried out, you can contact the team to enquire about their services.

Star Ratings

Crowd Vox User Reviews

To make your website truly interactive as well as a useful resource for your audience, you can use the Star Ratings feature of Crowd Vox. Thanks to this feature, you can create custom criteria for your listings. The custom criteria, such as value for money or service, can be used by your visitors to rate your listings.

Crowd Vox Review Settings xx

Instead of just offering one overall rating criteria or category, you can make your listings or review website much more useful by creating multiple star rating criteria. With Crowd Vox, you’re able to create different sets of rating criteria for different types of listings. For example, you could create one set of criteria for restaurants, including items such as menu selection. As well as another set for hotels, including criteria such as facilities.

If you want your website to become a valuable tool for your target audience, then you need an easy way for visitors to leave feedback. The star ratings feature of Crowd Vox does just that.

User Reviews and Voting System

Crowd Vox More Reviews

As well as giving your audience the ability to leave star ratings on your listings, you can also accept reviews. Star ratings are great. However, being able to accept detailed written reviews from your visitors can help them share useful information with your audience. Furthermore, to ensure that the reviews are fair, accurate, and helpful, other visitors can then vote on those user reviews. Thanks to this voting system, the best and most useful reviews will rise to the top.

Paid Listings

Crowd Vox Pricing Plans

One effective way to monetize your website is to make use of the paid listings feature of Crowd Vox. As this is a flexible tool, you get plenty of control over how your paid listings can be set up. Crowd Vox makes it easy to create multiple pricing options, each with access to different features.

Crowd Vox Pricing Plans

For example, you could create a basic entry-level option that allows users to make use of some of the listing fields along with the ability to upload a small number of images. Crowd Vox makes it easy to create a more expensive option that includes the ability to upload more images and add a Facebook promotion link to the listing. You also have the option of creating a bottom tier option that is free to use. This can be a great way to encourage new users in the early days of your website.

When it comes to collecting payments, your Crowd Vox-powered website can integrate with PayPal for efficient transaction processing.

Claimable Listings

Crowd Vox Listing Claims

A proven way to encourage business owners to join your directory is to create claimable listings. This feature allows you to create listings that can be claimed by other users. For example, you could create a basic listing for a business in your local area. If you enable claimable listings, the owner of that business can then see that listing, click on the claim link to sign-up. Once they’ve registered, they can then take control of that listing and update it with more information about their business.

To further encourage business owners to sign-up and claim a listing, you can only populate their listings with basic information. This could simply include their location. If they want their website address or telephone displayed as part of the listing, they will have to claim the listing to take ownership of it. They can then add the necessary information.

Combine this with the paid listings feature and you’ll have an effective way to grow your user base while also generating more revenue from your website.

Mobile App Framework

Crowd Vox Mobile App

Any website built using Crowd Vox will be mobile friendly and easily accessible on smartphones and tablets. However, if you really want to harness the increasing number of people who use mobile devices to access the internet, you’ll be pleased to know there is a mobile app framework available.

By using this framework, you can create a mobile app for your Crowd Vox-powered website. This app can then be submitted to the Apple and Google Play app stores. If your app is accepted, your target audience will be able to download it to their iOS and Android devices.

Now anyone interested in the content on your website, such as visitors to a certain area covered by your site, or events published in your directory, can find your app and install it on their phone. This doesn’t just give you another opportunity to be found by your target audience. Having an app allows you to take advantage of the features of those devices. This could include location services to highlight the nearest listings, push notifications, enhanced social media integration, direction and navigation services, and a whole lot more.

Other Crowd Vox Features

Crowd Vox Photo Gallery

Crowd Vox is positively packed with features and functionality. If want to create review, directory, deals, or other listings websites, then this script has plenty more to offer that we just don’t have room to cover in this Crowd Vox review. Here’s a quick list of some more of the features:

  • Publish deals to add a Groupon-style element to your directory
  • Publish events for your listings and businesses
  • Display adverts via the advanced ad manager tool
  • Geo-targeting to display local listings
  • Custom field support for displaying custom information
  • Detailed dashboard for site management and revenue reports
  • Additional modules to upgrade your website
  • Useful documentation and responsive support to help you get started and maintain your site

You can view the full list of Crowd Vox features here.

Crowd Vox Pricing

Crowd Vox is a commercial website builder script available on three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $250 including 1 year of updates
  • Pro: $500 including 1 year of updates
  • Enterprise: $1,000 including lifetime of updates

The main differences between the Crowd Vox pricing plans is that the Pro and Enterprise options include the Events, Paid Listings, and Deals functionality, while the Starter plan does not.

You can view the full details and differences between the plans on the Crowd Vox pricing page.

Crowd Vox Review Summary

Crowd Vox is a powerful all-in-one tool for creating review and directory websites. You will need some technical skills to install the script – or find someone on a site like Fiverr or Upwork to install it for you.

However, once all is set up, you’ll have a powerful and feature rich directory website suitable for a wide range of projects.

The upfront price might be higher than you would pay to use WordPress and assembling a collection of free tools. However, in the end, you’ll probably save a lot of time, effort, and even money, going with an all-in-one off the shelf solution like Crowd Vox. Having just one point of contact should any problems arise will make your life much easier than having to work with lots of separate plugin and theme developers if there’s a problem with your self-assembled WordPress website.

If you’re creating an online reviews or directory website then Crowd Vox is well worth a closer look.

Find out more about Crowd Vox today

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