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Top 10 Social Engagement Platforms For Small Businesses

Top 10 Social Engagement Platforms for Small Businesses

Social engagement is not just for self-oriented purposes. The average customer is already familiar with social media, and will in one way or the other expect your website to have some sort of social media functionality to tell their friends, to become a follower, or simply to use social media to connect with you. Because of the vast array of types of communication that social media entails, it’s good to look at several alternative platforms that provide social engagement features at no cost, since who wants to pay for social media anyway.

For example, we can have social sharing widgets that enable our visitors to share our content, but if we want to go the extra mile, we can create our own social community by launching a discussion forum, or by utilizing a comments platform that enables social features and a much larger community of members. Social engagement platforms, as you will learn shortly, come in a variety of ways and each way offers something unique, something that can help bring you and your customers closer to each other.

If you operate as a freelancer, a small business owner, or simply someone who works with social media a lot and you are failing to find one of your favorite social media platforms on this list, please be so kind and leave a comment with your suggestion and we will do our best to expand the list and keep it frequently updated.


AddThis Personalize Your Marketing with Smart Data

What once used to be a simple social sharing widget, AddThis has grown and expanded over the years to include features like custom social media follow buttons, an extensive customer targeting platform that lets you target specific visitors with popups and recommendations, as well as a separate content recommendation plugin that you can use to expose your readers to more of your content, and all tools are free to get started with. Each tool comes equipped with an analytics platform which will help you better understand the impact that social media has on your business and/or website.



Launching a forum community is not something that everyone wishes to do, it’s a lot of maintenance work, as well as work to get the community active, but if you already have an established database of a few hundred customers, Discourse can be a great way to bring this community closer in a tightly sealed, yet modern, forum community using the latest web technology tools and libraries. Hundreds of businesses and even corporations are using Discourse to power their communities, and there is so much inspiration to be gained from.



Comments are an essential part of any website, and is one of the most social aspects of a website that utilizes content in any shape or form. Disqus has grown to become one of the most popular comment platforms on the web, and with features like global login system, social integration, and easy content exposure — it’s no wonder that millions rely on Disqus to share and engage in discussion with their community members.


Embedly makes your content more engaging and easier to share Embedly

In itself, social media is wonderful for exposing your content to a new audience, but sometimes you wish to do more than just expose the title of the post. Sometimes you wish to share a paragraph of important facts or good content, and not all social media platforms enable you to do so, especially not between two different websites. Embedly allows content creators to pull data from other sites and resources and display it in a simple and beautiful widget, not only does this create a social interaction between the two websites (authors), it also enables for the reader to have a more concise and enjoyable reading experience.



Flare is a social sharing widget platform that comes integrated with an analytical statistics platform that can report social sharing insights on each page individually, as well as give insight into the overall share ration, which then gives you an opportunity to compare your own content and see what works best in which situations.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar

Hello Bar has been one of the most successful social marketing products released in the recent couple of years, by using this website widget you’re able to add Notification Bar at the top of your website pages, which can be used to attract email subscribers, to promote your latest offers, to inform people about important news, or maybe to simply share a funny joke that would lighten up the day for your visitors. Hello Bar is the ultimate social engagement platform for marketers, business owners, and bloggers alike.


Livefyre The Leading Content Marketing and Engagement Platform

Livefyre’s content marketing and engagement platform helps companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation, content and advertising. Livefyre, the leading social depth platform according to top industry analysts, gives marketers the tools they need to easily weave on-brand user-generated content into their own websites and other marketing experiences. Livefyre’s intuitive technology gives brands and publishers the ability to add social content to their branded websites, driving audience exploration of products and services that drive traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Nectar Ninja

Nectar Ninja

Do you run an active site? Do you need a way to promote cool stuff over the holiday season? Nectar Ninja is a twitter -> website notification platform that lets you post real-time notifications to your website, using their widget, by sending out a tweet with a specific hashtag of your own choice. An amazing widget for anyone who wishes to surprise their visitors (and customers), and would work out well with special promotional offers.


SnapWidget Instagram Widget

Instagram is gaining a lot of traction between the business community, so it only makes sense that you would want to learn about platforms that allow you to work with Instagram from devices outside of mobile. With SnapWidget, which is used by tens of thousands of users, you can easily embed your favorite Instagram content, or your profile, within your blog and website in just a couple of clicks. Save yourself some headache from having to use third-party libraries, and simply use this platform to take care of everything.


SumoMe The Best Website Traffic Tools

SumoMe has definitely become a household name for many. With an amazing number of free marketing tools, many of which are socially oriented, this marketing widget has become a standard for hundreds of thousands of businesses, startups, bloggers, and anyone else who operates a socially active website. The number of tools that SumoMe provides include social sharing options, a very popular email subscription widget that can be configured in a dozen different ways to maximize the overall conversion rates, a visitor heatmap tracking plugin that lets you record the activity of your site visitors in real time, and so many other nifty plugins that will increase the social engagement rate on your site by a significant margin.

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