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30 Best WordPress Themes For Healthy Life Websites 2019

30 Best WordPress Themes for Healthy Life Websites 2019

30 Best WordPress themes for healthy life websites will not only satisfy your aesthetic needs but also attract new visitors! All healthy life templates from this collection are ideal for small non-commercial blogs and personal sites for big companies connected with pharmaceutics and health preservation.

Let`s try to guess a riddle. What is the thing that can`t be bought, but can be instantly lost? It is the most precious gift that nature gives to humans. It should be protected because without it we are nothing… Of course, we are talking about health. Sooner or later we all start thinking about this important issue for a number of reasons. Those are longevity, beauty, and wellness. Sure, when we plan to lead a healthy lifestyle, we are looking for professionals who will help us to achieve our goals. And of course, we are looking for advice about healthy eating and physical activity on specialized websites. Thus dietitians, fitness trainers, and other professionals in this field have stunning opportunities to start their small business creating websites. Thematic can be quite different: losing weight, morning exercise videos, recipes of dietary dishes and s. o. The only thing in common is that they all need professional healthy life websites to attract new clients. In this case, our stunning collection of 30 healthy life WordPress themes is the best solution!

Planning to create your own healthy life website you should think about the design, and a good admin panel to run it. One more important question is the direction. If you already thought it through, you should look at these awesome healthy life WordPress themes. They have ready laid-out designs with all the necessary attributes of quality health templates. 30 Healthy life WordPress themes also have photos of excellent quality, subpages with a clear structure, and easy to navigate credit default text content. Plugins and developed WordPress administrative panel will help you to diversify the functionality of the engine and to manage your health website in the most professional way.

Are you still reading? It`s high time to try them out and to see all the advantages of these of 30 healthy life WordPress themes with your own eyes!

Shining Dentistry WordPress Site

This dentistry WordPress site can become a dream-come-true for those who want to have a radiant dazzling smile.

 Dentistry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sunny Beach Volleyball Club WordPress Website

Sunny-yellow background of this WordPress theme is the best solution for summer sports templates. Cheerful images create an atmosphere of good luck and happiness.

 Beach Volleyball Club WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Juicy Food & Drink WordPress Theme

Big picture background and colorful fruit images of this template appeal to our taste and evoke the desire to try them all!

 Food & Drink Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Aromatic Tea Shop WordPress Template

What can be better than a cup of fragrant tea in the morning or after a hard working day? Only this awesome teashop template!

 Skeuomorphism Tea Shop WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Active Tennis WordPress Site

This tennis WordPress theme will help you to keep fit and to be always in motion.

 Tennis Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Simple Optometrist’s WordPress Website

if you are a real professional examining body for optometry and working for the public benefit – this professional template is just for you.

 Optometrist's Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Stunning Fitness WordPress Theme

Sound mind in a sound body. This template is crated for those who praise their look and wellness.

 Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Extremal Cycling WordPress Template

Cycling is not only a kind of transport. If it is your recreation, sport or even a lifestyle – this theme is just for you.

 Cycling Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Spicy Food Store WordPress Site

Do you like hot sauces, spices & related food? Then it is your template.

 Food Store Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cheerful Dental Clinic WordPress Website

This theme is clearly subdivided. So, you will be able to create different rubrics for your studies, diagnoses, and treatments.

 Dental Clinic WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sailing and Yachting WordPress Theme

Perfect theme for those who want to feel ocean breeze in the hair and to breathe fresh salty air with the full lungs.

 Yachting Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Risky Active Sports WordPress Template

Do you know the feeling of adrenaline overflowing your body? Not yet? Then you have to try it with this active sports WordPress theme.

 Active Sports WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Welcoming Medical WordPress Theme

Usually people are afraid of doctors. This welcoming template will help you to dispel all their fears.

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Water Filter WordPress Template

White background of this WordPress template will not distract your visitors` attention from the main content. Nice pictures and unobtrusive design will help them to find all the necessary information at once.

 Water Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Daring Baseball WordPress Site

Baseball is a game adored by millions of fans. And your baseball website will have the same success with this winning WordPress theme.

 Baseball Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Best Ecologically Pure Meat WordPress Website

If you are offering the meat of cattle grown in ecologically clean areas like upland pastures, you should show it to your visitors. This WordPress template is the most convincing solution.

 Ecologically Pure Meat WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Exclusive Boating WordPress Theme

Boating in rivers and oceans without knowing the tides is extremely dangerous for you and your guests. This WordPress theme will be their safe-guide in those ventures.

 Boating WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Effective Weight Loss WordPress Template

This WordPress template is ideal for posting weight loss tips and step by step guides that make healthy eating and exercise easier.

 Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Harmonious Yoga WordPress Site

This template can be your great way to quiet the chatter of daily life.

 Yoga Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Natural Olive Oil WordPress Website

This olive oil template will help you to enjoy the healthy gifts of nature.

 Olive Oil WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Popular Basketball WordPress Theme

This template can be perfect for posting news, features, multimedia, player profiles, chat transcripts, schedules and statistics. That will help your visitors to be aware of all sport news and popular events.

 Basketball Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Beach Volleyball WordPress Template

Thanks to its high functionality, this theme will allow you to show elite pro beach players competing in the most exciting laces.

 Flat Volleyball WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Unforgettable Surfing WordPress Site

Enjoy some of the best waves in the world with this fantastic surfing template.

 Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fishing Club WordPress Website

Combine useful and pleasant and give an unforgettable pastime for your visitors with this fishing club WordPress theme.

 Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Caring Medical WordPress Theme

No more pain and wounds. Using this professional medical theme you will give help and care to all in need.

 Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fresh Cafe WordPress Template

This simple and interesting template is created for those who eat to live (not live to eat) and choose only the best healthy food and drinks.

 Cafe Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Powerful Bodybuilding WordPress Site

How to get a massive body? How to build up a bulky, powerful physique? This WordPress template will help your visitors to find the answers.

 Bodybuilding Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pure Water Filter WordPress Website

We use water filter systems to protect our families from fluoride, chlorine and contaminants. Show your clients how to do it quickly and easy.

 Water Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Winning Sport WordPress Theme

This template will become the most winning promotion for your sport site.

 Sport Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Leading Juice Manufacturer WordPress Template

Make your company one of the most preferred business hubs across the globe with this professional WordPress theme.

 Juice Manufacturer WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


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This Post Has 4 Comments
  1. Danielle Weiss says:

    I love a lot of these themes. I am looking for a theme for my blog and several of these would work well, only my blog is not solely one product or area. I cover healthy food and recipes, healthy living, essential oils, fitness, and do-it-yourself, as well as discussion topics about toxins in our foods, water, air, household products, personal care products, etc. Do you have a theme that would work well with all of these areas? Please feel free to check out my blog for a better idea (it’s a work in progress).

    1. Danielle,

      You are now using Twenty Twelve WordPress theme which is a very simple blog theme. For some better looking blog themes you might want to check this theme collection. These themes are going to work well for health related blog as well.

  2. I’m a distributor of health products: skin care, supplements, toilettries, etc. Which theme can I use for my blog?

    1. Any of these will work for a medical website. For blogs you can use any of these. While most of them doesn’t have medical related demos you can be sure that they will work as medical templates once you change your images and add your own articles.

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