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16 Fantastic Paid WordPress Booking Plugins 2018

16 Fantastic Paid WordPress Booking Plugins 2018

You might be owning a chain of hotels, or you are a coach, with any of the top paid WordPress booking plugins, you can save yourself a lot of time and work. Plus, be very eco-friendly, avoiding all the paper stuff. No need to browse the web anymore if you would like to introduce your very own booking or appointment system to your website.

Notice: For new business owners and professional individuals, do yourself a favor and look into WordPress business themes with integrated booking forms. In short, they offer you an all-in-one solution for your ultimate online appearance.

By offering to book straight from your website, clients can quickly check when you or your services are available. They can schedule the right date without the need to calling you in advance. Let’s face it, giving a call is not that trendy anymore. Plus, it may take longer compared to picking and clicking on the right dates and hitting the Book Now button. We are all in a hurry lately.

With a powerful booking plugin for your WordPress business site, you will also have everything in order. If you were using your precious notebook so far, have you considered modernizing your business? You will save even more paper and never forget about your next appointment. Get notifications via email and always be fully prepared. Say no to chaos.

In case you would just like to test the waters, there are a whole bunch of free WordPress booking plugins available for you. Start there if you would like, but if you are an established business, paid version would be a better option.

With WordPress and all the plugins and extensions that are available on the market, you can have almost entire business automatized. Let tools and software do the hard work for you.


Avoid sticky notes and give everyone a chance to book your services throughout the entire day (and night) by using a simple, flexible and manageable WordPress booking plugin, Amelia. You only need one tool to automize your entire appointment bookings regardless of the industry you operate in. Fitness centers, beauty and hair salons, consultancy, dentists, the list goes on and on. In short, when there is a need for an online booking system, Amelia is your best bet.

With Amelia, you will show every potential customer how professional you are across all chapters of your business. The plugin smoothly integrates into your website, is effortless to use and makes managing and maintaining all your bookings child’s play. There are also different front- and back-end demos at your disposal to save you even more time. You are short moments away to changing your business and scaling it above and beyond with Amelia.

More info / Download Demo


booked appointment booking wordpress
Booked is a highly popular WordPress plugin that will take care of all of your appointment and reservation needs. It is simple and goes straight to the point with a stunning calendar that you can adjust to your website’s design. Let it follow your branding precisely and make it blend beautifully into your layout. On your website, you can add as many calendars as you would like with different custom fields. What you can also do is to assign booking agents to each calendar so they can handle the appointments. Just look at a hair salon for an example. There can be three hairdressers working there. Having three different calendars assigned to each, the client can pick the one they prefer most and book them for their next cut.

Booked is a flexible plugin which one can do many things with. Create custom time slots and allow visitors to book as guests, by using their name and email only. On the other hand, with a custom registration form customers can become members and get their own profile page from where they can manage their booking easily. The plugin also comes with a widget for you to place it anywhere on your website. Ready to move your bookings exclusively to the online space?

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Team Booking

team booking wordpress booking system
When it comes to adding a booking system to your website, there is no need to do it from scratch. You do not have to higher a developer to build it for you. Even if you have large amounts of budgets, that would not be necessary. Rather spend that money on your business growth and promotion.

Said that, with flexible paid WordPress booking plugins, you can have it done quickly and efficiently for a small investment. The plugin we will look into just now is Team Booking. One of its key features is the fact that it links to Google Calendar and uses the tool for planning the availability with it. In three simple steps, you’ll have it set up. First, you create an event in Google Calendar. Second, with the creation of an event, a free slot opens on your site’s calendar. And third, when someone books the slot, the event is updated immediately.

As an administrator, you can create as many services as you would like. Moreover, you can add and handle staff and, of course, adjust the plugin so it meets your business needs. Team Booking plugin works with shortcodes and gives you total freedom to expanding your page with a beautiful scheduling system.

More info / Download Demo


bookly booking and scheduling plugin
One solution that covers all of your bookings and appointments. It goes by the name, Bookly. Not only will you save time with it, you will also grow your business with it. Up until this point, you might be accepting new clients and schedule them only during your working hours. Well, on the web, working hours are 24/7/365. All there is you would need to do is to check the notification next day when you come back to the office. In the meantime, Bookly will do all the rest for you.

Fully automatize the reservations and let customers use Bookly’s smooth mobile integration to book on the go. Offer different services, set prices and give them an option to choose the expert they prefer. Speaking of mobile, you and your clients can receive notifications via SMS and email. Moreover, the plugin integrates with both WooCommerce and Google Calendar for even more options. With WooCommerce, you can use all its payment methods and with Google Calendar, you never, ever forget about the next session.

In just a few minutes, you will have Bookly installed and organized, not to mention, live on your page. And for those who need additional support, you all get an in-depth documentation where you have it all on paper. Plus, dedicated staff is always ready to help you out. Convinced yet?

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Event Booking Pro

event booking pro wp plugin
You might be hosting an event soon, but you do not know yet how to deal with all the attendees? Doing it via phone will probably take you a lot of time. Having them send you an email might cause mayhem. Hey, in between all the spam and other promotional emails, chances are, you will lose most of the important emails. Especially if we are talking about a large event, seminar or show. The best solution?

Event Booking Pro.

But you can go with other paid WordPress booking plugins from this list, too. It all depends on your personal preferences. Event Booking Pro is a feature rich and to the point plugin for event bookings. It covers online and offline payments, integrates coupons and gift cards as well. You can set different occurrences for the same event for the visitors to choose precisely what they plan to attend.

And the best part of it all? You have everything organized in a convenient way. While you deal with the organization, promotion and other whatnots, Event Booking Pro has you sorted with the bookings without you constantly being present.

Are you still missing your superb event page? Drop everything and jump to our collection of free event WordPress themes for festivals, shows and conferences.

More info / Download Demo

MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin

MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is the ultimate property rental system for WordPress. If you rent out hotel rooms, guest houses, inns, B&Bs or similar lodging establishments, this is one of the most solid and trusted solutions for your business. It’s a standalone plugin, namely, you are free to integrate it with any WordPress theme. If you are you using any popular OTA like Airbnb to rent out your accommodations, MotoPress Hotel Booking supports automatic synchronization with OTAs via iCal format – so, you can have all your properties listed on OTAs and on your brand website simultaneously without overbooking.

The plugin offers such options as: seasonal pricing and rates, automatic inventory control, flexible booking rules (e.g. blocking accommodations for certain periods of time, fixed departure and arrival times), selling extras and packages, complete taxes and fees info, discount coupons, complete payments history for tracking all financial data, and more. The system also handles all sorts of automatic email notifications – booking confirmation, cancellation, etc. for your guests and website administrators.

One more cool feature is online payments for bookings. They can be accepted via PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, Beanstream/Bambora or any other gateway available in WooCommerce Payments addon. Optionally, you may accept bookings without a payment (after arrival).

More info / Download Demo

Modern Events Calendar

modern events calendar scheduler booking for wordpress
Following the modern web standards and trends, Modern Events Calendar is a clean and elegant event and shows scheduler and booking. It is very appealing to the eye and creates a stunning addition to your website. However, Modern Events Calendar is not only about the looks. It is more about the excellent features mixed with a well refined design. You can check it in action by hitting the demo button below. There is a lot for you to go through which will be more than enough to persuade you to go with Modern Events Calendar and finally get the bookings part of your project in order.

MEC booking plugin for WordPress is compatible with PayPal, Google Calendar and Visual Composer. When using the famous page builder, drag and drop Modern Events Calendar into Visual Composer and build your website to your likings. Besides, MEC is also compatible with the majority of the most notable SEO plugins for you to have it all optimized for search engines.

What Modern Events Calendar also covers is multi-site readiness, event countdown and does not shy away from WooCommerce. There are also options to repeat the desired event and/or mark it as a never-ending one. You can use Modern Events Calendar for every occasion and then some.

More info / Download Demo


hbook hotel booking wordpress plugin
HBook is short for hotel booking WordPress plugin which comes handy for everyone offering accommodations. Even those in the motel, hostel, holiday apartment, campsite and the like businesses. You can easily tailor HBook to your needs and requirements. Existing businesses, feel free to integrate the plugin into your websites and have reservations all sorted out. Even if you are already using a software for bookings, it might not perform the best both for you the owner and the end user. Do not be afraid to upgrade with a first-class premium solution. As soon as you do it, you will find out how much you were missing.

A struggle-free booking and reservation solution for your businesses is HBook. Show casual visitors and returning guests your available dates with a modern calendar and let them book straight from your website. No need for phone calls, additional emails and extra paperwork anymore. It is all online, assembled and organized. Share table rates and let them complete the deal with a beautiful booking form. Make your hotel, hostel, motel or any other business in the industry appear even more professional on the web.

For every owner who does not have a website yet, take a look at our best hotel WordPress themes with booking system included.

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Booki is a catchy name for a WordPress booking plugin which comes great for appointments and reservations. As the official statement says, it is “the plugin that does the work.” To get the most out of a plugin, pick any from this batch and you will most definitely be satisfied with it. Of course, choose the right one according to your needs. Still, with the features and flexibility, you can easily do minor adjustments and have it ready for a different niche. When speaking about Booki, the plugin is no different. It comes with many goodies that you can take to your benefit and make your online scheduling business be of top-notch quality. For taxi, tickets and all the way to classes and all sorts of rentals, feel free to pick Booki and it will make it happen for you.

With Booki, you are not limited to the number of booking services nor service providers. There could be as many as you want. Service providers also get a stats page where they can quickly check the progress. As far as booking confirmation goes, you can let Booki do it automatically or you can approve/disapprove them manually, one at a time. Whether it is confirmation or cancellation, clients receive email notification either way. In the back-end, each booking is managed like an order over which the admin has total control of. This are just a few brief features of Booki for you to get the gist of it.

More info / Download Demo

WP Booking Calendar

wp booking calendar
Not only can your business grow, but it is also a lot simpler to maintain it with WP Booking Calendar plugin. It requires zero knowledge for the installation and setup process what makes it very user-friendly. Before you know it, fully working booking calendar is part of your website, ready to make you new business. It is very simple to work with and, design-wise, it is quite basic too, yet its features are powerful and practical. Exactly how you would want your web booking process to be executed. There is no need for the clutter.

The owner can create several services which he or she or their organization is offering. It is possible to create different timeframes for each day from Monday through Sunday. Per each time slot, admin can specify the exact number of available reservations. As many calendars as needed can be created of which each can have its own set of settings. Even after putting it together, it is possible to get back and edit things on the fly.

With WP Booking Calendar, it is possible to choose one of three ways how the booking confirmation is accomplished. Automatically, with email verification or administrator does it manually. Create bookings for different sports, your one-on-one consultations and even car rentals. As an example to the unlimited calendars feature, in the car rental case, each car can get its own table. Be always prepared with WP Booking Calendar.

More info / Download Demo

RnB – WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System

rnb woocommerce rental booking system
WooCommerce-based WordPress websites can sport their private booking and rental solution with RnB plugin. It is easy and it is efficient, perfect for everyone to implement it on their websites. Are you renting cars? Do you own a bike rental shop? Does your business entirely focus on renting apartments? Are you in need to find out how to handle the attendees for your forthcoming webinar? All your struggle and worry end now. Here is RnB, a paid WordPress booking plugin that flawlessly integrates into your website with full booking and rental assets.

To list all the amazing features of RnB, I would almost need to write a separate article. That said, I will focus on the integrations and one additional hot treat. RnB integrates with Google Calendar, supports email notifications and will not let you down when translating it. It is WPML ready. Moreover, full calendar order report is available to have an in-depth overview of each booking. Never lack information about each client and the reservation he or she just completed. And now about the hot treat. RnB also features a request for a quote feature which includes a full step by step process from the initial customer request to the final booking approval.

More info / Download Demo


wooevents calendar event booking
If you are familiar with WooCommerce already and if it happens that your website runs on it, WooEvents is an ideal tool for your events organization. There is nothing else you need for your business other than, of course, realizing the actual event. What you might know already is the fact that with a practical online booking software, you do not need to worry about one-on-one reservations. This is where WooEvents comes in handy. It comes with a calendar and all the necessities for a flawless internet reservation. Since it is fully responsive and mobile friendly, customers can use it on any device they want. The same goes for cart and checkout pages. In short, every client will undergo a fantastic user experience that is for sure.

To dig a little deeper into WooEvents WordPress booking plugin, we find that it includes quite a generous amount of features. Create events and sell tickets with help from WooCommerce. Offer various payment methods for clients who like paying with credit cards and those using online payment services.

Moreover, WooEvents supports Visual Composer and will make editing and configuration uncomplicated. You can also export all attendees info in a CSV file. When someone places an order, WooEvents sends out a PDF invoice with a barcode. If you are living in a non-English speaking country, feel free to translate text and localize WooEvents. There is just so much you can do with paid WordPress booking plugins, like WooEvents.

More info / Download Demo

Webba Booking

webba booking appointment booking for wordpress
Can you optimize time? Of course you can. That should not even be a question. There are tools available that help you do it and take care of part of your business. For service providers which require appointment system, Webba Booking plugin is one of many options that you can apply to your business. It comes beneficial for both you, the owner, and the end client. It is a comfortable solution to achieving full organization of your bookings and appointments. But it also creates a pleasant experience for those interested in scheduling your services.

Webba Booking allows you to customize the design of the booking form and make it follow your website precisely. There are even 79 presets available for you to use them out of the box or further improve on them. You can add custom fields to the form, Webba Booking integrates with Contact Form 7 and you can change texts. The booking system you are about to create for your website will be fully responsible, for finishing bookings from everywhere. Webba Booking can send the appointments information straight to Google Calendar and accepts online payments via PayPal. Regarding payments, whatever currency PayPal supports, you, too, support it on your website.

The paid WordPress booking plugin, Webba Booking, is fully equipped with notifications. It takes care of familiarizing the customer and the administrator about every booking. Not only that, it automatically sends out a reminder one day before the appointment. CSV export is also available for those who would want to print appointments.

More info / Download Demo

Car Wash Booking System For WordPress

car wash booking system for wordpress
Do you need something more specific? Something niche oriented, powerful and customizable? If you are into car wash business and you own one, let clients enjoy the reservation process directly from your website. With the Car Wash Booking System For WordPress, calls and emails are a thing of the past. Calls to the noisy car wash shops are no more. Let your website and a flexible plugin take care of your clients. All there is you need to check is the notifications you receive and have it all organized in the admin panel.

Configuring Car Wash Booking System For WordPress will be easy as pie. Before you know it, the online reservation system is ready on your website to take fresh and existing clients. The plugin supports coupons, PayPal and Stripe as payment options and cross-browser compatibility. There are a lot of features available, from setting booking slots per minute and confirmation emails to displaying when you have breaks and creating booking system based on the location. But these are just a handful of characteristics. Your car wash gets on a whole new level of professionalism with a solid booking system.

To build yourself a stunning website for your car wash, check out the best automotive WordPress themes.

More info / Download Demo


cleanto appointment booking software for cleaning maintenance businesses
Businesses like house and office cleaning, handyman and plumbing services, painting and the like, do you have your booking sorted? If you are keeping it old-school, writing it all down in a notebook, you do not have to anymore. Not only does it save you time, with your pro-level online appearance, you can easily become the top player in your industry. To add one of the most useful features to your website, booking, consider Cleanto. Clients can hire you from the comfort of their mobile phones in just a few click. And you, you have it all as organized as ever.

Cleanto has all the needed and a whole bunch more features that your business can take to its advantage. Custom price calculations, one page booking (quick bookings!), partial deposit and coupon discounts to start with. You have full control over the design and can tailor it to meet your branding to a T. Users can create an account which comes very helpful if they plan to work with you in the future. However, booking as a guest is possible, too. Display a weekly or monthly schedule, offering recurring discounts and make sure to get them familiar with when your lunch break is.

More info / Download Demo

Salon Booking WordPress Plugin

salon booking wordpress plugin
Salon Booking WordPress plugin is not a multipurpose tool like some form the list of our paid WordPress booking plugins are. This product is exclusive to niches like barber shops, clinics and therapists, spas and wellness centers and even equipment rentals. A very straightforward plugin to add to your website and start growing your business. There are a lot of customization options available for creating custom looks which beautifully blend with your page and branding.

Among many features that Salon Booking WordPress Plugin sports, SMS notifications is one of my favorite. It sends information, followups and reminders to users, admins and assistants. However, for those who want to keep things email-only, the same can be executed via emails. It all comes down to the what you fancy.

Booking plugin for salons is mobile-friendly and synchronizes with Google Calendar two way. From the plugin to the calendar and vice versa. You can set multiple booking rules for the salon, each assistant and every service your business offers. Have a variety for the customer to have a broader specter of options. Some would only like to trim their hair while the others would like to get the hair color done and shave by the assistant, Sally.

More info / Download Demo


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