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The Best 18 WordPress Autoblogging Plugins 2020

If you’re managing a blog, you’ll be aware how difficult it is to post fresh content regularly. Relevant and valuable content is necessary for a blog to have good readership. Sometimes, when you want to ease up on writing fresh articles, you can resort to autoblogging. If you have an aggregator website, you can completely automate content creation and publishing. WordPress autoblogging plugins can help you to find quality content for your site on complete autopilot. They are helpful tools to create a niche website, where a user can find articles from multiple sites relating to the same niche at one place.

An autoblog is any website that automatically pulls content from other sources using RSS or other feeds and publishes them. There’s also a negative connotation to the word as many content scrapers and spam blogs use this method. However, it’s also possible to use autoblogging to create genuine blogs that are profitable, such as a curated website that collects information on specific subjects and presents it in an easy-to-read manner. An autoblog is ideal as an intranet for any organization or as a private blog.

Creating fresh content on a regular basis is difficult work requiring time, effort, and research. Autoblogging plugins can help find fresh content to present readers with something new to read every day. However, you should take care that you’re not infringing any copyrights, especially if you’re using it for a publicly available blog. As always, we’ll take a look at both free and premium autoblogging plugins.

Free Plugins

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is a popular and easy-to-use RSS feed aggregator plugin for WordPress. With the plugin active on your blog, you can aggregate as many feeds as you want from multiple sources. Not only that; you can also stagger the feeds to optimize performance.

WordPress Autoblogging Plugins WP RSS Aggregator

Without knowing the exact URL of a source, you can find content using auto discovery. Using a shortcode, you can then display the feed anywhere on your site. The feed items can be displayed using the display function of your theme. You can adjust the settings to import feed items with specific titles and set the limits on the number and age of items, as well as the update interval on a per source basis.

When it comes to display, you can choose to link back to the original posts, select the way in which the links open—new window, popup, and lightbox, and opt to hide the date and author of each post. The plugin enables users to open YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo videos directly, and you can even blacklist select feeds. Moreover, the plugin is multilingual-ready.

In addition, a number of premium add-ons let you do things like display job listings and import YouTube videos. The plugin is a good fit if you’ll be working with multiple feeds as it allows you to manage each feed individually.

More info / Download


RSSImport is a lightweight and straightforward WordPress plugin that uses standard WordPress functionality to help display feeds on your blog. After installing the plugin, you need to use a shortcode, a widget, or a PHP function to make it work. It helps to keep your blog active all the time by pulling in feeds and displaying them on your blog.

The plugin allows you to customize using shortcodes, and the many parameters in the shortcodes make the plugin quite flexible. To parse feeds, you’ll need to make a simple adjustment to enable the built-in SimplePie library.

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WPeMatico is an easy-to-use autoblogging plugin that helps automatically create posts from RSS or Atom feeds. The user interface is similar to that of the WordPress post editor, so you can mange your feeds in a familiar environment. You can use categories to manage your feeds.


The plugin uses native WordPress functions to process images and supports multiple categories, tags, and feeds. The auto discovery feature allows you to add feeds even without knowing the exact URL. Moreover, you can publish in any public WordPress custom post type, status, and format. Any image from among the first three images in the post can double as the featured image. You can also choose to upload only the featured image and ignore the others. Images and other media files can be uploaded as attachments to posts, and you can upload remote images or simply link to the source. It supports the rewriting of phrases and is multilingual-ready.

A professional add-on includes features to parse and filter feed items, filters for featured and other images, automatic tag generation, insertion of custom fields with every post, and much more.

More info / Download


feedzy rss feeds wordpress autoblogging plugin
Whoever out there is looking to create an excellent RSS feed for their website, FEEDZY RSS Feeds Lite is one of the plugins to consider. You can benefit from its outstanding RSS aggregator and autoblogging functionality and form an experience like none out there. With this WordPress autoblogging plugin, you can fetch the best content from all around the web and create a feed so dope no one will be able to resist it.

Of course, there is also the pro version of the plugin available which brings to the table even more goodies. Not only is FEEDZY RSS Feeds Lite quick to install and simple to use, but the outcome also looks appealing to the eye. The feed will be fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, working on all devices and platforms like a dream.

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WP Content Pilot

wp content pilot wordpress autoblogging plugin
Instead of you creating all the content for your website, you can let WP Content Pilot do the hard work for you. This WordPress autoblogging plugin runs on auto-pilot, publishing fresh and compelling content to your blogs 24/7. Once you set things up, you can forget about it and keep WP Content Pilot delivering the material that will engage your visitors. Quick hint, you can also use the tool for affiliate marketing.

In just a few short steps, you can have WP Content Pilot live and running full-tilt. First, you install and activate it. Second, you set the desired keyword and feed links which WP Content Pilot will use to fetch content. Third, pick from campaign types, like feed, article, Envato, Flickr and YouTube. Four, set up frequency and target. And fifth, WP Content Pilot goes on the hunt for the articles and even attaches your affiliate ID to them.

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Auto Post Scheduler

auto post scheduler wordpress autoblogging plugin
Auto Post Scheduler is a WordPress autoblogging plugin with a twist. To be frank with you, Auto Post Scheduler is a post scheduler which works with both new and old content. That said, you can keep your blog looking fresh all the time even if you have not published a fresh article in a while. So far, you were probably setting up post schedule manually. Well, from now on, you can set it up in advance and forget about it.

Auto Post Scheduler works fantastically well especially when it comes to importing loads of different content. You can start publishing posts with Auto Post Scheduler at any frequency you choose. After you go through the settings, which just happen to be very beginner-friendly, you can start seeing Auto Post Scheduler do its work immediately after.

More info / Download

AccessPress Anonymous Post

accesspress anonymous post wordpress autoblogging plugin
AccessPress Anonymous Post is something slightly different compared to all the WordPress autoblogging plugins you find on this list. Instead of you setting up rules and letting the machines do the work, it’s other folks who are interested in publishing articles on your page that make it happen. For instance, AccessPress Anonymous Post is a fantastic tool that lets guest bloggers create articles on the front-end. Hence the name, they could be members of your blog or even those who are not logged in, anyone can create a post for your page. Besides, they can even attach a featured image.

When it comes to AccessPress Anonymous Post, the features are numerous. Speaking of which, the plugin allows tags, category selection, title, author and URL. It also sends the admin a notification once they submit the article for manual approval. While the free version of AccessPress Anonymous Post already sports a ton of amenities, the pro version is also available.

More info / Download

Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription is quite different from the other plugins on this list. It allows your readers to choose to subscribe to category-specific feeds on your blog. They can subscribe to each category separately.

Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

In the settings page of the plugin, you’ll see the list of categories from which you can select. You can also opt for up to eight custom categories and set links to external sources. These features make the plugin ideal for you if your blog covers a wide range of topics and if you want to allow your readers to select categories to subscribe to. You can also guide them to other links that are of interest to them.

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CyberSyn is lightweight and aggregates and curates content for WordPress sites. What takes it a notch higher than other plugins is that it allows you to import full-text articles. What’s more, this convenient feature is built into the plugin and can be used without any API keys or third-party services. It automatically generates posts from RSS feeds.


Once you enable the option to embed videos, the plugin will help you embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion and other feeds right into your posts, along with descriptions. It generates featured images from post images or media attachments. It also allows you to upload images to the server and to translate articles from and to a hundred languages.

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Premium Plugins

With so many free plugins available, it may seem unnecessary to look for premium options. However, some WordPress users may prefer premium plugins for the additional features they offer, as well as for the greater support levels.


Autoblog uses RSS feeds to repost content from multiple blogs to one place. Using this plugin, you can completely automate posting to your WordPress blog or website, including multisites. You’ll not need to mess with code; you need to simply identify suitable blogs to source content from and paste a feed URL. Thereafter, Autoblog will start importing content to your blog. You can import content from YouTube and Facebook as well and schedule your WordPress to auto publish the posts.


The plugin helps to identify suitable content by using filters, can link back to original posts, and strips image tags from images. You can set categories, tags, and custom author information. Scheduling imports, replacing author information, and opening post links in a popup are some of the other features that are included. Not only that, but it also offers you a number of add-ons to use original featured images, auto tweet, or embed videos.

The Autoblog plugin comes free with the membership package from WPMU DEV, though there’s a 30-day free trial available.

More info / Purchase

WP Robot

WP Robot is among the top-selling WordPress autoblogging plugins. It allows you to start building your blog automatically and enhances it by drip feeding fresh and regular content. Packages start at $99 for the Basic Plan that allows you to source content from 32 sites for use on any three sites.

WP Robot

The plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and offers flexibility in finding feeds depending on your niche or keyword. Another nice feature is that it allows the insertion of affiliate links from eBay, Amazon, and many other affiliate sources automatically into your posts. This means that you’ll be able to make money on complete autopilot. The plugin also offers powerful templates and automatic translation and is regularly updated, having undergone about 80 major updates since its release in 2009.

More info / Purchase


FEEDZY RSS Feeds uses shortcodes, and you can add RSS feeds wherever you wish from the WordPress editor. Once active, you simply have to click on the FEEDZY icon on the post or page where you want to add the feed. From the popup window, you can customize the post. Thereafter, copy the shortcode that is generated into any post, page, or custom post type that you want.


You can filter articles using keywords as well as post your feeds as widgets. The plugin is easy to use and, at the same time, allows for some customization. The feeds are also cached automatically, so website speed is not affected. Besides, it includes the affiliate and referral ID to the feed links.

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Youtubomatic is a new plugin that will be particularly helpful if you’re a video blogger. When this plugin is active on your website, it can automatically import videos from YouTube and post them to WordPress using the YouTube native API. Once you enable this feature, you can upload a video to your channel from YouTube merely by linking to it.


You can import both the posts and the comments on YouTube to provide engaging content on your blog. The plugin cuts down on duplicate content with some advanced features, like a random sentence generator and text synonymizer that make your post different from the source. The text spinner support enhances SEO value. Google bots are likely to treat the content generated by this plugin as unique for search purposes. You can define the rules based on which posts are generated and search for content using filters and options.

Shortcodes are available to include videos in a post to display a list of videos suggested by a keyword-based search or to display videos from a playlist.

More info / Purchase

Video Blogster Pro

Video Blogster Pro is a full autoblogging solution that allows you to add and schedule any number of video feeds to automatically create new content. Each video is imported as a new post with its own title, description, tag, category, author, and comments, so SEO is taken care of. You save on bandwidth because the videos are embedded in your post, not streamed. What’s unique about this plugin is that whenever a video is removed from an original site, the post that includes the embedded video is automatically flagged.

Video Blogster Pro

The plugin supports all WordPress oEmbed players, is easy to use, and allows a good amount of customization. You can source videos using keyword phrases and filters and order results by date, relevance, rating, view count, and more. Many ready-made templates are available for layout besides numerous options to import and process the videos. It ensures that there’s no duplicate content and works seamlessly with WordPress to create posts, sort into categories, and use the date of publication as the date of the posts. The plugin is a good fit for big projects.

More info / Purchase

AutoBlog Iframe Extension

autoblog iframe extension wordpress autoblogging plugin
You can now take content curation to a whole different level with the implementation of AutoBlog Iframe Extension. In short, this WordPress auto blogging plugin helps you showcase other websites’ content on your page in an iframe. For your information, AutoBlog Iframe Extension keeps your header, footer and ads intact. If this is the type of auto blogging approach that you would like to take, now you know how to make it happen without really needing to sweat.

Moreover, due to the iframe that AutoBlog Iframe Extension creates, there is no duplicate content penalty that you can face. In other words, when you use AutoBlog Iframe Extension, your SEO will not, in any way, be impacted negatively. Avoid the auto blogging that the majority practice and step things up a few notches with the use of AutoBlog Iframe Extension plugin.

More info / Purchase

WP Auto Poster

wp-auto poster wordpress autoblogging plugin
Once you already have hundreds or thousands of posts published or even if you are starting afresh, with WP Auto Poster, you can help yourself save time and energy. It is a great plugin that will offer a helping hand when it comes to scheduling and republishing posts, keeping your blog always fresh and alive. Even if you leave for vacation and you do not plan to work on your blog much, WP Auto Poster will still keep things operating in the background for you.

With WP Auto Poster, you can publish several drafts per day, recycle old posts, change tags and categories, remove sticky posts after a particular timeframe and publish promotional posts during specific events and holidays. Of course, you can customize the rules and tailor them to your needs precisely.

More info / Purchase


etsyomatic wordpress autoblogging plugin
Etsyomatic, as the name suggests, is a WordPress auto blogging plugin that turns your website into an Etsy affiliate. If you run a DIY blog or a general blog about handmade and craft products, with Etsyomatic, you can now push amazing goods from creatives from all over the globe. This plugin helps you create posts with your Etsy referral ID in them. With little work necessary, you can publish a ton of posts on a daily basis and help potential buyers find the right products.

Etsyomatic comes with an array of features that will help you make it work for you exactly how you want. Some come in the form of custom URL redirect, automatic text generation with Text Spinner, specifying post status, automatically generating featured images and hiding link using link shortener.

More info / Purchase

WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin is another premium plugin that helps you target and find content from various sources, like Amazon and Walmart products, YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion videos, Feeds posts, eBay auctions, Flickr and Instagram Images, Pinterest pins, Reddits, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds, iTunes podcasts, Envato items, and SoundCloud.

WordPress Automatic plugin

When it comes to articles, the plugin can extract categories and tags, as well as specific parts of original articles, and convert parts of articles into complete posts. There are options to strip all links before publishing, set post status to draft or published, exclude words and phrases, translate content before posting, and automatically set featured images. You can adjust the settings so as to skip posts without images, non-English posts, and duplicate titles. It supports multisites and adds custom fields to the posts automatically. These fields can contain details like title, author, content, image, price, and rating.

More info / Purchase

To Wrap Up

Autoblogging is a nice way to collate information and to present them to readers in a single place. It allows readers to simply consume content without having to search for it. You can combine autoblogging with some quality affiliate WordPress themes to increase traffic to your site and make money through ads and affiliate links. These blogs need very little by way of maintenance. Using a great WordPress theme for your blog can help, too. Autoblogging keeps your blog active all the time and makes sure that your readers have something new to read each time they visit your site.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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