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4 Easy-To-Use WooCommerce Membership Plugins 2020

In blogs or websites, we need to have some user registration and such to be able to make our viewers enjoy their stay on our websites. For this reason, we might need to include WooCommerce Membership Plugins for our sites. Having a membership registration would allow users to feel more personal and more related to your website as they create their own identity.

It would establish staying and keeping the stay through having some usernames and passwords as they join your blogs. It also allows you as a website admin or user to manage those who view your website and have them documented as your viewers or subscribers as also a way of getting to know them. In online marketing, it would allow them to establish a connection and continuous rapport with the products you sell online.

Four Best WooCommerce Membership Plugins For Subscriptions

Below are some of the membership plugin for WooCommerce that you might include on your websites.

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

Responsive WooCommerce Membership Plugins

This WooCommerce Membership Plugin is perfect for blogs which would require a lot of users to register with as it allows you to have an unlimited user to register with your database. Commonly, membership plugin does have tis maximum limitation of number of users that they do facilitate for users, but for this one you could have registered your viewers as much as they want. Users can join the website through purchasing a product and wherein it also allows them to establish the registration as a member, through the membership plan. It also notifies them on their respective emails about their membership end date, and important information in regards to their membership on you WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce Membership Plugin Key Features

  1. Unlimited membership registration.
  2. Establish membership plans through purchasing products.
  3. Automatically assign products with members.
  4. Assign users to a specific membership plan with no limit of number.
  5. Assign termination date for the membership.
  6. Limit access to users under specified condition.
  7. Limit access to users with or without specific membership plan.
  8. Redirect users to a private and exclusive content.
  9. Set products to not be purchased for users who are assigned as restricted.
  10. Sends email and reminder notification to users automatically regarding the membership plan.
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WooCommerce User Registration Plugin

Fucntional WooCommerce Membership Plugins

Controlling and managing is important feature in membership management. This WooCommerce Membership Plugin allows you to have a customizable user registration platform field for WooCommerce. It also allows admins to enable or disable the WooCommerce default registration fields. Speaking about more in control and management, most of its function are more on the management side on controlling the user’s membership on the website. It is traditional in a sense that it would be hassle on the member’s part to the in all the needed information. On the other hand, it is highly hands-on and customizable to the admins part. If your focus is on how to make your membership plugin more hands on and easy to control and manipulate, this plugin would work for you.

WooCommerce User Registration Plugin Key Features

  1. Adding of customized registration fields.
  2. Allowing only the active users to log in.
  3. Blocking and limiting users to login.
  4. Creating customizable roles for users.
  5. Approving and rejecting registration for users.
  6. Has multiple registration.
  7. Managing the customized email notifications.  
  8. Notifying users via email if account is disabled, activated and accepted.
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WooCommerce Registration Plugin, Enable Default WooCommerce Fields

Simple WooCommerce Membership Plugins

Basic things are the onset of invention. Without basic necessity, we would never know what we need more and where foundations to begin with. Talking about basic things, this plugin could provide you a basic membership registration plugin would ever provide. As they say we all start off from the basics. Some of the basic features of WooCommerce Membership Plugin are:

  1. Customize the label.
  2. Putting placeholder texts.
  3. Assign fields to be mandatory.
  4. Sort the organization of each fields.
  5. Set the design through width and height.
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WooCommerce Membership

User-Friendly WooCommerce Membership Plugins

For a membership plugin that is specifically dedicated to WooCommerce alone, this WooCommerce Membership Plugin allows you to have online memberships through WooCommerce. It specifically has a feature to limit the access and pages view on your website. Its key features are divided into three important segments.

Membership user management

  1. Unlimited creation of online membership plans (e.g. Silver Membership, Golden Membership etc.)
  2. Adding or removing members through the admin interface.
  3. Connecting membership plans and assigning them to members manually and automatically.
  4. Postpone membership applications.

Managing the WooCommerce products

  1. Set a WooCommerce product to a membership plan.
  2. Assign a number of membership plans for access for purchasing a product.
  3. Set expiration time for a membership plan to stop membership payment.
  4. Automatic cancellation of membership when the product order is canceled.

User restriction and access

  1. Restrict access to post or page including the WordPress blogposts.
  2. Assign to granting access members.
  3. Specify access with each membership plans.
  4. Removing posts from uses that has been restricted access with to be removed from the whole lists and menus as well.
  5. Securing the posts or pages by having a one bulk editing feature and functionality.
  6. Has an embedded built-in access restriction short codes for access control.
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Key Takeaway

Being a member in a group or just by being a part of something allows you to establish your connection, trust and familiarity. In terms of documentation, nowadays it has now become easy to document people’s names just by through online.

Back then we needed scribes to document things, names and places but now it has become easy—all thanks to technology. Knowing what membership plugin, you’re going to use would help you a lot by knowing its purpose first and its use so that you could easily integrate it on your website.

There are lots of WooCommerce Membership Plugins which are remarkable for their features that one can use one plugin for a short period of time and then later on change into a new one. It is important to know what fits in to your purpose right now so that you could use the membership plugin as good as it could be.

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