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Awesome WooCommerce Extensions to Extend Functionality: Part II

WooCommerce Extensions
1. Awesome WooCommerce Extensions to Extend Functionality: Part I
2. Awesome WooCommerce Extensions to Extend Functionality: Part II
3. Awesome WooCommerce Extensions to Extend Functionality: Part III

This is Part II of the three-part series of articles on awesome WooCommerce extensions that you can add to your website.

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform for online stores on WordPress websites. To add many unique functions to a WooCommerce store, a number of extensions are available. The first article covers product pricing, product selection and display, and printing and invoicing.

This second article takes a look at extensions under the following categories:

  • social media
  • marketing
  • payments

You can read Part I here.

Social Media

With some extensions, you can use the power of social media to power your WooCommerce website. Social media influences buying patterns and affects the purchasing decisions of customers in a big way. The extensions below will help you tap into this potential.

WooCommerce Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login allows users to check in via their social media accounts. A user will not have to remember another username and password. Most social account holders usually stay signed in to their social accounts, so logging into the website is just a click away.

WooCommerce Social Login

If you are an account holder, you will receive the registration details by email and will have the ease of a one-click registration. You can integrate the store’s customer accounts with the social accounts of the customers. The users will be redirected after they log in through their social media accounts. The social accounts are tied to WordPress user accounts, and even if the social account is discontinued, the user can still access the account.

A shortcode will help you place the login button on any page, and a widget will help you insert it in any widget area.

As a majority of the customers prefer to sign in with their social media accounts, conversion rates are likely to be higher. The extension costs $39, and it entitles you to six months of free support and future updates. For $11.70 more, you can extend support to 12 months.


StoreYa is a free extension, although premium plans are available. It works by importing your WooCommerce store into your Facebook page. This way, it is a little different from other social media plugins. You can customize the web store to fit into Facebook while retaining the feel of your store or brand.

StoreYa 1

StoreYa offers a number of ways in which you can improve the sales of your products. Group deals, scratch and win, InstaGallery, Like Box, and tabs for other social media accounts will keep up the buyer interest in your products. However, all this will be done from the back office of Facebook and not from your WordPress Admin. So, keep in mind that you do not have much control over this. However, it has the advantage of reaching out to your customers in a personal way and may promote customer loyalty.

Users have also provided feedback that the extension is not totally free but is free only for a certain period or for a limited number of products, after which you will be required to pay. So, be cautious, and check out the premium plans before you try out this plugin.

WooCommerce Instagram

WooCommerce Instagram will help to showcase your products directly on mobile devices using the interface and filters of Instagram. You can display Instagram photographs arranged in a grid on your website and tag it with a specific hashtag. This will also give customers an idea on how to use your products.

Final WooCommerce InstaGram

Setting up this extension is easy, and you have to simply connect your WordPress account to Instagram and add a hashtag to each product that you wish to display on Instagram. Your customers can also post their pictures of your products under the same hashtag, creating a photo gallery and following for your product. This is free advertisement for your product.

Purchase this plugin from WooThemes for a price ranging from $29 to $129.


With most customers shopping online, marketing efforts have also shifted to the online platform. Email marketing is emerging as one of the surest ways to reach a target audience. The extensions below will help in your online marketing efforts.

WooChimp—WooCommerce MailChimp Integration

For the integration of MailChimp with your WooCommerce store, simply use WooChimp. In an instant, you will have a powerful marketing tool perfect for email marketing. All customers will be added to MailChimp automatically. While checking out, customers can have the option of signing up. You can group your subscribers and track the performance of any campaign. Not only that, you can also make multiple mailing lists, merge tags, and webhooks.

MailChimp final

WooChimp links your WooCommerce to your merchant’s MailChimp account, so all customer data are immediately available to MailChimp. You can send emails to appropriate groups at set times with automatic triggers. Auto response for frequently asked questions, promotional coupons, getting on board old customers with campaigns, automatic reminders, brand-based campaigns, cross selling, bundle accessories, or rewards—you can streamline all this with WooChimp.

To use WooChimp to its full potential, you may need to purchase other compatible add-ons, like MailChimp e-Commerce 360 to track data related to individual visitors and forward it to MailChimp.

Purchase WooChimp for $26 with six months of support and future updates. Get extra six months of support for $7.80.

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

Very often, it may happen that a customer spends time browsing through your store and builds up his cart with care, only to leave it abruptly. It may be due to a broken Internet connection or the price being too high, or maybe he was simply distracted by something else. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart can send an email to the customer with a link to his cart so that he can resume the purchase at any time.

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart_ final

Many reply templates can be framed so that each template can add incentives to the customer for clearing his cart through checkout. The extension works for both members and guests.

This plugin will cost you $29 and comes with future updates and six months of support. Upon payment of an additional $8.70, you can extend support to 12 months.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

woocommerce abandoned cart recovery woocommerce extension
Everyone wants as many sales on their online store as possible. However, still, tons of potential buyers do not complete the order and leave early. To avoid abandoned carts and get them to purchase, you need WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery. This WooCommerce extension is a cool little tool that will send out reminders to ask the user to complete the purchase. You never know why they left early, so sending them a friendly reminder is always a wise decision to make.

Some of the special features of the plugin are sending notifications via email, Facebook Messenger or even SMS, email pop-up request and guest cart tracking. Of course, you can also specify at what time you would like WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery to start sending notifications and when the cart should be marked as abandoned.

Live Sales Popup

live sales popup woocommerce extension
Live Sales Popup is an excellent WooCommerce extension that will help you raise sales with a cool, as the name suggests, pop-up. The tool can display a pop-up showing the last order, who added the product to cart and how many visitors are viewing it. Of course, while you can be as real as you and me with information, you can even create a fake number for particular options. Needless to say, Live Sales Popup is also 100% mobile-friendly, displaying a beautiful pop-up on any device flawlessly.

As far as the customization goes, you have complete control over the pop-up. You can style pretty much everything that you see, tailoring the design according to your online store’s branding directions. You can also play a sound, choose from over thirty animations, set the timing and adjust positioning.

Sales Countdown Timer

sales countdown timer woocommerce extension
Sales Countdown Timer is a self-explanatory WooCommerce extension that creates the urgency effect. If you are looking for a way to increase sales, especially on your campaigns, add a countdown timer and test the difference. You can insert this countdown to any page you fancy with the use of a convenient shortcode. For instance, you can add it on a checkout page or when you have an exclusive sale going on. The options are numerous.

Of course, you can also customize the look of the countdown timer and modify the positioning. As for the latter, you can add it to the top or to the bottom of the page. Some more goodies include a sale progress bar, fully responsive design, upcoming sale message and order status. Enjoy yourself heaps of perks that Sales Countdown Timer has available and get those sales going strong.


If you want real-time information about your e-commerce store, Pushover is the extension for you. Sales and inventory levels are constantly updated with push notifications from your WooCommerce website to your android or iOS device. This is the fastest way to stay in touch with your e-commerce store and to always be on top of things in your store.


Be notified of new order, out of stock products, low levels of stock, or any pending orders. Receive up to 7,500 notifications per month, with the length of a notification restricted to 512 characters.

You can avail of a five-day trial period, after which you will need to make a payment of about $5.

WooCommerce Coupon Box

woocommerce coupon box
One fantastic way to capture your potential client’s emails is by offering them a coupon aka a discount or a special deal. WooCommerce Coupon Box is a neat plugin that creates a pop-up that gives your visitors a chance to score a deal if they type in their email. You can also connect WooCommerce Coupon Box to email service providers, like MailChimp and Active Campaign. This will help you automate the entire funnel further.

With WooCommerce Coupon Box, you can easily select when you would like the pop-up to appear. Moreover, there is also an option to skip pop-up and minimize it, display it only on the front page and schedule when you would like the pop-up to reappear. You have quite a bunch of options when working with WooCommerce Coupon Box to get the most out of your website visitors and turn them into buyers.

WooCommerce Thank You Page Customizer

woocommerce thank you page customizer
Have you thought about how you could get even more out of your customers? Instead of shooting in the dark, WooCommerce Thank You Page Customizer is a handy WooCommerce extension that has it all in the name. You can now customize and improve your thank you pages and give your new or returning buyers even more options that will boost your sales through the roof. For instance, for every completed purchase, you can give them a coupon that they can use with any future shopping. Moreover, you can also show upsell products and keep their attention at the highest degree.

With the drag and drop method, you can add different elements to the checkout page, like social media icons and Google Maps. You can fully customize the look and tailor it to your branding regulations without hassle, WooCommerce Thank You Page Customizer is easy to use after all.


emaily woocommerce responsive email template
Emaily is a striking WooCommerce extension that unlocks a whole new specter of options when it comes to enhancing your email marketing campaigns. With over 35 ready-made templates, you can create unique, enticing and interest sparking email newsletters that will keep your subscribers engaged. Everyone who is interested in taking his or her business to the next level, introducing solid email marketing can be one of the best moves to make.

In the bundle, you will find transaction, subscription, booking and membership email templates to name a few. Of course, Emaily is 100% compatible with WooCommerce, responsive and optimized for killer performance. For everyone just starting out, you will also find convenient video documentation that will get you going in little to no time. And if you need any additional support, the team of experts is always ready to assist you.

WooCommerce Availability Notification

WooCommerce Availability Notification is an extension that will allow you to monitor stock levels. It will automatically inform customers when a product is out of stock or when fresh stocks have been added to a favorite product. So, customers get to know the exact stock level of the products that they are interested in.

Availability Notification final

Customize the notifications to be very informative for each product. Adjust the font color and weights for each type of notification. With a newly added feature, you can edit notifications in a quick mode or edit them in bulk. The plugin is also WPML-ready.

Purchase a regular license for this plugin from CodeCanyon for $17, and receive all future updates and six months support. To extend support to 12 months, pay an additional $5.10

WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options

With WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options, you can restrict or allow visitor access to your e-commerce site depending on the rules you set for them. Logged in users can have a certain level of access, and other users or the store manager can have different access levels. In addition, you can attach a pop-up email inquiry form to your product, which can be mobile-friendly.

Final Email Inquiry and cart options

Apply the rules for access to your entire catalog of products. Add an inquiry button to every page. The pop-up form ensures that no space is taken away from your product display. You can set a receiver email address and a cc email address. A confirmation sent success message will appear on the screen when an inquiry has been submitted by a customer.

The premium version can hide product prices, can customize the pages, and is WPML-compatible. The price for the premium version starts at $39.


There are numerous extensions available for accepting payments with WooCommerce. I have chosen five extensions here that can do a fairly good job. Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Add this free plugin, and you can accept payments made with credit/debit cards using payment gateway. The secure servers of process the payment, and you won’t require SSL and PCI. A message for a successful or a failed payment can be included.


The plugin is easy to set up and integrate with your WooCommerce site without going through the hassle of SSLs. is a widely used gateway for processing Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and many other cards. With support from not really up to the mark, you will find this plugin useful in accepting payments through this gateway.


cryptoniq cryptocurrency payment plugin for wordpress
If you are interested in offering your users and buyers an option to buy with cryptocurrencies, Cryptoniq is the WooCommerce extension that you should look into. The plugin fully supports four of the most popular cryptos, BTC, ETH, LTC and Doge. While other tools require multiple steps to complete the payment with preferred cryptocurrency, Cryptoniq offers direct payments. All you need to do is to add your wallet address to plugin’s settings and you can receive money directly. This also means no 3rd-party services and no withdrawal fees. Easy and convenient indeed.

Cryptoniq comes with a powerful and newbie-friendly admin panel, decentralized payment system, quick prices calculation, neat payment box and multi-language support. With Cryptoniq, it is way easier than you think, implementing cryptocurrency payments to your web space. Keep with the trends and never feel left behind.

WooCommerce Adyen Payment Gateway

woocommerce adyen payment gateway
Adyen is a global payment company that offers online shoppers to pay for the goods and services quickly and effortlessly. And if you would like to bring this payment gateway to your online platform, we have a special tool for you. Adyen payment gateway for WooCommerce extension will seamlessly integrate the function and ensure you to receive payments anywhere, regardless of device. Bear in mind, the primary focus are Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

You can choose between two payment methods; direct and redirect. What’s the difference? Simple, direct payments are executed without the need to redirect to the Adyen hosted page. Meanwhile, with the redirect method, customers land on the Adyen hosted payment page where they can finish the payment. What’s more, Adyen payment gateway also accepts automatic refunds which is super convenient.

In case you haven’t decided on your WordPress Theme with WooCommerce integration, you might want to head here to find the best examples. In case, free themes are what you are after, the best place for research is here.


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