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The Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins For 2020

Notification bars are the narrow strips that appear at the top of the screen. Generally they carry important announcements or messages, and a quick Call To Action button. They can be used for many purposes – recruiting new subscribers to a mailing list, offering discounts or linking to important content. They can be very effective in directing traffic to a specific page and thereby increase conversions. If your website is built with WordPress, you’ll be glad of the number of WordPress Notification plugins that make your task of creating and managing notifications rather easy.

Many webmasters like to use popups to direct attention to any important announcement or offer. However, many readers find them to be a nuisance, and shut them down immediately. Google too, does not take kindly to popups. And this is where a notification bar scores – it’s not intrusive, at the same time it helps to grab a reader’s attention. Notification bars do not obstruct the viewing area and are more user friendly than popups. Many of them work just fine on mobiles as well.

This post is a collection of many helpful notification plugins, both free and premium for use on your WordPress website. Some of these plugins work by adding a bar to your website. Most are accompanied by Call to Action buttons as well. A few plugins on this list are designed to manage notification emails sent out from your WordPress.

Let’s start with the free plugins,

Free WordPress Notification Plugins

There are a number of free plugins that help you add a notification bar, not just at the top of your screen, but even at the bottom. Many of them offer a few customization options and an option to upgrade to a premium version.

On thing to not is that you can also send push notifications using WordPress. More on push notifications you will find on this video:

WPFront Notification Bar

The WPFront Notification Bar lets you add a notification bar to any post or page. You can set it to display on scroll or make it sticky. Webmasters can add a button to the notification bar. Clicking the button can open a URL taking the visitor to another page, or it can execute a JavaScript code. Besides displaying announcements or news, the plugin can prove useful in increasing conversions, social connections, promoting pages or products or related sites by adding a Call To Action Button in the bar.


A great feature included in the plugin is the ability to process shortcodes. So, all that you have to do to create a custom notification bar is add a shortcode to the page. Shortcodes also make it easy to position the notification bar at the top or bottom of a page or post. The bar can be customized to a great extent. The height, the timing for the appearance of the bar, and the seconds before auto close can be adjusted. You can add a close / re-open button and change the color of the bar to merge with your brand. Besides, you can choose the user roles for which the bar is to display.

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Better Notifications For WordPress

Better Notifications for WordPress is a good fit if you want to alert hundreds of subscribers about new posts,or notify your team about posts or comments, issue security and other alerts. It allows you to customize the default email notifications that WordPress sends out. For instance, you can add a logo to the alerts sent out by an Editor. You can customize using the WYSIWYG editor and shortcodes. The plugin works fine out of the box for most alerts, but a few tweaks here and there can ensure 100% compatibility.

Better Notifications for WordPress

By default, WordPress sends out emails in plain text. If you wish, you can change this format to HTML. But be aware that this may affect they way other plugins send out mails from your WordPress. You can set the plugin to send out mails only to individual users, multiple users, all users in a specific user role or multiple roles.

Premium add-ons add a bunch of capabilities when it comes to notifications – reminders, sending to non WordPress users, conditional notifications, custom fields and site wide settings override options.

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WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars is available both as a free and a premium plugin. The free version allows you to create any number of notification bars with shortcode for Call to Action to posts, pages and homepage. You can choose the location where you want the notification bar to display.You also get to choose the size of fonts and the color of the bar. Another helpful feature is that the bar can be displayed only to some referrers or only to search engine visitors such as Google or Facebook, and not to others.

WP Notification Bars

The premium version of the plugin will set you back by $29 and offers features like email opt-ins, social follow buttons, countdown timers, post feeds and search forms. It also helps the notification bars to target specific posts. WP Notification Bar is translation ready and is a good option for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and much more.

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Hello Bar

There’s a reason that Hello Bar is quite popular – it helps increase your conversion by linking directly to items of interest, collecting emails for product updates / newsletters or increasing social network interaction. What’s more, it does all this without needing any coding skills on your part. To use Hello Bar, you’ll need to visit their website, use a cloud based tool to create and customize your notification bar and then paste the generated code into the plugin. The Hello Bar helps promote your content with Facebook, Buffer, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Twitter.

Hello Bar

One of the best things about Hello Bar is it’s clean user interface that helps users to create and customize their notification bar. It offers a number of settings that you can adjust – email addresses, social media and A/B testing. Almost everything can be personalized and you can select the pages on which the bar is to display. It’s a great fit for time sensitive campaigns, as it includes a field for the date range.

Before you pick this service, you need to be aware that their free plan rather restricts the number of interactions. Further, your bars will carry the Hello Bar branding. For increasing the number of interactions and to remove branding, you’ll have to go with the paid plans.

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WordPress Notification Bar

WordPress Notification Bar is yet another free plugin to add notification bars to your website. Working from an intuitive interface, you can build custom notification bars that blend in with your theme. With the bar in place, you can proceed to add custom messages or Call to Action buttons, and make it sticky as well if you wish.

WordPress Notification Plugins: WordPress Notification Bar

While the plugin offers only limited features, it can fulfill basic usage needs and it does support multiple languages and multisites. For customization beyond color and appearance, you’ll need to purchase the premium plugin. This version lets you add multiple notification bars and capture email leads. It supports Google fonts and allows you to add custom countdown and social media icons.

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Manage Notification Emails

Manage Notification Emails is not the typical notification plugin that adds a bar to your website. Instead, it’s a simple plugin that allows you to turn on and off the numerous WordPress notifications. For instance the notifications to change username and password that WordPress sends out to the Administrator and users. It works with most other WordPress plugins.

Manage Notification Emails

Right after activating the plugin, you can visit the settings page and enable or disable notifications as per your requirement. Some of the the notifications that you can turn on or off are New user notification to admin, notifying Post author, notifying moderator and forgotten password notification to user or to administrator.

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Top Bar

Top Bar is right down simple and easy to use. It’s a straightforward plugin that adds a clean notification bar to your website. Just install the plugin, activate it and select the colors and visibility options. Then add the message and the text that goes into the button. Save all your settings, and right away you’ll have a notification at the top of the screen on your website.

Top Bar

Top Bar is a no frills, no fuss plugin that does the job adding a bar efficiently. If you’re looking for additional functions like collecting emails, this is not for you. But if all that you need is a clean bar at the top in a jiffy, then go for this plugin.

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onesignal wordpress notification plugin
OneSignal is a WordPress notification plugin which you can use for push notifications. This way, you can encourage your visitors and have them coming back regularly. For instance, once you publish a new article, you can use the power of OneSignal to send out a push notification to everyone who is in the club. Of course, they do not need to be on your website to receive these notifications. They appear on their screens regardless of what they are doing on the web, and OneSignal works for offline users, too,

OneSignal fully supports some of the major browsers, like Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera and Firefox. You can set it up to send out notifications automatically, but you can also schedule them if necessary. Moreover, customize the default settings when it comes to capturing your visitor’s attention on their initial opt-in. The free version of the plugin supports up to thirty thousand subscribers.

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notification wordpress plugin
As the name suggests, you sure will be sending out a lof notifications when you get your hands on Notification WordPress plugin. It takes very little time to set it up and configure settings and you are ready to roll. For your information, there is no limit to how many notifications you would like to send; as many as your heart desires.

There are three main components of Notification; trigger, notification and merge tag. The simplest process is described as follows; you pick the trigger, make the message with merge tags, set receivers and you can already start sending out different notifications.

While Notification is super beginner-friendly, it is also a fantastic solution for developers. With the API, you can customize, modify and improve Notification further and make it follow your or your client’s requirements to a T.

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mystickymenu wordpress notification plugin
myStickymenu is a nifty WordPress plugin that you can utilize for all sorts of intentions. Indeed, if you would like to create a notification bar, you can do that, too, with the convenient myStickymenu. Hence the name, your creation will stick to the top of your website, float if you will, be always accessible to the user. With an array of different configurations, you can also tailor the notification bar exactly to your liking, making it follow your branding directions.

Some of the features of myStickymenu are fade and slide effects, custom HTML, custom background and button color, display frequency and URL redirect on click. You can also make myStickymenu display the notification bar on desktops and hide it on mobile devices. Get creative and score more of your visitors’ attention with myStickymenu now.

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Push Notifications for WP & AMP

push notifications wordpress plugin
With a speedy two minutes setup, you can add push notifications to your website with Push Notifications for WP & AMP. It is a convenient solution for sending out push notifications for free to all of your users. Keep in mind, even if you are not tech-savvy, you will still greatly benefit from this free WordPress notification plugin. Of course, it is also entirely AMP compatible, ensuring an exceptional performance across all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops.

The native WordPress integration makes push notifications feel like they were there since the beginning. As for the notifications, they appear as message alerts that will capture the user’s attention undoubtedly. Also, once you publish a post, it will trigger the push notification, but saving it as a draft will not. Sort out those highly rewarding push notifications in a little breeze.

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hashbar wordpress notification plugin
HashBar is a versatile and easy to use WordPress notification plugin that costs you nothing. You just install and activate it and you are just short moments away from adding a notification bar to your website or blog. As simple as it sounds. Of course, when it comes to configurations, you have all sorts of options and possibilities to tailor the notification to your campaign, branding and audience precisely.

The features of HashBar are numerous, making sure you find it of ideal fit for your intention. From excellent customization options to style the design to a T to compatibility with drag and drop page builders, frequency and an option to enable or disable the close button. There is still more to HashBar, and you can unlock loads extra goodies by going with the premium plan.

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Sales Pop

sales pop wordpress notification plugin
Have you ever been on an eCommerce website, and, all of a sudden, a notification appears that someone has just bought that item? I bet you have. It is a fantastic add-on that helps build customer trust and encourages them to buy without hesitation. This comes especially convenient if it is their first purchase on your online store. With Sales Pop WordPress notification plugin, you can now add this same extension to your page and increase conversions.

One of the amenities of Sales Pop is the live sales feed that generates a live pop-up for when someone buys a product. Of course, you can also set fake sale notifications and make a particular product appear like it is hot at the moment. Also, you can customize and adjust the layout of the design to your likings and make it fit your theme flawlessly.

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Some More Free Plugins:

The plugins below may help you if you have a need to display or send out with specific notifications,

  • Cookie Notice  lets you inform readers that the website uses cookies. This is required for compliance with EU cookie law regulations. You can customize the messages as well as redirect readers to a More Information page.
  • Comment Reply Email Notification will inform a comment author via email whenever someone responds to his comments. Can be useful in a comment heavy blog or for communities, forums and social networks.

Premium WordPress Notification Plugins

When it comes to notifications for WordPress, you’ll find a number of plugins that are truly feature rich and offer premium support.

Announcement Bar

There’s a lot you can do with the Announcement Bar besides building beautiful notification bars. It supports many advanced features. A single bar can hold multiple messages, and you can set the messages to roll at specific time intervals. Effectively, you get to show all your announcements at the same place, one at a time. Besides, you can schedule appointments for specific time and dates. By adding a More Content option, you can lead the visitor to hidden content.

Announcement Bar

When it comes to customization, you’ll find a choice of ten colors, five types of fonts, and three text alignments.

There are also many design presets that you can pick from.The bars can display at the top, bottom, in line with content, or in any widget area. On scrolling, the bar can remain fixed or slide / fade in and out.
As the plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, you can promote products from your online store. Further, it’s responsive as well as retina ready.

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Infobar is a suitable optin for adding different infobars on different pages of the same website, so you can create unlimited campaigns at the same time. If visitors find the bar distracting, they can minimize or close the bar. It’s easy to create the notification bars using the Visual Editor. Moreover, it’s possible to preview your infobars even as you make changes.

The plugin is highly customizable allowing you to change background gradients, add images and choose colors. If you do not wish to customize, you can also pick from one of 24 highly converting templates. Infobar included 13 Font Awesome animations to catch the visitor’s eye, as well as 60 high definition icons, including Twitter and Facebook logos.


You can track your infobars for click through rates to optimize conversion. The plugin comes with a fully featured analytics and split testing panel to help you find out what works best for your site. It helps you target display to certain visitors, pages, times or time intervals.

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Live Sales Popup

live sales popup wordpress notification plugin
Live Sales Popup is another killer WordPress notifications plugin with several goodies that you can take to your full advantage. First, it has the ability to display a pop-up when someone completes an order. Second, Live Sales Popup can also display a notification when a person simply adds an item to the cart. And third, you can use the tool to boost hype for a product by showcasing how many visitors are viewing the item.

Due to practicing all the latest web trends, you can expect Live Sales Popup to appear beautifully on all devices and browsers. As for the pop-up layout, you can customize it to the very last detail. Additional traits of Live Sales Popup are over thirty different animations, sounds, custom timing and custom positioning. It also works for fake notifications and allows you to set it only for specific pages where you would like the notification to perform its thing.

More info / Purchase


salespower wordpress notification plugin
To get the most out of your WooCommerce store, SalesPower is one fantastic plugin that you should not miss. It is a versatile and powerful extension with loads of different features and functions. Where to even begin? Well, let’s quickly take a peek at some of the traits that you get access to when working with SalesPower.

Instead of allowing your visitors to just leave your website, set up an exit pop-up and win them over. You can use it for special offers and to capture their emails for future email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, you can also effortlessly set up cross-sells and upsells with SalesPower. Instead of sealing the deal and buying just one product, you can now push similar items, give them an exclusive deal and sell more products. In conclusion, a lot is going on when using SalesPower, giving you a chance to take your online shops to new heights.

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WordPress GDPR

wordpress gdpr wordpress notification plugin
WordPress GDPR is the one and only notification plugin that you need to secure your website with GDPR compliancy. Instead of using a bunch of different tools to make things happen, WordPress GDPR does all the hard work by itself. Before you fully dive in, you can first check demo and how-to videos and see the simplicity of the plugin.

With one plugin, you can set up cookie policy, DMCA, disclaimer, privacy policy and all the other GDPR tools that a sophisticated website needs. Additionally, all your users can configure privacy settings manually and even correct them later on. WordPress GDPR also provides a feature that lets your users delete all the data. WordPress GDPR is indeed compatible with WooCommerce, Facebook Pixel, Hot Jar, Contact Form 7 and BuddyPress to name a few. Last but not least, translate it to any language you want.

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To Wrap Up

Notification Bars offer a non intrusive way to share important news or announcements with your reader. And with so many quality plugins that can help you with the task, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t try them out.

And if you’ve used any top class plugin that’s not on this list, do share it with us in the Comments below.

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