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5 Best WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins 2023

Do you need a solution to keep track of your customers’ delivery dates for their purchases on your WooCommerce website? Look no further, as WooCommerce Delivery Date plugins answer your problem. These plugins allow you to provide an accurate delivery date, time, and location for your customers’ packages, making the shopping experience much more convenient and user-friendly.

Here are the top 3 benefits of using WooCommerce Delivery Date plugins:

  • Improved Customer Experience: With the ability to track their purchases, your customers will have peace of mind knowing when they can expect their package to arrive. This improved shopping experience will encourage them to return to your store.
  • Increased Convenience: You no longer have to send constant updates to your customers regarding the delivery status of their purchases. The delivery date plugin takes care of it all, freeing up your time and resources to focus on other important tasks.
  • Streamlined Order Processing: The delivery date plugin allows you to manage all of your orders in one place, providing you with an organized and efficient way to keep track of your deliveries. This streamlined process will save you time and increase your productivity.

In conclusion, if you want to take your WooCommerce store to the next level, consider implementing a WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin. It will improve the shopping experience for your customers, increase your store’s efficiency, and streamline your order processing.

Best WooCommerce Delivery Date & Time Plugins

Read on, and we will present five plugins you can integrate into your website.

1. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Functional WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

This plugin allows your customers never to miss deliveries ever again. It sounds good not only to your buyers but to you as well. Having a delivery date in your store improves your profit too. This also helps you track your customers’ packages from the admin page. You will know about the next deliveries instantly. So, in that way, you will improve your customer service too.

Not just that. It also lets your clients choose their desired delivery time and date. You can set the delivery date as a mandatory field upon the clients’ checkout if you want to. Of course, it still depends on availability. What’s more, you can disable days from weekdays or weekends to deliver the product. You can do that, especially if you take a break from your business.

The free version of this plugin works just fine, but if you want to use all of its features and functionalities, you can go with the premium one. You can set the same-day and next-day delivery and indicate the cut-off time for each order. You can also separate the delivery days from the shipping days.

Active installations: 10,000+

Price: Free version available via Pro version, with many additional features, costs $ 149 /year.

More info / Download

2. Delivery Date & Time for WooCommerce(Woo Delivery)

Responsive WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

This plugin allows you to set your customers’ delivery times and dates. It lets your buyers propose the date they want to receive their purchases. Moreover, this plugin can include complete details and addresses for easier and faster transactions.

Remember that you can set the time and date, depending on your time zone. On the other hand, if your customers come from a country with a different time zone, they can still see the time based on theirs. It will make it easier for them to know the exact information on receiving their packages.

Once you have the plugin, you can control all the deliveries inside your WooCommerce store. That includes the product details, shipping address, and billing address. On the admin page, you’ll see all the products for delivery. You can change them into delivered or completed.

You can also allow your customers to choose from home delivery or self-pickup. If they decide on the self-pickup, they can input their desired time and date of picking up the items. It is also easier to track the packages in the Delivery Reports since they are in an organized ascending order, depending on delivery dates.

Active installations: 7,000+

Price: Free for a basic plugin. The Premium version starts at $50/year for a single website.

More info / Download

3. Order Date, Order Pickup, Order Date-Time, Pickup Location

Easy-To-Use WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

This is one of the ideal WooCommerce Delivery Date plugins for your store. Using this add-on, you can let your buyers choose from delivering or pickup options and enable them to select the default delivery type. Regarding the checkout field form, you can hide the delivery address if the customer chooses the pickup as their option.

Also, depending on the customer’s delivery type, you can change the time based on your availability. It will show up on the form in an instant. The client’s choice of a different delivery type is also subject to change. You can also change the date and time position on your form at the admin page. It’s either after the customer detail or before customer detail – whichever you feel more comfortable with.

With the Delivery date, you can show the days of preparation so that your customers will not feel irritated about waiting. Showing these things can help them be more patient. Furthermore, you can also set a date for a particular delivery type. It could be for delivery only or pickup only. You can also limit deliveries if the slot is full for a specific time and date.

Active installations: 1,000+

Price: Most features are included in the free version. The Pro version starts at $34/year.

More info / Download

4. WooCommerce Delivery —Delivery Date & Time Slots

Detailed WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

Here’s the new plugin with superb and impeccable features that you can use for your WooCommerce store. Since you probably need a delivery date plugin for your website, you should try this too. You can include the delivery date and time upon your customer’s checkout. Moreover, you can only enable orders during business hours to prevent conflict in collecting their data.

This WooCommerce Delivery plugin also has radius shipping, showing the minimum and maximum kilometers or miles where you can deliver buyers’ purchases. It also allows you to track your customers quickly. Another thing is that you can ask for delivery feed for the “today” and “next day” deliveries.

Of course, managing the products all at once is not easy. So, this plugin enables you to limit the number of deliveries for a specified delivery date and time. You can just accept limited purchases per day to reduce hassles on your part.

You can set your opening hours with two different time frames every day. Moreover, it is WPML and translation ready to make it available and understandable in various parts of the world.

Active installations: 950+

Price: $39 (one-time payment). No free version.

More info / Download

5. WooCommerce Estimated Shipping Date Per Product

Simple WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins

Another way to win your visitors’ hearts is by giving them a seamless website experience. How would anyone feel if that person orders an item without any estimated shipping date? He might just leave and your shop and look for others.

So, this plugin allows you to set an estimated shipping date for your customers upon purchase. It will also give them time to prepare the money for the items they purchase if they choose the cash-on-delivery option. Of course, the estimated date depends on the radius and how far the customers are from your business address. That’s why you have to be careful when setting up the time.

It also comes with WPML-compatibility allowing you to entice others with different languages. As more people understand your website, there will also be more people who will likely become your potential clients.

Active installations: 950+

Price: $29 (one-time payment). No free version.

More info / Download

These WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins give more meaning to your WooCommerce store. It also gives you better customer service by giving them an expected date and time for their purchases. As a result, you’ll gain more customers and profit simultaneously.

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