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ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review: Build a Listings Directory with WordPress

In this ClassyAds WordPress theme review, you’ll find out if this tool is the right option to help you to build a directory website. Whether you want to create an advertising directory or an online listings resource, ClassyAds aims to be the best options open to WordPress users.

By combining the ClassyAds theme with WordPress, you should have everything you need to build a classified advertising or listings directory website that has the potential to become a valuable resource for your target audience, as well as an income-generating asset.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Listing Example

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review: The Features

ClassyAds offers a combination of the essential features needed to build a directory or listings website with WordPress, alongside a high-quality design befitting of a modern theme.

When creating this theme, the development team wanted to make sure that ClassyAds was as easy to setup and use as possible. The goal was to help you to build a listings website with WordPress, with as little time and effort required as possible. Perhaps more importantly, the development team also put a considerable amount of effort into ensuring your audience finds it easy to use too.


So let’s take a look at some of the features you’ll have access to when choosing this directory and listings theme, as well as some of the main reasons why you might want to choose this template in our ClassyAds WordPress theme review.

Listings and Advertising Management

When using the ClassyAds theme, you and your visitors will have the ability to publish listings or adverts on your WordPress website. The listing or advert content is stored as custom post types in your WordPress admin area.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Post Types

The Listings custom post type has its own set of options that can be used to configure how your directory website handles this content. These settings cover options such as how many listings to show per page, how to handle expired listings, and whether you want to organize the listings using categories or tags.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Listings Settings

Through the Listing settings, you can also define how submissions to your directory are handled. This includes whether you want to set a requirement that listings can only be submitted by a registered user on your site, how non-registered visitors can go about creating an account, and amongst others, whether new listing submissions to your directory require moderation before going live.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Submission Settings

There is also a set of options on offer that allow you to decide which pages on your site are used to display the listings submission form, the listings dashboard, and the listings themselves.

As you can see, with the ClassyAds WordPress directory theme, you get a good amount of control over how listings are accepted and managed on your website.

Listings and Advertising Submissions

Although you can add listings and adverts to your site through the standard WordPress post editor, a better option is to use the front-end submission forms that come with the ClassyAds theme. These forms give you and your visitors an attractive and intuitive way to add listings to your website. This is beneficial as it removes many of the elements of the WordPress post editor that may confuse new users.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Form When adding content to the directory, users can preview their listing before submitting it to your site. Then, depending on how you’ve configured your website, the listings will then either be automatically published in your online directory or added to the moderation queue for manual review.

User Dashboard

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Dashboard To make it easy for your visitors to manage your listings, the ClassyAds WordPress theme includes a front-end user dashboard. Through the dashboard, your logged in users can view their listings and then decide how to manage them. This can include editing or removing them from the site.

This is a useful feature as it helps to make your listings or directory website self-service, rather than relying on a team of administrators to manage the user-generated content. Again, as front-end forms are used, rather than forcing your audience to navigate the WordPress admin dashboard, the whole process is much more user-friendly.

Support For Multiple Predefined Regions

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Regions

Typically, when creating an online directory or listings website, you are going to want to organize your content by region. The ClassyAds theme and its optional add-ons make defining and managing these regions very easy.

Site administrators can create the regions in the same way they would create categories. Then your users can select from the predefined regions when adding a listing. By using predefined regions, you can ensure that your users aren’t creating custom regions themselves. This all helps to create consistency throughout your site.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Regions Menu Intuitive User Search and Filtering Tools

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Browse Listings

To help your visitors find the listings they are looking for, the ClassyAds WordPress advertising directory theme includes some very user-friendly search and filtering tools.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Search

This feature makes the whole process of finding the right content as intuitive as possible, turning your website into a much more useful resource.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Map

As well as the more traditional search tools on offer, there’s also a clickable Google Map your visitors can interact with. This gives them an easy way to find listings based on their geographical location.

Powered by WP Job Manager

In case you were wondering how the listing and directory functionality of the ClassyAds theme is powered, the good news is that the popular WP Job Manager plugin is the engine running behind the scenes.

Although WP Job Manager has been created as a plugin to help you build an online employment website with WordPress, as it’s such a flexible tool, it works equally well when it comes to creating a more general listings or directory site.

On the backend of your site, in the WordPress admin area, there is nothing to mislead or confuse you or your fellow administrators into thinking they are working on a jobs website. This applies to the front-end of your site too and there is little chance your visitors will be aware that this listings portal is powered by a job board plugin.

ClassyAds and WP Job Manager Add-ons

Another benefit of using the WP Job Manager plugin to power this theme is that there are a number of add-ons available for it. These add-ons are a mixture of free and commercial upgrades for your site and include some useful tools that you many want to consider using.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review WC Paid Listings

One popular add-on is the WC Paid Listings extension. This commercial add-on gives you the option of charging your users a fee for publishing listings in your directory. The WC Paid Listings add-on allows you to create multiple packages and pricing plans. This gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to deciding how to monetize your online directory.

Other useful add-ons you might want to consider using include the Bookmarks add-on. As the name suggests, this commercial add-on gives your visitors the option of saving or bookmarking any listings that are of interest to them, for future reference.

The Alerts add-on is another useful tool that allows your users to save their searches and create alerts. These custom alerts will then send out new matching listings via email. By using the Auto Location add-on, a location will atomically be suggested each time a new listing is added.

While using a job board plugin to power an advertising or classifieds website might seem strange at first glance, as WP Job Manager is so flexible, it works really well as the engine behind the ClassyAds WordPress theme.

Great Looking Modern Design

While all of the above features are great, if the theme doesn’t have a professional look and feel, it will be difficult to encourage your visitors to sign-up and start using your online listings directory. Thankfully, the design of the ClassyAds theme is of a very high standard.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Category Page

A great attention to detail has been paid to every aspect of the design of this WordPress theme. From the different sections of the homepage, through to the individual listings pages, and everything in between, your website will have a professional look and feel.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Design

This theme also includes many nice little touches, such as loading animations and subtle navigation aids, which help to elevate the overall experience you can offer your users. This can be especially important if you plan to monetize your website by charging a fee to accept listings.

Customization Options

To help give your website a custom look and feel, the ClassyAds theme includes support for the WordPress Customizer tool. This allows you to personalize some aspects of your website, all through an intuitive front-end user interface.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Customizer Colors

Other elements of your website you can personalize through the Customizer include the menus, widgets, background images, and the contact page. While the level of flexibility on offer here won’t rival some of the more customizable WordPress themes out there, as the design looks so good out of the box, you probably won’t need to make many changes anyway.

Other Useful Features of the ClassyAds WordPress Listings Theme

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Shortcodes

To help you get your listings website looking the way that you want, this theme includes a number of useful shortcodes. These shortcodes can be used to insert listings into any of the pages of your website. Not only that, but the shortcodes can be modified to filter the listings, such as only displaying listings from a certain region, on a certain page.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Partners

Another useful feature you might want to make use of, especially if you’re looking for a way to give your website some extra credibility is to use the partner tool to display the logos from companies and organizations you are working with. By displaying the recognizable decals from reputable businesses in your industry or logo area, you can increase the trust factor of your site, which in turn can help persuade your visitors to become signed-up users.

ClassyAds WordPress Theme Review Pricing Table

If you do decide to monetize your website by charging a fee to accept a listing, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the ability to create stylish pricing tables is taken care of for you. This then gives your visitors can easy way to compare the commercial options available to them when signing up.

In case you were wondering, the ClassyAds theme is fully responsive. This means your online listings directory will work just as well on mobile devices as it does on big screen desktop displays.

ClassyAds Listings Theme Pricing Details

The ClassyAds WordPress theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace for the reasonable sum of $59. This includes access to all future updates, as well as 6 months of support from the theme developers. This support period can be extended to 12 months for $17.70.

It’s worth pointing out that if you want to monetize your website by charging your users a fee for adding a listing, the recommended WC Paid Listings add-on starts from $39.

ClassyAds Theme Review Final Thoughts

ClassyAds WordPress Theme ClassyAds has a great look and feel that will help to give your website a trusted and professional appearance. This is vital if you want to convince your target audience to sign-up and start posting listings to your website – and even more so if you want to monetize your website by charging a fee for access.

The setup and demo content import process is a little more rough and ready than some other themes. Instead of simply heading over to a theme options control panel and hitting the import demo content button, you do have to do a bit more work. While I didn’t end up with a website that was an identical match of the online demo version, some content was imported into my site and I had a good base to work from when building by online listings website with WordPress.

As in most cases you’ll have your own custom needs and requirements when setting up your website, you probably won’t want your site to look exactly like the demo version that is used to promote this theme.

The fact that this theme is powered by the popular WP Job Manager is a great advantage. As this plugin has been tried and tested, you can rest assured that the listings portion of your website will function correctly. Thanks to the library of add-ons available for the WP Job Manager plugin, you are free to add extra features to your site as you need them, rather than being overwhelmed with unnecessary functionality from the outset.

Overall, the ClassyAds WordPress theme has a great design and a solid set of features. If you want to build an online directory or listings website with WordPress, this theme comes highly recommended.

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