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10 Powerful Directory Website Builders In 2023

Once you access any of the directory website builders we hand-picked for you, all become a small breeze.

If you ever wanted to start your directory, listing, classifieds, or similar page, you can now have it up and live sooner rather than later. That’s what all the site-building software you find below are for. They are great for business, niche, local, restaurant, and other directories and listings you are interested in starting.

Some focus more on expanding your existing website with a new feature, while others allow you to focus on building a full-blown directory page. You can create a suitable web space for your project once you pick the software that suits your regulations best. You also do not need to be tech-savvy as all the builders are beginner – and user-friendly.

The handy directory you will establish will be effortless to manage and maintain. Not only that, but with its high performance and convenience, you will have no problem scaling it to new successes. If you are ready to begin, go from first to last, take charge, and see excellent results shortly after.

Best Directory Website Builders

1. Brilliant Directories

brilliant directories directory website builder

As the name suggests, Brilliant Directories is a directory website builder that will get you going right off the bat. With the software, it will be kids’ stuff building directories for local businesses, real estate listings, classified ads, and service providers. Brilliant Directories has loads of ready-to-use themes to further speed up the launch process. These are just a few examples, the options you have go over and above.

Managing members, publishing new content, and earning money becomes easier once you access Brilliant Directories. Web hosting, email marketing, recurring payments, top-notch navigability and events calendar are just a few extra treats. Make it your own, alter Brilliant Directories’ remarkable platform to your likings, and you are ready to roll.

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2. Appy Pie

apy - directory website builder

Appy Pie is slightly different from other directory website builders on this list. It is, first and foremost, an app builder, but you can still utilize this versatile tool for making a directory website. It only takes three steps, and you can launch your page with Appy Pie. As simple as it sounds.

First, you get to name your page and its purpose. Second, you create to main pages of your web platform, like categories, help, sign-in, and more. And third, you can already go live with your new Appy Pie site.

With Appy Pie, you create a page without coding. Amazing support, custom domain, SEO-friendliness, and mobile readiness are just a few of the other features that Appy Pie sports. Regardless of your experience, Appy Pie is for everyone.

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3. 360Directories

360directories directory website builder

First and foremost, 360Directories is not one of those directory website builders where you sign up and start using it. Its powerful and practical features are only available after a quick consultation. Nothing scary; just hit them up via the form, and they will guide you further. 360Directories also offers support, ensuring you get the most out of the software, regardless of your experience.

Moreover, 360Directories is a splendid tool for starting a local business and membership directories. Restaurants, pubs, carpenters, cinemas, handymen, organizations, industries, you name it, 360Directories suit all your ideas smoothly.

Moreover, your 360Directories platform will be search-engine-optimized, mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, and performing at the highest degree. It also comes with custom designs, social media integration and supports online payments. Get started immediately, and your directory will soon attract new visitors.

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4. Bitrix24

bitrix24 directory website builder

Out of the box, Bitrix24 is perfect for companies and organizations that would like to connect everyone online. Roughly said, you can create your social media platform for your firm. On the other hand, there has a cool employee directory software part to Bitrix24, which will help you keep your business organized. With Bitrix24, you can quickly find the employee and see who is online or offline. If you are a big organization, you would be interested in this.

With Bitrix24, you can create video calls, conference chats, send notifications, and social networking. For everyone who wants more control over their team and ensure a consistently smooth operation, Bitrix24 is undoubtedly the tool you will need. It is beneficial if you run your business or organization remotely.

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5. GoClixy

goclixy directory website builder

GoClixy is an excellent directory website builder with the tools and equipment to start your own thing. With GoClixy, anyone can create a business directory page, whether you are a beginner or an expert web developer. Call it user-friendly, if you will. Also, GoClixy guarantees responsiveness, search engine optimization, browser compatibility, and other modern regulations a page should follow. Just focus on the building and creating part of your directory and let GoClixy take care of all the rest.

It only takes a few minutes to get your project online with GoClixy. The layout is 100% adjustable, giving you the freedom you deserve when creating your dream webspace. And of course, no programming knowledge is required to launch a directory website. GoClixy also supports multiple languages, payment gateways, bookings, subscription plans, and eCommerce.

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6. MarketGrabber

marketgrabber directory website builder

MarketGrabber is an all-in-one solution for directories, job boards, classifieds, real estate, events, and other ventures. Use it as a directory website builder, and you will see fantastic results quickly. Choose the right objective and go from there. MarketGrabber provides all the must-have materials that will keep your directory page at the highest degree. Meaning, no matter what device and platform they use for surfing the web, your page will always perform flawlessly.

In the MarketGrabber kit, you will discover many features and functions that you can take to your full advantage. From advanced listing and search features to eCommerce, search engine optimization, security, hosting, and multiple revenue streams, MarketGrabber has it all at your fingertips. Make it yours, customize the look, brand it, and kick off something fresh and of value to the end-user.

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vevs directory website builder

VEVS will help you build a job portal website without breaking a sweat. We can easily classify VEVS as a directory website builder in a way that it focuses on employment, classified ads, and a lot more. It provides a clean, sophisticated, professional web design to make the experience first-class. It also puts the important content and information right in front of the viewer, making sure they instantly find what they came for in the first place.

VEVS’s features include, but are not limited to, employer and candidate profiles, advanced job search function, job submissions and job ads management. It also supports different languages, offering you to expand your reach and globalize your job portal. Last, if you already have a job portal but find it old and outdated, the migration to VEVS will be error-free.

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8. Yclas

yclas directory website builder

Yclas is a versatile software that you can also employ as a directory website builder. You can use it for real estate, cars, 2nd-hand goods, and other related marketplace ideas that come to mind. Moreover, Yclas is best suited for bringing classified pages into being. Thanks to its amazing collection of features and powerful platform, you can also go against the grain and make a distinct online space.

14 payment gateways, mobile readiness, native apps, advanced management and quick one-click integrations, Yclas is full of goodies that will benefit you greatly. Besides, the design and customization features are outstandingly practical, too. You can make a page your way or stick to the default settings if they fit your taste. There are two main plans to go with; cloud and self-hosted. One time payment for the latter, and monthly payments for the former apply.

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9. eDirectory

edirectory directory website builder

With the multipurpose approach, eDirectory is one of the best directory website builders, which also works with membership sites, yellow pages and coupon sites. You will rapidly speed up the entire procedure of creating your needed directory website with eDirectory. Once you get some traction, you can turn your web platform into a money-making machine with a recurring revenue generator. After all, the software has all the necessities in its plans and all these extra perks.

Let’s peek at some of the amenities each eDirectory’s plans possess. Events, tens of ready-made pages, URL editor, advertiser and member dashboards, daily backups, Google Maps integration and availability in seven languages. Let me tell you that this is just a small fracture of the entire collection of features that eDirectory has in store for you.

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10. Wild Apricot

wild apricot directory website builder

Wild Apricot is slightly different but still fits in our directory website builders bucket. You would want to use this tool to build a membership website. On the other hand, it also has the practical feature of setting up a fully searchable and functional online member directory. Once your community grows to extreme levels, having the ability to find your members with a search feature comes in handy.

Other than that, Wild Apricot creates an easy-to-use interface with a member database. It also handles event registration, online payments, email communication, and website editing. You can use the latter forging pages or link Wild Apricot to your current website if necessary. The process is swift and straightforward.

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Are you looking to build a directory website using WordPress? This guide explains how to build a directory with ease using WordPress.  Also, you might find WordPress directory themes useful.

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  1. The best one is UltimateWB – the built-in directory app has a lot of features and monetization options.

  2. I have Market Grabber and I love it – but where it falls short is in customization – if you want to change a menu item or order of view on the home page – you have to pay 75.00 or more for each little change. If I want to change the home page listing box size – I have to pay, data management is easy to design interface impossible without paying for any change. Unless they have been charging me for something I can do and wasn’t shown – then it would be nice to know. Their support knowledge base doesn’t search correctly (for a directory – not a good sign)is a disconnect and is about 5 years out of date. The people are nice – the site could be awesome – with a more user-friendly back office – but it isn’t, even for someone who is technical. You have to go into the code to make simple changes

    1. Ron,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! We highly appreciate it.
      I believe that other potential users will find it useful as well.

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