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6 Best WordPress Auction Plugins

When you start an eCommerce business, you need to take things into consideration, including the add-ons and plugins you have to include in your pages. For example, eBay uses the auction feature for business purposes. It is an excellent advantage to a seller, especially if the item is rare but on-trend.

Thankfully, we have found these WordPress Auction Plugins to help with your goal. It will boost your sales in no time. Of course, before you choose the right one for your website, you have to consider some factors. It should be responsive enough with full features and functionalities to make it perfectly right.

Make sure that the auction features works not only to a particular country but to different countries all over the world. Another thing, the plugins should work with the latest WordPress versions. Rest assured, the plugins we’re going to show you are 100% working.

Auction Nudge – Your eBay on Your Site

Left sidebar WordPress Auction Plugins

This auction nudge is the perfect plugin for your eBay or other similar websites. After installing this, it displays all your recent eBay information automatically. It integrates with your eBay listings. Once you set it up, you can easily view the actual items on your page, and you can filter them according to their categories to help your visitors find the things quickly.

It lets the users browse multiple items’ pages. Visitors can search the items by typing the keywords as well. Lastly, you can arrange the products accordingly. You’ll see the badge of your registration date, including your feedback rating.

It also helps to show your latest high-rating feedbacks to help you gain more potential clients. When it comes to theme, you can choose from a different design that suits your preferences. Another great thing about this plugin is that it lets the users search items based on the category.

Using this plugin, you can display images as large as 500px by 500px. You can decide whether you can redirect your visitors on eBay via a new tab or stay with the current one. By the way, the eBay username is the account name under your available items. On the other hand, the eBay site means the international eBay website where you’ll find the products you have listed.

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Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Plugin

Organized WooCommerce WordPress Auction Plugins

This WordPress Auction plugin lets your buyer bid and win the item instantly. It would be a great advantage for you too. It comes with the latest features and functionalities to help with your purpose. It lets you add the product most conveniently. You can configure it easily with the simple steps. The free version works fine, but if you want to strive more for your business, you might want to go with the premium version.

With the free features, it allows your registered users to place their bids. You may also add the standard auctions for bidding. You can receive an email for payment alerts, and you’ll get the notifications once new activities take place. On the other hand, you can send information to the buyer after they place their bids.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry if your auctions got expired. You can re-activate at any time. It comes with the Buy Now options, and it displays the auctions based on your timezone. Lastly, you can send emails to the buyers who didn’t get through their bids. Honestly, you almost have everything in here.

The premium version comes with excellent functionality. It collects the credit card information. Once the user wins, the plugin automatically deducts the debit. It comes with SMS notifications. Moreover, the visitors can add auctions too. The visitors can do the live bidding without leaving the page for less hassle navigation. Furthermore, it has a countdown timer for auctions.

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Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin

One-Page WordPress Auction Plugins

This plugin is easy to set up with flexible features and functionalities. It comes with excellent customer support that would help with your concerns. This, on the other hand, is another version of the earlier plugin. The first one focuses on the WooCommerce website, while this focuses on your WordPress website with eCommerce features.

The free plugin comes with a lot of functions. Then, you can send multiple Private Messages for every auction page. It also shows the excerpts of the live auctions at the Auction Feed Page. Moreover, it has a pagination feature for the feed page. It also has the ‘Buy Now’ option PayPal. In that way, the payment is more manageable since a lot of buyers depend on Paypal as their online wallet source. You can set the incremental bid price for the auction, depending on the quality and rarity of your item. You may also upload several photos to give visitors more ideas on what you are selling.

The users or potential buyers can leave comments on each page to give feedback or ask for a query. Even with the free version, you can let the user place their bid. It also comes with the Ajax Admin Panel for improved management. You can set the reserved price for your items. If you want to go with the Premium version, it has a lot of features too. It supports virtual products. It is also compatible with WPML and Loco translate. You can add silent auction, which is an excellent strategy. You can see the most capable person who is willing to buy your product. It comes with the shortcodes and filters that you cannot find with the free version of this plugin. Furthermore, the soft-close or anti-snipping feature to lengthen the time will bring you a better advantage.

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WordPress Auction Plugin

Helpful WordPress Auction Plugins

This plugin has simple features but works well with your needs. It allows you to host an auction on your website to do the bidding works. You can display the auction menu with the AJAX powered popup, which will improve the user experience.

Thankfully, by using this plugin, you don’t need to pay for the gallery, final value, seller, and listing fees. You can now create your auctions on your website by simply installing and activating this. Besides, the installation process will only take you under 2 minutes.

It only allows registered users to start their bid. It comes with the custom contact field to let the visitors request your phone numbers and addresses for business purposes. This plugin simply shows the auction in a graphic or list format. You can upload an additional image if you want to make your item more alluring.

Using this plugin, you can host auctions as many as you like. The auctions are highly customizable, wherein you can edit, delete, and end it anytime you want. You can choose from the five display styles. Another thing, you can display the AJAX popup for your auction. Moreover, you can set the specific end date and time. The full control is in your hands.

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BuddyForms WooCommerce Simple Auction

Easy-To-Use WordPress Auction Plugins

If you need a simple auction plugin with the essential features included, then this one might the most ideal for you. You can make the product forms that you can create or edit. It has the auctions form the front end. The element options for this plugin are ‘Auction Dates to,’ ‘Auction Date from,’ ‘Buy it now price,’ ‘reserve price,’ ‘bid increment,’ ‘start price,’ ‘auction proxy,’ ‘auction type,’ and ‘item condition.’

This comes with the full BuddyPress support, where you can integrate your auction into the BuddyPress Member Profiles. You can simplify the form by selecting the visibility for each setting and provide the default value. Aside from that, it displays the primary form of elements.

To make this extension work, you should install the BuddyForms plugin and the WooCommerce Simple Auction first. It works with every theme and is responsive enough to work well with different websites.

More info / Download

AuctionAlly eBay Embedder

Post-type WordPress Auction Plugins

If you need a solution for embedding your eBay listing into your website or blog, this WordPress Auction plugin would be the right one for you. It allows for designing the appearance of your shop using its designer tool. Moreover, it produces a few lines of scripts that would be useful for this plugin. At the plugin setting, you can set up the code and use the shortcode to embed it on your site or particular page.

You either display a fixed price, or you can set it up as auction. You don’t need to register to use this plugin. All you need to do is to install, activate, and configure it with simple steps. Another great thins about this is that you can design it all the way you want.

Of course, before you can use this, you need to make sure that you have your eBay username. That would help to display your available items publicly.

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The Final Takeaways

Now that we’ve found these WordPress Auction Plugins, you can have a better entrepreneur strategy to sell your products. The eBay-like website would bring much more advantage to you. The seven items above have different features and functionalities, depending on your needs.

The important thing is that they are all responsive enough to get you, buyers, and potential clients. Before you come up with the right decision, you might want to try them with a test website where you can try these plugins to see how they work. If one of these suits your preference and provide crucial factors on your site’s improvement, then trying it would not hurt you.

Furthermore, having these plugins help you to save time and money. You’ll see plugin from the online market, but you’ll end up with low quality. On the other hand, the items we’ve present might be an excellent alternative for you. Aside from that, most of them are free unless you want to get the most out of their features. Nonetheless, having one of them gives you more freedom.

Truth be told, having an eBay-like website is a challenge, but with some help of plugins, it will lessen your loads entirely. So, trying will give the results you ever wanted.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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