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15 Stunning Art WordPress Themes For Artists, Designers And Other Creatives – 2018

15 Stunning Art WordPress Themes For Artists, Designers and Other Creatives – 2018

Flexibility and freedom of expression are crucial to the growth and proliferation of art. Although the definition can be quite varied, all great works of art have one thing in common: they manage to stir up the human soul in a manner than no other medium could compete with.

Until the rise of the internet, the art scene was hardly a meritocracy, with a few well-established names and trends that dominated the landscape. Thankfully, the web has brought an environment that is not only free of restrictions, it also puts the best tools of the 21st century at your disposal. Technology has even created a new field of expression, with graphic design and electronic music programs at the forefront. However, it has also established a need: the need for a good online profile.

As your main target audience will most likely be comprised of younger consumers, targeting them through newspaper ads and magazines is no longer effective. Even television, a medium that was so prolific just a few years ago, falls in second place. This is bad news for the less tech-savvy people, as the requirements for an entertaining website must be met.

The advantage of a free system is that it often facilitates change, and also creates solutions for consumer needs. Platforms like WordPress allow for the user to set up and develop an impressive website in a very short amount of time. Using that page, you will be able to promote your content, at rates that you could accurately describe as dirt cheap. WordPress lets you set up a bare-bone infrastructure for your page, but you will need more than that in order to impress your potential target audience. The web page will require a well programmed WordPress skin.

The Function of a WordPress Skin

As their name suggest, skins are simply coverings for your web page that make use of spacing, font design and color palette management. This evolves your page past its humble origins, and results in an experience that is beneficial for both the programmers, the owner, and the customer. It is a bland lump of clay, which you can shape accordingly. However, these skins are not purely aesthetic in their nature. They often implement coding that is optimizing for search engines, making it easier for customers to find your content. Also, they incorporate music players, photo viewers, and adjustable menu setting. Most themes are constantly updating, so you will be purchasing an ever expanding product.

Overall, WordPress and its collections of theme are definitely a catalyst for your success. Although the quality of your content will still depend on personal talent, this service frees up your hands, so you could pursue what you truly love. Your web page has become more than a simple online calling card. It is a portal for your business image, an online representation of who you are, and who you wish to be. Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress art themes:


Jevelin is a creative and responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. A reliable toolkit for creating impressive modern websites. Webmasters from all backgrounds find an intuitive solution in Jevelin. With a range of dedicated demo websites, This lets users hit the ground running.  Creative, corporate, business and professional websites are all at hand. With over 40 unique elements, the possibilities for every template are endless. Services a broad range of general and niche market uses with minimal effort. 10 different portfolio layouts furnish sophisticated showcases for your products and services.

With 6 different blog layouts, developing your own voice is easy and fast. Advanced customization capabilities are just a few clicks away with powerful admin settings. Tons of typographical, animation, color and layout options are yours to fiddle with. Deploy boxed and full width layouts, seamless transitions and more. Tons of pagination options keep your navigation fresh and your audience entertained. A powerful social sharing platform makes Jevelin a sharp social player. Get your websites rolling on social platforms with integrated feeds, comments and sharing. Drive up your traffic and increase your search engine rankings overnight. Jevelin is the ultimate kit to succeed in the modern web. Try it now!

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Gillion (Trending Item)

Gillion is a responsive fast load WordPress theme. It comes with a one-click demo install for all its demos. It has SEO enhancements and uses lots of cool stuff for layout. Gillion’s focus is on blogs and magazines, or general publishing. You will get it with 6 different blog styles and versatile post layouts. Posting is permitted in 6 different formats which suits perfect its high resolution. Gillion is well documented with texts and images. It also includes awesome support teams! It comes with a neat top bat that integrates social icons and tons if useful information.

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Stash is a dynamic multi-concept WordPress theme. Suits artists seeking to release their creative side. An absolutely responsive and adaptable to screens, devices and areas of interest. It also counts with tons of specialized demos and pre-built options to be inspired by. Stash for artists is a match made in heaven for creative folks. It offers incredible Slider Revolution, CSS3 animations, Parallax and 7 portfolios. You will get to set layouts details with multiple headers, unlimited colors and blogs. Stash showcases your success without complications. It comes with +80 build elements and 260 block builders.

Stash is ready for business with WooCommerce plugin. It also features speed and search engines’ optimization. It is actually built on a clean code based on HTML5. Stash is the Create your own virtual canvas and start enjoying the simplicity of it. Start selecting your fonts and icons thanks to Google Fonts and Font Awesome. Add compatible plugins like Minimal Forms and WPML and have a party! Translatable texts, newsletters and more would get add. Remember it comes with 24/7 custom support a child theme too! Make a quick tour and discover all its wonders! Use this 5-star rate package deal! Use Stash!

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notio clean minimal portfolio theme

If you want a WordPress theme that excels in visual design and speed, be sure to check out Notio. However, it never loses its appeal as a theme that is made for everyone. This high accessibility is a point of pride, as Notio does not demand prior technical knowledge to operate. Installing it is very easy, and it does not take a lot of time to finish the process. Once you select the one-click installer, it begins to import pages, theme options, images, sliders and widgets. Notio is compatible with WordPress 4.0+, and it can be translated into multiple languages. This translation is available for both your page text, and the sections of your online shop. That shop is made possible by the popular WooCommerce plugin, one of the most reliable additions of any respectable theme.

Customizing your web site is just as easy as the installation process, thanks to the Visual Composer, and the Drag & Drop capability. Just as the name suggests, you simply need to click something and drag it along the screen in order to organize and customize the page. It is advisable that you take your time, and design a page that represents your business. Notio is entirely Retina Ready, so it looks great on Retina Displays. The documentation of Notio is enough to inform you, and turn any user into an overnight expert. Other key features include compatibility with most browsers, full responsiveness, and an awesome Revolution Slider plugin.

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koncept creative portfolio art theme

This is a WordPress theme that is one of a kind. A shifts its focus away from unnecessary complexity, and tries to incorporate an elegant, simple and minimalist design. Based on a masonry portfolio grid, and a modular concept. The creators made it so versatile that you can install and use it on almost any type of page, regardless of the market niche that it tries to reach. It is filled with plenty of innovative features, shortcodes and options, hiding technological advancement under a veil of simple elegance.

Traditionally, you could use your page for presentation websites, online advertising or portfolios. However, this theme has incorporated the Woocommerce plugin, a features that allows you to turn your website into an impressive and reliable online shop.

No matter what your creation is, be it graphics design, pictures or sounds, this theme allows you to present it in a way that maximizes your chances of success. It is basically an online podium that with built with staggering innovation. It also incorporates flexible Masonry grids for columns in the same appealing masonry style as the rest of the page.

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rosie aesthetic art gallery theme

Rosie is a WordPress theme that is designed to be fully responsive, as it broadens your horizons and allows you to target wider audience. Bloggers, photographers, corporate web pages, and service landing sites can perfectly use this theme although you can use it for any types of page. It is user friendly and you can set it up very quickly, regardless of your technological background. Its customization features are quite expansive, as it include extended configurations for typography, a vast palette of colors, Typekit support and sections which can be personalized.

Rosie include state of the art technology, with elements such as parallax effects, transparent elements and custom menus, dynamic background, and a full page scrolling features. These are just a few of its innovative features, so check out its live preview for more information.

It includes a huge database of custom fonts powered by Google fonts. If you wish to reset your site’s configuration but do not wish to lose all your content, the Import/Export tools can take your posts, content and menus and translate them to your new setup. The admin interface is highly intuitive. The developers strived in providing you with an experience that’s both technologically advanced, and does not discourage users.

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Uniquely thoughtful, and delicate theme with vast potential for eloquent creative expression through the meaningful and deliberate presentation of powerful visual content in a smooth, fluid gallery or portfolio setting.

An ideal theme for art websites of any kind or relation to the industry, from art galleries and art appreciation societies to art schools or even personal art portfolios, owing to Shutter’s endlessly configurable, customizable, expansive gallery and portfolio layouts, with a multitude of distinct and conceptually conceived gallery designs ready to showcase your best selection of ravishing works to the world at large. Purposefully easy to use and very well documented, with extensive help files as well as narrated video tutorials readily available to make sure you get the most out of Shutter, regarding of your background or skill level. You don’t need to code anything at any point with Shutter. The results remains smoothly functional and seamlessly attractive. They truly speak for themselves.

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atjeh exquisite art portfolio theme

Atjeh is a WordPress theme that is designed to be fully responsive and optimized for all mobile devices. Building your page can often be an intimidating experience, especially if you are not very tech literate. Thankfully, Atjeh uses a Drag and drop page builder. Just as its name suggests, simply clicking on a layout feature and dragging it to where you wish it to be, is enough.

A live preview feature is also available so you can see changes as you make them, making it easier to tweak the aesthetic feel of your online profile. The administration panel is easy to use, and it also presents complicated choices in an easy and understandable way. As long as you can read, you will have no trouble using it. Every single element of your web page can feature custom typography, with over 600 Google fonts in this theme.

Just so you are not left in the dark, the developers have put together some very informative documentation. No matter how large or small a problem is, the developers have set up an informative and helpful support team that is eager to guide you through any issue. Reviews can only provide a narrowed perspective, so if you wish to experience this themes, check out its live preview.

More info / Download Demo



TwoFold is a sleek and stunning, enticing and effective, expansive and elegant, readily responsive WordPress premium fullscreen photography website theme. A wonderful tool for webmasters with or without previous design or development experience but with a passion for presenting powerful, moving works of photography to a wide, undifferentiated online audience for them to appreciate and admire. This theme specializes in showing your graphic content in the most delightful, modern presentation possible, with a focus on minimalism and cleanliness, letting your precious content be the star of the show.

With an ample selection of amazing home page styles to choose from, as well as the possibility of selecting pages such as your Albums, Galleries and Collections as your home page, that knows freedom to present your pictures the way you want to is paramount. That’s why TwoFold includes a wealth of ways in which you can customize the manner your images are displayed in. From modern masonry styles to sophisticated grid variations, from clever and slick Photo Hover Effects to amazing AJAX powered filterable Collections you can customize to your liking, TwoFold is all about what you can see. Are you ready for the world to start seeing things your way?

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frost imaginative fullscreen art theme

Featuring a responsive layout and a full retina display, Frost is the WordPress theme that can aid an artist’s ascension towards fame. It has both one-page and multi-page variations, it is preferred by many freelancers, creative agencies, photographers and bloggers. If you work in a business where elegance and beauty are defining factors, this is the theme for you. Which allow you to pitch your ideas, and get feedback on your content from both potential employers and customers.

The developers established it using the innovative Bootstrap 3 framework, and they also equipped it with 20 enticing page builder elements. That can adapt to any screen size or device, making it highly responsive. Be it tablets, computers or smart phones, you will not experience any issues regarding its compatibility. Frost includes a user friendly page builder, a one click installer, WPML support, a custom logo, plenty of color palettes and a live customizer.

If the customer experiences any types of issues, the well trained support team will be eager to step in and resolve the problems. It’s so easy to use that even a child can create a successful website. The page builder has a unique build that includes an enhanced version of the standards Aqua page builder. It has additional template duplication, markup buttons, and plenty of view lists for the templates. It also spoils you with custom logos, as there is a special implementation for your login screen and retina icons.

More info / Download Demo


kappe brilliant creative masonry portfolio theme

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that has 6 layered PSD files and a design that is both elegant and attractive, Kappe is just right for you. Developed by a prestigious author, Kappe also includes a live preview that lets the potential customer try out the content before deciding on a purchase.

The pricing is very reasonable, given the large amount of content and the extreme attention to detail. The developer’s experience really shows, because they also included an excellent support system to this theme. You can also expect constant updates and tweaks, as there is product improvement in the future. The layout is completely responsive, and your page can show up on any device, without risking issues with resolution and coding compatibility.

If you just want to set up an entertaining blog without some of the bells and whistles of other mediums, this theme has an interesting way of capturing the human eyes and directing it to crucial areas of your page. Currently, Kappe uses the masonry blog layout, resulting in a page where your users can get lost for hours. Browsing through your posts. The skin has an unlimited color spectrum, and a visual shortcode generator. Although changing colors seems like a trivial thing, they are one of the most powerful emotional triggers. All famous logos and websites have strategically selected their themes, and you should do the same.

However, even the best of themes can run into trouble, when trying to adapt to different platform. Coding, and the marriage between software and hardware can often present a distinct set of challenges. Thankfully, this theme is fully compatible with all types of devices, including smart phones and tablets.

More info / Download Demo


contrast intuitive masonry grid portfolio theme

If you are looking for a great WordPress theme, look no further than Contrast. Although its features give it enough flexibility to fit any purpose, it is best for photography and portfolio pages. This theme can let you express yourself in every way you wish, without restrictions in terms of format issues or coding limitations. It surrounds, highlights and promotes your works of art, letting people see them just as they are.

The developers used the most recent CSS3 and Javascript tech in order to create smooth transitions. They also removed all of the elements that might interfere with proper search engine ranking results or things that might slow down the loading times. You page will have both vertical and horizontal grid layouts, where your pictures will take their place. Regardless of their source, be it photography, painting or graphics design, they will look amazing on any platform or device.

The design tries not to overshadow your content, or distract from it, a fact proven by the healthy amount of blank space left on pages and posts. It would have been easy to just throw an effect or color in there, but that would defeat the purpose of the page entirely.

More info / Download Demo

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  1. WordPress themes are stunning, terrific, creative, lovely, offer soothing effects to eyes, as they are designed in well fashioned manner. It is easy for everyone to do on page of any WordPress website through plugins and now to WordPress website AMP easily applied through plugins, anything could be easily done through the Word Pres with or without any knowledge of the WordPress.

  2. I may be wrong, but as far as I’ve noticed, the majority of artwork themes are designed to present the images as a tile gallery. I’ve been searching for a theme allowing huge full-width separate images on the homepage but to tell the truth, didn’t succeed a lot, except maybe discovering the Artwork theme. That is why my question is: are there some decent themes to present separate wide images (but not exceptionally on the slider area)? Thank you in advance, I would be really grateful for your advise..

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