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17 Essential Plugins for WordPress Multisite 2020

WordPress Multisite allows you to install WordPress just once and to add as many WordPress sites as you want. Manage your network from a single WordPress dashboard with the same username and password. Others can sign up and create their own blogs on your multisite.

A multisite network requires a higher level of administrative control. In a multisite environment, the site administrator of the individual sites cannot make too many changes. For example, he cannot change the theme of a site or add plugins. He also cannot change the profiles of the users. Only the administrator for the whole network, called network administrator or super admin, can make these changes.

Multisite installation is of two types: domain-based and directory-based. By default, the installation is domain-based. This is to avoid conflict between pages and sites. You can change it to directory-based if you are confident that there will be no conflict.

Carefully manage the directory and permalinks in a multisite environment. The super admin is allowed to manage the site settings page. Further, the PHP files and .htaccess should be managed only at the network level. Otherwise, there is every possibility that you may mess up the directories, and the files and folders may become inaccessible.

All users who are added to your network have subscriber-level access. This is the default setting in WordPress. To assign different access levels to different users and to manage many other functions in multisites, you will need to install plugins. Plugins will help you in the creation of multiple sites. You can also use plugins to manage your network of sites and to enhance the performance and security of each.

All plugins are installed in the dashboard of the Super Admin and then activated or deactivated for individual sites. After you activate a particular site, that site administrator can manage it. You will need some plugins to operate across all the sites. They will not appear on the plugin list of individual sites on the super admin dashboard. You can opt to store the plugins in individual files or folders, and you do not need to activate or deactivate them. If present, you can simply use them.

It will help us to understand these plugins better if we view them under three categories.

I. Plugins that help to build a multisite:

  • Pro Sites
  • Multisite Content Copier
  • MultiSite Clone Duplicator
  • Anti Splog

II. Plugins that help to manage a multisite:

  • User Role Editor
  • User Switching
  • Disable Comments
  • Multisite Plugin Manager
  • Multisite Language Switcher
  • Menus
  • Multisite Toolbar Additions
  • Recent Global Posts
  • Multisite Enhancements

III. Plugins that are generally important to all websites:

  • BackWPup
  • WP Security Audit Log
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Image Sitemap Feed With Multisite Support
  • XML Sitemap & Google News
  • W3 Total Cache

The following are plugins that help to build a multisite.

Pro Sites

Pro Sites is a premium plugin from WPMU. You can set up a network with any number of sites using this plugin. A good example of this is Edublog. It is easy to monetize a blog with this plugin by offering hosting services and paid premium upgrades. As a site administrator, you will be able to provide the same set of services offered by any hosting provider.

Create structured packages to suit every budget or need, and offer them on your multisite. Many tiered memberships can be designed to match the needs of a variety of users. Consult the Pricing and Features tables that come with the plugin to capture on a single screen all the features and their prices.

Pro Sites

Pro Sites supports theme and plugin upgrades and enables domain mapping. Bloggers can enjoy ad-free blogging and unlimited publishing. Increased storage, expert support, and BuddyPress support all add up to make the packages attractive.

From the hub, the site admin can have an overview of all the sites and carry out any maintenance activity. You can activate and deactivate plugins and themes for all or selected sites.

Regarding the payment and checkout process, it is smooth and seamless. In case a purchaser is undecided, he can reserve a site and domain name for 48 hours. This plugin also supports many payment gateways and 24 currencies. As a network administrator, you can keep tabs on user activity across all sites and gather detailed statistics. If you have installed Google Analytics, just turn on the integration to start the information flow.

Access to the plugin is through a membership with WPMU, which costs $49 per month. Check it out with a 14-day free trial.

Multisite Content Copier

If you often need to copy posts, pages, users, and plugins from one site to another within your network, Multisite Content Copier will make the task easier for you. This is another plugin from WPMU and comes free with their membership packages.

Multisite Content Copier

You can create blog templates and copy content into sites with a particular template. The built-in blog template integration makes site creation an automatic process.

Site creation is easy, and you can copy content into a single site, a group of sites, or all the sites in the network. With a few clicks, you can copy comments, images, categories, and tags.

Anti Splog

Splogs refer to spam blogs. In a free multiuser setup, it is possible that a number of users may set up blogs that are not really desirable or even harmful to your website. Anti Splog from WPMU offers three layers of protection. The first level prevents bots that reach your WordPress install. The second level uses an algorithm to identify spam blogs on your network even before they are created based on the data gathered over time.

Anti Splog

The third step kicks in if a spammer manages to cross the first two layers. The moment a spammer initiates a spam post, you can identify and shut down the splog. The plugin allows you to create varying levels of stringency in identifying splogs, and you can customize the settings to your requirement.

User Role Editor

Any user in WordPress is tagged with a subscriber role by default. A few mouse clicks is all it takes for the User Role Editor to change user roles on your WordPress. You can even create new capabilities and create custom roles to assign to users. This plugin will be particularly helpful to websites that receive contributions from multiple authors, and you can assign different access levels to each of them.

User Role Editor

Once installed, a new menu item User Role Editor can be seen in your WordPress. To edit an existing role, simply select the role from the drop-down menu, modify the permissions, and update the changes. By clicking on Add Role and granting permissions to the roles, you can create as many new roles as you need. If you wish to make these changes applicable to a multisite, you should enable “Apply to All Sites” before you update the changes.

Moreover, you can change the default user role, and you can delete old roles for which there is no longer any need. You can assign a single user multiple roles as well.

The free version supports multisites, but for advertisement-free use, you will have to purchase the Pro version. The Pro version will allow management over multisites via the network admin and a one-click synchronization of changes. You can import and export user roles between sites, as well as restrict posts and pages for viewing to specified users.

User Switching

For security reasons, by default, only the site administrator on a single site install and network administrator on a multisite install can switch user accounts. User Switching allows users who are authorized to edit other users to switch accounts within WordPress. At the click of a button, the authorized user will be logged out of the current user status and be logged in again as the desired user.

User Switching 1

Administrators who manage multiple sites and developers who have to move between a number of test sites will find this plugin helpful. They can check out the network from the user’s point of view.

Disable Comments

Disable Comments is a simple plugin that, once activated, will disable comments globally on your multisite. The super admin can disable comments on any post or page. You cannot alter this setting for individual posts or pages.

Disable Comments

If you need to allow comments on any post or page selectively, you should totally skip this plugin. However, if you want to disable comments on the entire network, this plugin will make a good job of it. Not only that, this plugin can remove comment-related items from any place on your network: dashboard, widgets, and menu.

Multisite Language Switcher

Multisite Language Switcher is a simple plugin that allows content in multiple languages in your WordPress multisite. It is powerful and helps you translate posts, pages, categories and tags into multiple languages.

language switcher

You will need to activate the plugin once in the Network Administration or in each blog, if you want translation only on some sites.

Multisite Toolbar Additions

multisite toolbar additions
Multisite Toolbar Additions is a WordPress multisite plugin that ads convenient admin links to your toolbar. It works with both multi- and even singlesite WordPress installs for your convenience. Multisite Toolbar Additions saves you plenty of time and energy and gives you quick access to the stuff that will benefit you greatly.

Main features of the plugin are custom nav menu, visible only to super admins, and full compatibility with WPML. Other goodies of the item are network-wide plugins and themes, widgets, content management and surprisingly, there is no settings page. You will also find a step-by-step installation process that will help you activate Multisite Toolbar Additions in close to no time. As the saying goes, “Let the toolbar work for you.” Download and install Multisite Toolbar Additions and make it yours.

WP Multisite User Sync

wp multisite user sync wordpress multisite plugin

WP Multisite User Sync is a pretty self-explanatory WordPress multisite plugin that does the job of syncing users between your network. For instance, you can easily and quickly sync or unsync a user from one site to the other (or blog). Of course, instead of doing it manually for every page, you can also sync a user to multiple sites or even your entire network. Moreover, you can also specify user roles that are able to use the feature, so that the plugin is not only available to the webmaster of the network. Finally, to unlock yourself even more features, feel free to upgrade to pro.

Email Log

email log wordpress multisite plugin

Email Log is a simple and user-friendly WordPress multisite plugin that offers you to view all the emails sent from your WordPress network. This gives you total control over what is happening within your network, email-wise.

It comes helpful when you face any issue with sending out emails, helping you figure out which part of the puzzle broke. There are also options that allow you to re-send emails and even automatically forward emails to export logs. Of course, there is indeed the premium version of the plugin available that unlocks all the features that you might be in need of. But starting for free will get the ball moving forward immediately.

LH Multisite Ads

lh multisite ads wordpress multisite plugin

Once you would like to start to monetize your multisite network, you better user LH Multisite Ads. This multisite WordPress plugin allows you to avoid the hassle of manually inserting ads after paragraphs. Instead, the tool does all the hard work for you, helping you with spreading advertisements across your entire network of sites and blogs. Of course, you do not have to install the plugin on each site. One install is all it is necessary to get LH Multisite Ads to work on your entire network. Instead of adding ads only in sidebars, headers and footers, take things to an entirely new degree with in-content ads, after paragraphs, as those are the most clickable.

Recent Global Posts

Recent Global Posts displays a list of recent posts picked from your multisite network on your main site. It is customizable, and you can determine how many posts to display and add links to them.

Multisite Enhancements

Multisite Enhancements will help to organize the network area for Super Admins by adding a number of topics as desired. For instance, you can insert Add New to the plugins link or Add Blog and User Id to the network and much more.


There are a number of free plugins available for backing up WordPress sites, but when you want to back up a multisite, you will find that your options are restricted. BackWPup is one of the few free plugins that will backup your WordPress multisite. But before you install this plugin, understand that it can be activated only for the entire network. This plugin can backup everything on your multisite and store it in external storage options like Amazon S3 and DropBox. However, one click restore option is not available with this plugin.

WP Security Audit Log

In a multi-user setup, you may want to keep track of user activity on your network. WP Security Audit Log monitors user activity in real time. Potential hackers or security issues can be identified and prevented before any harm is done. Suspicious user activity is detected and alerts are issued. User level changes, password changes and many such issues will be detected by this plugin.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that will help fine tune your SEO practices. It helps take care of the technical optimization of your site so that it is search engine friendly. Yoast is fully multisite compatible. The XML Sitemaps will work just fine in all the setups. The settings from one blog can be copied to another by picking options in the Network settings. Or you can make one blog to be the default standard for all the other blogs.You do not have to configure the settings for each blog. The Import/ Export settings are fully functional in this plugin.

XML Sitemap & Google News

xml sitemap feed
XML Sitemap & Google News is a WordPress multisite plugin that creates feeds that work with XML Sitemap and Google News Sitemap protocol. The extension also fully supports multi-lingual websites that use Polulang or WPML to make sure all languages get indexed simultaneously. With XML Sitemap & Google News plugin, you can also add new robots.txt rules. This allows you to have control over indexing different sections of your website.

What’s super cool about XML Sitemap & Google News is the simplicity and user-friendliness. There is no need to change files and folders or do any advanced settings editing. For the most part, the default settings will work with the majority of users. XML Sitemap & Google News is also compatible with WP Super Cace, Quick Cache and other caching plugins. When the need arises, you can also unlock even more options by going pro.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache will speed up the website by reducing the load times. It improves server performance and reduces download time, so the user experience is truly enhanced. This plugin is a must-install for all WordPress sites.

To sum up, multisites are a bit more complex than standalone websites, and managing a multisite requires technical knowledge. The plugins discussed in this post will make it easier to manage multisites. Depending on the unique nature of your multisite, you can install and use them.

If you have found any particularly useful plugin, do let us know and we can add it to our list.

Aigars Silkalns

Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Currently, has over 10 years of experience in mainly CSS, HTML (TailwindCSS, Bootstrap), JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. WPMU is a ripoff at $49 per month for a total of $588 every year. The instant you stop your membership the plugins are worthless so you’re held hostage in order to use a few plugins..

    1. @Greg,
      We build and maintain multisite websites for our customers and are happy appliers of WPMU plugins. They are great!
      We can maintain your network of multisites if you want for a substantial lower amount than the $588.
      Give it a thought and let me know.

  2. This post is out of date. Many plugins mentioned here are not premium any longer and some haven’t been updated in years so they are full of bugs.

    1. Those plugins still work with the latest version of WordPress because the Multisite part of the WP haven’t been significantly changed for several years. We update our posts all the time and we’ll make sure to remove plugins that no longer work with the current version of WP.

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