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Wordpress Insurance Themes

Top 20 WordPress Insurance Themes For Insurance Agencies and Lawyers 2017

Life is a beautiful, precious thing—a frail thing, sometimes, and a fickle thing, often. Which is why it pays to have a backup plan for when things go sour. That’s why there’s an entire industry servicing the need of the population for security in the case of all sorts of eventualities in life’s complicated twists and turns. Insurance makes people feel safe, and lets them sleep better at night. It is, in a person’s heart and mind, that which stands between himself, his loved ones, and catastrophes of frighteningly unknown nature or proportion. The providers of this safeguard, the veritable guardians against this abyss, must then be entities which inspire trust in people, who can reach them and make them feel an intimate relation that can truly protect them and those closest to them. They must be accessible. They must be online. And if they are to be online and inspire trust, they must have a serious, effective, impressive website to showcase their catalogue to the world at large and bring themselves into their future client’s present life. The following collection of WordPress themes was composed through selection of those themes whose qualities most align with the design principles, aesthetic values and functional resources required by insurance related websites.


Stash is a premium quality WordPress theme. It works for all business and personal levels although it focuses on. It suits all businesses that are updating their openness on the online department. Stash has tons of pre-built or ready-made options such as 15 inner pages, 260 block elements and 48 homepages! Some of these are specifically dedicated to businesses. Look at all its detailed documentation and get started right away!

Stash has a partial focus on visual trades. It gives you a powerful MegaMenu with dropdown style, customizable backgrounds and animations. It also comes with unlimited colors and multiple headers. With Stash, typography and icons are amazing! Use Google Fonts and Font Awesome sets. Still thinking through your options? Let us keep up: Slider Revolution and Essential grid integrated for free. Stash is made for both those with interest on the project and for those interested on the result. If you are not up to making a big deal out of things, follow the one-click install and a few demo instructions to be set.  You will still get Parallax scrolling and even a child theme. Documentation and support will be given to you on purchase!



Divi is an outstandingly resourceful, extraordinarily powerful and remarkably pliable WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, designed with the flexibility and muscle to easily meet the requirements of any assortment of website needs, natures and types imaginable, yet among these, peculiarly well equipped to handle the tasks required of insurance related websites, legal websites such as law firms, personal insurance agent, insurance provider or attorney professional websites, and many more related projects.

Divi is so powerful because every element is custom built to perfection, from the drag and drop Divi Builder to the dozens of professionally designed templates and layouts to start off your website and churn out your pages in a breeze, quickly customizable with advanced customizing options that can modify everything with infinite choice of fonts, tons of Font Awesome Retina ready icons, endless color combinations and all sorts of logo and branding possibilities to make your website your own. Flesh out staff pages with shortcodes and widgets that make short work of producing visually attractive pages, create pricing plan pages in a heartbeat, incorporate all sorts of advanced, customizable forms and mail subscriptions, include all sorts of sliders, headers and footers in beautiful Parallax animations, and much more, with Divi’s constant updates and lifelong customer support. Make it to the top with Divi.

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Insurance is an incredibly intuitive, easily accessible, technologically accomplished and visually sophisticated WordPress responsive insurance business theme, especially and uniquely designed to satisfy the particular needs of insurance provider, insurance agent, insurance wholesaler and reinsurance provider websites. Insurance has been constructed so that any insurance related business can easily, quickly and seamlessly adopt it and create powerful, functional, stunning websites that are modern yet professional-looking, in a matter of minutes, and without any coding skills whatsoever.

Insurance’s powerful Drag & Drop Page Builder empowers you to craft your own pages from scratch or edit the beautiful included templates and layouts in order to make sure your website represents your business to your exact standards and specifications. At the same time, powerful shortcodes built customized for Insurance expand the functionalities like building blocks within the content of your posts and the sections of your website, letting you easily build Get A Quote forms and Contact forms for your future clients to make inquiries or request your services formally right through your website. Tons of unique sections will color your website, such as About Us, Insurances sliders, Our Agents with progress bars, and a plethora more niche goodies you won’t find anywhere else. What are you waiting for? Don’t you know it’s dangerous not to have Insurance?

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BRIDGE is an impressively pliable, incredibly powerful, intuitively easy and immeasurably fast WordPress responsive multiconcept, multipurpose theme, built with the deliberate purpose of creation and design of an infinite range of possible and impossible website types, natures and niches, compatible with all applications and excelling in every single one of them. Naturally, BRIDGE is well suited to function as a business and corporate website, especially those of the legal, insurance, real estate and accounting concentrations. Built on the potent QODE framework, BRIDGE includes over 100 unique website demos spread over 24 custom concept layouts, ranging from standard site layouts to entirely innovative, creative website layout solutions.

You are bound to find what you’re looking for among such an impressive collection, and otherwise, every single demo is highly customizable, as are all layouts, and individual posts, using the intuitively powerful Admin Interface options to add gorgeous Qode Sliders, sidebars, Parallax sections and much more to any page you desire, with absolutely zero coding required at any point. Customize MegaMenus, Headers, Footers, you name it, you change it. And with tons of convenient business widgets and shortcodes as well as advanced customizable Contact Forms and queries, on top of world class support, it’s no wonder BRIDGE was the smash hit theme of 2016. Are you ready to up the ante with your business?

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Finance Business


Finance Business is an incredibly thorough, amazingly modern, vibrant and interactive WordPress responsive business, company and corporate theme, designed with the collective need of small to large scale organizations of people who work together to offer financial, insurance, legal, real estate, accounting or other professional services to clients on a wide scale and wish to expand and attract more business by establishing their presence online. Finance Business is brimming with tools, widgets, shortcodes, layouts, templates and features custom made specifically for such websites, making the process of producing each page and section of your website as easy as filling out your content and adjusting the theme customizing options as you see fit, with perhaps some intuitive modifications to the professionally designed layouts.

Custom Project and Profiles posts fit right into corporate communicational strategies. Write up content using over a hundred customized, business relevant shortcodes that work like building blocks when making your website. You’ll get the hang of it in no time, and if not, there’s always the extensive documentation and the outstandingly dedicated customer support that comes with every purchase. Finance Business is the theme that can build your million dollar website. Are you ready to get out of the children’s pool and step into the real action?

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imedica-classic-insurance-business-themeiMedica is a aesthetically refined and very elegant, minimal and understated, bright and fresh, cleverly coded and efficiently constructed, highly functional and profoundly flexible and versatile, ambitious and all-encompassing, fast-loading and search engine optimized responsive WordPress healthcare and medical website theme. iMedica is an infinitely thoroughly developed and very full featured theme designed expressly for medical, health care and insurance organization websites, or any website that deals in matters of the public’s health with a massive audience across all demographics.

iMedica packs a wealth of completely polished demo websites, totaling in at 9 and counting, each a conceptually different approach to providing health related services to the public in smart, clean and simple presentations, with over 20 homepage template variations included, and all of this at your fingertips without ever having to write so much as a single line of code. iMedica includes the Visual Composer with the Ultimate Addons plugin, the All in One Rich Snippets expansion and tons of other features developed by iMedica’s renowned Brainstorm Force developing crew. Pricing tables and flexible product showcase galleries, responsive lightboxes and customizable shortcodes, extensive PSD file inclusion and top of the line customer support and theme documentation make iMedica a theme you simple cannot afford not to have on your side.

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Mist is a truly comprehensive and entirely enormous, ambitious and expansive, thoroughly thought out and professionally graphically composed, visually nimble and flexible, fast loading and quick on its feet, efficiently coded and very modern and engaging responsive WordPress advanced multiconcept website theme. Mist is a an amply pliable and incredibly ductile theme that can be easily adapted to suit whatever your needs may be, due to its design-driven, top-down approach that makes Mist a website made for users and centered around content, in a professional, polished and trustworthy setting.

In that regard, Mist is a fantastic theme for health insurance websites, vehicular insurance websites and all sorts of websites catering to the insurance or reinsurance industries and related, similar fields. With its relaxed, soothing aesthetics, seamless menus and user interface and powerful commercial and insurance-friendly shortcodes, like Pricing Plans, Testimonials, Staff and more, with gorgeous visual page building functionality so webmasters of any skill level can quickly churn out sharp and crisp looking insurance websites, functional out of the box contact forms for increasing your customer conversion rates and utter, total responsiveness, Mist is a seriously full featured theme for all kinds of business and commerce interests, but that reigns supreme among insurance website themes. Try Mist’s Insurance demo website and see your site go live within minutes of setup!

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Broker is a serious and professional, sleek and attractive, potent and resourceful, technologically articulate and well composed, modern and very appealing, safe and reliable, secure and trustworthy, innovatively designed and very fresh-faced, highly responsive WordPress business, finance and insurance website theme. Broker is a cleverly built and very well coded theme that is jam-packed with all the most advanced and powerful web development technologies, ranging from HTML5 and CSS3 to AJAX and Parallax, in a stylized and streamlined package.

Broker theme is designed with the sophisticated Visual Composer plugin and further augmented not just by WooCommerce out of the box integration but by the full featured CommerceGurus Toolkit, an in-house developed plugin that incredibly widens the options available to you as you as a commercial or corporate website of any kind, and especially for webmasters trying to design, develop and maintain insurance business websites or insurance related websites of any kind. Intuitive, clear and comprehensible step by step video guides are included in Broker’s detailed documentation, ensuring every webmaster can really make the most of Broker every time, and its world class customer support system is available around the clock to take care of anything else that might arise. Broker—serious websites, the easy way!

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Avada is a remarkably powerful, amazingly resourceful, impressively flexible, vibrant and shapeshifting WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, constructed with sufficient raw power and inherent adaptability to effortlessly service a number of different roles across a range of website applications. Among them, Avada shines particularly when deployed as a legal, insurance, accounting or real estate business theme. From the intuitive and speedy Fusion Builder visual page building tool for creating your own layouts and designs to the incredible Revolution Slider, Awesome Parallax Layer Slider, Elastic Slider, Flex Slider 2 and custom built Fusion Slider plugins to make your pages incredibly dynamic, touch and swipe friendly and thoroughly personalized, so you can then build on your designs with a powerful shortcode generator that includes over a hundred remarkably useful functions, from buttons to pricing tables to informative popups, boxes, icons, tabs, maps, and much more. Shortcodes enable you to generate stunning informational pages that are engaging and appealing, and all of them can be visually styled to suit any website. Guide your users around with the built-in MegaMenu, or market your products through your website with the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, with fully integrated design compatibility. Avada is ready to go—what about you?

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x theme most popular theme

X is an extremely expansive, exceptionally exhilarating and excitingly extraordinary WordPress responsive multiconcept, multipurpose theme, built with the power, strength and adaptability to quickly lend itself to use in a virtually infinite array of different website possibilities, combinations, styles and natures, but especially well prepared for handling business and corporate websites, including legal firm, insurance provider, insurance agency, personal attorney and real estate agency websites, among many other such professional service providers that wish to firmly place themselves and their business into the online marketplace with a website solution that is as eloquent and aesthetically accomplished as their offline presences are. X is incredibly versatile, built around Stacks, which are essentially themes within a theme.

Integrity, Renew, Icon and Ethos Stacks each include their own multiple demos, templates and layouts, to astoundingly maximize the choices available to you for designing your website. Incredible portfolio options and features are available to showcase your professional work, while full, native WooCommerce integration means you can market your wares right from your X website with no additional cost and at the flick of a switch. X includes MegaMenus to handle any amount of content you’re putting out there, while guiding your users through stylish transitions, animations, beautiful image lightboxes, customized post styles and powerful, convenient shortcodes that look different with every Stack. With X, there’s always something for every business to benefit.

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enfold - drag and drop wordpress theme

Enfold is clean and minimalist, clutter-free and fresh-faced, serious and professional WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the broad skillset and deep power required to manage the construction of a great variety of website archetypes, owing to Enfold’s highly customizable nature as well as its robust, technologically sophisticated coding. As such, Enfold is particularly brilliant when deployed as a theme for business and corporate websites in the legal, insurance, real estate and accounting related areas. Enfold builds upon the powerful and popular Avia Framework adapted for the needs of business and corporate users.

A unique, custom built Drag and Drop Template Builder lets you craft any imaginable layout and save it for use as a template when churning out new pages, which you can customize with 18 different skins or make your own skin from scratch through the powerful Admin Panel options. Additional styling is available for each entry into your corporate blog, pricing pages or portfolio showcases. WooCommerce eCommerce plugin integration means you can dive right into marketing your services online and bringing in new business on day one of setting up. Gorgeous Layerslider Slideshows will bedazzle and impress your potential clients. What are you waiting for? Enfold new business, today!

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BeTheme is a visually stimulating, flexible and eloquent, sophisticated and modern WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with a veritable cornucopia of tools and convenient functions for the design and construction of all manners of interactive, cutting-edge websites, and particularly well suited for deployment as themes for business and corporate purposes, especially legal firm websites, insurance agency websites, accounting firm websites and real estate agency websites, and all manners of serious, professional service providing businesses that need to inform and attract clientele through the powerful medium that is the internet.

From an intuitive section-based Muffin Builder page builder to the awesome Muffin Options for customization, smoothly animated Revolution Sliders, Sticky Headers, mobile friendliness and much more, BeTheme is all inclusive in its convenience. Mobile Tap to Call is as easy as dropping a box, and making pages is effortless when you have well over a hundred premade professionally designed templates to choose from. BeTheme is WooCommerce integrated, so you can market your products and services to new customers directly from your website, and Contact Form 7 ready. SEO readiness is built into the code, and BeTheme is both All in One SEO and Yoast compatible out of the box. Limitless sidebars, dozens of useful preconfigured pages such as About us, Press, Pricing and more, and custom Muffin widgets make BeTheme the end-all, be-all of business multipurpose themes.

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salient - modern local business theme

Salient is an amazingly eloquent, visually vibrant, fluid, modern and appealing WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, designed to satisfy the needs of any number and kind of websites that share a common necessity—to make a lasting impression on their audiences, in the crowded, saturated field of the internet. Salient produces websites that never fail to stand out from the crowd, with a combination of stunning customized layouts of all sorts imaginable, a highly customizable drag and drop builder, hundreds of shortcodes to greatly expand the functionality of every post, and a seemingly endless array of visual options and goodies, from beautiful, unique Parallax effects to the custom Nectar Slider plugin and a robust, customized options panel.

Salient includes extremely powerful layout options, portfolio options, masonry and grid blog layout options and much more to enable you to produce unrepeatable webpages that make an indelible mark on your visitor’s minds. WooCommerce is natively supported, meaning you can start selling your professional services and products right from your website within hours of setup with a simple plugin that is graphically integrated into Salient. Seamless responsiveness means every page is compatible with every browser and device across the board. Outstanding tutorials and customer support seal the deal—Salient means business.

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Jupiter is an extremely clean, visually polished, functionally versatile and entirely modern WordPress responsive multipurpose business and corporate theme, uniquely designed with the needs and requirements of commercial and corporate websites in mind, and especially attuned to service the necessities of websites specializing in the legal, insurance, real estate and accounting trades. If your website’s purpose is to inform a massive audience of your product portfolio, pricing plans, service catalogue, staff makeup and similar content in the hopes of capturing new business and expanding existing business through the use of the internet, social media and search engines, Jupiter is the theme you’re looking for.

Jupiter makes churning out professional-looking, functional webpages a speedy, efficient process, thanks to an intuitive drag & drop page builder and tons of pre-included templates to get you started. You’ll further save time with handsome preconfigured page layouts, including beautiful Parallax enabled portfolio pages that you can fill with your work or any other content you wish to showcase. One page websites are also available with smooth scrolling functionalities for maximized content. MegaMenus are included, simplifying your users’ navigational experience. SEO readiness means you’ll quickly top the ranks of all the relevant fields to your website, while WooCommerce integration out of the box means Jupiter turns any website into an online store in a couple of clicks. Jupiter—what’s not to love?

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Ronneby is a visually sophisticated, functionally flexible, powerfully potent and endlessly customizable WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, vastly pliable enough to effortlessly adapt to the needs of a plethora of different websites, but especially well-suited for the task of building and designing business, commercial and corporate websites including insurance provider websites, legal firm websites and real estate websites, as well as any other websites that need to quickly inspire confidence and trust from visitors who are potential and future clients to be captured through the website solution itself.

Ronneby is a full package, with literally hundreds of customizable elements that can be combined in dozens of thousands of unique ways to produce amazing, interactive, functional websites, thanks to the powerfully extended Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins, dozens of custom made demos with entirely unique presentations, layouts and user experiences, WooCommerce integration to market your professional services online in a matter of minutes out of the box, incredible Parallax smooth scrolling effects, four dozen styled custom widgets for your convenience on top of hundreds of custom shortcodes to build any form of business website imaginable. Contact Form compatible and packed with gorgeous blog and portfolio layouts, Ronneby is a natural fit for a modern, serious business. Ready to take the plunge?

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Unicon is a robustly coded, visually stunning, amazingly functional and flexible WordPress responsive design driven multipurpose theme, uniquely well suited for the creation and design of creative, innovative website solutions for commercial and business applications, and peculiarly well equipped for the design and maintenance of legal firm, insurance provider and real estate agency websites, especially those with a strong visual, brand or corporate identity that must be centric and iconic throughout their website. Unicon is an intuitive, easy solution that effortlessly empowers businesses to produce professional-looking, functional, powerful pages in a matter of minutes, using a flexible Drag & Drop Builder and starting off with any of over fifty predesigned layouts that you can endlessly alter and modify to suit your particular needs.

Hundreds of Retina-ready icons combine with dozens upon dozens of resourceful shortcodes to make your posts interactive, engaging and vibrant, keeping your visitors interested and increasing the customer turnover. Beautiful, smooth, Parallax powered sliders are available through the Revolution Slider plugin, and full out of the box integration with WooCommerce means Unicon creates gorgeous online shops in a matter of a couple clicks. Unicon is the paragon of responsive, cutting edge design coherence, and it’s bound to take your insurance or legal business to the next level. Are you game?

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TheFox is an outrageously clever, brilliantly designed, flawlessly coded, lightweight, adaptable and powerful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, created with the express intent of being the ultimate smart WordPress theme, with a clean user interface that lets you easily build incredible, stunning websites in a matter of seconds that have astoundingly nuanced designs that include expansive functionalities which make TheFox an ideal business, commercial and corporate theme for insurance websites, legal websites, accounting websites, personal attorney websites and any such professional service websites that wish to entice new clientele through a serious, businesslike, smart and functional website that impresses at the same rate it inspires confidence.

That’s why TheFox is coded to be incredibly responsive and robust in every platform and device imaginable. Over 30 unique homepages with incredible attention to detail are available to easily customize with the included Visual Composer plugin, an excess of 250 design elements can be customized to your heart’s content, WooCommerce modules are available out of the box to quickly turn a profit on your online business as soon as you go live with your TheFox online store, gorgeous MegaMenus guide your users throughout your content, product portfolios, service catalogues, staff pages and much more, while endless sliders, sidebars, header and footer options and combinations are at your fingertips. TheFox is here, will you answer its call?

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