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woocommerce points and rewards plugins
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4 Best WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugins for Customer Loyalty 2023

WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins are a great way to reward your loyal customers and incentivize them to continue shopping with your business. These plugins are an excellent way to build customer loyalty and grow your business. Offering points and rewards can show appreciation for your customers and create a sense of community around your brand.

Here are three of the top benefits of using WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins:

  • Increased customer loyalty: By offering rewards and incentives, you can create a sense of loyalty among your customers. They will feel appreciated and valued, leading to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Improved customer engagement: By incorporating points and rewards into your business, you can create a more engaging shopping experience for your customers. They will be incentivized to take actions, such as making purchases or sharing your products on social media, that can drive more traffic to your site.
  • Increased sales: By offering incentives to your customers, you can drive sales and increase your customer base. Customers will be more likely to make purchases, and repeat purchases, if they know that they will receive rewards for doing so.

In conclusion, WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins are an essential tool for growing your business and building a loyal customer base. With their user-friendly interfaces and customizable options, these plugins make it easy to reward your customers and incentivize them to shop with your business.

Best WooCommerce Points & Rewards Plugins

1. Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Responsive WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Grow your engagement through this Points and Rewards plugin. It comes with essential features and functionalities that your customers will surely love. You can keep them loyal by giving points for each of their purchase. Once they collect points, you can provide the rewards according to the number of points they currently have.

This plugin allows users to sign-up, purchase, and make referrals to their social media accounts. You can set up first a membership program to allow only certain people to join. Through this strategy, you will also know your repeat customers who love to come back for more.

One of the most significant advantages of points and rewards is sales improvement and return on investment. Although you will give more rewards, you can earn back your capital earlier than usual.

On the admin page, you can set the points for each purchase. Aside from that, you can monitor the points earned by your customers. Another way of declaring points is through the amount spent after purchase. It depends on what you see will work best.

You can set the “Apply Points” feature at the checkout or cart page. That way, your customers can see it as soon as they purchase or before the purchase.

More info / Download

2. WooRewards – Loyalty and Rewards program for WooCommerce

Functional WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Let your customers retain your store and keep returning for more by giving loyalty rewards. In the plugin dashboard page, you can easily set it up for under five minutes. These WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins have a section where you can advertise or let them know you are giving points for each purchase. It enables you to generate WooCommerce coupons automatically. Your customers will receive the details via email.

What’s more, the admin page is responsive and easy-to-use. You don’t need coding skill to enable the coupons. Everything you need is in the admin page, giving you easier access to everything. You will also love the feature, where you can add widgets or emails through customizing them all by yourself.

It is WPML-compatible, so you have nothing to worry about when you have customers from different parts of the world. It automatically translates the texts from English to French, Chinese, Finish, and Spanish. It means that users can choose their languages freely.

With this plugin, all emails are configurable. Moreover, you can view everything, including points and rewards history. Your customers can also view their accumulated points on their accounts. It will move them to buy more once they see how their points add up.

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3. Bravo – WooCommerce Points and Rewards – WordPress Plugin

Easy-To-Use WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Using these WooCommerce Points and Rewards, you can give loyalty rewards to your repeat buyers. You can control the maximum number of points you can give to each client. If you want to create another program, you can let your customers buy points from you or enroll in a membership to receive exclusive deals from your shop. 

You can set up the points for every purchase or every checkout. It’s all up to you. Another one is that you can edit the setting, allowing your customers to use their points to claim discounts on a specific item. However, this plugin requires minimum points for discounts. It encourages your clients to buy more and purchase from your store.

Moreover, it sets up automatically that your users can only acquire points if they purchase a minimum cart total before checking out. If not, you can make it as a minimum purchase. Points also have an expiry, so it is best to inform your clients ahead of time. Furthermore, they might be urged to buy and spend more because points can expire soon.

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4. WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards

User-Friendly WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Give the satisfaction your customers need by giving them the points they deserve. Once they earn enough points, they can receive gift rewards from you. It encourages them to come back to purchase more of your items. Although you’ll spend a little for rewards, giving tokens to loyal customers could boost your sales.

This plugin comes with several features and functionalities you will surely love. You can set up points for every product purchased. Or else, you can create a membership program where people must sign up to receive points for the next item they buy.

Other setups are Comments Points, Referral Points, and Per Dollar Spent Points. Users can redeem their product through coupon generation, points conversion, or purchasing a product from your store. 

Of course, you will enjoy its full-packed premium features to get the most out of it. Users have the option to share or sell their reward points. It also comes with Points Expiration Notification, wherein it notifies the customers if their points are near to expire. They can log their points and monitor them at the points table.

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Keep Loyal Customers, Boost Your Sales In No Time

Giving tokens to repeat clients will surely encourage them to return for more. It’s been a marketing strategy entrepreneurs have been using for years. And surprisingly, it works! More supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels are giving reward points. That’s why more people are coming back to their services. It works for them, so it will surely work for you too.  Start downloading these Woocommerce Points and Rewards plugins today!

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