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Genesis Child Themes
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11 Best WordPress Genesis Child Themes 2024

So many of you asked for it, so here it is – a comprehensive list of the best Genesis child themes you can use for creating many different websites.

There are 100s of thousands of websites powered by Genesis, and most bloggers I follow use it.

The themes below are available for education, real estate, fashion, church, and other websites.

However, blogs are where the Genesis Framework shines the brightest.

On one side, it’s a powerful foundation that handles everything.

And on the other side, you can use a child theme to ease customization and take it to the next level.

Easy work for great results – that’s Genesis!

Best Genesis Child Themes

1. Mai Pro

Mai Pro is a spectacular Genesis child theme that you can use for all sorts of health and lifestyle projects. It is mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and optimized for outstanding performance to ensure first-class experience to all users.

Loads of powerful theme options await you to customize and modify the default look of Mai Pro however you fancy. The bundle includes nine layouts that will help you kick off your project fast and reliable.

Moreover, Mai Pro has a fully adjustable header to strongly impact your visitors and encourage them to take action immediately. In addition, Mai Pro is ready to start selling online with its eCommerce extension.

In short, do your own thing with Mai Pro and precisely tailor the look to your needs and requirements.

More info / Download

2. Foodie Pro

For many people, seeking out quality culinary opportunities has become a passion. Entire communities of foodies dedicated to quality dining have appeared overnight.

Unsurprisingly, people with such an eye for detail would demand an equally impressive theme for their website. Foodie Pro has gained the approval of many foodies, wearing it with pride.

It truly caters to their needs. You must know that this theme is responsive, sleek, and versatile. It includes plenty of useful customization options, too.

More info / Download

3. Altitude Pro

altitude - fullscreen wordpress theme

Are you looking for a professional-looking website? Altitude Pro might be a perfect choice for you. The Altitude Pro theme is a minimalist and user-friendly template, making website development painless and quick.

This modern theme uses several widgetized areas on the homepage to help you create unique sections that go well with one another as you scroll down the page.

Besides, this theme includes unlimited color options, infinite typography choices, HTML5 markup and CSS styling, a theme customizer, parallax effect, and custom post types.

The Altitude Pro Genesis child theme allows you to include an inimitable sticky header section, which always stays on the top of your page as you scroll.

The links placed on the menu bar automatically draw users to the custom homepage sections. Altitude Pro features lightweight coding and SEO-friendliness, so users who buy this theme may benefit their business most.

More info / Download

4. Navigation

navigation genesis child theme

Navigation is an easy-to-use, powerful, modern tool that will help you bring travel-related websites to fruition. If this is what you are up to or are helping a client out, you better not miss Navigation.

The theme has a nice distribution of content and a layout that instantly adapts to different screen sizes.

Moreover, Navigation features a sticky header, one-click setup, amazing customization functions and a contact form. It also comes with a cool footer reveal effect and social media icons.

If you are ready to design a professional and engaging website for a travel agency, go with Navigation.

More info / Download Demo

5. Recipe Blogger

recipe blogger genesis child theme

As the name implies, Recipe Blogger is a fantastic Genesis child theme for all the food bloggers. If you would like to share your delicious recipes with the world, do yourself a favor a build an online journal with Recipe Blogger.

You do not need to be a pro coder to make it happen, so waste no time and take action now.

You can enjoy the almost instant setup process, which will immediately get you in the right direction. From then on, you can modify Recipe Blogger further or even use it as is.

Moreover, Recipe Blogger is compatible with Gutenberg and supports the WP Recipe Maker plugin.

More info / Download Demo

6. Revolution

revolution genesis child theme

Revolution is a powerful, stunning, minimal Genesis child theme for photographers, artists, designers, and creatives. It works for freelancers and agencies looking to expand their reach with a modern, interest-sparking website.

With Revolution, you can create an online portfolio super fast, without needing to perform any advanced tasks and whatnot. In other words, you will not need to code – ever. Revolution is perfect for beginners but ideal for advanced users, too.

The Revolution kit will discover five home layouts: agency, lifestyle, personal, photographer, and small business. Thanks to its outstanding web design, revolution is versatile enough to suit many purposes, easily catering to your ideas even out of the box.

Plus, Revolution Pro’s customization features are out of this world, too, ready for you to tweak it however you fancy.

More info / Download

7. Monochrome

monochrome genesis child theme

If you want to keep things simple, don’t miss heading over to Monochrome’s live preview and seeing the amazing design. The core characteristic of Monochrome is emphasizing your content.

The layout is structured to focus on your works and details first and foremost. Of course, you can freely use this Genesis child theme, but you can also adjust and tweak it.

However, Monochrome goes way beyond that, offering you many goodies for your convenience.

This professional theme fully supports Gutenberg and allows you to expand your website with an eCommerce section.

Modify header, present pricing, implement different widgets and simply tweak Monochrome in just a few clicks. You’ll already be close to going live with a refreshing page as soon as you start.

More info / Download

8. Mai Law

mai law genesis child theme

Mai Law is a Genesis child theme ideal for law firms and attorneys. Whether you are building a website for yourself or your client, Mai Law is a pack full of features and assets that will take your next law project to an entirely new degree.

Besides, you can also use Mai Law for all sorts of other professional services due to its high adaptability and full customization features.

With the nine ready-made page layouts, you can quickly create a fantastic and professional page with Mai Law.

No need to do the web development process from scratch anymore when you have the fantastic Mai Law ready to sort out all your ideas and plans. Make it your own and shine on the internet.

More info / Download

9. Authority

authority genesis child theme

If you’re a professional individual, a freelancer or even an agency, Authority is the Genesis child theme for you. With Authority, you can create and establish an attention-grabbing website that will push your portfolio and services over and beyond.

The website canvas is put together to help you grow your business by persuading more clients to work with you.

Authority is mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, and optimized for insane performance on mobile and desktop devices. It is also in tune with Gutenberg, flexible enough to handle your eCommerce extension and enriched with four widget areas.

Customize the header and other sections, use Authority as is, and get your business page rocking the world wide web. Start on the internet with the Authority and win the game.

More info / Download

10. Breakthrough

breakthrough genesis child theme

Express your creativity and professionalism with Breakthrough. It is a Genesis child theme dedicated to advertising, marketing agencies, and freelancers.

If you want to build a web space to create a home for your fantastic works, completed projects and beneficial services, Breakthrough is the go-to solution you should not miss.

You get all the necessary to complete your website’s creation and start making epic moves on the internet.

The options and features you have with Breakthrough are many. It is all there, ready for you to employ at free will, from advanced theme options and outstanding theme customizer to eCommerce compatibility, preset widget areas, and customizable header.

Moreover, you can also translate the Breakthrough to your language and boost your local agency through the roof.

More info / Download

11. Magazine Pro

Magazine genesis theme

Magazine Pro has a very modern and stylish look, with an integrated-media-friendly design that does not cease to impress. It has everything you will ever need to make a good online impression.

Regarding features, the Magazine Pro theme offers featured images, four-color styles, custom menus, fixed-width displays, theme options, mobile responsiveness, and custom headers.

With a full demo for all platforms included, the price for this WordPress theme is reasonable. Upon purchase, the user will also access the innovative Genesis Framework.

More info / Download

Please note: You need to have Genesis Framework installed before you can start using any of the listed themes below.

These themes will not work as standalone themes, so you need access to the framework.

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Frontend web developer and web designer specializing in WordPress theme development. After graduating with BA he self-taught frontend web development. Currently has over 10 years of experience in mainly CSS, HTML (TailwindCSS, Bootstrap), JavaScript(React, Vue, Angular), and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience, and simplicity.

This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Lorens Leone says:

    Do I need to have Genesis framework to use these themes or these are standalone themes?

    1. Lorens,

      Thank you for your comment!
      These themes comes with Genesis Framework included. If you already have Genesis installed you don’t need to remove it but just install Child Theme that are included with your purchase. And you will be also able to switch back to your previous theme if you won’t lake what you see or will have some problems with setup or otherwise.

      The only limitation is that you can’t use Genesis with regular WordPress themes that are not meant for Genesis.

      Let me know if you have any question about Genesis Child Themes or framework in general.

    2. How can I sell my own genesis child theme. I created very nice one. I want to sell it. Please suggest me!

      1. Son,

        I think we can help you with that. We have a dedicated article on how to sell more WordPress themes which you can read here. And also we have plenty of advertising options available on Colorlib to boost theme sales.

  2. Venkatesh A says:

    A beautiful collection of WordPress themes that helps us to find out good one. Thanks

    1. Venkatesh,

      Thank you for your feedback! I see that you are using Genesis framework for your website already which means that it is going to be an easy transition to another Genesis Child theme. One thing you should do is to replace your hosting provider. Your website is dead slow and you are losing Google ranking because of it. Here you can find some hosting recommendation by us that will help you boost your website performance. And we are not talking about milliseconds but 3-10x faster website because your current hosting is terrible. Even tho you are using Cloudflare to speed it up but even Cloudflare can’t help.

  3. good images, thanks for sharing

    1. Hello,

      These aren’t photographies but a Genesis based WordPress themes that can be used to create your own website. If you are looking to find some awesome stock images you might want to check this list.

  4. Devidasan S D says:

    Hello Aigars,

    A very nice collection of Genesis child themes.

    Personally I use Parallax Pro theme and I am 100% happy with it. But sometimes I feel that the theme header is distracting, what do you think?

    1. Devidasan,

      Since your navigation bar doesn’t contain a lot of information and useful links I wouldn’t set it as sticky. Sticky navigation should be used to help users to move around your site quicker but in your case your are using it to promote some tutorial which is a tiny part of your website. It just won’t convert into more clicks and pageviews.

  5. Mel fisher says:

    Nice collection of themes, but most are from StudioPress so why bother to read this blog, we can just to go Studiopress… If you really want to be helpful give a better sample from other vendors.


    1. Mel,

      Thank you for your feedback!
      This collection is constantly updated with new Genesis Themes but over the time we have removed most that were created by other theme stores other than StudioPress. Most of these themes were no longer maintained and were outdated. Since Genesis is losing popularity real quick developers like me are running away from this framework. Here you can see how StudioPress have lately performed:
      Genesis Framework Statistics

      StudioPress is one of the few that still develops good themes for Genesis and I wouldn’t expect many others to start developing new themes. Genesis Framework is still very popular and it is here to stay but it is nowhere near it was 3 years ago. It will around for many years to come because of its legacy and strong community but not because of innovations or superiority.

      1. If you do not believe that Genesis is worth building on for the future, then why write this post? Where do you believe is the best platform to be building on at this time?

        1. You don’t need to use any specific frameworks such as Genesis and stick with a pure WordPress and regular themes. Most of them are much more flexible than Genesis since development for it has stopped but themes are moving forward and continues to impress.

  6. Hey Aigars,

    Great compliation of Genesis themes.

    I’ve been using the Prose child theme for Genesis that you featured here.

    I noticed that Studiopress have stopped selling the Prose theme. Presumably they’re not going to update it either. I also read somewhere that the Prose theme is not html 5 compliant. Is that true?

    I’m actually happy using Prose and I’ve customised it to my liking. Do you think it would be wise to continue using it going forwards?

    Thanks for your input,


    1. Clement,

      Thank you for reporting that Prose theme is no longer for sale. I have already removed it from the list as it appears to be discontinued and won’t be updated.

      You can still continue to use this theme as long as the latest versions of WordPress doesn’t break it. It might take years until that happens and you shouldn’t worry about it.

      HTML 5 compliant is a thing you shouldn’t worry at all. You should care if your website is responsive/mobile-friendly and I can confirm that it is. HTML5 brings many new features for developers but it is backward compatible and it is not like completely new thing. It brings many new things but it doesn’t retire any of the existing things. By looking from this perspective you can stick with your theme for the next 10 years or so and it won’t cause any problems. Most likely WordPress is going to be the first one to break your theme but it is likely that you are still years away from it to happen.

      For now you can keep using this theme but I wouldn’t recommend to use it in case you are looking to establish a brand new website. In that situation I would recommend to start with some more recent theme just to make it even more future proof.

      1. Hi, I am late to this party. I too am a fan of Prose. I started with it a couple years ago when I began blogging. I ultimately learned a little PhP and CSS along with the html I knew. So, I left the shortcuts behind and got Genesis Simple Hooks. But question: is there another Genesis Theme that can work like Prose did : have a special section for CSS and PhP plus very compatible with Simple Hooks . . . and one that is so customizable like Prose is?

    2. Hello Celement,
      I also found that Prose is no more selling on Studio Press.I am in dire need of that theme.I already have Genesis but i am missing the Prose.If you can let me install on one blog that would be great.You can do it on my behalf to avoid any misuse of theme as well.
      Kind Regards

  7. Aigars Sir,

    Enjoyed going through many of the list of themes you have collated. Hats off for your research in putting up such wonderful lists.

    Sir, would you be kind enough to guide me to a theme based on my requirement. Sir, i have went through 100’s of demo but i am not able to zero on to a theme for my site although i have zeroed on using Genesis Framework.

    Sir, i am looking to start a site (not blog with posts updates) where i will be posting reviews of books. The books would fall into various headings and subheadings. There would be no fancy videos, sliders (carousels), parallax etc. I want my site to have a ‘Search’ widget on homepage like as shown in the ‘Education Academy’ theme reviewed by you here. It should also have widget for placing ads. Is there any premium child theme you can point me to which would satisfy my above requirements?

    Sir, your help would be highly appreaciated.


    1. Usha,

      Unfortunately, Genesis Framework is not going to be the right solution in your situation. Genesis is better suited for blogs and simple static websites. In your case you need something more advanced and flexible. Maybe even directory themes such as these.

  8. Ashley Rader says:

    These are all Genesis framework themes, right? Great selection. Cafe pro is gorgeous – I haven’t seen that one before – I have a client who is looking for something along those lines, so I think it will be perfect. Thanks!

    1. Ashley,

      Thank you for your feedback! All above listed themes are made form Genesis Framework.

  9. I’m really confused. Someone asked you this same question above but you didn’t really answer them.

    I keep hearing about the Genesis framework being SEO-friendly. Now I read that they really aren’t supporting it anymore. So, what is the best theme now for SEO friendliness?

    Also, I am currently using the Karma theme. Any thoughts on that theme?

    I would be nervous about switching because of the shortcode situation. But I’m open to the possibility that maybe I need to consider a move at some point. So far the authors have kept the theme relatively well updated. I think there is a new update now that I need to install.

    Last thing — I can never tell if a website is going to send me an email if they reply to my comments. Please do if this doesn’t happen automatically.

    Thanks very much!

    1. Tina,

      Genesis is still supported but it not as superior as it used to be. It is just another WordPress theme framework and doesn’t stand out between the rest. Therefore you can choose theme that you like from design perspective and not concentrate too much on finding the right Genesis Child Theme. Over the years WordPress core have improved significantly and it is now SEO friendly by default and therefore Genesis doesn’t provide any advantages in this department either. For more control over SEO still some free plugins are recommended such as Yoast SEO but or All in One SEO but they work with any WordPress theme.

      Yor theme is still maintained but it does look outdated and you will have to switch away at some point if you care about design. Otherwise you can stick with it as it is responsive and mobile friendly but just looks dated. For more users it is not a deal breaker at all. Not sure how bad is shortcode system for Karma theme but there might be a problem but you aren’t using shortcodes that heavily on your website therefore fixing theme in the worst case scenario won’t take much time.

      1. Sorry, Aigars I’m going to have to disagree again.

        Genesis is an excellent starting point for SEO, and I have never seen a theme with cleaner markup, accessibility, schema microdata included by default. Any theme on ThemeForest is awful for SEO, and you should probably be a bit more careful giving out this opinion.

        Of course, this can all be ruined quite quickly with the wrong plugins, e.g., a page builder.

  10. Great post! What do you think about the Minimalists child theme? Is it worth the money. I have a text heavy idea for my site in mind but I’d like to be able to add videos/ tutorials/ community/ a store to my website later on and I’d like to have that option now.

  11. when i searched for ” free genesis child themes , it came listed on 3rd , hell with it , there is no free themes , HUH @colorlib

    1. Jay,

      We are not the ones sorting Google results. As you can see from post title there is no mention for “Free” or any synonym of it. I think Google got confused because we are famous for our regular free WordPress themes as they are downloaded around 1.5 million times. I highly recommend to check them out.

  12. Crabhappy says:

    I really like everything about Outreach Pro Theme. However, I have searched and searched for a theme that would fit our organization. There is just one thing I require, And, I have not been able to find it with these features. it is a picture in the header, where it says Outreach Pro Theme. (the green band) I am using Genesis Framework. Right not I am using the Genesis sample. It is awful. Since I have had no training on how to develop child themes with Framework, I can’t figure out how to do things I want. It feels very lemited. There needs to be a course produced on Making Child Thems with Genesis Framework.

    This Theme is the closest I’ve seen to what I want. Could you help me to put the image in the green band area for a fair price?

    1. Crabhappy,

      For Genesis Framework related support questions please contact StudioPress directly.

      Sorry for inconvenience.

  13. Thank you for compiling this (the short descriptions and images of the Genesis Themes). I use Genesis themes for pretty much all my sites.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Dipendra Shekhawat says:

    Great List. Thanks for the share. NewsPro and MagazinePro are awesome!!

  15. Janet Fuller says:

    I have used cafe Pro for my business website. I’m happy to use genesis theme for my website. Super Smooth, Clear, visitor friendliness makes it awesome. Thanks for sharing this great list of genesis themes.

  16. My site looks cool with Genesis Framework – Magazine Pro template l!!! 🙂

  17. I really like magazine pro child theme. But I think, In genesis you have to customize the theme if you really want to give some stunning look. Their default design is not so much creative.

  18. Great list of themes.
    I really liked the genesis frame work, just because of the default seo that the framework comes with.
    and so, i was planning to install a genesis child theme.

    1. Vinayak,

      Genesis uses to be great when it comes to SEO but now everything WordPress theme released today is as SEO friendly as Genesis. WordPress core and theme developers have caught up and killed the only advantage Genesis had. Still many people buys it based on this outdated information but I hope this trend will finally end.

      1. Aigars, I would have to disagree.

        Yes there are some themes that could possibly have better SEO than Genesis but they are extremely rare. I have not seen any. Please list some examples if you know of any.

        The only themes that I’ve ever seen that are better than Genesis are my own, and that’s because they are specifically built for SEO. Genesis offers a lot more in terms of flexibility but still has amazing SEO.

        99% of themes are nowhere near the level of Genesis that’s why it is a safe bet for people new to WordPress.

  19. Ghanshyam says:

    Best Genesis Theme ever!

    I used for the learning and creating a new genesis child theme, its really very helpful for SEO and user friendly. and its best to use to continue update genesis framework in a free! like wordpress updated without affect the design .and I started using genesis theme for client’s website also

  20. Vasani Divyakumar says:

    Thanks for the information. my question is i used this genesis framework on my website before now i’m using some other theme, the problem is again i’m planning to use genesis framework the problem is i lost the all the login credential of the studio press. How i would be able to recover it and do able to use existing license to it or i have to purchase it again.
    Thank you.

    1. Make sure to contact Genesis team directly because we can’t assist with this kind of questions.

  21. Janet Hughes says:

    Is Genisis framework $59 A month or annually??

    1. It is actually one time purchase. Buy it once and use it for as long as you want with no subscriptions unless you choose WPEngine hosting that now can be purchased with Genesis pre-installed if you wish to do so.

  22. Hey Aigars,

    Thanks for the awesome list of almost every genesis child theme included here. Sure will look into it.

    Thanks again for stopping by! Great job

    Harpreet Kumar

  23. I am looking for a Genesis theme that allows color control – links text etc that come with most Genesis child themes but also th ability right out of the box to style background colors like you could do with Design Palette Pro plugin (support f DPP is discontinued per StudioPress and it was breaking my site till I uninstalled it) is there a theme such as this or a comparable plugin like DPP? I am currently using Magazine Pro, out of the box it is white background / black text, when I had DPP I very easily customized into a “black theme”. I’d love to be able to do that again without going down that adding functions and CSS editing rabbit hole. I run my site as an “online business card” / blog and as far as coding I know “just enough to be dangerous” I am busy with work (and getting new work)and do not wish to do any more coding than absolutely necessary. Thank you

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