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Top 20 Gallery HTML5 Website Templates To Showcase Your Stunning Images 2017 – Colorlib

Top 20 Gallery HTML5 Website Templates To Showcase Your Stunning Images 2017 – Colorlib

Modern times have been witness to a magnificent and accelerated evolutionary process. Ever since Moore’s law began to rule mankind, innovation has been an ubiquitous feature of the brave new world, and powerful technologies becoming readily available has been the norm for decades now. We have almost reached a point wherein further development is almost unnecessary—the tasks that most people engage in on a day to day basis have been polished and perfected on modern devices and interfaces as to require little reinventing due to already being so optimized.

The single driving engine behind most change now is visual capabilities. Showing off images and videos in ever increasing quality and designed to be displayed on ever more demanding screens and resolutions drives developers to innovate, with creative new ways to handle powerful media formats and present them to the public at large in a candid, attractive, professional and engaging visual presentation. Gallery websites are among the oldest on the internet and also among the most continuously renovated, precisely due to this technological pressure to keep up with modern times and image quality standards. The following collection of HTML5 website templates has been selected with the criteria of outstanding Gallery designs, options or layouts. Enjoy.


Stash is high level multipurpose design from HighGrade. It is a strong and packed WordPress theme. It is meant to make incredibles customizations and yet offers a wide range of pre-built ideas. Stash was made for users to feel heard no matter what. It is versatile and dynamic with a dozens of homepages options to get by. It is a design made to count on solid drag & drop Visual Composer without using line of code. It also provides incredible inner pages and page elements to craft.

Stash is retina ready, responsive and adaptable to all screens and devices. It sure most be with so many special graphical trades! It supports dropdown menus, unlimited colors and multiple headers just to start. CSS3 animations and video background with Vimeo or YouTube source can also be found. Stash is one of a kind and smart to embrace it. It is compatible with amazing third party plugins like WPML and WooCommerce. This way you get support from the best for shops and texts translation! Make interaction with readers/clients if you need to with Contact Form 7 and Minimal Forms. Ask 8000 plus satisfied customers who have left 5 star ratings and counting! Get it now! Custom support will be provided! Get Stash!

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Marquez is a beautiful and creative, luminous and bright, colorful and vibrant, technologically articulate and very well designed, graphically stunning and versatile, functionally flexible and nimble, fast-loading and polished, professional and imaginative responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. Marquez is a handsome and dynamic template that has been specifically constructed for the purpose of offering creative types a welcoming, intuitive and powerful technological and graphical environment wherein building sophisticated, visually stunning websites is a breezy, easy task that takes mere minutes to complete.

Marquez has been decked out with over 25 different layouts, over eight customized plugins and over 20 in-house developed Timber Framework components that greatly expand the functionality of your pages to virtually no end. Marquez is a minimal template built to showcase your work in elegant style. Marquez has a wealth of Gallery page templates, handsome Portfolio sections, Hero sections, Social sections and more, so building your own professional looking Gallery websites will be an effortless, intuitive matter. Third party plugins like the ImagesLoaded, Isotope, FluidVids and MediaElement jQuery plugins have been implemented to great effect. In-house plugins include the Avalanche Slider, Summit Lightbox, Snowbridge Parallax, Horizon Reveals, and much more. Marquez is a truly sublime template. Try it today!

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Zyra is a visually stunning and impressive, attractive and deeply engaging, modern and highly appealing, dynamic and aesthetically unblemished, cleanly designed and very well structured, graphically powerful and technologically resourceful responsive HTML5 fullscreen photography website template. Zyra is a handsome and stylish website template designed with the ample strength and sheer pliability to seamlessly lend itself to a host of different applications, especially the more graphically inclined, but that has been specifically and uniquely developed for fullscreen photography websites with a focus on Galleries and visual content of all kinds, serving as a delightful and enticing showcase for all your sophisticated photography or high resolution imagery.

Zyra includes powerful premium plugins like the Slider Revolution as well as Landscape and Portrait photo support, a strong and robust HTML5 Boilerplate foundation and limitless visual customization capabilities such as the Unlimited Color Schemes readily available out of the box. Extensive video documentation is available for Zyra, so webmasters of any skill level can easily make full use of this powerful fullscreen photography template. Zyra’s natively responsive design makes it a natural at handling all sorts of different devices, browsers, platforms and screen sizes or orientations, so every visitor can enjoy your website just the way you meant it to be seen.

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Studio 9


Studio 9 is a handsome and functional, aesthetically sleek and minimalist and technologically polished and precise, sophisticated and elegant, powerful and nimble, flexible and feature-rich, resourceful and professionally graphically designed responsive HTML5 creative portfolio website template. Studio 9 is a serious, professional and cleverly coded website template that is powerful enough to handle a wealth of different website archetypes, but that has been specifically designed and powered for deployment upon all sorts of creative portfolio websites. Whether you are a freelance photographer, a web design agency or any kind of creative professional, Studio 9 has the tools, plugins, resources, features and page templates you will need to hit the ground running with your website, and appropriately show off your wonderful visual works to the world in the most stylish presentation.

Studio 9 includes a dynamic, engaging and deeply charming portfolio interface featuring unique and customized page loading, a completely modern individual project page featuring unlimited content layouts, with project details, multiple images or videos per project item for multifaceted projects and more. With Template options, color schemes and palettes can be easily fiddled with to your precise specifications or desires, with options such as full width, boxed, alternative logo placements, and much more, all readily accessible.

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ZAP is a visually stunning and expansive, graphically well structured and vibrant, lively and inspired, engaging and luminous, dynamic and technologically competent, functionally resourceful and feature-dense, creative and extremely versatile, innovative and well designed responsive HTML5 creative multi-concept, multipurpose website template. ZAP is an electrifying and cutting edge website template, the result of a painstakingly careful process where attention to detail and thoroughly polished finish are the key design concerns driving ZAP. ZAP features a number of advanced, premium plugins, such as Slider Revolution, as well as beautiful, functional features like smooth hardware-powered Parallax visual effects and over seven unique, imaginative and wonderfully engaging layouts, each fully customizable to suit your specific needs.

ZAP is perfect for creative individuals with a unique vision for their website who need a space where they can luxuriously show off their visual works in an engaging, effective manner that attracts new business and spreads the word about what you do, owing to sleek and beautiful social media integration throughout ZAP. ZAP is readily integrated, out of the box, with the eCommerce functionalities, featuring three different Shop layouts so you can easily and effortlessly market your creative wares right off your ZAP website. Get zapped today!

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Outdoor is an incredibly bright and luminous, open and inviting, very cleanly structured and graphically expansive and engaging, visually sophisticated and highly customizable, easy to use and intuitively navigable, modern and impressive, extremely responsive HTML5 portfolio and photography website template.  Outdoor is a beautiful and professional template, designed with an austere, serene philosophy that is ensured to impact viewers and leave them with a unique, indelible mark. As such, Outdoor is a template perfectly suited for webmasters looking to make their own crisp and polished websites with a heavy focus on the graphical side of content for showing off their work and image or video galleries, including photography websites, professional portfolio websites and similar, related projects.

Outdoor is a jam-packed with powerful graphical features and plugins, such as multiple homepage sliders, fullscreen backgrounds, YouTube video backgrounds via HTML5 technology, the powerful Isotope premium jQuery plugin, touch and swipe ready user interface and plugins, unique single and multipage portfolio layouts and styles, and six different home page templates, including Carousel, Static Image, Multi Slideshow, Slider, Video and more. With a working Contact Form powered by AJAX out of the box as well as full responsiveness for total cross browser compatibility, Outdoor is a truly full-fledged template for creative webmasters.

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Lydia is a colorful and lively, luminous and well-structured, bright and clever, easy to use and readily customizable, graphically stunning and luxuriously resourceful, visually dynamic and engaging, refined and classy, smooth and polished, highly responsive HTML5 magazine and photography website template. Lydia is an aesthetically pleasant and user friendly template that is the result of combining powerful modern HTML5 coding, elegant deployment of CSS3 technologies, animations and effects, and powerful Bootstrap modular design, with a pervasively attractive and eye-catching visual styling that is ideally suited for presenting visual or mixed content to mass online audiences across all sorts of demographics, industries or fields, with effortless ease and intuitive for webmasters of any background and skill level.

Lydia has tons of page templates and creative, innovative portfolio and gallery styles to uniquely and appealingly present your content to the world. Lydia is quickly customizable to suit your branding or visual identity requirements, with an endless color palette and tons of typographical, header, footer, sidebar and layout possibilities at your fingertips. One page websites look beautiful with Lydia, and AJAX-powered portfolio pages will impress your visitors, while the utterly responsive design will expand your audience to all devices, browsers or screen sizes without skipping a beat. Get things going with Lydia!

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Exa is a clever and efficiently coded, nimble and quick on its feet, fast-loading and easy on the servers, graphically inclined and visually colorful and lively, technologically resourceful and very modern and professional, creative and innovative, light and uniquely responsive HTML5 creative portfolio website template. Exa has been built as a fresh-faced template that lets end users connect with websites in a deep and meaningful way. Exa achieves this by deploying a truly minimalist and uncluttered visual environment wherein your content and images are laid out in stylish, sophisticated presentations that load quickly and render flawlessly across all devices, browsers or screen sizes. Exa is easy to use for webmasters of all backgrounds or skill levels, and is thoroughly documented for your convenience.

In no time at all, you will find yourself churning out sophisticated, professional looking, well designed websites and pages that look and feel exactly the way you want them to and behave flexibly on top of being lightning-fast and search engine optimized to the core. Exa has been designed for agencies, creative professionals and startups of all kinds. Try Exa today, and showcase your work and visual content with minimal loading times and maximized efficiency and total responsiveness.

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Borano is an aesthetically conceived, pleasant and luxuriously well designed, clean and crisp, minimalist and fashionable, technologically articulate and delicately refined, purposefully built and solidly coded, stylistically refined and tasteful, appealing and enticing, dynamic and responsive HTML5 photography and portfolio website template. Borano is a high quality template that has been professionally graphically designed for creative individuals to showcase their works and high resolution images and videos in the most graceful presentation available on the market, deploying the most advanced HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap technologies to great effect within a sleek and modern visual environment, with an intuitive visual language that is user friendly, understated and thought out.

Borano has been polished to graphical perfection, making for an ideal template for photographers, creative professionals, graphic designers, travel photographers, photo journalists and all other similar, related industries and fields to easily and quickly set up their own professional quality, elegant portfolio and photography websites in no time at all and with minimal coding required.Borano websites are easily customizable to suit your every branding requirement, while remaining utterly classy and cleanly structured for an engaging navigational experience throughout every template, layout and style combination imaginable. Take your visitors on a graphical journey with Borano!

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LeadGen is a beautiful and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. LeadGen lets webmasters from any background build gorgeous websites. Within a few easy clicks you can articulate handsome platforms for your content on the web. A broad range of businesses find a reliable solution in LeadGen. Based on a sleek landing page format, 32 demo websites offer amazing versatility. There’s something for everyone in LeadGen, and what you you can’t find you can build. An intuitive HTML5 page builder makes customizing your layouts a breeze. LeadGen is honed for top marketing performance. It empowers you to reach a massive audience with ease.

Lightweight and flexible, Bootstrap coding provides broad cross-compatibility. Appeal to users across all devices and browsers without writing a line of code. LeadGen is a solid template for gallery websites that want top conversion rates. No template out there today can get you the marketing performance LeadGen can. Maximize your traffic and keep your server load downs. Let your image galleries reach a broad audience with ease. Keep your audience engaged with video and image backgrounds. LeadGen lets you put together impressive portfolios and galleries without breaking a sweat. Give LeadGen a go today, and show the world what you got!

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Massive is an incredibly vast and expansive, enormously adaptable and shape-shifting, easily and endlessly customizable, extensively developed and thoroughly polished, visually ambitious and graphically nimble and flexible, technologically innovative and powerful and highly responsive HTML5 multi-concept, multipurpose single and multipage website template. Massive is an impressively well developed template with a truly all-encompassing nature, featuring over 50 exclusive demo websites, over 260 custom built HTML5 page templates and tons of elements like 20 different menu styles, 85 portfolio demo pages, and hundreds of expansive, convenient and amazing shortcodes that add all sorts of advanced functionality to any page within a few clicks.

Massive is a template that is perfect for websites big and small, with its easily scalable technologies that can show off your work in the most gracious style imaginable, making Massive a perfect theme for creative types, designers, photographers and other related industries and fields. Massive includes gorgeous Parallax hardware-powered visual effects and smooth scrolling, as well as powerful premium plugins like Isotope and Menuzord. Its clean, neat and polished visual design is clearly reflected in every page template within Massive, ensuring an optimal and enjoyable user navigational experience every single time. If you want to make it big, go Massive!

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Conrad is a clever and professional, serious and well polished, visually nimble and flexible, graphically stunning and proficient, technologically resourceful and innovative, solid and reliable, well built and functionally rich, sophisticated and stylish, elegantly responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. Conrad is a unique and pliable template, created to be an all-inclusive website building solution for webmasters seeking to create amazing, professional quality websites with a well developed and highly polished graphical user environment with next to no coding required and with user-friendly, thorough documentation to boot.

Conrad deploys the potent Timber Framework to empower webmasters with over 25 unique, custom built layouts for all sorts of purposes, each of which can be further altered using a block element-based visual composer that will let you hand craft beautiful websites in a matter of minutes, using Conrad’s unique 20 components for added functionality and also including over 8 in-house developed plugins. These include the gorgeous Avalanche Slider, the Summit Lightbox for showing off your works in style, Snowbridge Parallax for efficient hardware Parallax effects anywhere you want, Horizon for beautiful CSS3 customized transitions and plenty more to give your website that extra oomph to go all the way. Succeed today, with Conrad!

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Yonkers is a deeply flexible and visually stunning and polished, graphically pliable and structurally fluid and malleable, efficiently coded and extensively commented, thoroughly documented and continuously updated, tech-savvy and wonderfully dynamic and refined HTML5 multipurpose website template. Yonkers is a beautiful and well thought out template, with a unique graphical style powered that users will find dazzling and quite pleasant. Yonkers has been built with the latest and greatest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies on a Bootstrap framework and deploys the sophisticated Packery extension for Isotope, making Yonkers tiled layout arrangements intuitively and automatically dynamic, rearranging your tile-based content on a page to more efficiently fill out the available space.

That makes Yonkers an especially well suited template for creating, developing and maintaining polished and professional portfolio or photography websites, or pretty much any website with a heightened focus upon presenting high quality image or video content to a wide and vast online audience. This makes Yonkers a great template for handling Gallery pages of all kinds, with its powerful and creative layout options and styles, capable of enticing users so they may enjoy your works to their fullest extent. Yonkers is a perfect template for professionals, creative individuals, developers and anyone interested in showing off to the world in style.

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Smarty is a clean and crisp, modern and cutting edge, creative and innovative, fashion conscious and deeply stylish, elegant and sophisticated, refined and purposeful, understated and technologically resourceful, cleverly coded and developer friendly responsive HTML5 creative portfolio and photography website template. Smarty is an ambitious and expansive template that has been designed with the deliberate intent of affording maximum creative freedom to professional graphic designers, photographers and web developers that want total control over their sophisticated HTML5-powered portfolio or photography website.

Smarty includes 60 PSD files out of the box for thoroughly fiddling with the graphical aspects of your website as you see fit, on top of a powerful, advanced structure featuring a full width grid layout that is natively responsive and cross browser compatible throughout all devices and platforms. Smarty is perfect for all sorts of sophisticated and handsome projects to set off on the right foot, with plenty of page templates for all imaginable purposes and needs. Smarty is a carousel style portfolio template, so showing off your work is a trivial matter for Smarty. Smarty includes a powerful trending system integrated into it, so your best, most popular or featured content will always be readily accessible. Try Smarty today!

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Avoc is a visually impressive and stunning, graphically powerful and well developed, functionally flexible and incredibly modern, resourceful and cleverly coded, user and developer friendly, technologically proficient and wonderfully cohesive and integrated responsive HTML5 creative portfolio website template. Avoc is a wholly amazing template that features the most sophisticated web development technologies currently available, effectively deployed in a minimalist and polished visual presentation.

Avoc relies on a potent HTML5 framework and well-organized CSS3 transitions and effects on a Bootstrap modular foundation, and also makes use of incredibly powerful hardware Parallax features and effects, from a unique Parallax portfolio effect to Parallax Video and Parallax Background features, making Avoc a fantastic theme for strutting your stuff online and letting your work shine under the most favorable light. Avoc features AJAX powered sortable Portfolio pages to everyone can find what they are looking for quickly, as well as beautiful Icon Fonts and dozens of powerful shortcodes with expansive features and options to thoroughly customize every Avoc site and page so it is completely unique and truly stands out from the crowd. Avoc features full Video and Audio support out of the box. Try Avoc today, and feel the uncluttered beauty of minimalist design!

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H-Code is a powerful and technologically sophisticated, incredibly expansive and all inclusive, ambitiously constructed and thoroughly well designed, creative and innovative, imaginative and flexible, modern and malleable, professionally graphically composed and entirely responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. H-Code is a surprisingly strong and comprehensive template, featuring a massive 190 custom built, unique, convenient and time-saving HTML5 pages, which include over 40 portfolio pages, 57 full-fledged demo websites, 6 intro pages and several different header and footer styles, 40 different Slider styles and so many more features it’d make your head spin, H-Code is a truly complete website making toolkit. H-Code includes 24 unique and custom-built shortcodes, readymade and fully customizable to suit your every need.

H-Code has been also gifted with a heap of professional portfolio options, making it a fantastic template for those wishing to showcase their work in an advanced, classy and tech-savvy presentation sure to win over new business in a flash. H-Code packs tons of conceptually unique and one of a kind layouts for all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable applications and usages, making it a particularly flexible template, and its powerful premium plugins, like Revolution Slider and Lightbox Gallery, make it a template for success!

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Uno is a beautiful and deeply sophisticated, aesthetically refined and well polished, fast-loading and quick on its feet, search engine optimized and professionally developed, safe and reliable, technologically articulate and very stylish and graceful responsive HTML5 creative photography website template. Uno is a minimal, clean and crisp website template that has been designed specifically for the purpose of showing off amazing and attractive high resolution images and videos to a wide, differentiated online audience. Uno has been created with an extremely clean, developer friendly codebase that can be readily expanded to suit your every need, as well as a thorough documentation to ensure you always get the most out of Uno, regardless of coding experience or skill level.

Uno is packed with over 43 exclusively designed and readymade HTML5 files, with 14 professionally preconfigured Gallery layouts included out of the box, all of which can be easily expanded and augmented in form and function with the beautiful, configurable and potent shortcodes included with Uno. Uno includes six unique Portfolio layouts as well, so options are truly vast in terms of showing off your works in a customized, unique presentation that is clean, recognizable and uncluttered. Always look your best with Uno, starting today!

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Oshine is a fascinatingly creative, fresh-faced and colorful, innovatively structured and conceptually unique, very reliably coded and professionally designed, impressively flexible and nimble, technologically sophisticated and inherently responsive HTML5 creative multi-layout multipurpose website template. Oshine is a very cohesively designed website template that is the result of a devoted, painstaking development process running in parallel with a bold and imaginative design process. As such, Oshine has been packed along with 18 conceptually unique demo websites, each fully fleshed out with dummy content, inner pages and structure and cohesive, coherent visual identities that permeate every Oshine website through and through.

Over 150 unique, powerful and customized HTML5 page templates are readily available for your convenience, each featuring sophisticated CSS3 animations and transitions, a modular Bootstrap design for utmost responsiveness and a wholly search engine optimized code, so your website can have the ranking it truly deserves and the traffic to match. Every element in Oshine is Retina-ready and polished to perfection, ensuring a professional quality and a completely immersive, engaging user navigational experience that will charm and delight your audience. Oshine is a place where everything looks gorgeous and outstanding. Let your content have its day in the sun, with Oshine!

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