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Top 28 Gallery HTML5 Website Templates To Showcase Your Stunning Images 2020

Top 28 Gallery HTML5 Website Templates To Showcase Your Stunning Images 2020

Modern times have been witness to a magnificent and accelerated evolutionary process. Ever since Moore’s law began to rule mankind, innovation has been a ubiquitous feature of the brave new world, and powerful technologies becoming readily available has been the norm for decades now. We have almost reached a point wherein further development is almost unnecessary—the tasks that most people engage in on a day to day basis have been polished and perfected on modern devices and interfaces as to require little reinventing due to already being so optimized.

The single driving engine behind most change now is visual capabilities. Showing off images and videos in ever-increasing quality and designed to be displayed on ever more demanding screens and resolutions drive developers to innovate, with creative new ways to handle powerful media formats and present them to the public at large in a candid, attractive, professional and engaging visual presentation. Gallery websites are among the oldest on the internet and also among the most continuously renovated, precisely due to this technological pressure to keep up with modern times and image quality standards. The following collection of HTML5 website templates has been selected with the criteria of outstanding Gallery designs, options or layouts. Enjoy.

Jevelin (WordPress)

The power you feel once you decide to go with Jevelin makes you feel comfortable enough to launch just about whatever page you would like. Due to Jevelin’s multi-purpose approach, it is safe to say that the tool can also be considered a gallery website template. It has all the assets, the characteristics and many extras to create a unique website for your photo project.

Bring your first-class works to the online audience and let everyone access it. Warning: you might see your inbox get flooded with new business proposals. Everything you do with Jevelin looks just so cutting edge it is hard for people not to get in touch and work with you. Give yourself the chance to stand out on the world wide web and become the succeeder you always wanted to be.

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Divi (WordPress)

You can now build a gallery website for all sorts of intentions. Whether you are a freelancer who would like to establish an online portfolio of his or her projects, an artists or a photographer interested in building an online portfolio, the possibilities are very many. And to hammer out a page that will match your meticulous style, Divi is the number one solution you should consider. In short, Divi is for all and every intention. Furthermore, it is also super simple to use, as there will never be any coding involved.

Divi comes with a broad assortment of demo material and ready-made elements which you can take to your full advantage. You surely do not need to start building a gallery page from scratch anymore. On top of that, you also do not need to hire a coder nor a designer; with Divi, you have a chance to design the nifty online presence yourself.

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Webify (WordPress)

webify gallery website template
If you are an artist, a photographer, pretty much any creative individual with interest in launching a website, Webify will do you well. It is a gallery website template which will beautifully display all your content, regardless of the device and browsing platform. All the works, you intend to publish, will reshape to smartphones, tablets and laptops instantly for a continuously smooth operation. In short, the performance with Webify will always be of the highest degree.

In the Webify kit, you will find loads of different gallery and portfolio layouts to use and present on your web space. As someone who is busy creating new content, you, very likely, have little time to invest in building a solid online presence. No worries, that is when Webify comes into play. With a quick set up process, you can have a professional website up and running swiftly.

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Esben (WordPress)

esben gallery website template
To impress and inspire everyone who visits your page, Esben will do the trick without a doubt. Once you start examining the preview of all the available demos in great detail, you will instantly understand what I am speaking about. Esben is for everyone who is interested in something more. With the cleanness and sophistication, Esben ensures an extraordinary gallery website which will take you to new heights. Even if you employ Esben out of the box, you can expect the final design to showcase your works to the world beautifully.

However, with the simplicity of editing and customizing Esben, you can effortlessly create the look that follows your branding requirements to a T. Other goodies of Esben contain numerous shortcodes and widgets, blog pages, seven header styles, smooth scrolling and sticky menu. You can now start on the right track right off the bat with Esben.

More info / Download Demo

Limerick (WordPress)

limerick gallery website template
With five homes and additional eighteen inner pages, you can start crafting the desired gallery website in a snap of a finger with Limerick. As soon as you import the sample that you fancy (with just one click), you can already start enriching it with your creative style and contents. Seriously, it is just as simple as it sounds, building a page with Limerick. Even if you are making your very first online presence, you will succeed at it with Limerick. The ready-to-use layouts and drag and drop page builder will do the trick.

Limerick also comes with Slider Revolution, PSD files, social media integration, widget-rich footer, wide and boxed mode and more. The layout is mobile-ready, in tune with web browsers and fast loading. With Limerick, the performance of your page will be of the highest degree all the time.

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Musea (WordPress)

musea gallery website template
Creating a website for art galleries and museums will need to take into account lots of events, exhibitions, listings, ticketing and other related stuff. Musea gallery website template is specifically made to cater to art galleries and museum websites. The tool has lots of designs and inner pages to take to your benefit. In other words, you will not need to begin with the building process from the ground up. All the stuff is pre-made and ready to use out of the box.

All you need to build a responsive website with this template is to import your images and videos, and the site skin will take care of the rest. Pretty much, that is precisely what you can expect if you stick to the default look. Of course, you can also customize and brand the appearance of Musea and tailor it to your meticulous wants. Visitors can navigate easily as they view the incredible content on display regardless of the device they use.

More info / Download Demo

Segovia (WordPress)

segovia gallery website template
Creating your personal online portfolio becomes more comfortable with Segovia. With this gallery website template, you can have all your works and services displayed for your visitors and potential clients to enjoy. The template has you covered in all areas to help you build a professional and responsive website for promoting yourself in the best possible light.

It is fun creating your personal page with Segovia. It is easy to use, requiring no coding experience with lots of beautiful samples and inner layouts to pick. Sergovia also offers you blog settings that you can take advantage of in promoting your services by enlightening and entertaining your visitors.

Some more goodies of Sergovia include four headers, over twenty pages, Elementor page builder, password-protected content and outstanding support. Enjoy the creation of a striking online presence for your freelancing business with Sergovia and make a difference.

More info / Download Demo

Gleam (WordPress)

gleam gallery website template
Show your creative talent as a photographer to the world with Gleam. With this highly responsive and attractive gallery website template, you can display your wedding, street photography and general photographic works to your audience. It is easy to use and set up and requires no technical knowledge. Keep in mind, you can use Gleam for all sorts of photo projects.

With over eight beautifully designed home pages and many more internal pages, you can directly import your content using the demo and get your website running. You have it all at the tip of your fingers for a speedy realization of a top-notch outcome. And if you would like to make any improvements and tweaks, you can do it with the use of the integrated drag and drop page builder. Gleam allows you to display your contacts conspicuously so visitors can reach out to you easily. Get Gleam today as you promote your business online.

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kelly gallery website template
When your thing is to create superb images and other designs, it is Kelly’s thing to help you display them on the web. Before you become best pals, let’s first find out a little more about what Kelly is actually all about. With four first pages to choose from, Kelly provides enough freedom to showcase your pictures out of the box. While originally it is considered a portfolio and blog HTML template, we can also call it a gallery website template. It is fully loaded with a sticky header, amazing icons and compatible with modern browsers.

It does not matter whether people are checking you out on a desktop or mobile device, Kelly makes your pages appear flawlessly on both. On top of that, Kelly also incorporates a convenient mobile menu to help visitors browse through your collection comfortably. When you need something solid, intuitive and easy to use, this is where you need to be. Choose your best work and push it to the online world with Kelly.

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scrape gallery website template
It is Scrape who brings together a world of photographers, designers, architects and agencies. This gallery website template gives you a chance to display your pictures in a creative and contemporary way. Scrape comes packed with magnified pop-ups and hundreds of icons to choose from. For the most elegant and classy approach, you can use the text reveal feature to make your website to stand out from the sea of others.

Give it a go and rise above mediocrity with a simple and easy to use template, while you keep your focal point intact. Do what matters most to you, create outstanding images and let Scrape advertise them for you. You two will work together great and what all this means is that bright future is ahead of you.

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madrid gallery website template
Creativity knows no limits and nor does Madrid portfolio template. Madrid’s originality takes your online presence to the next level easily. Make your works to stand out from the masses with this remarkable gallery website template. It is fully customizable, flexible and quick to adjust to your needs and requirements. That said, Madrid is ready for just about any creative project you are about to launch. Or you might be only in need of a site redesign, Madrid does that, too.

There is not only home page what will impress you when it comes to Madrid. Every other inner page is just as excellent. Be it blog, about or contact page, or even the hamburger menu, Madrid makes sure all its features and elements are attention-grabbing.

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hendrix gallery website template
Just like Jimi was extraordinary, so is Hendrix. As far as the latter goes, it is a site building tool for creative individuals. Take your pictures to new heights by choosing to publicize them on the web with Hendrix. This incredible and sophisticated gallery website template lets you get the most out of all your hard work.

Whether you are a photographer, a web designer or anything else in between, you sure will love what Hendrix has to offer you. In short, a whole lot! You can choose from six different colors skins, blend them with the three ready backgrounds and personalize the final design to your tastes. Hendrix is powered by HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery so you will never be left with any issues. Moreover, the 24/7 staff support is always around to answer any questions that you may have.

More info / Download Demo


aoko gallery website template
You should compliment your own creativity and artistic mind with the one-of-a-kind and imaginative Aoko. It is a 100% mobile-ready and simple to modify gallery website template loaded with numerous features. Use Aoko in its full capacity to show your best work in such a remarkable way everyone’s jaws drop.

Free Google fonts make sure that any computer anywhere is able to present your words and get your point across. Furthermore, the creative portfolios are ideal for storing your visuals and inviting anyone to come and check them out. Every part of Aoko is neat and ready for you to manipulate to make it work best for you. It does not really matter what niche you are in, Aoko is prepared for you to succeed. Take action this very moment and see first results as soon as possible.

More info / Download Demo


berlin gallery website template
In short, there is no better way to display your pictures than with a lightbox portfolio through Berlin. Using Bootstrap Framework grid and Google web fonts, Berlin is a gallery website template perfect for both enthusiasts and professionals alike. If you are a photographer, who would like to share images and reach folks on a global scale, running your own website is a must.

Berlin is a tool fully packed with a simple web design that puts your work front and center. You and your visitors will never feel like it is lost in the shuffle when it appears in front of you due to the minimalist design. Take things into your own hands and make a website that is all about you and your work. Berlin is a fantastic template with three home variations and an addition of a blog section for you to show your real potential.

More info / Download Demo


kotlis gallery website template
With Kotlis, you will get the total package of website design tools and more. Perfect for photography, design, art, fashion and other creative sites, this is truly the best gallery website template you can find. Instead of spending time brainstorming the design of your website, Kotlis brings to the table a spectacular layout that will impress everyone.

Speaking of the template, there are various layouts to choose from. First, you select between dark and light looks and later, you can also pick from seven home variations. Out of the box, Kotlis offers you enough material to quick start your project and shine online. Utilizing the latest technologies, it is a guarantee that your website is mobile-friendly, pixel-perfect, responsive and compatible with web browsers. There are also Instagram and Twitter feeds, contact and subscription forms, video backgrounds and premium Isotope plugin.

More info / Download Demo


daxon gallery website template
Agencies and online portfolios are Daxon’s specialization, but it is so versatile it can cover any creative work that you would like to put on display. Indeed, you can go entirely against the norm with Daxon and do something spectacular and mind-bending. It is no wonder why users from all around the globe love this gallery website template. There are clean, minimalistic, orderly design templates to look forward to, perfect for those who wish to unbridle their creative spirit into the world.

Daxon has a contemporary and innovative look that creates a strong impact on every visitor. Moreover, you can also select between dark and light layouts and fine-tune the default web design further. Other goodies of Daxon are Revolution Slider, functional contact form, Google Maps, Font Awesome icons, as well as shop and blog pages. Manage your gallery as easy as 1 2 3.

More info / Download Demo


maron gallery website template
Photos reflect experiences, so display them in the best way possible with Maron. By building a website to store your most valuable moments, you can readily share them and profit. Or give yourself a chance to create a striking online portfolio that will score you new gigs. Maron does this effectively and wonderfully as a gallery website template. Focusing on photographers and other creatives, this template assures you that your images will look breathtaking and alive.

Select from a plethora of design elements made by professional developers that will place you right on top. In addition, Maron has core features including Font Awesome icons, hover effects, pricing plans, testimonials and social media buttons to name a few. Get the gist of it by heading over to the live preview page and see Maron in action. Ensure an improvement to your website’s performance when you get Maron.

More info / Download Demo


art gallery website template
Art is perfect for displaying and showcasing your art on the world wide web. Make it something special and show how professional it really is. When using any of our gallery website templates, all of a sudden, everything you do looks even more pro than it is. How cool is that? And Art is no different. The page canvas keeps things simple and clean for a browsing experience like none out there.

For your comfort, Art has at your disposal a bunch of home variations to speed things up for you. Choose one out of eight and start from there. On top of that, Art is also equipped with six headers, supports all types of blog posts and has unlimited possibilities regarding creating list layouts. Bring in front of your audience your projects and wow them instantly.

More info / Download Demo

The One

the one gallery website template
You, undoubtedly, are your own brand and The One is what you need when you want to promote yourself to a global crowd. With a whopping sixty predesigned styles and a full-screen image slideshow, you can put your best work on the minds of the people who want to pay for it. Advertise yourself and your work with a sleek and stylish site and see great things following.

Attention-grabbing animations, light and dark layouts, MailChimp newsletter form and mobile-readiness, The One is the one. You can also add social media feed to your page and keep your guests to stay up to date with your latest happenings. Add your location using Google Maps and allow folks to contact you via the integrated and functional form. With The One, you might spend more time browsing through demos than actually building your website.

More info / Download Demo


liza gallery website template
Any niche and any industry needs a photographer. By having an open mind, you unlock a whole new specter of possibilities for you. At least when starting out, you might want to accept just about any gig that comes towards your way. And to boost your potential and let more potential clients see what you do, let Liza help you out.

For a stunning photo site, Liza is the excellent gallery website template which you will find very handy. Hammer out a professional portfolio and simultaneously begin blogging. With the two combined, you can really crush it in your space. Liza provides multiple options for you to promote yourself and your work and stimulate growth. Take the spectacular features of the template to your advantage and construct a matchless gallery page.

More info / Download Demo

The Dive

the dive gallery website template
A modern web design for a high-end page is what The Dive has to offer all its users. Starting this very moment, but no later after you create your own version of The Dive, you will never look at your website the same again. Without further ado, begin the process of turning the template into a remarkable outcome once and for all.

The first thing you will want to do is to check the preview of each of the fourteen demos The Dive treats you to. No matter which you go with, your work sure will pop to all your fresh clients. Let the full-screen slider run in the background while visitors get to check out the work and the information that you really want them to see. Moreover, add a promotional YouTube video to your site and bring your creativity to the next level. The Dive is this trendy template for gallery website which you will all love tremendously.

More info / Download Demo


emily gallery website template
Just like a unique artistic approach each gallery website template form this list has, so does Emily. It is a responsive, retina ready and cross-browser compatible site skin to give you a chance to shine online. Emily is also SEO optimized for you to get picked up by search engines not only quicker but get ranked higher, too. But what Emily does best is persuasively showcasing your work to attract new clients.

From a one-of-a-kind take on home page design, Emily takes you to all other section with the burger menu. In the Emily package, you discover all the essential inner page. From album and gallery pages to blog, about and contact section, it is all there, put together in the correct order. Even if you use Emily template precisely as is, you take a big step towards reaching the success you want to see for yourself.

More info / Download Demo


inshot gallery website template
I am sure we all agree that creativity knows no limits. Even the simplest things that no one even thinks about can be super inventive. When it comes to Inshot gallery website template, it mixes complexity with simplicity like it has not been done before. No matter which of the seven available index pages you go with, each is as original as it could be. There is no wrong pick, go with whichever and win new clients over.

First check and then select from a static image, slideshow, carousel, kenburns and video homes. Each sparks interest and makes everyone’s spine tingle. It almost feels exotic to some extent. With the home you prefer the most and the combination of other sectors Inshot has at your disposal, the outcome you set for yourself will be peerless.

More info / Download Demo


sepia gallery website template
Make something so impressive no one is able to resist with the one and only, Sepia. It is the ideal time to examine Sepia gallery website template in great detail to see how powerful it is. The item is powered by Bootstrap Framework, HTML5 and CSS3 what gives it pliability and ease of use. It helps your website to be compatible with all devices and browsers for a continuously flawless experience.

Photographers, studios, agencies, those on a professional or those on an amateur scale, Sepia is for all of you. Several front page styles, sixteen galleries, three album layouts, contact pages with working contact form, the list of features seems never to end. Sepia has in store many amazing qualities which you can incorporate into the final design of your noteworthy website.

More info / Download Demo


Stash is high level multipurpose design from HighGrade. It is a strong and packed WordPress theme. It is meant to make incredibles customizations and yet offers a wide range of pre-built ideas. Stash was made for users to feel heard no matter what. It is versatile and dynamic with a dozens of homepages options to get by. It is a design made to count on solid drag & drop Visual Composer without using line of code. Stash also provides incredible inner pages and page elements to craft.

Stash is retina ready, responsive and adaptable to all screens and devices. It sure most be with so many special graphical trades! It supports dropdown menus, unlimited colors and multiple headers just to start. CSS3 animations and video background with Vimeo or YouTube source can also be found. Stash is one of a kind and smart to embrace it. It is compatible with amazing third party plugins like WPML and WooCommerce. This way you get support from the best for shops and texts translation! Make interaction with readers/clients if you need to with Contact Form 7 and Minimal Forms. Ask 8000 plus satisfied customers who have left 5 star ratings and counting! Get it now! Custom support will be provided! Get Stash!

More info / Download Demo



Borano is an aesthetically conceived, pleasant and luxuriously well designed, clean and crisp, minimalist and fashionable, technologically articulate and delicately refined, purposefully built and solidly coded, stylistically refined and tasteful, appealing and enticing, dynamic and responsive HTML5 photography and portfolio website template. It is a high-quality template that has been professionally graphically designed for creative individuals to showcase their works and high-resolution images and videos in the most graceful presentation available on the market, deploying the most advanced HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap technologies to great effect within a sleek and modern visual environment, with an intuitive visual language that is user friendly, understated and thought out.

Borano has been polished to graphical perfection, making for an ideal template for photographers, creative professionals, graphic designers, travel photographers, photojournalists and all other similar, related industries and fields to easily and quickly set up their own professional quality, elegant portfolio and photography websites in no time at all and with minimal coding required.Borano websites are easily customizable to suit your every branding requirement, while remaining utterly classy and cleanly structured for an engaging navigational experience throughout every template, layout and style combination imaginable. Take your visitors on a graphical journey with Borano!

More info / Download Demo


LeadGen is a beautiful and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. The tool lets webmasters from any background build gorgeous websites. Within a few easy clicks you can articulate handsome platforms for your content on the web. A broad range of businesses find a reliable solution in LeadGen. Based on a sleek landing page format, 32 demo websites offer amazing versatility. There’s something for everyone in LeadGen, and what you you can’t find you can build. An intuitive HTML5 page builder makes customizing your layouts a breeze. LeadGen is honed for top marketing performance. It empowers you to reach a massive audience with ease.

Lightweight and flexible, Bootstrap coding provides broad cross-compatibility. Appeal to users across all devices and browsers without writing a line of code. LeadGen is a solid template for gallery websites that want top conversion rates. No template out there today can get you the marketing performance LeadGen can. Maximize your traffic and keep your server load downs. Let your image galleries reach a broad audience with ease. Keep your audience engaged with video and image backgrounds. LeadGen lets you put together impressive portfolios and galleries without breaking a sweat. Give LeadGen a go today, and show the world what you got!

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Massive is an incredibly vast and expansive, enormously adaptable and shape-shifting, easily and endlessly customizable, extensively developed and thoroughly polished, visually ambitious and graphically nimble and flexible, technologically innovative and powerful and highly responsive HTML5 multi-concept, multipurpose single and multipage website template. It is an impressively well developed template with a truly all-encompassing nature, featuring over 50 exclusive demo websites, over 260 custom built HTML5 page templates and tons of elements like 20 different menu styles, 85 portfolio demo pages, and hundreds of expansive, convenient and amazing shortcodes that add all sorts of advanced functionality to any page within a few clicks.

Massive is a template that is perfect for websites big and small, with its easily scalable technologies that can show off your work in the most gracious style imaginable, making Massive a perfect theme for creative types, designers, photographers and other related industries and fields. Massive includes gorgeous Parallax hardware-powered visual effects and smooth scrolling, as well as powerful premium plugins like Isotope and Menuzord. Its clean, neat and polished visual design is clearly reflected in every page template within Massive, ensuring an optimal and enjoyable user navigational experience every single time. If you want to make it big, go Massive!

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