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15 Best Useful Free And Premium Bootstrap Social Network Templates 2018

15 Best Useful Free And Premium Bootstrap Social Network Templates 2018

Social media network templates give you plenty of user management options. The design of this type of templates is also done with great care. These templates must be able to provide tons of information to the user in an interesting way and engage visitors constantly. Bootstrap social network templates give you a well-structured website and also makes the job of making the website responsive easier.

As you can see Bootstrap social network templates needs lots of precise designing and development. In this type of niche templates, you need to give working features, which is possible in WordPress with the plugin integration. But with the HTML templates, you need to do lots of coding to make a functional web feature. It is one of the reasons why the Bootstrap social media templates are very less in number when compared to other niches. In this list, we have collected some of the best free and premium Bootstrap social network templates. Some of the templates are primarily designed for social networks and some of the templates have the potential to become a social network template, but you need to customize them.

Important functions you must see on a social network sites are user login and signup, user dashboard, neatly designed news feed and easy to search for the contents they want. Please take a look at our dashboard template collection to get a better idea of creating a user-friendly dashboard. The Bootstrap social network templates in this list closely provide you the functions you need in a social network site. But still, you have to customize yourself to make these Bootstrap social network templates fit your needs. Saying that let us get on the list.



Eshop is an e-commerce based free website template. The reason why we are mentioning it in the social network template is, it has all the features and design styles you expect in a social network template. In this template, you can create your profile, get personalized feeds and interactive web elements to keep the users engaged.

Of course, you can’t use this template as such, but by making small modifications you can make this template work as a social network template. This template is the best choice for making shopping community, media rich community networks and graphical designers based community network. The design layout of the template will elegantly show your works and the intuitive homepage design can be used to give interactive feeds. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo



Tiger is a corporate style social media network template. This template is designed more or less like the Linkedin social media. With full of modern design elements and trendy colors, this template makes a best fit for the social media network.

On the top bar, you have a search option, language selection option (it is just an option, this template is not translation ready).In the header section, you have a login form, to encourage the new user to join your network. It is a multi-page template. All the sub-pages are in working condition, all you need is to add your content. In the footer, you have the option to add twitter feeds and a newsletter subscription form.

More info / Download Demo



SociFly is a complete social media website template package. It is one of the few Bootstrap social network templates that provide multiple variations. With this template you get four homepage variations, all have almost similar designs with slight modifications. The long homepage helps you to describe your network and the visual effects on the homepage are also sleek and simple. This simple website template is also flexible, it gives you the option to change the color scheme from one of the ten colors provided.

The design quality and the features are not only great on the homepage, you get the same quality in the sub-pages also. This template is bundled with twenty plus subpage pre-designed for you. It also includes the coming soon template and 404 error page templates. Overall it is a complete package, so you can use this as a base for your social network website project.

More info / Download Demo



YellowPark is a multipurpose website template. It is a community based template for the bloggers and shoppers. The creative design on the template helps you to elegantly show the post images and the post excerpt. This template best suits for blogger based content rich social networks like Medium. Creative design of this template gave an elegant look to the template. But the user interface this template demands some learning curve. The users have to spend some time to know the website options.

Since it is a content based website template, the text fonts and the web elements are designed to add richness to the texts and the images. This template also has a shopping page, so if you are intended to create a swag store for your community it can be done in no time. The template uses HTMl5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo



NRG network is a Bootstrap social network template for creative professionals. As soon as you land on the site your mind will surely find some similarity with the Behance and Dribbble sites. If you are planning to make a multimedia rich social community then this template will be a good fit. This template uses a well thought out design elements and features. If you are intended to create a fully functional social network site, this template will reduce your work.

In the header, you have the option to add optional signup and facebook login option. The top bar acts as a sticky navigation bar with login options. Just above the footer, you have a full-width widget to add your Instagram feeds. The left sidebar helps you to add filter options. This flexible website template also gives you option to switch between different color schemes.

More info / Download Demo



Olympus is a social network template toolkit. The design of the template is modern and trendy. The user interface is done with great care so that it looks elegant and also includes all the useful features. It includes both the feature page templates and full corporate style website templates in its package. This template covers all the pages you need in a social network site. The interesting part is the feature pages includes features for people with different interest like shopping, music, weather, management and financial.

The only downside of this template is, it is not a complete working template. You get only the outline of the page. To make it a fully functional website, we have to manually do lots of code editing and integrations. Overall this template is a good package for web developers.

More info / Download Demo

HTML Directory


HTML directory is a geo location-based community website template. As the name implies it is a listing style website template used to list the best places around the globe. Users can create a profile and share the best places in their city and can also interact with other users. The concept is great and the design of the template is also great. But just like the Olympus, this template also has only the outline page. It is not a complete working template.

The split design of the template gives you ample amount of space to both interactive map and contents. This template follows hamburger style navigation menu and control options. Design and the visual effects on this template are also done neatly so that the template meets the professional look as well as a modern design trend.

More info / Download Demo

Friend Finder


Friend Finder is a social network website pages template collection. This template includes the pages right from the login to the user dashboard and the news feeds. So by keeping this template package as a base, you can create a social network easily. The Friend finder template takes design language of Twitter, Facebook and one of the social network ancestor Orkut. With the clean background, the web elements and their colors are clearly visible. The sticky top bar gives a user friendly navigation option. This Bootstrap social network template uses HTML5 and CSS3 framework. This well-coded template can easily be converted to WordPress and make it a complete working site.

More info / Download Demo



Socialyte is a social network template kit. With the clean and simple design, the template helps you to create a minimal looking social website. This template package includes pages like login, sign in, user profile and personal account page. It only have a handful of pages designed, you don’t have many page options as you have seen in the above Bootstrap social network templates. All the pages in this template have sidebars on both the sides, so you have ample amount of space to add interactive web elements and engaging factors.

More info / Download Demo



The Frame is a tech and corporate-based community website template. With this template, you can add as many contents as you want. Because the template is designed in such a way to show many text and image contents. If you have seen the Linkedin marketing blog, you will find similar design aesthetics followed in this template. With the full-width design layout, you have plenty of space to add your contents in an interactive way. As most other Bootstrap social network templates in this list, the frame also includes only HTML page layout, not a fully functional site.

If you wish to use this template as such, then this template best suits for professional communities and freelancers. With the package, this template includes basic corporate pages and personal profile pages.

More info / Download Demo



VeroDate is a dating website template. We recently made a list of the dating website templates. If you are interested in making a community based on dating then please take a look at the dating and wedding website list.

Verodate is a working page template up to some extent. In order to make the features useful, you have to integrate with your other services. Other than that the pages, links, and the web elements are in a complete working condition. The user can browse through the profile and they can also create their own profile. With the large content blocks, you can add high quality images. Out of the box, this template includes three homepage variations. All the homepages use similar design with slight modifications.

More info / Download Demo



Trade is a website template for classifieds and listing. With the features and pages for profile creation and interaction with other users, this template can also be used as a social network template. As a package, this template comes with six homepage variations. Design wise all the templates follow almost similar style but with slight modifications in the content alignment.

As of now, this template does not give you the option to add other social media login options, the user has to create their own profile. The form templates are also designed neatly to get all the necessary features from the user. If you are interested in creating a wizard based form to get more information in an interactive way take a look at our free bootstrap wizards collection.

More info / Download Demo


Final Thoughts

These are some of the best free and premium Bootstrap social network templates you can make use of for your site. As you can clearly see that the premium templates give you more direct features than the free templates. Creating a social network purely on the HTML templates took lots of human resource and time since this niche needs lots of interactive actions and background functionalities to be integrated. You can use this template as a base to create your own social network site.

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