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Top 13 Platforms for Creating a Membership Site With Ease 2020

Here you will find the best membership website builder software to simplify the membership site building process and make it much more cost-efficient.

What Membership Websites Are Great For?

An online business, one that’s not based on services, will involve selling a product. One of the least used features for building a community around products that business owners ignore is creating a membership platform. Businesses can use it to promote new ideas, reach a community of users who would willingly test your ideas and products, and create a community of people who will willingly encourage others to use your products and your ideas for the betterment of their own.

Membership sites are not just for products, though. Many online communities and similar kinds of projects use membership features to isolate the kinds of people that are only in it for the thrill of it. Community forums might want to utilize membership features because that would keep a set of professionals within a tightly sealed circle that would require a monthly payment to be a part of, which in turn creates a kind of atmosphere where more high-quality discussions and content sharing is encouraged.

Photography websites might encourage a monthly membership because it wants to reward its photographers for sharing their hard work with others, whilst others might want to create and launch online courses and offer them through membership options, without having to spend a specific amount of money to purchase and use. The capabilities of membership sites are big, and sometimes what we need not a good idea but a good membership site software to help us build the kind of site we are looking to build.

10 Best Platforms For Membership Websites 2020

Let’s have a look at the best membership website builder software available today.

MemberPress – The Best Membership Platform

MemberPress is an easy to use WordPress Membership Plugin. This powerful Membership Software installs simply on your site and helps you instantly start charging for access. It’s nice to see so many WordPress integrations for membership sites, because WordPress by itself offers such an extensive list of ways to extend itself that it only makes sense that a truly serious membership site would opt for WordPress, rather than a custom design. MemberPress lets you create unlimited amounts of product pages, membership levels, and has features like coupon module, access rules to create sophisticated membership levels, product groups will give you an option to create a large scale membership site, while the reports feature will report back to you about the latest insight in your business and how you can optimize it.

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SubHub has grown in popularity amongst sites and businesses that want to establish membership features for their online courses, premium content, and even things like research studies, and the education field. Features like Pay to View have made SubHub popular amongst users who offer a range of content, but understand that not everyone needs the full subscription just to get what they want; this, in turn, attracts more customers and sales. Browse a directory of mobile and desktop-friendly templates to create the kind of membership site that will fully reflect your own vision and mission. The examples directory provides a number of sites that are already using SubHub successfully and should be sufficient to help you make a final decision in whether you wish to use this membership platform or not.

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Memberful is an easy to use, fast, reliable and modern membership site platform for WordPress users. It’s the same membership platform that experienced writers and bloggers like Leo Babauta use to serve his thousands of customers. Paul Jarvis, another creative mind, is also a proud user of Memberful. He encourages anyone who likes simplicity to use Memberful to power their sites. Both users are writers and sell content like online courses. This makes it a very appealing membership platform for those who wish to do the same. File downloads, coupon codes, physical items, analytics integration are just a few of the most popular features that this software offers.

More info / Purchase wix creating a membership site
If you have an idea of creating a membership site, you can make it happen without a hassle, thanks to Wix. This powerful, practical and very newbie-friendly software is packed with great features and functions. Sure, you might need to do a little bit of extra work to add the membership section, but you can easily learn on the fly. Still, Wix includes all the necessary information that will get you going right away. Moreover, Wix as well comes with all the design components and excellent customization features to create the same website that you fancy. Start online without sweat and make an immediate difference with Wix.

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memberspace creating a membership site
MemberSpace is terrific software for creating a membership site, even for someone who is not tech- and design-savvy. With MemberSpace, you can turn any part of your website into a members-only area. With this in mind, whether you have courses, tutorials, exclusive content, whatever, going on, restrict access to it with MemberSpace. This allows you to turn your website into a money machine and start scaling to new successes. Bear in mind, if you already have a membership site and tons of active users, MemberSpace offers you to migrate to their platform entirely free of charge.

Some of the features of MemberSpace are Zapier integration, unlimited members, coupon codes, podcast, free trials, instant payouts and custom sign-up fields, to name a few. Regardless of the membership website, you would like to build, make it with MemberSpace.

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yourmembership creating a membership site
YourMembership is complete software for building a membership website, fitting small and medium businesses ideally. The options are numerous to tailor the final creation exactly to your liking. Along with the technical part, YourMembership also takes care of the design segment, ensuring the creation of a beautiful website. Easy sign-ups, effortless renewals, tracking, event management, workflow automation, you name it, the list of features is vast. The dashboard section is also user-friendly, so everyone has a clear overview of how their membership website is doing. YourMembership even has an eCommerce part to it, so you can truly take your business to the next level.

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weebly creating a membership site
First and foremost, Weebly is a robust and flexible website builder. However, it is a tool that you can use for building all types of sites, including such with a member’s area. Of course, you need to know that Weebly will never ask you for any design and technical knowledge. Everyone can greatly profit from the software, no matter your skill level.

Quick log-ins and registrations, group management, customizable invitation emails, bulk import (via CSV) and password reset are some of the highlights that come part of Weebly’s Membership package. To sum up, if you are already using Weebly or even if you are a first-time user, make a simple membership page now.

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WishList Member

Membership plugin to protect member only contentWishList Member is known to have broken some barriers towards creating a membership site on the fly, rather than having to spend days, even weeks, at a time to build a site that fully resembles the end goal — to sell a course, to enable users view private content, to allow users to register towards premium features and more. Create any number of subscription models, give your premium members timely updates from one membership to the next only because they have been subscribers for a set number of times, and you can easily integrate WishList Member with your existing WordPress installation, something that many have already done so.

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easymemberpro build a membership site

EasyMemberPro is popular among marketing enthusiasts who like to sell marketing courses and video related course content. The basic set of features include content dripping. It has a spectacular affiliate program that will let you promote your products and services through your own community members. It also gets the ability to secure all your download links and setup multiple membership groups and levels. Moreover, you can offer special one-time offers and integrate payment processors like ClickBank and PayPal. While the code base is locked for the public eye, there are enough features to compliment full accessibility over the way your membership site looks and feels.

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Wild Apricot

wild apricot software for building a membership site

Wild Apricot is a very popular membership site software option amongst non-profits, small yacht clubs, small business hubs, and other small-scale organizations that need a simple to use membership management platform that delivers on its promise. With Wild Apricot, you can create a website quickly and easily with our drag and drop website builder; make a mobile-friendly member application form on the web with payments and workflow; automate renewals and activate member self-service to update information; manage your member and contact records securely and enable members-only content and membership directories; and even have an online store to support your membership revenue. You can even integrate members-only content into existing WordPress sites!

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digitalaccesspass create a membership site

WordPress is the most sought after blogging platform, and it comes as no surprise that many would want to build their membership site directly around their WordPress installation. Although WordPress by default offers membership features, there is still need for integration of payment systems and other features that make a membership site what it is supposed to be. Great thing about DigitalAccessPass is that it also works for non-WordPress sites. The list of features from DAP extends in the hundreds of different categories, and it would be hard to mention them all here, please click this link to explore the fully on the official DAP site.

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Subscription website builderMemberGate is a membership content management platform that lets you create membership sites. It also protects your content against non-members at the same time. It gives you access to a fully integrated shopping cart platform, an affiliate program, and sleek website designs. You have options to integrate surveys discussion group feature, an integrated blog to publish your latest news from. It even has in-built search engine optimization so that your pages get discovered easily once you launch your site. It is integrated for banner ads, RSS management. There are still many more features that will make your membership site appealing to both yourself and your customers.

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amember software for creating a membership site

aMember, out of all the others, is perhaps one of the oldest and most popular membership site platforms out there. It stands out with being an independent membership platform that works like WordPress in terms of functionality and styling. The most popular feature is the ability to schedule content. This encourages your members to stay subscribed for longer in order to access content that has yet to be released. Other features include integrated modules that let you integrate separate modules to extend your membership site beyond the normal functionality. And the extensive affiliate program is attractive enough for enough to start promoting your products to their friends and family.

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Not just these tools but you can also use WordPress in combination with BuddyPress, bbPress or some other membership plugins. We have several related theme collections available to create your own membership website and you can find them here, here and here.

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