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17 Best Pizza Website Designs To Explore in 2024

Are you looking to create your own pizza website? Here are the best designed websites for your inspiration.

Find out how to expand your pizza business with this hand-picked collection. Go beyond the traditional pizza website design as you explore this amazing inspiration. So, brace yourself with these extremely impressive pizza websites that will help you enkindle interest in building a strong web presence.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. It has become a common fast food item in Europe and North America. Having the pizza industry sell more than $40 billion every year, it isn’t shocking why it’s one of the top foods in the world. Consequently, more and more pizza brands are joining this industry. Hence, every brand must have a competitive edge to stand out. Building a web presence is among the most effective schemes most brands embrace. So with a well-developed pizza website, building a brand and creating trust is never amiss. So, if you don’t have a website yet, you can explore this list and see which pizza website design will fit your needs. Whether you use a premade theme or let a website developer do the task, you truly need this inspiration.

Pro Tip! A ready-made pizza place WordPress theme is the easiest way to build a website. Alternatively, you can venture into drag and drop website builders that are affordable and easy to use.

Get the best and mouthwatering design in this set and discover the finest features for your project. Most designs here are vibrant and creative, but you can also see some simple but engaging designs. So, picking the best one is all up to you! Enjoy!

Best Pizza Website Design Examples

1. Buddha Pizza

Website built using Firebase and Laravel. Hosted with DigitalOcean

Buddha Pizza

One of the sweetest fruit of building an online presence is the increase of credibility and building a stronger brand. Regardless of your product or service, such a marketing scheme is never a waste of resources. Let this pizza website design enkindle your interest in developing your own. Buddha Pizza offers premium pizza with top ingredients. It has a super creative website design that can amaze every customer. This website is ready to carry its brand to the next level by putting great significance to visual hierarchy, nice typography, and other user-friendly features with GSAP animation. It uses sticky side navigation to provide quick and easy access on other pages. It also has a creative hero header with neat line icons that serve as a category. See why you shouldn’t miss this inspiration.


2. Dimos Pizza

Made with ExpressionEngine and Hosted with Linode(Akamai)

Dimos Pizza

Your brand differentiates you from others. Hence, it is vital to build your brand seamlessly. When building a website, you must deliver your brand well across the web. Here’s Dimos Pizza, a brand that guarantees to offer hot and fresh pizza with the best ingredients. It has a great website design that promises fast and easy delivery. The homepage design looks simple but contains useful web elements to create compelling content. Specifically, it has an elegant hero scene as it displays grayscale images at random. Moreover, a simple menu list is also utilized in this website with white typography and black background. With red as the primary color, the website looks superb and innovative.


3. Dadim

Made using Bitrix eCommerce platform


With the emergence of digital marketing, almost all brands take advantage of an online presence. The food industry also integrates online ordering to provide convenience and stay ahead of the competition. Discover the cool elements of this pizza website design, Dadim. It’s a team of cooking enthusiasts that makes popular dishes of Italian cuisine quickly and incredibly tasty. The website is exquisite with a dark background and a nice parallax effect. The hero header also has an engaging design as it showcases content via sliders. This website’s exceptional menu design ensures the popular dishes look mouthwatering with corresponding details. Furthermore, the special offers appear attractive too!


4. Pinza

The website is made using ChatFood platform. Hosted with Cloudflare


If you have the best, crisp, and crunchy pizza to offer your customers, you shouldn’t let it sit in your pizzerias. Let customers hunger for more once they have tasted your unique dishes. Here’s an inspiration to look into if you plan to build a brand for your pizza business online. Pinza has an excellent pizza website design that’s pretty inspiring and interesting. It has a modern, minimalist design and looks even more appealing with the GSAP animation. Like most modern websites today, this site also uses a smooth slider to highlight the images in the hero scene. Of course, the clear CTA and attractive headlines also look grandeur. The awesome animation upon hover also adds to the gorgeous design of the site. The notable features include social media links, sticky header, cool parallax effect, etc.


5. Pizzamoto

The website is made using BentoBox restaurant building platform.


Finding the best and effective marketing strategies for brand promotion is critical. So, always ensure that you have the finest tools, resources, and inspiration to explore before finalizing your own. Pizzamoto is a brick-and-mortar offshoot of a mobile eatery. They have been offering char-kissed pizza for 8+ years, and with their well-structured websites, they’re ever ready to grow the business. Particularly, the design of the homepage is simple, loaded with high-quality, mouthwatering images. A nice slider is utilized in the hero header with social icons and a logo for branding. What’s more? This website also has a sticky header and footer to keep the necessary elements.


6. California Pizza Kitchen

The website is built using ASP.NET and hosted with Microsoft Azure

California Pizza Kitchen

Have you considered a website an effective tool for improving your pizza business? If you haven’t, you might want to examine this handpicked collection. California Pizza Kitchen is a casual dining restaurant chain specializing in California-style pizza. Its website uses a vibrant color – yellow that makes the design look fresh and lively. As the homepage is the one that can create the first impression, the hero header never misses to bolster its look and feel. They’re seamless from fullwidth images, engaging typography to CTA, and a nice slider. Furthermore, the header has essential elements such as navigation and branding. Additionally, the footer also comes with social icons.


7. Pizza Hut

The website is built using React.js. Hosted with Amazon AWS

Pizza Hut

A website exists not just to advertise products and services but should also convert. Pizza Hut is the ideal choice if you wish to be one of the top pizza brands. It’s an American restaurant chain and international franchise. It is known for its Italian American cuisine menu, including pizza and pasta. Its website is crafted with perfection in mind. Thus, every component complements each other. Specifically, the hero header alone has the best web elements to convert visitors into customers. They are all exceptional, from the advanced search that enables visitors to find the specific location to CTAs, bold and clear headlines, and mouthwatering images. Moreover, the sparkling menu over the homepage exceeds clients’ expectations. This website’s other notable features include the off-canvas menu, sticky menu, hut finder, etc.


8. Pastaria

The website is made using a custom WordPress theme. Hosted with WPEngine


It takes a tasty, delicious pizza to make the gathering more enjoyable and blissful. Accordingly, pizza is one of the most popular dishes most people love consuming. Various pizzerias exist in the world today. And if you wish to stand out, a good website is an advantage. Pastaria is a fresh approach to Italian dining featuring fresh pasta and wood-fired pizzas in a casual, family-friendly environment. Its website has a unique design with useful web elements. Specifically, the homepage leads visitors to visit either the St. Louis branch or the Nashville. It also integrates an attractive, sticky web element in red, rounded shape that bears the important links. Similarly, the hero header has a descriptive CTA, a clear image, and a contact number. 


9. Wisepies Pizza

The website is made using a custom WordPress theme. Hosted with WPEngine

Wisepies Pizza

With pizza being one of the popular dishes in the world, putting up a similar business is never too late. So, enjoy reviewing this collection and be wise to jot down the best features to replicate. Wisepies Pizza offers a healthier pizza menu such as traditional, thin, whole-wheat, and gluten-free crust. Aside from that, it also offers quick and affordable options to meet healthy standards and simultaneously delightful. Its website utilizes a wide layout to render the content well. In the hero scene, various captivating images are highlighted using a slider. It also uses a nice animated counter and an engaging special promo. Furthermore, a smooth carousel displays quality images arrayed in squares. It also integrates a video to introduce the brand more.


10. Orno Pizzeria

The website is made using a custom WordPress theme. Hosted with Godaddy

Orno Pizzeria 

Surely you need inspiration in crafting your website. Like other businesses, pizzeria must have an enticing pizza website design to excel in the industry. Of course, delicious products need to be guaranteed coupled with effective marketing. Orno Pizzeria has a unique and breathtaking homepage. Specifically, the hero scene is a video integration of a 400-degree fiery oven with a logo on the side. Although it has a simple layout used to display the content, the most important ones still shine as it uses clear images with overlap effect and red typography in a white background.

Moreover, it has a super simple but comprehensive menu. As the menu hovers, an image is revealed above it. What’s more? The website also comes with a nice and attractive design of the Instagram feed which can help connect the customer to the business.


11. Pizzaza

The website is made using a custom WordPress theme. Hosted with OVH Cloud hosting


Brace yourself with these magnificent pizza website designs as practical inspiration. Pizzaza is one of the websites that you should look into. It has specialized in fine pizza for 25+ years with local and homemade products. Typically, the homepage is the one that can create a good impression. Therefore, it should have the essential web elements arranged in an orderly and captivating manner. Having video background, the hero scene looks stunning, and the descriptive CTA and the headlines. It also has an outstanding menu design, which appears user-friendly with the medium-size squares and an amazing hover effect. Moreover, the Instagram feed never fails to do its part, and it integrates the booking form and the Google Maps. Of course, the header has the elements needed to improve branding.


12. Shakey’s Pizza

A custom-built website hosted with Amazon AWS.

Shakey’s Pizza

A strong online presence is a powerful way to boost credibility—no wonder why most brands with different products and services have integrated this scheme into their tools. You’ve landed in the right place if you need the inspiration to finalize your plans and realize your goals. Shakey’s Pizza is a pizza restaurant chain based in the United States with 500 stores worldwide. Grandeur images and good typography are apparent to make the homepage more appealing. In the hero scene, excellent images look stunning with bold headlines. Special promos are worth adding to the homepage to improve customer retention and conversion. In addition, the menu section also looks awesome in grid style. As call-to-action buttons are essential to convert more users, the homepage has various CTAs.


13. Al’s Pizza

Website made using Grand WordPress restaurant theme. Hosted with WPEngine

Al’s Pizza

Establish a connection with your customers with a good website to showcase your services impressively. Here’s Al’s Pizza, a pizza brand founded in 1988. Particularly, its website is built with usability and user-friendliness, not to mention the seamless design it embraces. In the hero scene, fullwidth images are displayed with style using a nice slider, CTAs, and a great headline. So, don’t miss this inspiring and ensure you acquire the features you think are essential for your upcoming project.

Moreover, the special promos on vertical rectangles also add elegance to the design. And they’re even more gorgeous with the cool hover effect it applies. The menu page also looks cool and attractive with large thumbnails. The locations of the pizzerias also appear wonderful with the grid-style layout.


14. Pizza Pilgrims

This website uses a custom WordPress theme and is hosted with Amazon AWS.

Pizza Pilgrims

Outshine other brands with a grandeur website that will carry your brand to the next level. Thanks to these inspiring pizza website designs, you can now have ample ideas to finish your project. Pizza Pilgrims serves the best Neapolitan pizza in central London and Oxford. Building a website with its bready, chewy, and flavorsome pizza is never a waste. The design of the website is unique, creative, and modern. It has a short homepage with a rectangular menu arrayed in columns. Each of the menus displays randomized images to make it more appealing. It also uses a nice sticky header to keep the menu at hand and access the necessary pages of the site. Moreover, the different locations of this pizza brand look superb with the map view or list view.


15. Yellowcab Pizza

It is a custom-built website that is hosted with Cloudflare.

Yellowcab Pizza

To shine in the highly competitive market, you should have a website to help you spread your brand across the web. In this collection, you’ll find numerous inspirations to look into. Yellowcab Pizza has a lively and vibrant pizza website design you’ll love and cherish. It serves New York-style pizza with premium ingredients and generous toppings. Particularly, it displays full-width images using sliders with descriptive CTAs above it. Hence, a customer have the option to have delivery or pickup. That’s not all. The special promotions also look attractive with yellowish CTA on a dark-toned background. It also integrates a video to introduce the brand across the web.


16. Trattoria Pizza & Italian

This website is made using Duda website builder.

Trattoria Pizza & Italian

Generate more leads with a well-built website that will spread your brand effectively. With a bunch of pizza website design inspiration, you will have various options for developing your design. Trattoria Pizza & Italian is a brand that serves various Napoletana dishes. It’s dedicated to serving delicious Italian food with the finest ingredients. Its website has a tasty design as it integrates the clear images on the hero header. It also introduces its brand in a short description and a slider. On top of that, the awards it garners are also displayed in one of the sections on the homepage.


17. General Assembly Pizza

Built with: Shopify

General Assembly Pizza

Clean and minimalist website designs usually stand out in the competition. So, if you plan to build a strong web presence for your pizza business, you shouldn’t miss this inspiration. General Assembly Pizza is a gathering place for those who appreciate the fine art of pizza. It uses the best ingredient to yield the finest pizza that surprises the customer. It has a beautiful and modern design with creative page transitions. The hero header has a fullwidth image with a captivating sticky header displaying the brand and the menu. The homepage has a magnificent display of clear and high-quality images with CTAs. Moreover, the Instagram feed never impresses the visitor with the grid-style layout.

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