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21 Best Free Real Estate Website Templates For Real Estate Companies and Realtors

When you are looking to expand your business’s potential, check any of these best free real estate website templates.

Owning a website for your real estate business helps you be more productive and win over more business. Agents and potential buyers can see the nearby properties from your website itself, which is very convenient.

With a website, you can provide all the necessary information and details about the property. Images and virtual tours, too. This way, everyone can learn more about the house or apartment they are interested in right away.

A neat website with a well-thought-out presentation can already start the selling process.

Note: Skip to free HTML templates.

In this day and age, it is important to choose responsive real estate WordPress theme or HTML templates. It does not only help with amazing site performance, but search engines will love your website more, too.

Thankfully, you need to worry about none of the technical aspects of a modern real estate website. These templates and themes take care of it all out of the box. On top of that, they have many great features and page layouts for you to take to your total advantage.

Save time and push your properties over and beyond with any of the tools below.

Divi (WordPress)

divi real estate website template
With the multi-concept web design solution, like Divi, possibilities are endless. Note that the tool has over one hundred complete website packs for you to take to your benefit. Indeed, you can also employ Divi as a real estate website canvas, readily available to sort out your needs and requirements. Using the sample out of the box is possible, but with the easiness of drag and drop page building technique, it is advisable to alter and brand the layout accordingly. Make it all yourself.

Awesome scrolling effects, social media icons, sticky header, beautiful listings pages, you name it, Divi is ready to sell all types of property. Your page will also beautifully display on all devices, from handheld to desktop. There you have it, enter the online space with a spectacular real estate site, thanks to Divi.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

jevelin real estate website template
You can start making moves online fairly quickly with Jevelin. With that in mind, if the deadline is just around the corner, pick Jevelin and have a real estate website up and running sooner rather than later. If you want to speed things up even further, feel free to stick to the sample material and go from there. Of course, with the use of WPBakery drag and drop builder, you can edit and adjust Jevelin at any given time. In other words, make the web design yours and customize it however you see it fit your wants best.

Jevelin is SEO friendly, fast loading, mobile-ready and compatible with web browsers. As far as the technical aspects go, Jevelin sports them all for your convenience. You just play around with visual coding and enjoy the process of creating the ideal website which will take your real estate business to new success levels.

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Selio (WordPress)

selio real estate website template
Selio is a dedicated real estate directory website template. With the multiple demos at your disposal, you can now start your thing right away. Just put into play the one layout that fits your taste best and start improving it with the banging Elementor. The latter unlocks the simple method of dragging and dropping, meaning, you will never need to do the intimidating programming work. This also makes Selio very beginner-friendly if you will.

Other goodies contain Google Maps, Open Street Maps, pricing plans, compare, favorites, currency converter, reviews and more. There is also an integrated system that instantly detects location based on the address. One special feature of Selio is the 30-day money-back guarantee, which is not very common in the space. Now you know you have nothing to lose, yet all to gain.

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Best Free Real Estate Website Templates


Azenta Free Template
Real estate agencies and realtors, Azenta is a sophisticated solution that helps create a top-notch online presence for your business. This free website template is full of great page layouts and other features that will do you well. With the somewhat minimal yet creative look, Azenta makes sure all the content comes into view stunningly. The outstanding performance stays intact across all devices – smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Slideshows, working contact form, Google Maps, video support, agents slider, news, you name it, Azenta sports quite a considerable amount of goods that will level up your web space. Present homes, apartments and other properties in the best possible light and raise your potential through the roof. The solution to speed up building a real estate website is right at your fingertips, thanks to Azenta.

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Real Estate 2

Real Estate 2 Free Template
With a name as to the point as Real Estate 2, you now right away what you are getting. An excellent free real estate website template that will get the ball rolling with its mind-bending web design. The fluid and flexible structure of Real Estate 2 ensures first-rate experience on all popular devices and web browsers. Regardless of you taste, Real Estate 2 makes sure to cater to yours easily even if using it out of the box. Change the details, information and content and you have the appearance all set to go live.

Of course, Real Estate 2 is an HTML template that requires coding knowledge to turn it into a functional website. However, you do not need to start from the ground up, as home and internal pages, as well as other treats, are all set and ready to put them into play.

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Homey Free Template
When it comes to real estate agencies, make sure you have your website fully sorted out. Only then can you appear as professional as you want to your customer base. With Homey, you can take care of that easily. This web design is modern and striking both at the same time. It will put all your houses and apartments on display for everyone to enjoy.

With a well-thought-out online presence, you can achieve a lot when it comes to pre-selling the potential customer. Let Homey do the trick with all its special perks that are available in the kit.

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Ecoverde Free Template
Based on the Bootstrap Framework, Ecoverde is a top-notch free real estate website template for local agencies and realtors. Many times, you will find real estate on all these different platforms, but why not create your own? With Ecoverde, you can achieve a terrific end product that will help win over more business. Incorporate professional photography with compelling descriptions and you raise your potential to level eleven.

Some of the cool features of Ecoverde are the parallax effect, scrolling animations, sticky navigation and testimonials. You also get different internal pages, a contact form and Google Maps. Now you know where to start establishing your powerful and business-driven online presence.

More info / Download Demo


Aler Free Template
Aler offers you a great starting point to establish a neat website for real estate. With all the unique features, Aler makes sure to create a memorable first impression. Not just that, but it will help get visitors interested in your offerings a whole lot more. If you dig it as is, enrich it with your content, details and logo and call it a day. But it is also possible to make it follow your branding directions.

Aler’s big carousel above the fold creates a triggering effect, making everyone curious to learn more. You also get predefined search feature, Google Maps, client testimonials, brand logo slider and the list of peculiarities goes on.

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Mondy Free Template
Starting on the internet with a solid online presence will happen if you choose Mondy. This free real estate website template promises a stupendous end product that will push the boundaries of the industry. Instead of relying on 3rd-party platforms and whatnot, you can now bring into being an official website of your real estate agency, which you use to take things to a whole new degree. With your own website, you have it all under total control, managing and maintaining your page like you desire.

Full-width mode, transparent header, drop-down menu, call-to-actions, search function, Bootstrap Framework, well, you get the gist of it. Mondy is full of practical features that you can take to your total advantage. It also follows all the current web trends to ensure a smooth performance across all devices and platforms.

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leramiz free template
If you are running a real estate listing website and would like to update it with something fresh, here we have Leramiz. On the other hand, if you are starting an entirely new project, again, Leramiz is the free real estate website template that you should definitely check out. See its live preview page and be in awe due to its professional web design and next level features. One thing is for sure; it sure will not feel like it is a free site canvas a slight bit.

Leramiz comes with a full-width banner which you can use to add an image of an attractive property that will have everyone hooked. Moreover, the banner also includes text and a call-to-action button and right below is a search option. A visitor does not even need to scroll the page to start searching for their ideal place. However, push featured listings, promote popular places and build customer loyalty with testimonials slider.

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bluesky free template
Bluesky is a free real estate website template with a contemporary and refined touch. You can promote recent properties and help folks find their apartments and houses easily with the integrated and advanced search option. Bear in mind, Bluesky still has a ton more goodies available and ready for you to employ. From the impressive predefined home and internal pages to an assortment of features that were exclusively forged for the industry.

The search feature follows visitors throughout the entire page, whether they are checking a single listing or filling out the working contact form. Moreover, Bluesky is easy to use and edit, based on Bootstrap Framework and 100% mobile and retina ready. On top of that, you also do not need to worry about web browser compatibility and fast lading speeds. Bluesky is powered by the latest technologies to ensure a smooth and stable site operation.

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sel free template
You can sell and push properties of all sort with Sel free real estate website template. If you are in the process of establishing a website for your agency or even your solo project and need something simple, yet effective, Sel is a great solution for you. That said, this neat and tidy tool is appealing to the eye with just the right set of delicacies you demand to run a successful page that helps others find their new homes. Allow them to discover properties with ease in as little time as possible.

While you might just replace the existing content and texts with yours, you can also modify Sel and enrich it with your creativity. Whatever path you take in your web design journey, with Sel, it is a guarantee that a professional website is ahead of you. And to run a real estate business, you definitely need to own a website the emphasizes your expertness and craft.

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South Free Template
No doubt, South is a spectacular free real estate website template that will give your company a professional edge. And this is crucial, to have a fully sorted out business at all segment. Just as professional as you are when personally promoting and selling your properties, so should you own a cutting-edge web space. With South, that is something you will not have a problem achieving swiftly and effectively. After all, the hard work has been done instead of you, now comes the fun part.

South is founded on the well-liked Twitter grid system, Bootstrap. Indeed, a page that uses South or any other template in this collection is mobile-ready, operating sleekly on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to large desktops. Shine on the web with a spotless real estate webpage thanks to South.

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Theestate free template
Theestate is a fabulous free real estate website template designed and developed by yours truly, Colorlib. We made sure to cover all chapters and sections of a solid web presence that you can use for selling properties of all types. It is a Bootstrap Framework powered item what provides pliability and ease of use.

Theestate has tons of valuable and practical features that make it look more of a premium than a free tool. From a full-screen slider and advanced home search option to sticky menu, testimonials slider and cool industry-focused icons, Theestate has it all.

What’s more, the tool is also mobile and retina display ready, features a functional contact page with Google Maps and a newsletter subscription box. All in all, you, undoubtedly, can achieve great things with Theestate once you transform it into a working website. Kick things off solid with an enticing web presence and grow your clientele with Theestate.

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Real Estate

Since real estate is a huge industry, we decided to put together another amazing free website template for selling villas, houses and apartments. It is a one-page template that takes each visitor on a journey through your offerings without the need of clicking back and forth. Simple and clean navigation with a big banner and advanced search option warmly welcome each guest. And encourage him or her to start searching right off the bat.

Moreover, Real Estate template has special sections to tell the world why they should pick you, your most wanted properties and a photo gallery. Awesome hover effects, Google Maps, functional contact form and Instagram feed are all also part of the Real Estate kit. Save not only yourself time, but help properties seekers find what they are after as quickly as possible. Thanks to our responsive tool, you can offer your visitors exactly what they need and grow your agency exponentially.

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homespace free template
Homespace is a free real estate website template for agencies and agents. If you are pushing properties, chances are, you want to get a page up and running to expand your reach. Not only that, but with a website, you can warm your clientele and increase your potential. There, they can find additional information and pictures of the home or apartment they are interested in buying or renting. How cool does that sound?

By running a website that you will base around Homespace, you guarantee everyone a great experience browsing through your offerings and learning more about the special deals and discounts. Homespace is a mobile-ready and fully responsive template that fluidly adapts to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. You can customize it at free will and make it match your branding wants precisely.

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homeland free template
Real estate agencies and realtors, we bring you a spectacular free real estate website template, Homeland. The tool rocks a modern, sophisticated and clean design that will help you win over more clients. With the full-screen slider, you can bring forward all the hot deals you are currently running. That slideshow also supports parallax effect what spices up the experience and makes it even more pleasant and appealing to the eye.

Moreover, Homeland guarantees a distraction-free experience for both mobile and desktop users. It has a light, high-performing and fluid layout that works seamlessly at all times. If you would like to enter the world wide web with a bang, Homeland is the one solution you should consider. Included is also a blog section which you can use for content marketing, sharing tips on how to buy or rent an apartment and other beneficial topics.

More info / Download Demo


royalestate free template
Whether you are just starting out or already an established firm, make sure that your real estate website is on point all the time. With any of our free real estate website templates, you find in this collection, you will stand out from the masses easily. Royalestate is an excellent example of a powerful web design that will push your properties to new heights. With an in-depth description and professional photographies, everyone would want to book an appointment almost instantly.

Royalestate is a website template that offers you to create an online platform where others can submit their property as well. In short, with Royalestate, you can create a growing community where people in search of a new home and those selling or renting their space will gather and connect.

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holmes free template
Holmes is a free real estate listing website template that follows all the latest trends and regulations of a modern page. Meaning, the site canvas is mobile-ready, retina-friendly, in tune with web browsers, optimized for search engines and enhanced for outstanding performance. With its light and bright design, everyone gets to study all the properties you offer without interruptions. You can also expand your website and create a space where they can submit, sell and rent homes. Whether locally or globally, Holmes is able to handle any challenge without hassle.

A few core features of Holmes are sticky navigation, advanced property search function, hover effects, testimonials slider and neat agents page. A working contact form and Google Maps are also part of the bundle to get you moving forward even quicker.

More info / Download Demo


woodrox free template
Woodrox is for everyone who would like to go against the norm. It is an interior design website template by default, but you can use it for your real estate purposes just as well. After all, real estate and interior design go very well together, right? You might be offering some exclusive services that you do not know yet how to market. Well, you just found yourself a way to get the word out there and familiarize people with what you can do for them.

Nifty home, about section, project details, blog and contact pages are all included in the Woodrox kit. Use them however you see them match your needs best and save the time and energy. You can also make adjustments and improvements and customize Woodrox to your likings.

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sparsh free template
With this collection of the best free real estate website templates, we bring you versatility and adaptability. Everyone in the real estate space can benefit from the items greatly. Even if you are an interior designer or an architect, there is something for you. As for the latter, Sparsh is the ideal web design that will meet your expectation. With its dark and responsive layout, you will create a strong first impression. Express your professionalism and attention to detail and persuade potential clients with your remarkable projects.

You can now speed up the process of establishing your must-have website that will take your business to entirely new levels. You can also step things up even further and enrich the current look of Sparsh with your creative and unique touch. The options are there, you just need to take the action and employ them.

More info / Download Demo

Make Your Real Estate Website Easily

These are the best free real estate website templates you can use to create a professional looking page. Each template offers different features and functionalities. The versatility of this collection makes sure that there is something for everyone.

Instead of doing all the heavy lifting from the ground up, pick a ready-to-use web design and make an immediate difference. We hope you find this list of free real estate templates useful.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.
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