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20 Free Personal Website Templates To Boost Your Personal Branding

20 Free Personal Website Templates To Boost Your Personal Branding

Personal websites help you to make a strong personal branding. If you are a freelancer, then you might be knowing that owning a personal portfolio site always keeps you a step ahead in the competition. Professional graphic designers mostly own a personal website, so that they can manage their work samples and also they can assess the growth of their skills over time.

These best free personal website templates help you to have elegant and useful personal websites. Following free personal website templates can be used by any professionals.

Best Free Personal Website Templates in HTML

HTML free personal website templates are lighter and load faster. That too modern HTML5 and CSS3 website templates are lighter than the HTML website templates.

Following are the best free personal website templates in HTML. Most of them are flexible and easy to customize. You can use this template as portfolio templates or as your personal blog templates.

All Colorlib Templates

We have a huge selection of free website templates that you can find here.

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To create a simplistic, yet creative, page, Jackson is the free personal website template you want to look into. Based on the powerful Bootstrap Framework, Jackson is fully responsive, mobile-ready and in tune with all modern web browser. Whether you are a freelancer or a job seeker, Jackson is a fantastic tool to get your name out there and boost your career. Tell the world what you excel at, share your experience and give them a chance to contact you using nothing but your page.

Jackson has a sticky left sidebar navigation, loads all the content on scroll and rocks a big banner. Use the latter to intrigue them and even offer them to download your CV without the need to search for it. While you are already busy taking care of clients’ projects, a template helps you save time while still keeping your workflow at the highest levels.

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Personal Free Template
As the name suggests, Personal is a free personal website template with all the needed to get yourself online quickly and effectively. If you are a creative individual, Personal is one fine tool you should consider. And if you do not have a website up yet, you better start moving in that direction, like, now. After all, all our templates are just a click away, ready for you to download them without spending a dime. And like that would not be a lot already, Personal and all the rest are filled with a ton of premium-like features that will impress you and your guests.

Personal is a neat and tidy template, with a web design that sparks curiosity. From top to bottom, it is packed with assets which you can enrich with your signature touch and refine however you see it fitting your brand best. From filterable portfolio and animated statistics to modern pricing plans and brand slider, Personal is prepared for you to give it a shot.

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Civic Free Template
If you are in the process of building an online resume page, you came to the right place. Civic is a free personal website template with all the required and then some. You can craft the desired web space effortlessly due to Civic’s level of professionalism, loads of features and ease of use. Download the template, adjust it with your content and you might just be one move away from launching your online space and get people attracted by it. Surprisingly, with our templates, it truly can be that easy.

Civic has a big and bold design that places all your material front and center. Everyone who lands on your page will have a killer time studying you in great detail. Different sections for work experience, education, references and portfolio are there, waiting to be stuffed with your information. Get busy now and have a page up quickly.

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Personify Free Template
For everyone out there who wants to build something original for his professional career, it is Personify that helps you achieve the results you want. This free personal website template supplies a layout that is not only appealing to the eye but creative and innovative, too. It almost feels like it rocks nothing but a split screen layout where one half is for your bio and social media icons and the other half for your headshot. But when you dig deeper, you notice how much more you actually get with Personify.

It is an off-canvas menu that reveals all the other sections of Personify. Those are portfolio, resume and contact page with a working form. To some extent, Personify is a very simple and almost basic free website template, but it is exactly that what makes it so unique and exclusive.

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Creative professionals will fall in love with Noah the very moment they land on its live preview page. Clear, nifty, organized and carefully designed, that’s what’s up when it comes to Noah, a free personal website template. You can use it for creating online resumes, portfolio pages or a mixture of everything, showing the world what you are all about. Once they further review your majestic internet space, they can get in touch with you using the functional contact page which also comes part of Noah.

Other features and assets that Noah brings to the table are unique portfolio section, large testimonials slider, overlay sidebar menu, blog and loads more. Many will not even want to change the default style of Noah and use it exactly as is. The minimalistic approach it has will surely make you appear on the web like a pro. Use Noah to its full capacity and shine on the web.

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Ramirez is a personal portfolio theme. As the name implies, this template is a best fit for graphic designer. It is a modern looking personal website template with trendy fonts, colors and icons.

It is a single page website template. All the transition and animation effects are done neatly on this template. This template gives you features like a tabular column, hover effect and separate portfolio segment.

The portfolio segment is designed like a grid styled gallery. User can easily switch between tabs to see your portfolio. This template is built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. The template is mobile responsive and speed optimized.

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CV Porfolio free template

CVPortfolio, as the name implies it is a perfect personal website template for making your CV. It has modern design layout to describe your professional experience neatly. One can also use this website template for personal branding.

It is a single page website template with smooth scrolling effects. It has all the necessary web elements you need in a professional site. The hover effects and parallax scrolling segment add a modern touch to this personal website template.

This template is a perfect choice for creative designers, photographers, architects, developers and freelancers. This website template is built on HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap framework. It is mobile responsive and cross browser compatible.

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Resume Free Website Template

Resume is a modern and clean looking personal website template. The intuitive design helps you create a strong personal branding.

It is a clean and colorful website template. On the neat white background, the colorful web elements look professional. It is a single page website template with smooth scroll effect. The hover effects and parallax scrolling effects make this website a trendy looking website template.

With logically designed template user can understand more about you. This website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is a mobile responsive website template.

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Book free template
Book is everything you need to market your freshly released book and get the sales going. Or even if it is still over at the print shop and you would like to push pre-sales, Book is ready for it, too. This stunning free personal website template takes care of your online presence and expands your reach. Bear in mind, you can use Book for both hardcovers and e-books or a mix of everything.

Beautiful one-page website layout with a clean and simplistic design which is also responsive and retina ready, Book makes sure all visitors get the most out of your website. From a big banner which serves as a warm welcome to your world to animated statistics, pricing tables and strategically placed call-to-action buttons for a great experience and increased conversions. And do not forget to introduce testimonials to gain customer trust.

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Maze is a clean looking personal website template. With its neat design layout you can showcase your work and experience elegantly on the site. It is a full-width website template with bold black texts and clean white background.

This template has subtle visual effects for the hover effects and scrolling. It is a single page website template with smooth scrolling effects. With proper use of high-quality images, this template will look elegant.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is mobile responsive and cross-browser compatible.

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Ilene Berg

illenebergIlene Berg is a bright colored professional looking personal website template. The template follows the creative design layout style. It is a multi-page website template with all the basic pages you need in a personal site.

The template has trendy fonts, colors and transition effects to make a modern website template. The chess board style service section is an intuitive design. The hover effects with warm color matches with the overall design tempo of the website.

This template is built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is a light website template and is also mobile responsive.

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All existing and soon-to-be bloggers out there, meet Juli. This is a free personal website template based on Bootstrap Framework for full pliability and ease of use. Editing, tweaking and maintaining Juli is effortless even if you are a complete beginner. What will unquestionably spark interest in you are Juli’s terrific features. It has many available what makes you think twice whether Juli is really a free template or there are some hidden fees to it. No fees, Juli always will be a template that does not cost you a dime. You can use it at free will for as long as you want but the credits must stay intact.

Multi-level drop-down menu, full-screen navigation, widget rich sidebar and Instagram feed, this and more of goodies is what you get with Juli. The website canvas is in tune with all modern devices and browsers and practices the latest trends and technologies.

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philosophy free mobile-friendly website template
Philosophy is a free blog website template for personal needs, but it goes way beyond that. The tool is powerful enough to fit small online magazines, too. Limits are very little when it comes to Philosophy so make sure you use it to its full potential. Philosophy has a cool, yet clean, grid design what makes your content to stand out and easily readable. On scroll content load, widgetized footer section, newsletter subscription and social media icons, Philosophy has it all.

Once you download the free tool, you are ready to start putting it to use and craft a tempting personal page with it. With Philosophy, you can blog about health, lifestyle, travel, work, sports, hobbies, you name it, the template allows any niche. When it comes to content types, Philosophy supports all, from standard to video, link and text.

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Blanca free template
Amazing and beautiful are two main characteristics of Blanca. This free personal website template helps you bring your passion to the online space with its original web design. Everyone that visits your page that uses Blanca as the base will be impressed and highly interested in returning to see what’s new. At the end of the day, it is still your content that matters most. No matter how dope your website is, if you do not publish anything exciting, barely any will want to visit it. On the other hand, with the perfect blend of killer web design and compelling content you are closer to winning the blogging game than ever.

Share your travel tips, your freshly invented recipe, how to write on a budget and just whatever that comes to your mind. After all, Blanca does not have any restrictions regarding the niche you would like to write about. And even if it is a general blog you plan on launching.

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Five Star

Five Star is a full-width, clean looking personal website template. It is a simple single page website template with modern design layout. The designer tends to keep this website template lightweight by avoiding animation effects and other visual effects.

The website template loads faster, it is cross-browser compatible and mobile responsive. You also get the option to embed video in this website template. With a clean white background and colorful icons, this template looks professional.

This website template will also be a good choice for creative agencies and studios. This template uses  HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is flexible and easy to customize.

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Suppablog is a modern personal website template. With the split screen website template you have ample space for personal branding. It is also a perfect personal blog template.

With lots of white space, the web elements and the texts look clean. The hidden navigation bar to the left gives the user uninterrupted view of the contents. Social media icons are also provided to on the left navigation bar to improve your social media followers.

On hovering the particular text alone is highlighting by blurring the other texts. This template uses modern HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is also mobile responsive.

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Portfolio free template

Portfolio template by Colorlib is an interactive personal portfolio website template. It is a colorful website template to present your professional experience. Colorful trendy fonts are used in this website template.

It is a single page website template. You get web elements like a progress bar, buttons, and icons. This template offers visual effects for hovering and parallax effects for scrolling. The CSS work this website template is impressive, especially in the service segment.

It is a single page website template with smooth scrolling effects. This template is built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. In the footer section you get the Twitter feed option, it an unique element of this template.

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Cocoon free template

Cocoon is a photography portfolio website template. The website template welcomes you with a big image slider. If you are a photographer you can use of this feature to display your best shots and impress the user.

This website template uses the trendy design layout and fonts. With lots of white space, the texts and other web elements look clean. You also get parallax effect, counters and hover effects with this template.

This template is a best option for freelancers, photographers and graphic designers. The portfolio page is designed like grid style gallery with hover effects. This template is built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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WordPress Free Personal Website Templates

With WordPress website template you can easily update and maintain your online portfolio. You have plenty of template options to choose from in WordPress. You can add new features to the template via WordPress plugins.

Premium WordPress theme gives you advanced customization options and premium support. When you are on a tight budget, you can opt for free personal website templates. You can use the money for getting the best hosting for your personal site. Following are the best WordPress free personal website templates.

Shapely (Most Popular)

Before we continue, it is important for you to know that Shapely is the most popular free theme ever. In this regard, we decided to create a short video to show you how to install it, activate it and import demo content, step by step. You are welcome.

Shapely sports a responsive and flat design, is retina and WooCommerce ready. It is an advanced tool that helps you build a broad range of different websites. Along with the expert first page, Shapely also has other sections for blog, online shop and portfolio. With Shapely, you can create personal, agency, small business and even startup pages. Thorough documentation, professional support, translation ready and unlimited color options call for the freedom you are after to create the exact website you fancy.

More info / Download Demo

Illdy (Trending)

You are in good hands when you decide to go with Illdy free one-page theme. Creative individuals, you can all hammer out stunning and cutting-edge pages to bring your content in front of a global audience. Illdy is stylish, elegant, pixel perfect, mobile-ready and compatible with browsers. Some of the key features of Illdy are hero image, Font Awesome icons, animated statistics, working contact form and testimonials slider. Moreover, set the preferred colors, start writing a blog and showcase your works with the integrated portfolio section.

For any additional assistance and guidance, you may need, check out the online documentation page. There you will also find helpful how-to videos. If you are in need of something that goes entirely against the norm, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team. Together, you will overcome any barrier you come across.
More info / Download Demo

What’s Your Favorite Template

These are the best free personal website template you can use to make an impressive personal site. All the free personal website templates follow the latest design and coding standards. Each of the template serves different purposes, based on your requirement choose the best one.

We have given you options for both HTML and WordPress to make your search simple and easy. Which one do you prefer? WordPress template or HTML free personal website template? Let us know in the comment section below.

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