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18 Best Free Blog Templates For Inspiring Blogs 2018

18 Best Free Blog Templates For Inspiring Blogs 2018

Instead of doing the work yourself, we hand collected some of the best free blog templates for your creativity to find a home in the online space. With the available resources, building a blog for your personal or business needs is easier than ever. An online journal is an efficient approach to create your own fan base, grow traffic and use it entirely for marketing.

While blogging was initially aimed towards individuals, businesses soon understood the power a compelling blog can have for their growth. Nowadays, there is barely any company that does not have a blog section on their website. Every forward-thinking business with long-term plans has a blog implemented on their page. Executed correctly and you can bring in a ton of targeted traffic for “free.” It will not be entirely free since there are time and effort needed to put together an SEO friendly article. Not one but quite a bunch.

We could say that a blog is almost a necessity for every business, company, agency and creative individual. Even if you are none of the mentioned, you can still start with free blog templates and write about what you have been up to lately. Share your thoughts and before you know it, people will start coming to your website to read your irresistible content. You can also write industry news, give an in-depth explanation of your recent project or anything else that comes to your mind.

Why businesses are also benefitting from blogs is because they can get on a more personal level with their clients. And in the comments section, a debate can start where you can answer all of the questions, provide suggestions and even you be the one asking your users about this and that.

Top free blog templates for your impressive blogs


yummy free food blog template
Yummy template makes everything you publish on your website look ten times tastier and yummier. It is a stylish and elegant free blog template which is versatile enough to use it for niches that have nothing to do with foods, too. Yummy comes packed with amazing features what makes it compete with all the premium blog website templates with ease. Readers will need to dig deeper to notice that you are using a free tool to run and maintain your stunning blog.

The template’s name, which makes your mouth water, Yummy, has a featured blog posts interactive slider, on-scroll animations and an option to add or remove a background pattern. Full-width Instagram feed, newsletter subscription box and social icons are all part of Yummy template. Click the download button and start constructing a marvelous blog with Yummy.

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bona free blog template
If you are in a quick need of a modern and clean free blog template, Bona is definitely the one you should look into. The template can be used for any type of blogs you plan to build. Let it be food, fashion, lifestyle, health or even a corporate blog, Bona does not have a problem with all of them. Use your artistic thinking and you can quickly tailor the fantastic free Bootstrap blog template to your needs.

Available are different pages and post layouts to make the final product as dynamic as you want. Posts can be shown with an image on the top and text at the bottom, image on the left and text on the right or text only. Bona features a load more buttons, newsletter subscription and social media icons. You will have a blast building and developing your first or third blog for your DIY skills or whatever else you need a blog for.

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katt free blog template
Katt is this amazing free website template that does not have an impression of a blog at all. It looks more like a portfolio, however, once you look closer, you notice it is an innovative blog template. It will make your websites look absolutely phenomenal. And you can use Katt free blog template for artist, freelancer, designer and musician websites. More or less, anyone who digs the web design can use Katt template for their fresh and original new blog site.

Slider, logo section and menu are followed by left and right structured blog section. Elegance and sophistication are key characteristics of your new favorite template, Katt. Use it to start publishing your astonishing works and verbalize and journalize your creativity.

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suppablog free blog template
Suppablog is the free super blog template which helps you distinguish yourself from the masses. It has enough originality to it that makes going against the grain to your niche’s standards an easy task. Writers and bloggers, you are in for a special treat that you will enjoy through the roof. The creative approach Suppablog has to web design will grab your attention in an instant.

Smooth scrolling, off-canvas menu, sidebar social icons and great attention to detail, Suppablog is a fantastic alternative to building the finest blogs out there. One cool feature of Suppablog is how it highlights specific content you are interested in and blurs all the rest. The split screen home page allows you to add an image on one side and display published posts on the other. Included is also a contact us page with integrated Google Maps and a working contact form.

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Trendy Blog

trendy blog free template
Whoever has a passion for fashion and everything trendy, Trendy Blog is the fashion and beauty template you should consider. It falls in the bucket of multi-purpose templates since you can use it for both a blog or an online magazine. In other words, Trendy Blog template satisfies all your requirements when it comes to launching a blog/magazine website. It covers everything fashion but you can quickly and efficiently perform slight adjustments and turn it into something entirely different. Trendy Blog can handle it all.

Trendy Blog’s key features are eye-catching hover effects, carousel effect, accordions and image lightbox. Built using Bootstrap Framework, HTML5 and CSS3 for full flexibility and responsiveness. Your websites powered by Trendy Blog will be compatible with all devices, perfectly adjusting to any screen. Twitter feed, contact form, subscription form and weather forecast widget are additional goodies that you can benefit from.

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trending free fashion blog template
Trending is a 100% responsive free blog template with focus on fashionistas. However, even if you are outside the fashion society but fancy the layout of Trending template, you are still good to go. It is a multi-purpose one-page template with smooth scrolling, Font Awesome icons, Google Fonts and stunning background parallax effect. There are plenty awesome features which you can use to boost your online project to entirely new heights.

From gorgeous slider and hover effects to gallery lightbox and cross-browser compatibility, Trending has you covered with everything. The template is the best fit for agencies and creative individuals who want something more. Tell your story, share your services and introduce your team members. But most importantly, start writing a compelling blog which helps you promote your name and drive in more traffic.

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Fashion Blog

fashion free blog template
For trendsetters and those who like to keep everyone updated with what is in vogue, free Fashion Blog template is the way to go. The tool for developing outstanding blogging pages with a clean and modern touch to it. After the logo, social icons and main menu with the search bar, guests are welcomed with a full-width banner slider. Use persuading images and compelling texts and get users scrolling to see more enticing content.

Although your content is the main focus of every blog, with a marvelous website you can make it appear even more professional. Such tool for creating fine sites is Fashion Blog. Powered by Bootstrap Framework, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, the template is customizable and flexible. It supports video posts, photo galleries and comes with newsletter subscription and an advanced sidebar. Contact page has integrated Google Maps and functional form.

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clean free blog template
Clean is a responsive, mixed columns HTML5 free blog template with simplicity being a big part of it. If you go with Clean as your foundation for your blog site, the outcome will be a responsive and retina ready page. It is light and built on Bootstrap for the best user experience. Desktop, tablet and mobile users will enjoy browsing and reading your page every time they visit it. The front page is a tasty mix of only the most important features. You can choose between left or right sidebars, benefit from animations and text load on-scroll.

If you need something simple and convenient, then Clean template is the perfect tool for you. It goes straight to the point without implementing any unnecessary clutter. When in need to push your content and your content only, start with Clean template and never look back.

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devblog free blog website template
Straightforward and minimal free blog template, DevBlog, covers all the basics and a few extras. Best for personal blogs and journals with load more feature and newsletter subscription form. DevBlog template has additional pages to display your completed projects, tell more about yourself and your services and contact page. Thet latter also comes with testimonials to build customer trust and contact form. If you are a professional individual who lacks an online presence, DevBlog provides your expertness an online home.

Dark and light layouts, complete responsiveness and other new and modern web trends ready, DevBlog is all you need if plainness is something you are in need of. No need to browse further for more blog templates, stay where you are at right now and download DevBlog. You are closer than ever to launching a first-class blog.

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hola free blog template
When you think of blog templates, you probably do not think about vCards and online resumes. However, if you look from the other perspective, add a blog section to your online CV and you can bring your online presence on a wholly different level. If that’s you, Hola is the tool you certainly need in your life.

Hola is a free one-page website template ideal for designers, developers, photographers and any other freelancer. Due to the adaptable layout, your pages will look beautiful on any device. Animated statistics, sticky menu, work experience and a sublime portfolio, Hola is ready to kick off your online appearance in style. Moreover, you get testimonials section, contact form and last but definitely not least, the blog. Also, social media icons are included to connect your site with your remarkable accounts.

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abstract free blog template
When looking for a masonry style free blog template which is at the same time gorgeous and classy, Abstract is the answer to all of your questions. The template is 100% responsive and retina ready what makes your website built with it look sharp on any device. The user experience you deliver is top-notch due to the appealing to the eye typography and great arrangement and the use of white space.

Abstract is an HTML and CSS3 template which is easy to use and customize. You get tons of icons and are treated with nice animations to spice things up slightly. Regarding blog posts, Abstract supports standard, audio video and gallery. It is also Mailchimp ready with a subscription box and a working contact form. You can easily differentiate from the crowd by using Abstract template for your captivating blog.

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Keep It Simple

keep it simple free blog template
I do not even have to tell much because the name of the next free blog template tells you just about everything. It is Keep It Simple. One thing is for sure, if you are after a template which is clean and basic, KIS is the one you need in your life. However, it is still not so basic that you get only a white background and some text going on on it. Keep It Simple template knows how to convince its users with a keen eye for detail.

In general, everyone who is not that much into images but more focused on the text itself, you cannot go wrong with Keep It Simple. Writers, you are welcome. The tool for crafting your next successful blog is mobile friendly and also works best with all the retina screens. Available are five HTML pages, a drop down menu, neat sidebar and social media buttons and back to top button. Simple and to the point.

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freshpick free blog template
Freshpick is a minimal and contemporary free template for blogs of which content and typography are its centers of attention. For online journal sites, personal pages and even for small businesses, Freshpick covers all the mentioned and might even adapt to some other needs and requirements. That said, Freshpick template is simple to modify and you can tailor it to your website’s requirements with ease. If straightforwardness is your thing, then Freshpick is your template of choice.

Drop down menu, sidebar and footer widgets, Twitter feed and back to top button, these are some brief features of Freshpick template. Social icons are by Picas and fonts used Noticia, Domine and Open Sans. For the logo, Freshpick uses Source Sans Pro font. Start a blog in a breeze with Freshpick free blog template.

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coolblue free blog template
Some of the free blog templates we picked are keeping things extremely simple while the others are more complex. Some almost feel like they are not free but premium. As far as simplicity goes, Coolblue features a good chunk of it. To further break down the name, it is a cool and it is a template which smoothly incorporates color blue in its web design. When you simply cannot decide which template to pick, but you do know that super simple or extra advance is not what you are after, Coolblue can be the solution for you. It fits right in the middle.

Coolblue is powerful enough for you to use it with any blogging engine and effortlessly build a blog with it. HTML5 and CSS3 are its core features while other awesome delicacies help your shine in the online space.

More info / Download Demo

Clean Blog

clean blog free minimal template
Clean Blog is a Bootstrap Framework 4 template which you can use for both personal and company blogs. It comes with four HTML pages; home page, about section, sample post and contact page with functional contact form. The PHP contact form comes with validation and all you need to do is to add your email and it works.

Your blog will be distraction free, putting focus on your content and your content only. The template is called Clean for a reason. Everyone will enjoy reading your articles and be happy to return for more. With the included LESS, you can modify the template and add your personal touch to it for a remarkable blog experience. Start putting together the wanted blog and turn your thoughts into words with help from Clean Blog template.

More info / Download Demo

Style Blog

style free blog template
Responsive and latest web technologies following free template, Style Blog, is ready to take care of your blogging needs. It is an all-around template for every niche and industry blog creation. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap Framework what makes it easy to customize and instant to adapt to all screen sizes.

From full-width banner and hover effects to on-scroll animations and Instagram feed widget, Style Blog has many features that you can take to your advantage. It is a modish template which will help you take care of constructing your first blog page, as well as your readers. Everyone can quickly scan through the content and find what they are interested in reading.

Superior choice of colors, newsletter, Twitter feed, contact page and many shortcodes, these are some additional features of Style Blog. If you need a multi-functional free blog template, then I would recommend you to select Style Blog. You will have fun creating the website and seeing it grow after filling it with enticing content.

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Business Blog

business free blog template
While the name of Business Blog aims towards everything biz oriented, it is still handy enough to suit any niche imaginable. It is a multi category template with a flat and responsive design. Business Blog sports a grid system and is compatible with all browsers and devices. If you need a robust blogging template, BB can take care of all of your needs for producing the next online news platform.

Your users will feed their eyes with amazing content both text and visual. With the great navigation and search box, visitors will quickly find what they are after or simply go with the latest posts. Newest posts and newsletter widgets along with social sharing buttons and quick links, Business Blog template has it all. Your multi category technology news project just found its birthplace.

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blogger free magazine like blog template
Blogger is a generic item that is a must-inclusion in the best free blog templates collection. You can use it for whatever your heart desires. Be it fashion, travel, lifestyle, tech, gadgets, you name it and Blogger will help your craft a site for it. The template has a flat grid system and a fluid layout for all the mobile users’ experience to be the greatest. Along with the main blog page, Blogger also comes with special pages for gallery, services and contact. The latter also has Google Maps integrated and a working contact form.

There is little work required when you decide to settle on Blogger template. If you like it out of the box, you will have a page up and running in little to no time. Blogger was designed to attract new visitors and turn them into loyal and returning readers. Grow your project with Blogger today.

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