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30 Best Food Recipes WordPress Themes 2017

30 Best Food Recipes WordPress Themes 2017

Cooking food is part of life. Some people seem to fall in love with the idea of cooking new things. Some prefer to refine old recipes. And these days there is no lack of amazing food recipes platforms. But, that should not stop anyone from starting their own. Everyone has their own creative abilities and gifts to offer. Needless to say, restaurants can benefit equally as much by adding a recipes blog type to their site. Having said that, we did include a number of food recipes themes that combine a restaurant layout with cooking recipes widgets.

The other thing to note is what kind of a recipes site you want to build. It’s a long-term strategy. You could one day decide to turn things around and enable community features. But, what if your theme doesn’t support BuddyPress, or bbPress for that matter? It is then going to be difficult to transition your site to a community platform. So, you will find plenty of recipes WordPress themes in this list with extensive community features. And honestly, some of them are absolutely breathtaking.

Food Recipes


Food Recipes gets straight to the point and wastes no time to define its purpose. This feature rich WordPress theme is ideal for food recipe blogs and catalogs. Chefs, cooking enthusiasts, foodies, and personal bloggers can all apply Food Recipes for their needs. The design calls attention towards simplicity and traditional website values. Use your homepage to highlight trending and featured recipes. The content navigation (breadcrumbs) is primarily based on tags, rather than categories.

Those with a peculiar taste in food are often seeking for recipes with particular ingredients, which makes Food Recipes ahead of the curve. Your readers can become contributors by submitting their own recipes. And because they have to create an account to do, you can organically start building a food oriented community. Furthermore, recipe blog posts are structured for recipes, not for long-form content. Your custom widgets include Ingredients widget, custom post data in the form of ratings and views, and recipes cooking method outline which is based on individual steps.

With this precise approach to displaying recipes, know that Google will reward you with extra traffic. These days, when people search for “How to cook a chicken?”, it is usually a featured snippet that gets returned. Because Food Recipes follows this content structure, chances are your recipes will get that necessary boost from promoted search results.

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Talisa is yet another stunning food theme for WordPress bloggers. Its design is modernized, so would fit a professional chef as much as it would a food blogging enthusiast. First impressions are that Talisa wastes no design space. Everything is layered to have a purpose. Recipe blog posts feel natural and focus solely on explaining the process of how to cook a particular dish. You can outline recipe ingredients, define cooking instructions and include image galleries that show the cooking process or final result.

Despite many food blogs being run solely by a select few, the Talisa theme invites your visitors to share their favorite recipes. With a beautiful front-end recipe submission form, anyone can share recipes and cooking tips on your blog. When you allow for your visitors to submit content to you, you are doing a favor to your site in the process. Google naturally reward sites with lots of juicy and interesting content but also considers content frequency as a site ranking factor. When your readers create an account on your food blog, they get some extra features enabled for them. One of which is the ability to favorite content, or bookmark it.

The developers of Talisa, a company called Progression Studios, are super experienced with niche WordPress theme. Progression Studios pays strict attention to detail, and it is common for them to release a complimentary video documentation. You do not have to struggle to create a beautiful layout because it is all explained to you carefully. Talisa theme includes a separate blog content page which you can use to publish news and not recipes.

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Neptune is an awesome Food Blogging theme for WordPress. Moreover, we do not just say that for the sake of saying it. This early in our roundup of best food recipe themes, we already have a superb stunner to set the bar high. Neptune is for all of you who love to cook, experiment, and most importantly share your ideas with others. You can create mesmerizing recipe posts with some of the most amazing looking widgets. When you open a recipe that is set up with Neptune theme, it feels different. It feels authentic, yet incredibly modern and readily available at the same time.

The latest update for Neptune brought in some much-needed changes. First and foremost, it is the ability for your community members to share their cooking secrets in the form of recipes. Other members of the site can follow each other, and see what everyone is doing. It means that your members can create their professional profile on your site. If your food blog takes off, it is likely that professional restaurants are going to pay you a visit. Moreover, when they do, they will want to snag that top talent directly from your site. How awesome would it be if someone put on his or her resume that he or she got a job through your site?

Ingredients for original recipes are indexed separately and can be looked up through the search form. All recipes include a widget for adding nutritional information, and users can leave their reviews or ratings as they wish. While most food recipe sites focus only on adding images, with Neptune, you can add galleries and videos too! You can compliment the cooking steps by assigning unique images to them. It is the exact kind of a design that a top-class food website would use. Neptune reassures its quality with 1,000+ customers and counting.

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Food & Cook


Food & Cook keeps thing elegant, with a variety of simple elements. Sharing your best recipes, tips for cooking, and specials will never have been this easy. With Food & Cook, you can organize your recipes in tons of different ways. Whether it is by cuisine, ingredients, or country types. Just select your favorite tags and categories, and you are ready to go. Successful food websites tend to go the route of eCoommerce fairly often. Well, if you plan to do the same, you can forget about buying a separate eCommerce theme. Food & Cook has a custom WooCommerce design so that you can sell your unique brand products from the same blog, with the same design.

The design has been tested to work on all major browsers and mobile devices. There’s nothing more important than having a responsive layout, in particular for food sites. A Huge proportion of cooks do not carry their laptops to the kitchen. Instead, they look up recipes on their phone and follow the guidelines that way. Speaking of instructions, you are now wondering how good is the recipe descriptions design. Well, it is great. You can include recipe preparation and cooking time, the number of dishes that come out of each recipe, and how difficult it is to cook. Furthermore, you can describe what the recipe is about, include the actual ingredients and instructions, and also nutrition facts.

Food & Cook automatically specifies Google markup for recipe information, so your recipes get some extra love on search results. The likes of featured image and recipe ratings! It is little nuggets like this that make your recipes stand out from a competitive crowd.

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Culinier has gained popularity amongst recipes, restaurant, cafeteria, and personal food bloggers. As a responsive and retina-ready theme, the Culinier gives you a framework for establishing a successful online food recipe website. It follows trending guidelines not only for maximum readability but also search engine exposure. The powerful recipes management engine completely streamlines the process of writing and sharing recipes.

You can within a few minutes publish recipe information with a full list of ingredients, cooking steps, and interactive nutritional information. Culinier utilizes some dynamic visual effects for displaying some of the food information, which is great because it sets you apart from other unique blogs in the same niche.

Your readers can bookmark, print, and social share your recipes quickly and easily. Users of your site themselves can share their cooking wisdom through a recipe submission engine. If you run a restaurant or specialize in food events, you have the option to share event information with a custom events plugin. The custom events page type has a description, and also crucial event information, like when it is happening and what is the location. Greatest communities have always tried to push their presence in the real world, rather than just digital alone.

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Tasty Food


Tasty Food feels like a combination of two things, a recipes blog and also an actual content blog. Within a single post, you can write a blog post, and include separate recipe information. The two things don’t collide with each other, rather, they work together to create a seamless user experience. The overall feel of Tasty Food is modern, with minimalistic design patterns. It does not care about showing post excerpts or too many meta tags. Instead, it prioritizes how friendly is the design of actual content. Needless to say, when people search for recipes they know they have to read the blog post to get the full details.

The Live Search feature instantly outputs content as users type in any search terms. Below the search form, you can show the most liked recipes, but this is possible to disable through blog settings panel. The homepage relies on widgets in some parts, so you can add custom content areas (the theme comes with custom content widgets) where you see necessary. If you specialize in one single cooking type, then showing off a grid layout of the most prominent posts in that category will be immensely helpful. Otherwise, the default WordPress content alignment engine doesn’t do the job so well.

If advertising is on your mind, you can relax because Tasty Food covers advertising for you. The banner locations are carefully positioned to reflect places that users would spend most of their time on. Advertising, custom widgets, and many of the other unique features effortlessly transition on mobile and tablet devices.

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This is as good of a theme for a restaurant as it is for a food recipes blog! Forkbite keeps things simple by letting you customize it to a limitless extent. This is the theme to consider if you plan to establish a robust and visual brand identity. With background images and centered top header logo, your visitors will instantly get the feel that you are a business rather than just another WordPress blog. Of course, this might not be an ideal situation for everyone, but that’s why we give you options in the first place.

The RTL support addition is great because you might be coming from a country that doesn’t use English as the first language. Translating this theme takes hardly any effort. The slider on the homepage is using Layer Slider for its back-end. Layer Slider is known as a highly flexible WordPress slider plugin, with many custom templates for displaying sliding content.

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RecipePress comes in multiple styles and homepage layouts. It’s a premium theme for food related but food recipe websites. It is using a discrete recipes presentation design. Free WordPress themes for food blogs are often using very simple layouts. Whereas RecipePress shows you why a premium theme is a much better choice. Designers call it slick. It’s fully responsive, and all content automatically scales with the device container. Your mobile visitors can enjoy a smooth swipe effect for navigating posts. You can disable it if you prefer. Show your best recipes in the grid, list, or masonry styles.

You can highlight individuals authors or chefs with their custom contributors page. Even the recipes information widget uses AJAX. You can show two unique recipes in a single post, without losing any of your precious content space. Side by side, you can show food ingredients and the nutrients for those items. At the end of each post, you have the option to include any tips or other recipe variations.

RecipePress comes packaged with the Redux Framework for maximum flexibility. It includes a child theme which is a great option to go for if you plan to make many changes. Using a child theme ensures that you will get first theme updates without breaking your site. It’s cross-browser compatible. Tons of shortcodes further customize your content. The footer is professional and brandable.

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SaltKitchen is a restaurant WordPress theme with extensive food recipe capabilities. It’s the perfect way to bridge your official food business with an online enterprise for showcasing your custom food ideas. Because it’s a restaurant oriented theme, it runs a business style homepage but with food based components. Why not explain to your customers how to create their favorite dish from your menu. It is unlikely that they will stop being customers once they learn how to cook their favorite meal at your restaurant.

SaltKitchen includes drag and drop tools for building custom pages. With such tools, your life inevitably becomes easier, as you can just reorganize things without having to write a single line of code. This theme comes with a blog post type for recipes, a menu for displaying food posts, and a custom showcase slider to highlight custom recipes or the items on your menu. It’s sufficiently flexible for color, font, and general outline management.

More info / Download Demo



Pistacia is a premium WordPress theme for foodies, recipe blogs, and restaurant businesses. It combines the most quintessential elements of all three blog types into a unique platform. Your recipes are shown in their separate blog layout pages. Visitors can quickly find their favorite recipes by using the search filter. It provides a way to filter out recipes by their cuisine, category, tags, and keywords. The results get shown in multi-column grid layouts. You can, of course, pick whichever design you feel most comfortable with having on your website.

Recipe post type is modern with a full-width header image that is overlayed with the description of the recipe. Below the header, you have room for outlining the cooking instructions and displaying the necessary ingredients in a separate box on the left sidebar.

With WooCommerce support, you could potentially launch an eCommerce store for concluding business online. Whether it’s table reservations, special items, or take away orders — it’s a good time to get into the online business scene. Everyone is slowly starting to get used to the idea of using his or her mobile phones to order food online. Speaking of which, Pistacia is compatible with all modern devices, including web browsers.

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Quick Recipe


Quick Recipe is an absolute stunner of a food recipes theme. It is one of those WordPress themes that completely embraces its purpose. In the case of Quick Recipe, you will not be able to ignore the provided in-depth features that users can use to scout for new recipes. In particular, a very complex and sophisticated search form that you see at the upper part of the homepage.

Your visitors can filter recipes based on categories, cuisine, courses, seasons, allergens, ingredients, or cooking difficulty. Of course, they can specify their keyword for each search. With this high level of content filtering options, you know that users will instantly develop a deep liking for your site.

The next similar feature that caught our eye was in recipe posts themselves. It’s the ingredients widget which uses jQuery to provide a unique feature for marking which ingredients you have added already. Hence, it means that you don’t have to write anything down, and you can just tap or click to mark your progress. Furthermore, why not let your visitors become contributors themselves! The front-end publishing engine is easy to use and is all about helping you build a better food community. In conclusion, this is a powerful food theme for crafting your unique online community of food enthusiasts.

More info / Download Demo

Tasty Crunch


Tasty Crunch theme keeps things comprehensible. It’s yet another WordPress theme combination that caters to restaurants and food bloggers, or a combination of both. You get to show off your restaurant menu while explaining to your readers how to recreate individual dishes. Your recipe posts include room for detailed explanations, ingredient lists, and even the pricing of the full meal at your restaurant. It seems like popularity for themes such as this one is on the rise. It makes sense though because it aligns with trending marketing techniques. When you run a restaurant and a food recipe site, you are ultimately attracting two types of attention.

The first type is your customers who have had a taste of your food. As a result, they want to learn how to recreate that dish at home. The second type is organic visitors from search engines. Due to their interest in particular food, it’s not unlikely that they will end up on your site. Consequently, you get to interest them with your business as a brand. On the far side of Tasty Crunch, you can manage recipes, galleries, sliders, and sidebars. It comes with a flexible page builder for layout construction.

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VeggiePress is using trending web design patterns to empower its stellar design. It feels different from other food and recipes themes we have previewed, and it can only be a good thing. It gives you more choices for when you start narrowing down your final list of themes that you liked. The recipe posts feel unique as well. Instead of using a sidebar, the VeggiePress theme executes a dynamic full-width layout. As a result, your readers are “forced” to directly engage with the contents of your posts.

One of the features that stood out, and one that you will appreciate as well, is the image gallery that goes alongside recipe posts. Rather than images being boxed into a particular content element area, they are shown in a full-width gallery format and easily stand out from the rest of your content. Next, you have the actual widget for displaying recipe information. Every time you publish a new recipe, you can assign the widget with a custom title (presumably the name of the dish) and include vital information. Your visitors are keen to know how long it takes to prepare a meal, what is the expected cooking time, how many people it will serve, and of course, how many calories are there going to be.

After the recipe information, you have post information, social media sharing buttons, a custom email subscription form, and beautifully designed comments section. In conclusion, VeggiePress gets the job done. Almost any kind of a food related business can adapt their needs using VeggiePress premium food and recipes theme!

More info / Download Demo



Foody is a warm and unique WordPress theme for food bloggers, recipe sites, restaurants, and cafeterias. While Foody follows simple design guidelines, it does deliver its personality. Rather than following the trend of the typical WordPress layout, the Foody uses a unique design which naturally inspires. The sidebar is on the left-hand side. It remains “sticky” throughout the whole browsing experience. Therefore, it gives great exposure to prominent brand/blog links.

In conclusion, Foody is a creative theme. Homepage, pages, and posts have several variations of their own. You get to pick and choose colors, fonts, and other common WordPress elements.

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CookingPress is a great theme for food blogs, projects, magazines, and businesses. It’s created by Pure Themes, and CookingPress was once a featured item on the Envato marketplace. It’s a privilege to be featured, and it indicates pristine design quality. We could not agree more! The CookingPress template embraces traditional WordPress values. You know, that simple content layout that puts content ahead of everything else. It’s easy to go overboard with picking and choosing fancy themes and plugins.

However, any successful blogger will tell you a lesson they quickly learned; it’s that content quality tops anything else. There are food blogs out there with the most “crappy” designs, yet manage to attract millions of monthly visitors because the quality of their recipes is so high!

Most of all, you want to focus on mobile design and the ease of publishing new recipes. With CookingPress, it’s a thing of the past for both. It uses its recipe building engine. You can select from numerous recipe themes (custom styles in posts), and include information like nutrition facts, necessary ingredients, and cooking instructions. Also, none of the settings limit themselves. If you need more room for nutrition/ingredient facts, then you can click the “+” button, and the form automatically adds more input boxes.

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Chow is a genuine WordPress theme for culinary experts! Moreover, it doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert to use it. Quite the contrary to be fair, because Chow is perhaps the most simple theme you will ever use. Moreover, without losing any precious design quality, either. With native support for markup, your recipes are going to get that sweet love on search engine results pages. You can use an external plugin for that, but what’s the point when you already have it packaged in your theme. That is truly the beauty of premium themes!

First of all, Chow isn’t just another food blogging theme. It’s not one of those themes where someone added a fancy recipes widget and called it a day. In this business, WordPress themes, you either do it right or don’t do it at all. That is the philosophy that Pure Themes lives by. As a result, they embrace their projects and deliver excellent quality features that compliment the intended purpose for any theme or design. In the case of Chow, you can craft recipes with a Recipe Builder, and you can enable an Advanced Recipe Search across the site.

Finally, you can create a small to medium sized community around your site. Your users can create an account and extend it with their personal favorites, or they can take the extra step and submit recipes themselves. As a result, you get free content and much higher user engagement that ever before. Chow is built with HTML5 and CSS3, which gives it that bright and polished look. It doesn’t feel like elements have been added for the sake of filling up design space. In fact, it seems like Pure Themes specifically designed this theme to be a heavy hitter amongst its competition. They have succeeded!

More info / Download Demo



Foodbook is as good for food bloggers as it is for recipe websites and restaurant businesses. You will see that once you checkout the Demo, you have several options of homepages to preview. Each preview is unique in their style. If you visited them separately, you could never tell that they are based on the same theme. It’s a big plus for Foodbook because you never know when your food blog could become an actual business.

Nevertheless, it’s the professional features that have made Fookbook such a trending theme. This theme has undergone some serious performance testing, and it ensures that everything performs at the highest level. Furthermore, native lazy loading support will strip away unnecessary waste of bandwidth, and only load content images when they come into the viewing area of the user’s screen. It is responsive, and it’s retina-ready! A fresh addition to FoodBook is the Airkit Framework. It’s an exclusive WordPress framework that supercharges your ability to edit and customize options.

Also, it’s community friendly. With the help of BuddyPress and WooCommerce, you should have zero problems in turning your food blog into a digital enterprise. You can feature posts, add custom widgets, create custom recipe posts, enable ratings for comments, activate a sticky sidebar, and modify virtually any color.

More info / Download Demo

Spiced Blog


Spiced Blog is a beautiful theme for food bloggers, personal foodies, and food photographers. It integrates seamlessly with the WordPress’s Live Customizer to provide a beautiful website customization experience. You can choose from dark or light global color schemes. Since they are supported by Customizer as well, you can just preview the difference in real-time and make a decision then. When you land on the homepage, it instantly feels unique. The unique where nothing is left empty. Every pixel has a purpose to serve. Hence, it is a theme that can be used to brand your food-specific website or blog.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to change things up. Don’t like that content alignment? Not a problem, just rearrange it and see if you like it better then! The blog sidebar scrolls with the reader all of the time. It’s plastered on the side, though you can disable the sticky effect if you don’t like it. Most of all, you have to check out the recipes presentations. The recipes widget on Spiced Blog is of outstanding quality.

Particularly pertinent is the fact that recipe widgets include custom buttons like saving a recipe, printing it, or writing a review. It’s these high-engagement elements that make Spiced Blog such a beautiful theme for your blog.

More info / Download Demo



MasakMak uses traditional list post content display, with a universal application of boxed design patterns. Once you hit the homepage, instead of seeing content you see a search form. It’s ideal for first-time visitors who are only looking to find a particular recipe. It’s the kind of a feature that reminds your visitors that you are full of compelling content.

The MasakMak theme has a fully responsive mobile design. It can intelligently adapt to different container sizes, without sacrificing design quality. In total there are ten homepage variations. In addition to which, you can select from 4 unique header styles, two featured post styles, and a variety of post list styles.

Similarly to a few other food themes we discussed, MasakMak also includes a checklist for ingredients and the necessary cooking steps. As a result, your visitors who are cooking directly from your site can tick off the steps they have already taken. It’s one of those features that you don’t think about much, but eventually, you come to realize just how engaging it is. It keeps visitors active on your site, and it ingrains in their memory how easy to use your website is.

More info / Download Demo

Bella Recipe


Bella is a highly diverse WordPress theme. It’s primarily intended for bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and similar food-based businesses. So, why is it a recipe themes roundup? Well, the fact that it has custom recipes publishing form is what makes this a great addition to this roundup. First of all, Bella has a super clean codebase with a semantic structure that meets the requirements of modern SEO. It’s also stuffed with business related widgets. It’s so much easier to run a business website when most of the important widgets are already built in.

What are those widgets you might wonder? Some of the more popular ones are reservations form, chef pages, galleries, events, business hours, and many others. It doesn’t sit around like a stale egg either. Have you the inkling to create unique content? Why don’t you use the many shortcodes inbuilt into the Bella theme? Create endless combinations of layouts and deliver a unique food blog experience. Most of all, put yourself in the position of the designer and modify even the smallest details like menu colors, and logo images.

More info / Download Demo



Recibo is one of the best themes around for restaurants, bars, cooking blogs, bakeries and other similar blogs that want to improve their site with food-related features. First and foremost, it is a stunning restaurant theme that leaves a lasting impression. With video backgrounds and similar parallax features, you can make your visitors feel like they have been to your place already. Your article pages with this theme get an absolutely mesmerizing feel to them. So, why Recibo and how it helps you to build a food website? Well, first of all, it has distinct features like post types for food articles, a food navigation menu, and an author page for your chef/staff.

Its most prominent restaurant feature is the reservations form. With this form, your visitors can book their tables from home. It does, of course, come in responsive design and with many modern tools that a cooking site would need. Even though it’s a business theme, it has its own engine for displaying recipe information and things like cooking steps. It doesn’t feel like Recibo is a pushover theme, rather, it’s welcoming and superbly flexible.

More info / Download Demo



Recipe theme is a universal recipe management system for WordPres blogs. It doesn’t feel like a blog at all, rather, it feels like a food platform. In our opinion, that is a good thing. Even more so when you plan to launch a truly specific food website. So, you might be wondering to yourself, what sets this theme apart from other themes? It’s definitely the content arrangement across different sections of the site. In traditional WordPress styles, the tags and categories pages are often left with standard designs. Those pages seldom feel unique.

With Recipe WordPress theme it’s exactly the tags and categories pages with most love. Again, this theme works more like a food recipes directory. It has a separate blog page where you can write blog posts, but typically the recipes are written in their own post type. You can feature authors, articles, and your best content. The filter for searching, which is present in every category, can be used to narrow down recipes by their categories, cuisine type, keywords, and specific ingredients.

More info / Download Demo

Basil Recipes


Basil Recipes includes the Cooked WordPress plugin at free of charge. It is also based on the features of the Cooked plugin to provide stellar food recipes blogging experience. This theme has its personal drag and drop recipe building interface. You can add photos and an unlimited number of steps or ingredients. The featured recipes slider on the homepage includes full-width images, which are overlayed with basic post information.

Then, for the site itself or your pages, you can utilize the Boxy page builder to structure a design to your liking. If creating a recipes community is on your agenda, you can enable front-end recipes submissions for registered and logged-in users. Furthermore, the submitted recipes are queued up and have to be manually approved by you. So, you won’t get spammed to death by enabling user submissions. While you can create your own recipe layouts, Basil Recipes goes out of the way to provide you with already established designs.

Those designs have been tested for maximum conversion and click-through rates, so you are in good hands. This theme is definitely one of a high-quality design, and suitable for personal chefs as much as it is for big online communities.

More info / Download Demo



What is the SocialChef theme? You guessed it right, it is a powerful WordPress theme for recipes websites with distinct social features. It is very much about creating a food community using this theme. Whether it’s BuddyPress or bbPress that you would like to use, rest assured that SocialChef has custom designs available for both. When visitors visit a website created by SocialChef, they instantly get that feeling of this site being lively and active. And it is possible because of custom plugins for user content submissions, diverse user profiles, and content exposure through unique filters.

You can add widgets like Recipe Categories which aren’t your typical category widgets you get with WordPress. Instead, this theme has a custom design to include vector icons alongside your categories. It’s little visual addition such as font icons that make a big difference in user experience. And last but not least, would you like to sell something on your site? Well, you can. The SocialChef theme experience includes a beautifully designed eCommerce (with WooCommerce) store design.

More info / Download Demo



Epicer is a robust WP theme with many advanced features. It is specifically designed to cater for recipe listing projects. While you can transform this wonderful theme into a personal recipes website, it does give you the option to allow other users to submit their own recipes and cooking tips. The advanced recipes search function covers many essential filters. It has a custom responsive design that adapts effortlessly to tablets and smartphones.

In some cases, designers rely on traditional responsive design patterns. Whereas themes like Epicer show the limitless possibilities of creating a WordPress layout where mobile users can have an equally wonderful experience. In the advanced options panel you can go wild with customizing headers, sliders, post options, sidebars, sticky bars, and you can also import or export your settings for future use.

More info / Download Demo



Ingredients is a classy WordPress theme for individuals who wish to have an online repository of their best recipes. It is often the case that such personal websites attract a niche community. And once it does, you can start figuring out ways to monetize your traffic. With a theme like Ingredients, you can focus on sharing recipes, while slowly growing your reader base.

It has a lovely boxed layout with a full-on background image, as you can see in the demo, for the preview purposes they are using a food related image. It does get the job done. And as small as this theme might seem on the outside, on the inside you can choose from more than 10+ post options. You can add up to 4 images per recipe.

You can insert a special quote or a saying about a recipe. Your readers can share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Print it out. Typography is customizable, so if you don’t like the cursive font you can change it to something that better reflects who you are as a person.

More info / Download Demo



The myRecipes theme feels absolutely minimal. In a good way that is. Whether you have a career as a cook or you just fired up the stove for the first time ever, this theme has something to offer for everyone. Well, those with experience in cooking, anyway. The theme uses very minimal amounts of HTML/CSS code, which ensures great loading speeds and fast performance.

If you don’t have any experience in editing things like colors or fonts of your website, you will enjoy using Live Customizer to customize virtually any settings of your theme. And because there are so few elements in the first place, getting myRecipes to reflect your standards will take little to no effort.

More info / Download Demo



The Bacon theme has a bit of everything, to be honest. It’s as much a food blogging theme as it is a community platform where members can submit some of their own food creations. Likewise, it adapts to the needs of individual chefs and restaurants, whilst retaining that crisp and clear blog design. The navigation of content is absolutely flawless. Furthermore, recipes posts are stunningly beautiful and instantly capture your visitor’s eyes.

The full-width background cover combined with the post information overlay creates a strong focus on what is yet to come in the post itself. This overlay includes post title, metadata, the total cooking time, difficulty, and how many ingredients are necessary. Then users can scroll down to the post content which uses a traditional sidebar + content layout. The AJAX integration makes for some stunningly smooth browsing interactions, in particular on mobile devices.

More info / Download Demo

The Kitchen Table


The Kitchen Table is an elegant yet remarkably simple responsive theme for listing recipes. It generally shows content in a grid layout, with only the images of the post being displayed. This type of design works particularly well for food sites that plan to publish a lot of content on a consistent basis. In that case, your readers are mostly coming in from social media and search engines. In turn, they aren’t looking to browse your homepage much.

Nevertheless, The Kitchen Table has a beautiful homepage with a left-side sidebar where you have ample amounts of room to position categories, business links, and more. The custom jQuery animations and effects help to save bandwidth wherever possible but also enhance the site experience for your readers. Once you download this theme you can use the .POT files to translate it in your native language if necessary.

More info / Download Demo



Gustos is all about creating a community around your recipes. With full support for member profiles, anyone can become a user of your site and submit their own cooking recipes. Members can also follow each other, as their Follow buttons show up next to their profile for the recipes that they have published. When you enable community features, and not necessarily for this theme but overall, you allow yourself to have more time to spend on other tasks. Such as marketing your cooking site. Or using up your creative juices to come up with new ideas.

Gustos runs smoothly despite what is happening. The content (recipes) is easy to find, and the recipe information display itself is absolutely mesmerizing. Your readers can customize necessary ingredients by adjusting the required servings amount. Members can like, favorite, and review recipes from the same page. You can, at the end of each post, specify additional footnotes or provide any outbound links that you used as a reference.

More info / Download Demo

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