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Easy To Use Wordpress Themes

21 Simple And Easy To Use WordPress Themes For Any Website and Blog That You Should Try 2017

Gone are the days when technology was only available for those with advanced programming degrees. In today’s environment, almost any device with a screen has an internet connection. This has encouraged the development of history’s most tech-savvy generation, given that information is always just a click away. As a response to this proliferation of technology, software has become very user friendly.

Just a few years ago, you couldn’t hope to construct your website without the aid of a professional web development company. The situation has definitely changed, thanks to ambitious theme designers. Networks like WordPress create fertile environments for innovation. There are many incredible WordPress themes, each promising to improve your site, while giving it a shiny, new coat of paint. Indeed, the benefits are both practical and aesthetic.

WordPress themes are not only useful, they are also accessible. The target audience is very broad, thus everything was simplified and streamlined. Entire theme demos can be imported with a single click. Even users who are not very tech savvy can easily alter their site’s color scheme, modify the header position, or craft a unique layout. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best Easy to Use WordPress themes:



Soledad is colorful and vibrant, simple and fresh-faced, intuitive and extremely easy to use, both user and developer friendly, technologically feature-rich and cleverly coded, efficient and fast-loading, professionally graphically designed and extensively preconfigured responsive WordPress multi-concept blog and magazine website theme. Soledad is a theme that has been extensively designed and painstakingly coded for utmost quality and a polished feel that permeates each of Soledad’s incredible over 250 Home Demo websites, over 250 in-house developed Live Customizer options and over 100 Blogs and Sliders combinations available.

Soledad is, out of the box, the most all-encompassing and flexible blog and magazine theme out there. With a huge array of powerful shortcodes for just about any feature or task you can come up with, and an enormous amount of layout flexibility throughout all sorts of pages, Soledad is very easy to learn and thoroughly documented for your convenience. Webmasters of any background or skill level without any coding experience will feel at ease with Soledad and will be able to get the most out of Soledad’s potential without having to code a single line. Soledad offers the sophisticated technological features of a cutting edge website with a thoroughly effortless page building process. With Soledad, you won’t mind flying solo.

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X Theme


The best way to save money is to do it yourself. Hiring a professional web development company can get a little expensive, and most startups cannot afford this service. Thankfully, WordPress themes like X can be used by anyone, even those who lack programming experience. From start to finish, you will be able to craft a top-quality page in a matter of moments.  Such an easy to use product is a wise investment. X takes care of the technical aspects, while you get to make the creative and aesthetic decisions. It is a general toolkit that promises to expand your site’s capabilities. Its sales record reflects its quality, as customers praise its accessibility and intuitive layout.

The page interface is very well-organized, similar to what can be found on most web apps.  Everything is where it needs to be, and screen clutter was entirely eliminated. Even text modification was simplified, as users can easily alter any line with the click of a button. In addition, there are 4 distinct designs (stacks), which were built into the main X themes: Ethos, Integrity, Renew, and Icon. More stacks are scheduled to be added. Those who choose to purchase this theme will receive more than a dozen premium plugins, free of charge.

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Few WordPress themes can ever hope to match Divi’s quality and attention to detail. This product has implemented many useful features, in addition to a modern layout that never fails to impress potential site customers. Also, your content will work perfectly with any browser and operating system.

By turning its visual elements into bite-sized pieces called modules, Divi has greatly simplified the aesthetic customization process. Layouts can be easily generated, without the need to modify the theme’s code. For those with tight schedules, 18 pre-designed layouts were made available. These elements can jumpstart the development process, and each layout is easily customizable. Regardless of your personalization choices, the site can be displayed on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Resizing and compatibility errors were eliminated, resulting in an excellent browsing experience for all users.

Every page element features its own custom CSS tab. There are 6 pre-designed theme demos capable of generating a fully-functional website. With Divi, users can preview all customization choices, allowing for instant feedback. You can also modify typography settings, header styles, footer layouts, content spacing, default color, and more. For those who wish to sample the theme, a live preview was made available.

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foodica - awesome food blog theme

If your goal is to create an excellent food-related web page, look no further than Foodica. It can easily accommodate blog, recipe and magazine sites. Thanks to the innovative ZOOM framework, customers are able to alter every page element. The theme layout is available in several unique color schemes: Yellow, Pink, Dark, Light Green, Blue and Dark Green. However, there is nothing stopping you from implementing your own color palette. By accessing the Visual Customizer tool, users are able to change their site’s fonts, and influence other page elements.

Every Foodica site will feature 4 distinct locations for banners. You can use these sections in order to implement Google Adsense or upload customized banners. Your pages will also include many useful built-in shortcodes. In addition, 2 personalized shortcodes were implemented: Directions and Ingredients. They allow for the creation of incredible recipes.  The theme layout is capable of adjusting to any screen, regardless of its size. Hand-held device users can rest easy, knowing that all compatibility errors were eliminated.

By taking advantage of the incredible Instagram Widget, footers can now showcase beautiful picture carousels. This can shine a spotlight on your dishes and recipes. For those who wish to sample Foodica, a live theme preview was incorporated.

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kalium-easy-to-use-wordpress-themesIf you are looking for a well-optimized WordPress theme that can improve your web page, Kalium can be your greatest ally. The fact that it values quality is reflected in its flawless design. The theme code is intuitive and well-written, assuring that your page will never suffer from slow loading times. The lightning-fast speed can also improve your Google rankings.

For new users, a large theme documentation source is offered. It contains relevant information regarding every Kalium feature, and it can guide you through the personalization process. With this theme, it is very easy to create a successful site. The difficulty barrier has been shattered due to amazing features such as the one-click installer. It allows you to import posts, pages, theme settings, widgets and sliders.

Kalium has many customization options. This guarantees that no two sites will ever look alike. Customers are able to personalize their post’s typography, thanks to the inclusion of over 600 beautiful Google Fonts. They can also upload some custom fonts via the theme Admin Panel. Four icons packages are available, containing over 800 free icons. If you wish to explore Kalium’s features before committing to a purchase, be sure to check out the live demo.

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Without a doubt, Bridge is one of the best WordPress themes on the market. It has a charming and timeless design, in addition to a massive collection of practical features. For new users, informative video tutorials were implemented. These videos offer to guide you through the site creation process. Your site layout will be compatible with high-resolution modern Retina displays.  In addition, this theme is fully responsive and capable of showcasing content on every device or web browser.

For many business owners, time is an extremely valuable resource. In order to compensate for any schedule limitation, customers can simply install some pre-made content. Bridge has over 100 incredible demos, each with its own specific theme. Some are meant for pet shop sites, while others cater exclusively to business pages. Regardless of your taste or needs, you will find something that is just right for you. In addition, 24 innovative site concepts were also introduced.

With so much variety and adaptability, Bridge hardly feels like a single WordPress theme. It is an online Swiss Army Knife. Users have the ability to personalize both the mobile and standard site menu. They can easily select the menu layout, implement normal or wide sub-menus, and even remove all menu icons.

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animo-software-showcase-wordpress-templateAnimo is an imaginative and innovative, colorful and charming, technologically top of the line and rapidly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Animo has been constructed as a reliable and effective set of tools for the development of a broad set of website applications and archetypes across a vast array of businesses and projects, all sharing Animo’s uniquely creative approach to website design and layout construction. With Animo, a streamlined collection of demo websites and professionally designed page templates give way to the powerhouse premium drag and drop Visual Composer page editor, a sophisticated tool that empowers webmasters from all walks of life to custom craft their pages and layouts without having to write a single line of code. Animo has been created to be a minimalist, clean and polished presenter of all manners of enticing, eloquent and outspoken visual content. As such, it is ideally suited for creative professionals such as photographers, visual artists, designers and related industries and interests. Animo’s portfolio presentation configuration choices and layout styles are among the sharpest in the market today, ensuring every potential client and employer sees your work showcased in the best possible light. With Animo, you can let your work speak for itself!

As such, it is ideally suited for creative professionals such as photographers, visual artists, designers and related industries and interests. Animo’s portfolio presentation configuration choices and layout styles are among the sharpest in the market today, ensuring every potential client and employer sees your work showcased in the best possible light. With Animo, you can let your work speak for itself!

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Interactive is a classy and streamlined theme for WordPress websites. It is an ideal fit for all content-heavy pages. A series of innovative options allow for perfect site customization, as Interactive can adapt to any online niche. With this theme, your view count and popularity will certainly rise.

Users can choose between multiple home page variations, in addition to over 630 incredible Google Fonts. You can always rely on customized typography in order to improve your page’s aesthetic appeal. Some device screens are smaller than others. Thankfully, Interactive is entirely responsive and it can easily resize your content in order to accommodate smart phone and tablet users. In addition, Off-Canvas Mobile Menus were introduced. The menus will hide when they are not being used, helping to save screen space and reduce clutter. They also feature jaw-dropping animations.

One of the worst things that you can do to a customer is to make him wait. Interactive is lightning-fast, and it can load in your entire site in a few moments. This not only increases your Google ranking, but it can also lower bounce rates. All site personalization options were grouped into one convenient place: the powerful Options Panel. This section is highly intuitive, and very easy to navigate. For more information regarding Interactive, the live preview can be accessed.

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insight - photography blog style theme

Insight is clean, streamlined theme for WordPress sites. It is best used for magazine, photography, blog or online publication pages. With this product, users are allowed to construct their own featured categories on their home page. The minimalist layout features a charming, classy design that will never go out of style. There are 3 basic color schemes: Green, Blue, and Yellow. You can easily select your preferred palette via the Visual Customizer feature. However, those who prefer a more personalized experience can easily implement their own color variations.

Both desktop and hand-held devices can access Insight, considering that the layout is fully responsive. Resizing errors will no longer ruin the visitor’s browsing experience. The homepage has various widgetized areas, allowing you to personalize its structure with incredible WPZOOM widgets. The Homepage Builder is very flexible, enabling the creation of some remarkable designs.

If the site owner wants to expand his page’s capabilities, he can easily import new features from Jetpack: Related Posts, Tiled Galleries, and Extra Sidebars. For you posts, you can select between 2 basic styles: List and Grid. Regardless of your choice, your content will look incredible. A live theme preview was made available for customers who want to sample Insight’s astounding features.

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Compass is a high-quality WordPress theme that can steer your website in the right direction. It offers multiple innovative features and a homepage layout that can be easily personalized. If you want more than just the standard download package, you can expand your site’s capabilities with some additional features from Jetpack. Some of the most notable additions include: special widgets, extra sidebars, related posts, and tiled galleries.  Compass can be your best friend, regardless of your needs or aesthetic preference.

This theme attempts to include everyone, not just veteran programmers and web developers. All options are easy to navigate, as there is no requirement for specialized knowledge. In addition, Compass has no regional bias. Users from across the world can purchase it, given that it is easily translatable. There are also tutorials that offer to guide you through the process of creating a multilingual page.

The theme code is optimized for search engines, assuring that your site will easily climb the search engine rankings. This can maximize your exposure and potentially increase your view count. Compass allows customers to upload personalized logos and even modify the theme’s background with a single click. For those who do not have a logo, a logo editor was added.

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Themo is a flexible and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Themo is an intuitive framework for putting together unique websites within minutes. You don’t need to write a line of code with Themo. With potent premium plugins you can build sophisticated websites with ease. The Visual Composer and The Grid let you make impressively customized layouts. Your navigational experience can be as fine-tuned as you desire. Themo is perfect for webmasters with a creative flair that want complete freedom. With Themo’s Parallax Composer, crafting custom animations is intuitive and easy for all.

Drag and drop impressive visual effects and customize them with ease. The Visual Composer lets you craft your layouts extensively. Showcase your finest content with the amazing premium Layer Slider. Engage your audience with Revolution Slider and VC Carousel slideshows. Themo packs a breadth of templates and demo websites you can deploy with a single click. Themo is the perfect tool for thorough customization. With the Themo Customizer you can see the results live before your eyes. Fine-tune your color palettes and backgrounds with hundreds of choices and combinations. No theme on the market beats Themo’s customizable pliability. Mold your websites to be what you want, with Themo!

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If you want to improve your business or personal site, be sure to check out NewsPaper. It is an amazing WordPress theme with many innovative features. Although it can fit any category and accommodate every niche, NewsPaper is ideal for pages with a frequent upload schedule and multiple post categories.

Hand held devices can often experience problems while attempting to access certain sites. Due to their smaller screens, content has to be resized in order to match the reduced display dimensions. Thankfully, NewsPaper is entirely responsive, capable of functioning on tablets, laptops, desktop PCs and smart phones. Regardless of your device, NewsPaper has you covered.

Even the best sites can lose their followers due to slow loading speeds. You will not encounter that problem, given that your pages will benefit from lightning-fast loading times. In addition, this theme is completely SEO-ready. Search engine optimization always results in higher view counts and increased exposure. Sites with many posts must be well-managed due to their large content output. NewsPaper offers popular categories sections, improving the visitor’s browsing experience. For those who wish to sample this theme without having to commit to a purchase, a live demo was made available.

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If your goal is to create an amazing web page, look no further than WordX. Without a doubt, it is one of the best WordPress themes on the market. WordX seems to care about its customers, given that it has implemented a non-stop support system. Their representatives are well-manner, friendly, and eager to resolve any issue. There are even High Definition video tutorials that offer to guide you through the installation process. Every setting and option will be under your control, as you get to hold the reins of your own site.

WordX does not suffer from regional bias, given that users from across the world can use it. The language barrier is shattered by this translation-ready theme, which facilitates the creation of astounding multilingual sites. In addition, some customers might want to include RTL (right to left) writing support for languages such as Hebrew, Japanese or Arabic.

Beautiful typography can attract the attention of users, considering that WordX has included over 630 jaw-dropping Google Fonts. Among such a large roster, there is a font for everyone. Customers who purchase this theme will benefit from constant free updates. These updates assure that your site will always keep up with the latest technological trends. If you wish to sample Blogging without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to access the wonderful live theme demo.

More info / Download Demo



Blogging is a modern, accessible WordPress theme that refuses to be mediocre. Versatility and user-friendliness represent the pillars of its design, given that it can accommodate people who lack technical expertise. The entire theme can be installed with a single click, sparing you from having to manually upload and edit files. Even seasoned programmers can appreciate this feature, considering that it is a massive time-saver.

An Import/Export option is offered, allowing users to send their site configuration to other installations. This feature can also be used to back up your site. With Blogging, you do not have to purchase any additional plugins or features. It has incorporated 10 practical widgets for free. Adsense optimization makes the most out of your available screen space in order to display online ads. However, it does not ruin the reader’s experience like other ad-based sites.

When it comes to visual customization, every user has a limitless range of colors at his disposal. Anyone can design their dream page with ease. Also, the breadcrumbs feature can enhance your viewer’s browsing experience and increase the page’s view count. For every article, users are able to incorporate a highly-practical Authorbox. This section contains information about the person who wrote that post, giving him/her credit for their work.

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Genesis Framework


Genesis Framework provides the foundation of any successful WordPress project. This exciting theme has a single or multiple column design layout, allowing users to choose which site variation better suits their purpose. You can also improve the aesthetic design of your page with custom backgrounds. Although the effect is usually subconscious, a good background can set the mood for a pleasant browsing experience.

In order to sample Genesis Framework’s features, users can easily access a full theme demo. For those who prefer hand-held devices, a mobile theme demo was made available as well. With Genesis Framework, site administrators will be able to personalize their site headers. Upon purchase, every customer will gain access to some detailed theme tutorials that offer to guide you through the installation process.

You don’t have to work for a web development company in order to use Genesis Framework. Every single option was streamlined and made more user-friendly. Regardless of your technical background, you will be able to successfully create a popular website. Customers are offered a large number of free content updates. This assures that their Genesis Framework websites will be able to keep up with an ever-changing tech landscape. Of course, a helpful support system is always ready to resolve your issues.

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avada - mobile app landing page theme

Avada is the quintessential multi-purpose website theme. This WordPress product is very adaptable, clean, and responsive. It has included many powerful features, each promising to expand your page’s capabilities. Regardless of a website’s business niche, Avada will be able to improve it. This theme is relentless in its pursuit of quality. It was constructed with CSS3 and HTML5, and it is fully responsive. The site layout can resize in order to fit mobile screens, thus eliminating all compatibility errors. In addition, customers will benefit from cross-browser compatibility.

Avada can remove the stressful and tedious parts of site ownership, leaving you to focus on what is truly important: creativity. For page construction, the Fusion Builder tool was incorporated. Users will not have to touch a single line of code. In just a few minutes, fully-functional sites can be created.

For both mobiles and desktop devices, gorgeous CSS3 animations are available. Of course, they can be turned off if they do not match your vision. Despite its incredibly diverse set of features, Avada can include even more third-part plugins. For any problem that might arise, the stellar customer support system can be contacted. Avada’s developers have pledged to aid every single customer.

More info / Download Demo



BeTheme is an astounding WordPress product that promises to be an ideal solution for all your web development needs. This theme has over 200 incredible shortcodes, which can facilitate the page customization process. In the online business world, your view count is a measure of true success. In order to increase your popularity and attract more people, you should consider creating a multi-lingual site. This allows customers to target a more international audience. Thankfully, BeTheme has implemented the prolific WPML multilingual plugin, in addition to RTL (right to left) writing support.

All websites will include a very well-written and organized theme code. This can result in faster loading speeds for your pages. Customers will definitely appreciate a site that does not waste their time. This theme is completely responsive, and it can work with most major browsers and operating systems. Compatibility problems were completely eliminated.

Upon purchase, BeTheme offers a lifetime of updates for free. This feature is not a bonus, it is essential. Your site needs to be updated in order to keep up to the dynamic tech marketplace. Website construction has been greatly simplified by the inclusion of some incredible widgets. Users only need to include them in the page’s footer columns or side bars, and even inside your posts.

More info / Download Demo



Salient is one of the best website themes on WordPress. It offers a clean and intuitive interface, and a jaw-dropping design that never fails to impress. Salient is a versatile product, capable of adapting to a variety of roles and business niches. Your site can be fully personalized due to the extensive design features and options. Only your imagination can limit you now. Every site visitor will spend most of his time reading, thus the need for beautiful typography. Thankfully, Salient has implemented over 600 incredible Google Fonts. With such a massive roster, there is bound to be a font that matches your taste.

When customizing his page, users will benefit from a large number of layouts and colors. The number of possible combinations is virtually limitless. Many sites can experience problems with mobile compatibility. Yours will be the exception, given that the entire layout is responsive. Hand-held device users will no longer have to worry about resizing errors.

It is rare to see an entire video series dedicated to a single theme. An expansive documentation source accompanied by several narrated videos can guide you through the site customization process. Even those who do not possess coding knowledge will be able to compete in the online marketplace.

More info / Download Demo



For website owners who appreciate quality and attention to detail, this product is an ideal choice. Few WordPress themes manage to be as versatile, given that Ronneby can accommodate websites from any niche. This adaptability stems from the large roster of features, each expanding your page’s capabilities.

In a constantly-evolving online medium, software can become obsolete in just a few days. Thankfully, your website will receive a lifetime of free updates.  This guarantees that errors will be patched or fixed, and new features will be added. The support system is as professional as the rest of the theme. Highly-competent IT specialists offer to aid customers, resolving any issue that might emerge.

Some website owners might want to sell their merchandise. WooCommerce allows you to do this, given that it facilitates the creation of reliable online shops. When personalizing their sites or introducing new projects, customers can use some awesome font icons. Lack of choice is not an issue, given that there are over 1700 icons to choose from. In order to accommodate different demographics, WPML capabilities were incorporated. Users are now able to design awesome multilingual sites.  For more information, be sure to access the Ronneby live theme demo.

More info / Download Demo



Unicon is an excellent WordPress theme for customers who appreciate quality. It can be customized in order to suit to client’s needs. Unicon is not restricted to a single niche, given that it can accommodate almost any type of websites. Customers will benefit from 4 unique header style variations. They will be able to modify search bar and logo positions, contact information, and implement social media icons. Basically, every single feature and option can be changed with ease.

Every page can have its own personalized background image. These images can be easily changed by accessing the Theme Options section. Excellent layouts can be designed in a matter of moments. Background can be presented as solid colors or a series of cycling images. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible.

The Revolution Slider is one of the most prolific slider plugins on WordPress. However, it can be easily overpowered in certain scenarios. Unicon has implemented a more streamlined slider creation tool: EasySlider. It is less cumbersome than its more popular counterpart. For customers who aspire to become major players in online publishing, several features were added: social media integration, 8 different formats for blogs, comment section support, and related posts.

More info / Download Demo



If you are searching for a flat WordPress theme with a professional and clean design, look no further than Foundry. This product is quite versatile, given that it can be used for blog, business, marketing and portfolio pages. Foundry incorporates the amazing Visual Composer plugin and many adaptable custom page builder elements. The number of personalization options is simply staggering. There are over 20 home page concepts, with more scheduled to be added in the future.

Entire page layouts can be constructed in moments, due to the implementation of drag and drop technology. Just as the name suggests, you only need to select an element, drag it across the screen, and place it where it needs to be. It’s that simple! If your schedule is a little tight, theme demos are available. These can be easily imported and installed. In addition, elements from different demos can be mixed, allowing the client to design an experience that matches his vision. There is no limit to what you can achieve with Foundry. This theme can incorporate all Google Fonts, with a current roster of 900 and counting. Personalized typography can increase your post’s aesthetic appeal. If you wish to sample Foundry without having to spend any money, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo

The Marmalade


The Marmalade is a charming WordPress theme for blogging websites. Its design is simplistic and practical, and its layout is capable of adapting to the screens of mobile devices. Tablet and smart phone users can rejoice, knowing that all compatibility issues were eliminated. Despite having a certain degree of flexibility, The Marmalade is definitely a niche-oriented theme. It has specific blogging features such as page and post titles, custom categories, full width and spotlight post variations.

This is not a product that was designed specifically for web development experts. Anyone can create an awesome page, regardless of their technical background. With the WordPress Live Customizer, users can easily personalize their pages. Every change can be previewed before it is applied, allowing for instant feedback.

The Master Slider plugin is available, along with some beautiful typography options. Given that this is a blogging WordPress theme, having multiple fonts is very important. Thankfully, there is no lack of choice, with over 700 distinct Google Fonts. The Marmalade allows for better content organization, considering that all related posts can be displayed on a grid. This feature can improve a visitor’s browsing experience. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.

More info / Download Demo

Lets Blog


Lets Blog is an incredible WordPress theme for blogging websites. Its design is streamlined and charming, capable of attracting a large number of users to your page. The layout is entirely responsive, compatible with the smaller screens of mobile devices. Tablet, Desktop PC, smart phone and laptop users can all enjoy the same quality experience. An excellent documentation source was implemented, offering to guide new users through the customization process. In addition, the stellar support system will always offer solid advice for those who experience issues.

Regardless of your technical background, you will be able to design a jaw-dropping site. There is no need for coding or programming knowledge. Lets Blog has incorporated various blog layout variations, each suited for a different purpose. Your posts can easily incorporate gallery slideshows, images, and videos. In addition, you can embed content from sites such as Vimeo and YouTube.

The inclusion of the Instant search function leads to a superior browsing experience. Even while you are typing, your blog is already being searched and the results are shown immediately.  Afterwards, users can either click the specific post, or browse the entire search result page. If you wish to sample every Lets Blog feature, be sure to access the live theme preview.

More info / Download Demo



Milo is arguably one of the best themes on WordPress. It is very easy to use, as it tries to accommodate new users. It has detailed video tutorials with an English Narrator. These tutorials can guide you through the installation process, as you craft your first page. Demo content can also be installed, and it only requires a single click. This feature is especially useful if your schedule is limited. Every theme option was simplified and streamlined. Customizing pages feels like a video game, thanks to the implementation of drag and drop sections. You only need to drag elements across the screen in order to rearrange them. In addition, the Section Library contains more than 40 different options.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Milo does not suffer from a shortage of customization options. There are literally thousands of icon choices for all users. After you purchase this theme, you will benefit from a return offer that lasts 30 days. If for some season you do not like Milo, you have the right to request a refund. It is surprising and refreshing to see such a policy, given that few WordPress themes ever bother to adopt it. Thankfully, this product cares about customer satisfaction.

More info / Download Demo



Writing is a charming WordPress theme for blogs. It simply refuses to be mediocre, given its excellent and streamlined interface. With blogs, smart aesthetic design is often overlooked, while more practical features are valued. However, online reading is a very strenuous activity for your eyes, and a well-organized, streamlined layout can reduce that discomfort. Thankfully, Writing keeps its layout clean and minimal, resulting in a more pleasant browsing experience. This theme can easily turn casual site visitors into die-hard followers. In addition, it has a flawless HTML outline and a well-written code. As a result, Writing is SEO-ready. Due to search engine optimization, your page has a great chance of climbing search engine rankings.

There are many blog styles, including: Classic, Default, Masonry and List. The installation process is rather straightforward, and the layouts are completely responsive. This assures that mobile users will not be alienated, considering that your content can easily adapt to any screen size. Also, it will look incredible on high-resolution Retina Devices. In order to harness the potential of social media networks, Writing has incorporated Social Share buttons, 24 Social Icons and Facebook Open Graph Tags. Users will be able to choose from a limitless number of color customization options, as they craft a page that matches their vision.

More info / Download Demo


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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