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19 Best Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Blog Templates For Awesome Blogging Experience 2018

19 Best Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Blog Templates For Awesome Blogging Experience 2018

This age is an age of knowledge, the sages of the times have told us. Increasingly, the world’s economy twists and turns on an axis of knowledge, skills and talents, where people, places and things live and die by the measure of their capacities. In such a new world, a whole slew of concepts are birthed to assist in the process of understanding and handling such new conceptual schemas. Personal branding has become the crucial professional lifeblood of careers, industries and fields old and brand new alike, and the world constantly reinvents itself in new and better iterations that are evermore legible, accessible, readable and intuitive, capturing new business from a widening radius of global areas where distances are becoming less and less relevant, and geography more incidental than game defining.

In this new landscape of online businesses, agencies, stores and service providers of all nature, regardless of what you devote yourself to, simply doing what you do online won’t cut it anymore. You need to express your unique voice, for people of similar interests to gather under your flag. You need to blog, and to blog in style. The following collection of website templates has been created with a selection of the most flexible and powerful HTML5/CSS3 blog website templates available. Only the best of the best. Enjoy.


Gillion is a WordPress theme of premium quality dedicated to writing and publishing. It focuses on blogs, news and magazines. You will find a Visual Composer built with Unyson framework. The item is an expert on making setting up easy. It comes with 7 demos, no coding is required and it is boosted up with speed. Gillion is even SEO optimized and has a one-click install! It has flexible layout and great potent admin interface. You will find unlimited colors, multiple headers and an elegant top bar too! Start postings in its 6 awesome different formats allowed! Start embracing the edgy, modern look and smoothness of Gillion!

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Jevelin is as versatile as an item for building and managing websites can be. It is a multi-purpose tool for creating whatever you want. Seriously, not only does Jevelin has stacks upon stacks of predesigned material, it is also modifiable in its entirety. No matter how wild your mind is racing at the moment, Jevelin can handle it all with ease. Your fresh website is just short moments away.

Optimized for search engines, responsive and compatible with all devices, easy to use, it is all a beginner would want in a website canvas. Not only a newbie, Jevelin is also very popular amongst experienced designers and developers. You can do many things with one product instead of constantly be on the hunt for niche-related templates. Adjust Jevelin to your needs and requirements and make a dream site quickly.

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umda blog website template
You will definitely have a blast building, publishing and enjoying the number of readers coming back to your website with Umda. It is a creative and innovative blog website template with multiple demos for all sorts of businesses and projects. In the bundle, you will also discover different blog and magazine layouts for your blogging journey to kick off as soon as possible.

Umda is a Bootstrap 4 powered template with flexibility and usability in mind. Creativity has no limitations, neither does Umda. Make the exact blog you intend to build and stand out from the crowd. Attract new visitors and grow your little online project to the levels of extreme. Due to being a multi-purpose template, Umda has a humongous collection of features you can add or avoid adding to your website. Pick accordingly and create the dream experience.

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sault blog website template
While Sault is a versatile HTML5 portfolio website template, it also has a clean blog included which you can use as a standalone page. For agencies, startups, creative professionals or individuals who want something more, Sault gives you the freedom to realize your idea. Blog about your personal life, fashion, food, travel, restaurants, whatever you might be passionate about. After all, Sault instantly adapts to any niche and industry you plan to start a new project in.

Sault is responsive, retina ready, cross-browser compatible and super simple to modify. Beginners and pros, no matter the level of your experience, you can deploy the ultimate blog with Sault. Use it out of the box or implement your personal touch to the web design and individualize Sault template.

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mono blog website template
When it comes to Mono, the possibilities are endless. What type of a website you plan on bringing into being is not a challenge anymore. Mono is capable of making pretty much any kind of a website, including blogs. You have it all gathered in one place, the features and the sample material for the fastest site launch imaginable. Three styles of blog demos are at your disposal right off the bat. Classic, minimal and simple web designs are ready to feature your content and make it shine online.

Mono is optimized to the last detail for great performance and outstanding user experience. Readers can benefit from your website using smartphones, tablets and laptops and take pleasure in the smoothness of the appearance. Different portfolios, eleven page preloaders, lovely buttons, free lifetime updates and predesigned footers, Mono is packed with features.

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quadra blog website template
In the majority of cases, every website template has an option to expand it with a blog. Or even use the blog section individually. That especially applies to the multi-purpose website templates, like Quadra. Not only does it have numerous front pages for businesses of many niches, Quadra is also entirely blogging ready. By the way, Quadra has over seventy one- and multi-page demos available for you to take to your advantage.

Along with the sample stuff, it’s the features that make Quadra a remarkable product. Revolution Slider, Instagram and Twitter feeds without API, more than sixty shortcodes, organized code, it is all extraordinary when speaking of Quadra. You can also expand your website with an online shop using Quadra’s included shop pages. Quadra is responsive, fast and friendly, just like all other blog website templates.

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newspoint blog website template
Newspoint is a website template for everything news related. Use it for online publications of any type, be it an online magazine or a compelling blog. Three home styles, three headers, eight color presets and many other inner pages all come with Newspoint. The package is rich with features, using the modern technologies to make your sites responsive and load at the speed of lightning. It is an HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 template after all. Meaning, using, editing and maintaining Newspoint will also be a piece of cake.

From clean drop-down navigation and sticky menu to widgetized footer and Instagram feed, Newspoint helps you artistically express yourself. Newsletter subscription form, contact page with integrated Google Maps and shop readiness, you get it all and then some. Moreover, when speaking of site monetization, Newspoint is banner ads ready every day.

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Optimistic Blog

optimistic blog website template
Whenever you are starting something new, you sure do need to be optimistic about it. Is it even worth giving it a try if you do not see the bright future ahead? You do not want to be filled with negativity when launching a new business or online project. And even if that means building a simple thing as a blog is.

Be optimistic from the get-go with Optimistic Blog website template. It is clean, smooth, responsive and loaded with outstanding characteristics, Optimistic Blog does not disappoint. If you do not believe my words, the live preview is so persuading you will not be able to hold back. But which to choose first? Oh yeah, if you do not know it yet, Optimistic Blog has four varieties of index pages so take the extra time off and examine all in great detail.

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papaia blog website template
If minimalism is what you fancy the most, then you will adore Papaia unquestionably. Although very neat and simple at first glance, Papaia still has loads of originality to it. Papaia is best for agencies and freelancers who would like to showcase their projects while simultaneously blog about their works. But if it is the blog section that you like so much, by all means, use it and get rid of all the rest.

Papaia’s blog is clearly an attention grabber. All because of the fantastic concept while at the same time keeping the design exceptionally simple. Left navigation, fully translatable, mobile ready and in compliance with the modern browsers, that is Papaia. Like the developers call it, “Minimal, but better.” The saying could not be more on point. Head over and experience Papaia yourself and see how astonishing it is.

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osru blog website template
OSRU is a fabulous news, magazine and blog website template for crafting next-generation pages. There are no limits regarding the topic and niche you want to publish content about. Go broad or go super specific, in both cases, OSRU sorts you out with a new portal everyone will enjoy coming back to. Three news, one magazine and two blog homes come with the OSRU package along with other necessary elements and features. You will love it all, that is for sure.

Two different contact pages, tempting author portfolio page, all types of blogs and seven category pages, OSRU users need to build nothing from scratch. What they normally do, they lightly improve the design, add their personal touch to it and customize it per their project’s needs. It is so simple everyone can do it.

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faulkner blog website template
Faulkner is very tech oriented but that does not mean you cannot construct a blog page with it. You sure can! A responsive website template for startups, SaaS, mobile and web applications has sixteen carefully engineered index pages. Push your service or product, start a hosting company or promote your crowdfunding campaign, all with Faulkner. Furthermore, make sure you do not forget to blog on your journey to success and keep your users updated regularly. Or, if it is blog and only blog what you are after, pick the predefined demo and use the blog section only. Faulkner allows you to do that as well.

Newsletter subscription with MailChimp, AJAX contact form, animations, mega menu, the list of Faulkner’s features could go forever.

More info / Download Demo


skylith blog website template
You might be good at creating compelling content but the current website you are using just seems not the right fit for it. Bring things to the next level, go viral and let your articles reach folks all over the globe with Skylith. This multi-functional HTML website template has all the needed and must have essentials for establishing a matchless blogging project.

Out of the box, Skylith is a website template with numerous demos for businesses of all varieties. Still, completely separated, you will also find the blogging system you are in need of. Look into the live preview, pick the preferred style and begin the neverending adventure. Smooth animations, sticky sidebar, retina ready, responsive, Skylith sure sports all the basics and many extras.

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newsedge blog website template
Seven convenient, professional and highly customizable home versions hit you when choosing NewsEdge template. From tech and game to sports, fashion and food, these are the ones that stand out the most. Bear in mind, let the predefined demos be an inspiration, what is possible with such a handy website template like NewsEdge is. Plus, new home styles will drop in the near future to suit even more users out of the box.

Lots of inner pages, widgets and other great features are incorporated in the final web design for a high-end online mag. NewsEdge also has different headers, clean coding, comes with fifteen hours of free support and is always ready for any industry. Use what NewsEdge kit contains, enhance where it needs to be individualized and start an online publication project.

More info / Download Demo


minimag blog website template
MINIMAG impresses everyone. First, it impresses you to pick it up for your next blogging experiment. And second, it impresses all of your readers and random guests and makes them keep coming back for more. Pretty much exactly what you want to achieve with your blog. But, of course, without quality content, there will be no readers. After all, content still is king.

Elegant and trendy MINIMAG is a magazine and blog website template without any clutter for a remarkable experience. Mobile and desktop users all get the most out of your site due to the solid optimization of MINIMAG. Besides the eleven demos, guys behind MINIMAG also prepared twenty mindblowing examples what is possible with the site canvas. In short, MINIMAG is ready for any idea or concept.

More info / Download Demo


i-news blog website template
I-News is nothing else than a website template for magazines and blogs. Pick the predesigned demo and transform the tool into a functional website rich with your tempting content. Default, dark and RTL layouts are just the beginning of what I-News offers you. Inside each look, you will find eight more styles of front pages and all the mandatory elements and sections. Goodies upon goodies.

Whatever you plan on starting, I-News has no issues altering to it. Very adaptable and flexible indeed. Sleek design, Google Maps, video support, weather widgets, ad spots and popular posts slider, that and plenty more makes I-News a complete template. Now it is up to you to what extent you use I-News. Use its full potential or start slow and expand your website accordingly, whatever feels right to you.

More info / Download Demo

Deep Soul

deep soul blog website template
Spark their interest with Deep Soul and have them hooked forever. Deep Soul is this outstanding blog website template which is filled with creativity, class and elegance. If that is something you are looking or, Deep Soul is exactly what you need. Not only that but if you would like to mix together blogging and selling products online, Deep Soul is a great way of doing it.

Different layouts, styles and post sliders, ten color skins and six headers are at your disposal at all times. For navigation, Deep Soul uses mega menu and finding specific content executed with AJAX live search. To stand out and go against the grain, waste no more time and go with Deep Soul. You are closer than ever to bring to fruition a blog like none out there.

More info / Download Demo


plume blog website template
When you approach PLUME for the first time, you might feel confused. You do not even know where to start since there is so much going on. From over fifty demos to over three hundred total HTML pages and four hundred UI elements, PLUME is a massive website template. It is a responsive and retina ready multi-purpose tool for making all sorts of sites. And yes, a blog page is what you can build with PLUME just as well. As a matter of fact, pretty much every predesigned niche home page has a demo section for you to put to good use.

Even though there is a high chance of you finding the ideal demo out of the box, PLUME makes customization easy. Meaning, make adjustments to the desired layout and personalize it.

More info / Download Demo



Pofo is an interactive and versatile HTML5/CSS website template. With its large demo choices, pick the demo that suits your needs and easily customize it in minutes! It lets you go for personal sites; if you want to create a blog, you can choose between four homepages. It could be grid, masonry, clean or personal. It all depends on your personality and the way you want to show information!

Pofo is high-resolution and is compatible with major browsers to improve your visibility. It’s responsive, Bootstrap-based and Retina-ready. Efficiently coded, Pofo is easy to navigate with its blog listing styles. It’s also easy to read, with its blog post page styles covering all post types. It has flexible columns and sidebars page layouts. Everything for you to play with is provided!

Pofo also has amazing features like Google web fonts typography and tabs and text sliders. Build a good relationship with your visitors through PHP contact forms. You can insert statistic counters, testimonial grids and animated progress bars. Headers and footers are also customizable. Slider Revolution is integrated and includes features Justify Gallery. This an ingenious tool to make you look good and elegant without large investments! Use Pofo!

More info / Download Demo


LeadGen is an eloquent and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. It is a powerful framework for articulating impressive websites overnight. With LeadGen, crafting your custom websites is fast, easy and effective. LeadGen packs a powerful HTML5 Page Builder that is very intuitive. You can put together remarkable modern websites without a breaking a sweat. All you need to do is select one of LeadGen’s 32 different ready-made demo websites and hit the road. It is ideal for bloggers and marketers that need constant production of content.

The template plays nice with ad revenue frameworks across the board, perfect for revenue. Monetize your blog with a couple of clicks or even market to your audience. LeadGen is a fantastic marketer’s template with very high conversion rates. You can count on LeadGen to drive your business through the roof. Your traffic will increase as will your revenue with excellent SEO performance. Optimized for establishing an online presence, LeadGen lets you express yourself effectively. With LeadGen underpinning your blog website, you will make a dent in no time. Responsive and mobile-friendly, the canvas delivers your content to every browser, platform and device. Aim for a broader audience and maximize your reach, with LeadGen, today!

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