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Best Single-Product Themes for Small Online Shops

For small shop owners like you, purchasing or designing a multi-purpose template with a burst of design layouts seems to be a waste of time and money. A single-product eCommerce theme, in this case, is a more convenient and lighter alternative for you. Let’s see how this type of them helps you maintain your small shop.

What is a Single-Product eCommerce design?

First, we need to understand what a single-product eCommerce design is.

A single-product eCommerce design is a template that is used to sell a product or a product line. This type of eCommerce template, therefore, contains only some simple features that helps shop owners present and promote a product or product line.

Below is the example of a single-product eCommerce website that aims to sell only one product.

Nespresso-gifIn this video, the only product – NESPRESSO by KitchenAid – is presented on a simple website with various slides for various features. At the end of this page, there is a “buy now” button

Live Examples

There are many single-product design layouts out there on the global eCommerce environment. In this article, I will give you 3 examples of 3 well-known single-product eCommerce themes. Each example will come with the reason for its popularity.

Quark – Single Product eCommerce Theme


Quark by power elite author ProgressionStudios is a well-known single-product WordPress theme on ThemeForest. This award-winning theme is a smart way to help small shop owners promote their single products and product lines.

Why it’s great?

Add-in videos: with Quark, it’s easy to add a video about your product on Youtube, Vimeo, or any popular video sharing sites that you want to. According to a survey by KissMetrics, visitors are 144% likely to purchase product after seeing a product video than those do not. Using video on a single-product eCommerce site, therefore, is conversion-boosting.

Live customization: no more going back and forth between frontend and backend screen. With Quark, you can easily personalize your single-product eCommerce site right on your live site. More convenient. More time-saving. This is “what you see is what you get”.

Strollik – Single-Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme


Strollik is a dedicated WooCommerce theme that aims to sell a single product. This theme has been recently received the winner award from “Most Wanted: Single-Product Theme” contest held by Envato Community.

Why it’s great?

Clean and simple design: this design helps small shop owners to go straight to the point – introduce detailed features of their product. Text and image size are easy to read.

strollik - features With simple layout, it is easy to point out key features for your product with just icon and plain text.

Interactive product image: The 360 Product View transforms your passive image into an interactive engaging display. With this feature, visitors can use mouse to rotate your product just like they are rotating it on offline store.

strollik-gifSell many variations of a product: with product section, you can add various options for your product, with call-to-action to purchase each option.

Strollik - model

On the above image, we can see that this demo website sells 3 color variations for the baby stroller. Here you can “add to cart” any stroller variation with 1 click.

Startup – Single-Product Shopify Theme


Startup is a single-product theme that aims to sell a small amount of products by using Shopify. This theme is available with homepage 4 design styles for 4 industries: Tech, Art, Home, and Cloth.

startup - 4 styles

Why it’s great?

Simple and easy to customize

This theme includes basic elements and features to set up a single-product store. The Purpose-Built Modules help you drive your visitors from landing page to checkout page, with promotional section. Product Slideshow, as well as other key features help you clearly present your products.


On this page, details about a shirt is clearly stated. Each section this page provide different information angle of this shirt to its customers.

Flexible and easy to expand

This theme can be used both to sell few products at the beginning of your business, and to expand your business with various product categories.

Stores using Startup

Here are some real stores using this Shopify theme.

BouwerFlowers – a store that sells flowers and indoor plants.


Dog + Bone – a pet store that sells quality dog collars, leashes, and accessories made in Austin.


How Other Designers Define A Single-Product Theme?

2 top popular designer’s playgrounds: Dribbble and Behance.


To Sam Thibault, a single-product theme is a template that assists shop owners to sell headphones. This is his Vain Sound Model One Product Page.

Vain Sound

How about selling potato packages using single-product theme? This is another simple and sweet look of single-product theme from Eldin Heric.



The concept of selling a bike from Nathan Riley from Green Chameleon is very simple: use a single-product design to present the bike with design, features, and elements of the bike.

Bike co - behance


A single-product template provides simple elements to best present da product or product line. With this type of template, shop owners can easily set up and maintain a small eCommerce website without having to configure too much, or wasting money to purchase a multi-purpose theme out there.

How about you? What do you think about single-product design? Have you ever used this type of template in your eCommerce website? Let’s share your opinion in the below comment section.

Looking for more Single Product eCommerce themes?

We know what we selected just few examples above but those are one of the best you can find. More eCommerce WordPress themes for a single product can be found here.

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