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Youzify WordPress Plugin Review – BuddyPress Community and User Profiles Plugin

Youzify is a WordPress plugin for enhancing your website’s user profiles and BuddyPress social networking features. Some of the ways Youzify can help improve your website are its selection of user and author profile designs, the customizable profile widgets, and the stylish templates for many of the areas of your website.

If you want to take your BuddyPress website to the next level and give it a feature-rich and stylish upgrade, Youzify could be your plugin. On paper it certainly sounds great. But let’s see if that’s the case in our hands-on Youzify WordPress plugin review.

Who Should Choose the Youzify WordPress Plugin?

Youzify is a plugin for enhancing the user profiles and BuddyPress areas of your site. Therefore if you’re using BuddyPress, Youzify is an obvious choice. However, if your website includes user profiles in any other capacity, such as a membership site, or multi-author blog, then Youzify could be a good option.

Let’s take a look at the best features of Youzify to help you decide if this plugin is the right tool for your project.

Youzify WordPress Plugin Features

As well as trying out a demo of the plugin, you can also view the full feature list on the Youzify sales page at CodeCanyon. However, to save you time and give you the inside scoop, here are the best features of this plugin and some information on how they work.

Youzify Social Features

BuddyPress is a social media WordPress plugin but by also adding the Youzify plugin to your WordPress website you can start creating your social network. Some of the best social features of the Youzify plugin include the social wall, user friendships, and messaging components.

Youzify user wall

With these features enabled, your users can post content to their walls, view the news feeds of other users, and grow their network by befriending other users. Other key social networking features like mentions, emoticons, verified badges, and more are also part of what Youzify can bring to your website.

Youzify emojis

Some of these features may well be available through the BuddyPress WordPress plugin. However Youzify enhances those features and adds its own social networking functionality to your WordPress website.

Membership Features

We’ll explore the Youzify page templates, next in this review. However, when it comes to adding membership features and functionality to your website, this plugin excels. Users can quickly sign up to your site and become members through the social media login and registration functionality. The captcha anti-spam field and the ability to limit login attempts should help keep your site safe from bots.

Youzify admin panel

Full privacy settings are included too. This helps your users decide exactly how much of their profiles they want to share. When setting up your social networking site with Youzify, you can also easily hide the WordPress dashboard and toolbar for logged in users. This helps keep your site secure and prevents users from being confused by controls they can’t use.

Directory Features

Youzify member directory

To help your website become a useful resource and assist your users in finding the content they’re looking for, Youzify also has great directory features. Through this functionality, you can ensure that your website’s members, groups, and content are well organized and easy to find.

Profile Features

When setting up user profiles on your site, Youzify gives you plenty of options to work with. To help the profile pages on your website have the right look there are 14 header styles. There’s also 16 color schemes and 20 profile widgets. This all helps you display the information you want, in the way that you want it.

Youzify author widget

There’s also a selection of profile and author widgets that can be used to display user information around your website. The profile settings are easy to configure and it’s just a case of selecting which options you’d like to use.

Powerful Admin Panel

Youzify doesn’t just provide you with a wealth of social media features. This plugin also gives you the power to customize how they work on your website. Through the plugin control panel, you have a lot of freedom over how this aspect of your website works.

Youzify admin panel

According to the plugin marketing material, there are over 700 Youzify options. After checking out the powerful admin panel, it’s hard to disagree with this number. The controls are divided into general, profile, widgets, and membership settings groups, making it easy to find the right options.

Youzify admin panel

Everything is all laid out well too, saving you time when configuring the social aspects of your website.

Youzify BuddyPress Page Templates

The design and appearance of the Youzify content is one of the key aspects of this BuddyPress plugin. The templates that make up the plugin can be added to your website in just a few clicks will help your website stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but the design of this plugin ensures your website has a professional appearance that your users will trust.

Let’s take a closer look at these templates in this section of our Youzify WordPress plugin review.

Youzify Registration Page

First things first, Youzify adds a stylish registration page template to your BuddyPress website. From this page, your website visitors can sign up by using either their existing social media accounts or by entering their email address and a password. If they do choose to use their existing social media account to register, they can sign up using their Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, or Instagram credentials.

Youzify registration page

When signing up for your site, users get a lot of control over how their details are displayed. This includes choosing who can see which fields from their profile, such as only letting friends see their birthday information. Once a user has competed the registration form, they must submit a captcha field to keep your website spam free.

Youzify Login Page

Youzify login page

As well as a registration form, Youzify also adds a login page to your website. Again, your users can log in with their social media accounts or by entering their username and password. Like the rest of the Youzify plugin, this template is fully mobile friendly to enable easy access for smartphone users.

Member Directory Page

Another useful page that the Youzify plugin can add to your website is the member directory page. From the members page you and your users can quickly see who is registered on your site. Through the page filters, users can easily see their friends or view the full list. Sorting the members by name, last active date, or newest registrations is possible too. The search box makes it easy to quickly look for and find members by name.

Youzify members

From the member directory page, users can quickly submit friend requests. They can also send messages and view the full profiles of members.

Youzify Group Pages

Youzify groups

Youzify also has great support for BuddyPress groups. Now you can easily use the group templates to display an attractive list of all the groups on your website. From the groups page, users can browse the different groups and then submit a request to join an individual group.

Youzify Plugin Group Settings

Depending on how you configure the plugin, the group directory page can include group activity, member details, and other important information. This information can be displayed before the user has joined the group to help encourage them to do so.

Global News Feed Page

The Youzify global news feed does what you might expect it to do – display a list of the latest activity on your website. Thanks to the Youzify functionality, users can quickly filter the feed content by user status, such as content from their friends, from their groups, and mentions.

Youzify global feed

Like the most popular social networks out there, your website can give your users the ability to post content to their profile. This content is then displayed in the global news feed on your site. Options for sharing content with Youzify, BuddyPress, and WordPress include the ability to post standard text content, uploading images, creating slideshows, and sharing quotes and links. Posting files is easy too, including video and audio content. Users can then comment on the posts of other users, helping to create an active online community.

Public Profile Pages

Youzify can also add an enhanced user profile page to your BuddyPress website. As you’d expect from this popular plugin, the Youzify profile page designs look great. However, there’s more to this plugin that just good looks.

Youzify header v1

Through the profile page settings, users can promote their best content to help others find their work. They can also describe their abilities using the animated skills graph. Favorite quotes can be added to convey some of the user’s personality, while listing services offered is an option too.

Youzify profile

The Youzify public user profile pages are one of the highlights of this BuddyPress plugin. They have the ability to turn your WordPress website into a professional looking and stylish community portal in just a few clicks.

Private Profile Pages

Youzify Private Profile

Not everyone wants to share their profile information with the world. With Youzify, that’s fine because as well as the public profile page templates, there’s also a private profile layout template.  Through the profile settings, it’s easy for users to restrict access to their profiles while still displaying some information.

User Profile Page

Youzify Edit Profile

As mentioned, Youzify gives user the ability to restrict access to their profile pages. But that’s not all users can do from their profile pages. Through the front-end user profile pages, users can enter and edit their user information. They can also access the settings for their account. These settings cover the notification options, profile page widget arrangements, and more, all through a user friendly front-end interface.

Public Group Page

Youzify group

With Youzify, the group pages work in a similar way to user profiles. Cover photos can be uploaded, content can be posted to the wall and displayed in the feed format. Other users can then interact with that content. Like user profiles, groups can be set as public or private, ensuring only the content you want to be shared is made available to non-members.

Private Group Page

As you’d expect, the private group page template makes most of the content from the group unavailable to non-members. Users can still request access to the group. But apart from the most basic of information, theirs is very little displayed on the private group profiles pages.

Youzify Author Widgets

As well as the impressive selection of social networking page templates, Youzify also includes some useful widgets.  There widgets can be used to display the profiles of the users on your site in a stylish way. Through the different profile widget designs, you can display the key user information in a range of layouts.

Youzify Author Widgets

Now with these profile widgets, you’ll have no trouble displaying the details of your users for the other members to interact with.

Youzify WordPress Plugin User Reviews

As Youzify is available from the busy CodeCanyon plugin marketplace, it’s easy to find out what other users think of this WordPress plugin. Thankfully, the feedback from users of this plugin is very positive. Based on 57 user reviews, Youzify has managed to earn an impressive 5 out of 5 stars average rating.

Youzify Plugin Reviews

From checking out the reviews, you can see that users have been happy with the performance of the plugin, the support provided by the developers, and quality of the code and design of Youzify. Therefore, if you’re looking for a highly reputable plugin that has worked well for the people who’ve used it, Youzify should meet your requirements.

About the Youzify WordPress Plugin Author

Youzify has been created by the KaineLabs team. So far, Youzify is their only plugin available from the CodeCanyon marketplace. However, they’ve managed to launch a trending product and generate over $10,000 of sales with Youzify.

Youzify WordPress Plugin Pricing Options

Youzify is available from CodeCanyon, the leading WordPress plugin marketplace run by Envato, for $39. This price includes lifetime access to future plugin updates. Purchases also include six months of access to the support services from KaineLabs, the creators of this plugin. You can extend this support period for an additional six months by paying a small fee.

Youzify WordPress Plugin Review Final Thoughts

Although plugins like BuddyPress can add powerful social networking features to WordPress, if you do want to create an online community that your visitors will enjoy using then you really need to use a plugin like Youzify as well.

As you can see Youzify is packed with useful social networking and community features. This includes stylish page templates and widgets that have all been designed to a high standard. Combined with all the customization settings, you really should have no trouble adding attractive user profiles and community features to your WordPress website.

With an affordable price tag, Youzify is highly recommended for anyone who wants to enhance their author profiles and add more social networking features to their website.

There’s an online demo of Youzify you can try out, so why not test this plugin today and see exactly how it can help your website.

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  1. do you have a compatibly theme? for this plug in

  2. xiong vang says:

    Don’t buy Youzer. It costs 49+ extra $$$$$$$ for addons. No theme as shown in it’s demo. Nothing. Just a plain plugin with nothing it advertises. It cost extra.

    Buy Olympus Buddypress theme. It has license from Youzer to HAND the entire Youzer package free to you. It comes with full theme and FULL plugins for 59 dollars.

  3. Can i change all the boxes’ color? I cant seem to find this options all these white boxes’ contrast is way too strong with my black backfound

  4. Manni de Man says:

    I purchased Youzify (formerly known as “Youzer”) some years ago and renewed the subscription regularly. Over the years, Youzify developed from a buggy plugin to a serious extension. There is a free version that should suit most sites, and a “Pro” Version is also available, but unfortunately, I don’t see any differences between these two versions. The extensions are to be purchased separately, but you can pick and choose based on what you need. Also, off-and-on, there are specials. I purchased my al-access pass for about US$ 500, which includes a 5-year / 5-site license.

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