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YOOtheme Pro Review – Modern WordPress Theme and Page Builder

If you’re looking for a highly customizable WordPress theme, then YOOtheme Pro could be the answer. In this YOOtheme Pro review, we explore the best features of this theme and page builder to help you decide if this is the right solution for your project.

Before we get to the main points of the YOOtheme Pro review, to give you a quick overview, YOOtheme Pro is a theme and set of tools for creating any website with WordPress or Joomla. If you choose this product, you’ll not only get access to a varied library of pre-built templates but also a powerful visual editor for customizing that content.

If that sounds like something that could help you with your website project, read on for the full details in our hands-on YOOtheme Pro review.

YOOtheme Pro Features

YOOTheme Pro WordPress Theme Review

YOOtheme Pro is a WordPress (and Joomla) theme that has everything needed to build unique websites.

Whether you want to use the pre-built content or take a more hands-on approach using the visual page builder, YOOtheme Pro gives you everything needed to launch a professional-looking website with WordPress or Joomla.

As well as the visual editor, YOOtheme Pro has been built using clean and developer-friendly code. This ensures that those who want to customize their website beyond what’s possible with the powerful page builder can do so without any problems. Providing they have development experience or are willing to learn to code.

Library of Flexible Pre-Built Content Layouts

YOOtheme Pro has lots of layouts for your website’s individual pieces of content. There are over 100 layouts to choose from. This means you’re sure to find what you need when setting up your site or publishing a new piece of content. You can also mix and match the layouts to create your own custom website designs.

YOOTheme Layouts

The layouts can all be fully customized to ensure they match your exact specifications. Any changes you make to the templates can be saved for reuse at a later date. As we’ll see later in this YOOtheme Pro review, the integrated page builder tool makes this customization work very straightforward.

YOOTheme Styles

Interestingly, the YOOtheme Pro has over 70 styles that can be applied to your WordPress website. Once you’ve chosen a style – which is as easy as clicking a button – the entire look of your website will be changed to reflect your choice. Like most of the other features and key aspects of YOOtheme Pro, the styles can be fully customized to meet your preferences. As the styles include color choices and font selections, they can transform the look and feel of your website.

Unsplash Image Library Integration

Unsplash is a popular image repository. It’s a great place to find free photos and other visual content for your website. Depending on which YOOtheme Pro pricing option you choose, you could have access to seamless Unsplash integration. This makes it very quick and easy to find suitable images for your content. The ability to search and filter the images will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

YOOtheme Pro Page Builder Tool

To help you create any type of website with WordPress, YOOtheme Pro includes an impressive and intuitive page builder tool. Unlike other WordPress page builders, this one has been built to integrate with the WordPress Customizer interface. Thanks to this, all editing work takes place through a front-end user interface. This gives you the ability to get a live preview of your site while you work. Any changes you make are immediately applied to your view of your website. You then have the option of saving your changes before they go live. With its instant feedback, this live editing approach makes the design process much more efficient and user-friendly.

Page Builder UI

In practice, using the YOOtheme builder is very straightforward. Open the WordPress Customizer and select a page from your website or create a new one. Then either choose a layout from the library or start with a blank page.

WordPress Customizer Integration

WordPress Customizer

You can then click on a page element to start editing it. The builder controls are displayed in the Customizer sidebar area. This allows you to enter or edit text, change colors, and make many other adjustments to the appearance of the page you’re working on. If you’ve used the Customizer before, you should find it easy to get started with the YOOtheme Pro builder. But if not, it won’t take you long to get a good understanding of this tool.

Builder Elements

You can easily add more elements to your page, with the ability to customize their appearance. The next section of our YOOtheme Pro review will look at the available elements. However, any elements or templates that you edit can be saved in your library for reuse at a later date or elsewhere on your site.

Drag-and-Drop User Interface

Once you’ve added some elements to your page, they can be easily moved to a new position through the drag-and-drop interface. You can also quickly copy an element or page section by clicking on the appropriate icon. You can then edit the content of the copy to make building your page layout more efficient.

Smartphone and Tablet Viewports

Smartphone Viewport

As well as the live preview feature, another benefit of editing your content through the WordPress Customizer is that you can quickly see how your website and its pages will look on smaller screen devices. The buttons on the Customizer interface allow you to enable the tablet and smartphone viewports. Doing so demonstrates how the page you’re working on will look. As this theme is fully mobile responsive, your website should look great and be perfectly usable on smaller screen devices. However, it’s good to be able to see this for yourself.

Page Builder Elements

The YOOtheme Pro page builder has a live drag-and-drop interface, but this tool also comes with a selection of elements. The 30 elements can be used to add useful features to your web pages. Sliders, galleries with filters, popovers, and countdown timers are just some of the elements you can use on your website.

More Elements

The elements are all customizable, helping you to get them looking just right for your site. Thanks to support for third-party widgets, you can even add any active widgets on your site to your page layouts. Therefore, if you’re using a plugin, such as an email optin tool, you can drag the widget into the custom page layout you’re creating with the YOOtheme Pro page builder. This opens up a world of options for your WordPress website.

Multiple Website Header Layouts

Another way that YOOtheme Pro can help you create a custom website is the selection of header layouts. These layouts cover the navigation area of your website and can be applied to your site in just a few clicks. When writing this YOOtheme Pro review, there were 16 different header layouts to choose from. This selection gives you a good amount of choice for this important area of your website.

The different header layout options include sticky header designs, modal and off-canvas menus, and drop down and drop bar layouts. As these layouts cover a wide range of popular styles, you’re sure to be able to give your website the right type of header design with the YOOtheme Pro WordPress theme. To increase the mobile-friendliness of this theme, there are also three mobile header layouts to choose from. You can enable the animation effects too, ensuring mobile users aren’t missing out on any of the design elements of your website. However, they can just as easily be disabled if you prefer. Setting breakpoints for the mobile elements of your website is easy too.

The footer area of your site hasn’t been neglected. To help you take control of the other end of your website, YOOtheme Pro includes a footer builder. As well as being able to create multiple footers for the different parts of your website, you can also populate the footer layouts with elements from the builder to enhance this area of your website.

Library of Blog Layouts and Templates

Bloggers, or anyone who wants to add a blog to their website, won’t be disappointed with YOOtheme Pro. You’ll also have access to a good selection of templates for the individual posts that will make up your blog.

As you might be expecting from the YOOtheme Pro theme by now, these layouts can be customized with ease. Changing the properties of these templates is very simple. With controls covering the layouts, navigation modes, and presentation effects, you can quickly get your blog looking just the way you want with YOOtheme Pro. So whether you’re planning to launch a blog, you’re giving your existing blog a makeover, or you want to add a blog to your website, YOOtheme Pro has all the features you should require.

Full Ecommerce Support

If you want to launch a WordPress ecommerce store or give your existing online shop a makeover, YOOtheme Pro could be the perfect choice. With full support for WooCommerce, the leading ecommerce toolkit for WordPress, you’ll find everything you need in YOOtheme Pro to enhance a WordPress website running this freemium store builder plugin.

With YOOtheme Pro, WooCommerce, and WordPress, your online store will have a consistent look and feel from the start to the finish of every shopper’s journey on your site, from homepage to checkout. As you can use the YOOtheme Pro builder tool on all aspects of your site, creating custom product displays is all part of the feature list of this theme.

Other Reasons to Consider YOOtheme Pro

Hopefully, so far this YOOtheme Pro review has done a good job of highlighting the best features of this theme. But in case you want to know more, here’s a quick overview of what else to expect from YOOtheme Pro.

Quick and easy theme updates are delivered via the WordPress dashboard. YOOtheme Pro will display notifications in the dashboard, alerting you to the availability of a theme update. Providing your subscription is active, you can update the theme in just a few clicks. As YOOtheme Pro fully supports the use of child themes, you won’t have to worry about losing your customizations when updating.

Those working in languages other than English should be pleased to learn there are over 20 translations of YOOtheme Pro. RTL text is fully supported too, giving you more language publishing options with this multi-purpose theme.

YOOtheme Pro is also developer friendly. In addition to the online documentation and clean code, developers should appreciate the ability to add custom JavaScript, CSS, and Less through the settings. This removes the need to edit or upload files to your server or anything like that. Plus it makes your customizations easily accessible, in one central location.

YOOtheme Pro Pricing Information

There are three options for gaining access to YOOtheme Pro:

  • Basic: €49 for updates for 1 site with a 3-month subscription.
  • Standard: €99 for updates for three sites with a 12-month subscription.
  • Developers: €299 for updates for an unlimited number of sites with a 12-month subscription.

Each option includes access to all the YOOtheme themes and access to support and updates while the subscription is active. You can choose between the WordPress and Joomla versions with the Basic and Standard plans. While the Developer plan grants access to both the WordPress and Joomla versions.

Thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can cancel your subscription within this period. This allows you to try YOOtheme Pro without risk.

You can view the full details of the YOOtheme pricing plans here.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this YOOtheme Pro review, this is a powerful WordPress and Joomla theme. If you want to create a custom website and have access to a large library of templates and layouts, YOOtheme Pro comes highly recommended.

Everything you should look for in a multi-purpose WordPress theme is included in YOOtheme Pro. So if you like the look of the pre-built content, YOOtheme Pro could be perfect for your new website.

Find out more and check out the demo on the YOOtheme Pro website today.

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  1. I made the purchase and it wasn’t even activated, no one simply replied, it has a serious and structured company facade, but they are amateurs with no idea how to run a business.

    1. When you purchase YooTheme Pro it’s automatically activated and you input your domain name(s) to get a key for the site. Sounds like a false review.

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