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WPJobus WordPress Theme Review
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WPJobus Review: A 3 in 1 Job Board and Resumes WordPress Theme

WPJobus is a three in one theme that allows you to not only build a fully functioning online job board, but can also be configured to serve as an online personal resume for job seekers, as well as a company profile website for businesses and other organizations.

To give you all the tools you need to build a professional employment website with WordPress, WPJobus includes an impressive set of features and functionality, combined with an intuitive theme options control panel, all wrapped up in an attractive and fully responsive design.

To help you decide if this multi-faceted employment theme is the right choice for your next project, read on for our full review of this awesome job board and resume WordPress theme.

WPJobus Homepage 3-in-1

The Best Features of the WPJobus Job Board and Online Resume WordPress Theme

As mentioned earlier, you can easily configure WPJobus to run in one of three modes: as an online job board, a personal resume website, or an online company profile complete with vacancy listings.

Choosing which incarnation of the theme to use is as easy as checking an option from the theme settings panel. Much of the other aspects of this theme can be configured in the same way, helping you to get the right look and feel for your website, and ensuring it works in the appropriate way for your project.

While the back end of the theme makes it easy to manage your website from an administrative perspective, the attention to detail that has gone into the front end design of WPJobus ensures it’s just as easy to use from an end user perspective.

WPJobus Front End Job Form

WPJobus makes use of front end submission forms for registering new user accounts, adding company profiles, and uploading resumes. This means visitors to your site don’t have to access or navigate the WordPress back end, and can instead use the attractive front end forms to submit their content.

Other important features of WPJobus include the ability to charge users a fee for a number of actions, including uploading resumes and profiles, making vacancies features, and a lot more. If you want to monetize your job board website, WPJobus, with its PayPal and Stripe integrations, gives you plenty of options.

WPJobus Pricing Options

This employment theme also includes support for the WooCommerce and bbPress plugins. This allows you to easily add an online store and discussion board to your website. This then gives you the ability to sell employment related items or services, as well as creating a space where employers and job seekers can congregate online.

WPJobus WooCommerceresres

While WPJobus is full of useful features and functionality that are ideal for building a selection of different employment related websites, the design of the theme is perhaps one of its highlights.

The full width responsive layout will work just as well on mobile devices as it does on larger desktop and laptop screens. While the inclusion of the premium LayerSLider WP plugin makes it easy to add attention grabbing full screen animated slideshows to your homepage and other pages of your website.

Overall, WPJobus is a stylish and practical theme that includes everything you need in order to build a fully functioning job board website with WordPress, in one package.

However, even if a theme does include all of the above positive aspects, whether it’s easy to use or not is perhaps the most important issue. So with that in mind, let’s move onto the usability section to find out how easy (or not) WPJobus is to configure in the way that you want, and then use from an admin and end user perspective.

Installing and Configuring Theme

Once you’ve uploaded the theme zip file to your WordPress website, and then activated it, you are prompted to install the required free and bundled premium plugins.

These plugins handle the social media login feature of your website that will allow your visitors to sign up and login using their existing social media accounts. Adding this feature to your website helps to remove as much friction from the registration process as possible.

You also get access to the premium LayerSlider WP plugin which would otherwise cost you $17. Not only does this help save you money, but it also allows you to add impressive full screen animated slideshows to your posts and pages.

WPJobus LayerSlider

After you’ve activated the theme and the necessary plugins, you can either start configuring the theme from scratch or import the supplied demo content. As the demo version of this theme looks great, it makes sense to import the theme settings and content that the developers have provided for you.

Not only does this enable you to get a usable website up and running as quickly as possible, but it also helps you to get a better understanding of how the theme works and in what ways it can be configured.

As the importable content you get access to includes the settings for the theme framework, the LayerSlider content, and of course the theme demo content, each of these files must be imported to recreate the demo version of WPJobus. The good news is that this only takes a few clicks and a few minutes of your time, and when you are done, you’ve got a great looking website template to work from.

Once you’ve installed the demo settings and dummy content you can begin adding your own personality to your new employment website, as well as publishing your job site content.

Working with the Theme Options

As this theme is really a three in one package that can be used to create a job board website, an online resume, or company profile website, you must select one of these options from the theme settings panel.

WPJobus Website Type

The other settings and options for this theme are just as straightforward to use. Although as this is a highly flexible theme with lots of useful features, there are a lot of settings and options that you can configure.

WPJobus Theme Options

This might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but by following the helpful documentation and taking the time to review all the available settings it becomes much more manageable.

When you consider that this is an all in online package that includes everything you need to build a professional job board website, spending some time to familiarise yourself with the visual control panel that powers the website is a small price to pay for such high levels of functionality.

Some of the aspects of your new website that you can configure and customize through the theme options control panel include:

  • Uploading branding and logos
  • Adding custom approval and rejection messages
  • Choosing a payment gateway (PayPal or Stripe)
  • Managing user account type handling
  • Setting user registration requirements
  • Configuring listings, resumes, and job settings
  • Setting the pricing structure for access and publishing rights
  • Choosing fonts and website colours
  • Adding links to social media profiles
  • Configuring the contact page and location map

As you can see, this is a highly flexible theme that can be easily customized through the visual user interface to help you build a website that looks and functions in the way you want.

Using WPJobus to Build an Employment Website

Once you’ve chosen which mode you want to use this theme in (job board, online resume, or company profile) you can start adding your own content.

WPJobus Post Types

As this theme makes use of a selection of custom post types, resumes, jobs, and companies are all stored in custom built entries that are tailored to the type of content they will be posting.

WPJobus Add New Job

This not only helps keep the different types of content on your website separate, but also allows each post type to store different information and then present that data to your visitors in the best possible format.

WPJobus Job Listing

The rest of the back end of your website will work like a regular WordPress installation, allowing you to publish blog posts and pages. You can also integrate two other supported plugins to add an online store and discussion forum to your website using the free WooCommerce and bbPress extension for WordPress.

New user accounts for both employers posting their vacancies and job seeker posting their resumes are handled via the core WordPress user manger. However, this theme adds additional custom user roles that make managing these new users much more effective.  Alternatively visitors can register and login using their social media accounts from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

If you are familiar with WordPress you should have no trouble setting up this theme to look and work in the way you want. Those who are new to WordPress might have more of a learning curve to deal with in order to master both the underlying WordPress software and this theme, but the good news is that as WPJobus acts like a part of WordPress, it never feels like you are wrestling with two different systems.


The developers of this theme have included everything you would need to build this type of website, whether you are building a job board website, a website for your resume, or the company profile of your business. The fact that this theme can be used in three separate, but related ways makes it a great choice for those with shifting needs.

The design and appearance of the theme is of a high standard and doesn’t look out of place next to the best-selling premium WordPress themes out there. Thanks to the settings on the theme options control panel you do get some say in how your website looks, although don’t expect the endless customization options you may find elsewhere.

However, that isn’t necessary a bad thing and by giving you just enough control to change a few important elements, without overwhelming you with options, should help you to get your site up and running faster.

If you like the look and feel of WPJobus then you can choose this theme safe in the knowledge that it includes all the features you should need, as well as easy to follow documentation in order to enable you to create the website you need for your next WordPress project.

Find out more about WPJobus here


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  1. I REALLY like the design of this theme. I’m a total noob to WordPress and I’m wondering if this is the right theme for me (a beginner)? Also, will it be challenging to configure job results based on a specific job title or industry?
    For example, I want my job board site to only show jobs for Marketing. Can this be done, easily?

    1. Hi,

      Sorry for late response. I just returned from vacation.

      You must be familiar with WordPress to start with. All WordPress themes works almost the same way and uses most of the WordPress built-in functionality with some extra functionality on top of that. So if you have no idea about how WordPress works then you are going to have a hard time using this or any WordPress theme out there. There are plenty of free and paid resources available that will help you to get started with WordPress and I strongly recommend to get some basics in place before you spend money on premium themes.

      About theme functionality: Yes, you can use it with specific niches as you can create your own categories. For example you could create PR, Social Media, Management, Assistant or other marketing specific categories and leaving everything else out. When you are buying theme you get layout and some functionality but content (including categories, locations, industries, companies, job ads) are not part of your purchase and you can use your own. Process on how to add this content is detailed in theme documentation.

      Let me know if you have any questions about this or any other WordPress theme out there.

  2. Peter Ting says:

    Hi, I this theme is really great and I would like to use it as a template for my recruitment website.
    One thing I’d like to ask, if I am the user who wanted to post a resume (create a profile) , is there any function that I can post a video to my profile?
    or share a video from other source to my profile.

    1. Peter,

      By default this theme doesn’t allow to add videos inside resume and all text fields also filters out most of the HTML and that’s done for security purpose. With some slight code modification you could disable HTML filtering for those fields but for that you will need to hire a developer.

      On their support forum are ongoing discussion that they will add support for videos inside resumes and portfolios but so far they haven’t delivered. I will notify developers about this but I can’t make any promises that they will deliver this functionality.

      Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about this theme.

      1. Peter Ting says:

        Thanks for your valuable information.
        One more thing, if I purchase this theme and get you to modify it to incorporate the function I mentioned above, is it possible?

        1. Peter,

          Unfortunately, I don’t do any custom development at the moment as Colorlib is taking way too much time and I am already working 60-80 hours a week. You can always find skilled freelance developers on oDesk, or Just publish a job ad with your project details and you are good to go.

          Sorry for inconvenience

        2. Hello Peter, are you still looking for a developer to do this? Kind regards, Alex

  3. Hi, just one question.
    All my potential employers to advertise are single people (not companies) for example pets owners etc, is the theme convenient for them? ( i mean they would not struggle with fields like company details etc)

    1. Artur,

      You could use WPJobus theme for that but it won’t look as good as if you would fill all necessary information. You will also have to get rid of most custom fields, so it might be rather tricky and time consuming. Personally I would go with some classifieds themes such as these. They will offer more flexibility and there aren’t any company details or other unnecessary information to fill you your message and contact information and you are good to go. Also you might consider Pet Sitter and BabySitter themes for this purpose.

  4. Hi, I like wht u doin. Its really impressive. I want to use the wpjobus theme only for a job portal only. Do u hv video tuts or anyways to help? Thnx in advance…

    1. Thapelo,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Only written documentation is available for WPJobus. However, it is detailed and features a lot of images which will help with theme setup and customization.

  5. George Bowser says:

    Can I monetize the “Resume Scanning” feature by charging employers (Using the STRIPE integration) in order to scan?

    Also, I didn’t see any picture, but can a user UPLOAD a Resume (Word, PDF, etc…)?

    Last, how many FEATURED Resumes, Jobs, Companies can be displayed at one time? Does this feature rotate?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    George Bowser

    1. George,

      1. You can monetize featured resumes, jobs and company profiles. Other monetization methods aren’t available by default.
      2. Image and resume upload is possible and both can be displayed inside resume pages.
      3. You can add as many featured jobs, resumes and companies as you want and they rotates randomly.

  6. Wpjobs Version 2.0.6 is not able to install saying error”Are You Sure You Want to Do This” Error in WordPress”

    how could i resolve this.


  7. Hello Aigars,

    I was wondering if WPJobus includes an own translator so your users can select an specific language.

    Thank you!

    1. Alex,

      WPJobus is WPML plugin compatible which means that it is multilingual ready and can be used into multiple languages at once. Theme itself comes with .pot/.po files included which will help you to translate it into any language. For more information on how to translate any WordPress theme you might want to read this tutorial.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about WPJobus or WordPress theme translations.

      1. Thank you very much for your replay! I am going to check it out.

  8. Hi,
    I love this theme and thank it’s really awesome but due to the beginner in the wordpress I have some issues hope you would help me out.
    I have a problem, I want to add the featured company as free from the admin but when I try to do it, giving me an error message that you didn’t have setup the paypal. Can you please guide me about the final setup of the website for the featured company.
    Also i have put the background for the footer. I want to make that background non repeat in the mobile or tab view while it should show in the desktop or large screens. How to do it manually in the custom css? I have an issue in the add job add company add resume i want to make it simple and short when I try to do it from the wpjobs screen options it’s not taking effect so i have done it manually. is there any way to make it from the theme auto? I want to reduce the fileds of contact information, skills etc and some from the basic info section.

    Looking forward to hearing from you…


    1. Ahmed,

      We are here to provide information about the theme but we can’t answer technical support questions such as your. For that make sure to contact theme developer directly and you can do it via this page. Sorry for inconvenience.

  9. Shobhit Gupta says:

    I am looking for building a job portal, and needed to know about the following
    1. Can I use this for job postings and resumes in multiple languages. Based out of India, we have multiple local languages and would want to make the content and search available in those languages.
    2. Its mentioned that one can integrate a discussion board, wanted to know if it would pick the user details from the jobseeker data itself or not.
    3. Can we integrate google ads or other paid ads?

  10. Shobhit Gupta says:

    How can I integrate a location based job search to this?

  11. Hi, i want to buy this theme but i want to make sure that this theme fulfills my needs, I want my employers to subscribe to post the jobs, but i also want a subscription for my candidates or job seekers to see the jobs, is this possible?

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